Friday, 10 July 2009

Obsessed with collecting..........

Are you obsessed with collecting anything and trudge round Antique Fairs and junk shops searching for that special object that you are so interested in ? I don't actually have anything that I collect, but I would love to hear about your collections. I have come back to edit that last comment I made as, looking around my house, I now realise that it is full of collections !!!!! Here is a selection of some of the things that people collect and how they display them .

This doesn't really look like a ' collection '. it just looks lovely

Blue and white china looks so pretty on a dresser and don't the sunflowers add a happy, summery touch ?
Chairs as a collection. Not sure !!
The baskets add a practical touch to collecting and did you know that there are so many shades of green glass ?

Can't get over how impressive these doorknobs look. It's the way they have been displayed.

This is one of the best ways of displaying a collection of photographs.

........and finally, knitting needles !!!!!


  1. Hi Jacqueline!
    You're asking me if I have any collections????? Oh is an obsession with me and life long and I've lived a relatively long life so...I have many name a few...yellowware, graniteware, wireware, ironstone, baskets, linens, quilts, samplers, garden items, kitchenware, buttons, sewing items, postcards, other ephemera, ok....I'll stop asked!!!
    Take care, Laura

  2. Books! How could I forget that?? and thanks for stopping by and leaving kind words....I love to hear from you!!

  3. Wow.. great pics.. Love the blue & white jugs.... and well everything else!! I have a teapot collection... some silverware also.. and turkish rugs... and quilts.. and books.. and more books..guess I do collect! Good thing they are all in storage! Julie

  4. the 3rd pic. is more like MY collection.

    but truly....there is an art to collecting and display.

  5. Oh, those doorknobs are really quirky but I love them! I'm not really a collector of any specific thing, but maybe one day when I have a larger home (and room to display collections) I'll set my sights on something to collect.

  6. The chairs look like my garage! LOL... not to collect.. but chairs waiting to be re-upholstered/painted!

  7. Great post Jackie! Love the blue and white china and the doorknobs.

    I do love jugs.....have started to collect those.....and photo frames.....if I had more space, I would definitely collect much more :)

  8. Hi Jackie!
    I love how we look at a lot of the same travels fast in blogland doesn't it....I saw you are off to the Amalfi coast.....I am green with envy!!!
    My husband's family are Italian so we are off to the countryside near Parma and then driving via Lucca to Florence.....I can't wait :)
    Have a lovely week-end,
    Simone :)

  9. Happy Friday Jackie: Oh how I adore all those collections. I wish I had a old Irish cupboard filled with creamware. I am embarrassed to say that I really don't collect much of anything. I use to but since I married Mr. Scotland, we have moved so much that I have slowly gotten rid of a lot.I think I could be a crazy lady & collect chairs like those. That'd be me!! Terrific post my dear♥

  10. Books, glass jars, fun little wooden boxes, and lots of woven baskets...great post and love to collect pretty things!

    Happy weekend to you!

  11. I am completely in love with your blog and so glad to have found you. Come stop by and enter the what makes you smile giveaway. Good luck...

  12. I love all the pictures lining the wall--I would LOVE to do something like that!

  13. All of these are amazing! The first image is my favorite! Have a great weekend :) xoxo

  14. yep it's all in the presentation. My house is full of books, and i have a thing for dishes. Pottery, hand painted by anybody including kids. Neat original art including kids art, and ummmm let me I confess to shoes!

  15. I love looking at other people's collections. I don't currently have room for anymore stuff myself! LOL. have a great wknd., Jackie!

  16. I'm in lOvE!!! Just found you! LOVE LOVE LOVE your BLOG!!! I am a collector for sure. BUT always clearing because I like a simple look. Interesting combo I put myself through. I never pass up a chance to buy an unusual piece! GREAT post! I can't wait to come back!

  17. Mmmmmmmmm........that would be a resounding YEP! You name it....I probably collect it. My family laughs at me. You can't get a car in the garage and every nook and cranny is full. Scary stuff....what would I do without my "stuff"???? :-)

    Love your blog!


  18. Came by because Julie from being Ruby told me about you. I had seen your blog before but forgot to save glad to rediscover you again. I love your's totally everything I love. Yes I do collect but mostly nature things and especially bird themes.
    Take care,

  19. I love and collect old mirrors, mother of pearl, chandelieres, what am i thinking, I can't even begin to name my collections. If you have more than three it is then a collection. Great post. HEidi

  20. Love the collections that you found! I try not to be a collector of anything specific, but I do adore old plates. I like the green glass, door nobs and the knitting needles!

  21. Collections...okay deep breath.. Wedgewood green majolica, Limoges boxes but only the fruits & veggies, vintage botanicals, Ball jars (esp the blue series), vintage monongrammed linens, kitchen tins...hey what can I say I worked in antiques for 11 years...
    by the way after your masssage remember we're having the gourmet 5 course spa dinner by the reflecting pool....

  22. Ooh beautiful pictures. I have so many of silver candle stands that I think its safe to name it a collection...would like to collect more pretty teacups!