Wednesday, 15 July 2009

AS WHITE AS A SHEET...............

Many of you lovely friends out there are aficionados of the ' all white look ' as , indeed , I am, although, I tend to favour a slightly ( only very slightly ) creamier look. After looking at these pictures , I am thinking of redoing everything in my bedrooms !!!! My husband has gone off to work now and has no idea what 's in store for him on his return !!!!
This is actually a bedspread , so I have included it ( and it's such a lovely picture !! )
I have these pillow cases . I love white bedlinen and have it on all of my beds ,apart from ours which is white but we have a beige linen duvet cover.
Little bit of Homer Simpson salivating here !!!

Even more Homer action !!
I have used this picture before but , when it comes to white bedrooms, you can't beat this one.

O.K , this isn't a bedroom, as you clever people out there have probably worked out but, it's my husbands birthday today so, Happy Birthday Chris. he does like a slice of cake.......we are off to our son and daughter-in-laws this evening as, they are cooking dinner......Yippee.


  1. Nothing says "Happy Birthday" more than coming home to a bedroom you don't recognise!! It's also my Mum's birthday today (my husband's was last week) :)

    I love white - and love The White Company - but since I have been blogging and admiring so many white rooms, I have learned that I definitely need some colour. If I was to have all white, I would definitely need a huge splash of colour, a cerise pink or something bright, to break it up a little.

    I do love floorboards though and am seriously considering white floorboards next time - will definitely be doing those for the children when we move next really gives you a canvas to build on doesn't it when you paint the floorboards.

    Anyway, I think I have told you more as always than you ever wanted to know - I was meant to be a blogger.....can't do a short post, can't do a short reply!!

    Enjoy your dinner tonight :)

  2. Isn't that one of the best things about blogging though that you get to read so many creative blogs - people who are way more talented than me - and to see new ideas and work out what works and what doesn't - and it's all free! People have the most amazing ideas.

    My husband is thrilled......he swears my monthly magazine bill has halved LOL!!!!

  3. Love The White Company, there is nothing like it here. I usually purchase a few things there when visiting the UK. Have a lovely evening and Happy Birthday to your husband. Ax

  4. HI Jacqueline! Lovely post!! Image #6? needs to be my new room! In my new house! Can you get it for me? I think I will have to start ordering linen from overseas! I only have white sheets, sometimes just colour in a throw or pillow or quilt. Not that I don't love colour, but i've learnt the hard way to keep the basics white! I fell in love with the whole white bedding etc after my first stay at a 5star hotel. No going back after that!! haha
    Too bad I don't have room service at home also!

  5. Oh..happy birthday to your dear Chris! I have a feeling he's likely use to coming home to surprises?! Oh how I love an all white bedroom. The serenity it evokes is unmatched. Now, if my doggy would learn to wipe her feet! Lovely post Jackie & have a great bday celebration tonight with your family♥ deb

  6. The white pictures are amazing I would love to do over our garden shed in all white, we are adding my grandparents old vintage fridge to put out there that we have saved. It will be great for chilling bulbs and freezing popsicles for the kids. lovely post

  7. I adore white... Shame my little puppy dog puts here little feet all over it and it doesnt end up looking like your gorgeous pictures :)

  8. I am one of the "all white" people you are talking about! Our bedroom is all white and I couldn't love it more. I say do it! It'll be a birthday surprise/present for your husband - albeit one that he may not want(!) Mine always jokes that he doesn't know what the house is going to look like when he comes home at the end of every day. :) These are all lovely images.

  9. There's nothing more fabulous than jumping into a bed fluffed white and fresh like a big billowy cloud!

    Happy Birthday to your Chris...and I hope he gets one of those delicious cupcakes too!

  10. I love, love, love the second to last room. But they are all so gorgeous. Sometimes I do wish I had the courage to decorate with white throughout my home. I'm too afraid of spilling a cup of coffee the minute I put out the white!

  11. Oh, these are delightful! Go for it. So refreshing all of the time.

  12. I adore the all white look too, but I think you need to break it up with a little beige and brown. Otherwise it can look too stark.
    Happy birthday to hubby too!!!

  13. These are the beds I dream about!

  14. Happy birthday to your husband!

    I do love that last photo; hm, it does inspire me to throw an all white party, a la Gossip Girl!

    La C.

  15. I do get the feeling Jac that your Chris is quite used to coming home to a different house than the one he left in the morning! Oh BTW apparently you are going to the Amalfi coast next week?
    Millie ^_^

  16. Best Best Best!!! Every single image is a dream! I love nothing more than pure white~
    It is so pure and honest~

  17. Hi Babes,
    I once had an all white house, which I found to be so totally calming, however it was very hard work to keep it that way. I have 3 kids.
    I am a decorator by trade (well it's one of my trades and I have raised my family on the profits of decorating for over 20yrs.)

    People really do think that if you paint it all white it makes life easy, but white is actually a pain to work with, as it is very unforgiving and if your walls aren't good it will bounce the light all over the place. On top of that any imperfections will show up and even the smallest of bumps and lumps can cast a shadow, as do any holes or hollows, making your walls look dull or dirty. My advice is to really make sure you do your prep work well and spend a lot of time on the walls to get the surface as smooth as you can.
    Also white is not always very good at blending, when you do touch ups and it is often better to just paint the whole wall if you have a fair few dirty marks on it.
    I gave up on the white as it was just too much hard work to keep it looking pristine and now most of the house is various shades of cream, with splashes of colour.
    But good luck with it.
    Mind you I have a passion for white bed-linen, I find it very sexy. tee hee
    Much love,
    Lia xx