Tuesday, 14 July 2009

CHESTS......... large or small

Not a question one is asked very often , unless you're going for breast augmentation !!!! He he. I think that a lot of people ( not , of course , my fellow bloggers who love interiors ) think that a chest of drawers is a chest of drawers , but , I think that the following pictures show the variety that can be found in this useful piece of furniture ( although , for me , it's just another container that I can fill up with objects I don't know what to do with !!!!!! )I love this one. I wouldn't mind having a go at trying to achieve this paint finish myself.
Simple but effective.

We always need lots of storage in the bathroom. Unfortunately, I can't get one this size in my bathroom , probably a good thing as I'd just fill it up with things to make me look younger that won't make me look younger and cost a fortune !!!!

Drops mouth open wide and salivates !!!!!!

I think that this is so pretty and would look lovely in a bedroom ( to put all of the clothes in that I can't throw away but never wear !!!!

I think that you all might know what I would say about this one if you have read the above !!

This has got nothing to do with chest of drawers but I have just bought these boots and they have just come , this morning. What do you think ? I love them. They have leather on the shoe part and canvas uppers so you can wear them in the summer. Not sure if I can wear them on my holiday on the Amalfi coast though !!


  1. I'm first! Well I love a good chest of drawers. I love ... little drawers of any description really... something about then... you tend to think something mysterious is stored in them... I also used to love tallboys [well..] but think these days i love a lower profile. So favourites... 'the salivating one', and well all of them.. Cute boots.. probably not Amalfi but something to look forward to when you get home!

  2. Oooh, gorgeous, I love a good chest of drawers too!

    Love the first one and the one with numbers on is my favourite too :)

    Great post Jackie - the title did make me giggle - you are good at that!

  3. Good morning Jackie...
    You are right....love these chests! You really picked out some wonderful ones....I actually have a dresser with a similar finish as in the first one (was stripping the paint and then abandoned the project....liked the look and kept it that wasy) and the gray one is lovely....and the one with numbers is fab....and the white ones are interesting....really good choices....and now on to the boots....they are fabulous!! love, love , love them! Hope you have a great day!

  4. I am on the hunt for the perfect chest.... Some beautiful choices here!!

  5. Thanks for your post to me Jackie....I know now what people mean when they say about someone "oh, they're such a tonic"....an expression that suits you to a T....you make me laugh out loud most of the time :)

    I thought you would like NYC.....and yes, I know what you mean about its similarities to London.

    PS Love your boots....very "on trend" as they say....FAB! :)

  6. Oh enough already with the Amalfi coast Jac, you are making me very jealous. Although you'll probably bump into our Plumber Russell. He'll be the one swanning around in the Presidential Suite of the Hotel on the proceeds of his last couple of days work here!
    Millie ^_^

  7. Did you say the Amalfi Coast? How fabulous! It's truly one of the most stunning places I've ever seen. I actually tried on those boots! I didn't get them but do really like them. Thanks for so much for your visit to my blog. Oh, and I still like your post from yesterday. :)

  8. Great chests and very cool boots. xv

  9. I LOVE YOUR BOOTS!! AND the chest of drawers! Tell us where you got the boots??? Great post. I am dying but smiling all the way~

  10. Hi Jacqueline,
    LOL! you are soooo funny...
    I use a chest of drawers for a sideboard in my dining room. Its great to store my napkins and flatware and it doesn't take up too much space. Great pic of you too!

  11. Love your sporadic ending! The boots rock!

    And the first chest is my favorite (close to the outdoor one with the green lushness coming from the drawers!)

    when are you leaving for Amalfi?

  12. Two things that a girl should never be without, lots of storage space and shoes.

    I have lots of both, however I still don't seem to be able to organise either these days, lol.

    I do like your boots and why not wear them while on your hols and enjoy them.

    much love
    Lia xx

  13. You made me laugh out loud! My favorite is the chest with the numbers and the plants...

  14. the boots are cool for sure !

  15. What I wouldn't do for that first chest. My mom has one devoted to scarves and unmentionables. I've always longed for one of my own.

  16. God Jackie the breast thing has me gifggling!!!
    I must say you & I both love the double D cup chest for the bathroom. Ironic that we know those creams dont really work but hope one day our faces will prove all the literature wrong.
    Eyes serums are my current obsession.
    Love the boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Take them to Amalfi. They'll be perfect for an in town day.

  17. oh & Im certain we'd be great on vacation togther after your last comment concerning our Balui sojourn!!! :)

  18. Ooooh, I would love to use a chest as my bathroom vanity with a sink. Love it! :)

  19. I am drooling over #2 and #7! Love the grey!