Thursday, 23 July 2009

MAKING an ENTRANCE .................

They say that your front door and the front of your house is the most important as it is the first thing that anyone sees , be it visitors or , if you are selling , potential buyers........ it's known as kerb appeal....... Here are some delightful frontages !!! and I do apologise that they are fairly similar but , I guess , these are the type of houses that I love.
I really love this one as it's not pretentious or expensive , it's just a lovely little old cottage with loads of charm.

You can't beat bay or box trees outside the front door.

More box trees........ don't they make this entrance ?

I think that the old wall really makes this cottage. The trouble nowadays is that many people would have knocked it down..... the people who live here must love preserving old features.

Another really old door , not really looked after but I love it like that!!!!

More bay trees........... I think that this front door wouldn't look half as good without them .

I love the way that this wooden door has taken on that lovely grey patina , don't you ? And I love the garland.

Sorry...... more trees...... but so lovely.

Another simple wreath ..............

Another simple cottage , nothing fancy , just an ordinary life going on , but so sweet.

So pretty.

............................................. and just one final thing....... congratulations to Millie at The Laurel Hedge who posted her 300th post the other day.......well done you...... what an achievement.......I'm only on my 20th something post ....... I've got a long way to go to reach those dizzy heights ........ XXXX


  1. yeah well they are all pretty gorgeous, the first one though, imagine that...

    and yep I am still consuming copious amounts to deal with the black-paint-stress lol

  2. Absolulely-flipping-gorgeous.....I can't even pick a favourite, they are all stunning :)

  3. Love all these entrance ways Jackie! The worn and weathered doors with the wisteria or roses are my favorites....I once did a post on the doors we saw when we visited Venice...each one was unique and I was quite taken with them!
    :) Laura

  4. Bags the first one, it's mine!!

    Totally gorgeous, obviously we like the same things! Cause I like them all.

    xxx DJ

  5. I am loving the doors ~ makes me look twice at mine! lol
    That old wall gives the place so much character, doesn't it. You seem to have a fascination with trees ~ why not throw a cocktail in there! Happy Thursday!

  6. All lovely and the first two are my favorites. Just my style. I love old cottage looks and simplicity.

  7. Gorgeous!
    The wisteria is LOVEliness indeed*

  8. Oh-my-goodness! I flipped out with all these pictures. They are WONDERFUL! LOve your blog!!
    Am following for sure. HAve a great day!

  9. I love doors. "Another simple wreath " is my favorite one.. Very inspiring..

  10. Beautiful. Makes my entrance seem a little shappy. Thanks for the inspiration:)

  11. You have a great eye for beauty, Jackie!

  12. Such a lovely post Jackie. I am crazy for each & every image you posted. Nothing equals the incredible front doors or entry's of those in Europe. I have a habit of always changing the color of our front door where ever we move to. I can get in trouble with our "homeowners association" without submitting a color sample first, but do it always without approval. I hate boring front doors. Must come from my love of Ireland!! I adore this post dear friend ♥

  13. Lovely post Jackie. It certainly spells out H.O.M.E.! I love everyone of them! [and maybe the timber studded and last one best]. x Julie

  14. The wisteria and the gauze sash on the wreath~ Love love love them both!

  15. I L O V E the second home and would give my right arm to live there!!! It is perfect...

  16. Jackie..these are all sooooo beautiful! The first photograph has to me my favorite...I think?
    Maybe the second to last...Hmmm? They're all perfect..What a dream! I just love England!
    Ok Jackie...Can you be my new BFF so that I can go visit you in England?

  17. Jackie...I'm LOL!! Hey i really don't mind at all..cause I know I'd have a wonderful tour guide and we'd have to step out to one of those fab pubs!! ;)

  18. Very inspirational! Thank you! My one hundred year old porch is in a sad, multi-lumpy paint layered state....I'm working on it, though...

    Enjoy your day!

  19. oh gosh, gorgeous front doors! i have a soft spot for wooden doors with a pair of topiaries beside the door, it screams english cottage!

  20. And I always love when beautiful fragrances greet me upon walking up to a front door...especially with hanging star jasmine!

  21. The best group of front doors I've ever seen Jac! Ours is woeful, it will eventually get done, but there are just so many other priorities for MOTH at the moment - like a functional bathroom for a start! Thank you for your warm congrats., I'm not sure about the dizzy heights stuff, but it's been great fun getting to play my 300th Game with everyone.
    Millie ^_^

  22. That first picture with the wisteria is unbelievable when you see where's it's growing from. right out of the pavement!!. Figures I'd notice that... right??? I love all those entrances. We have 2 double bay trees topiaries that I trained that we use my our entrance. I love the look they give. The wreath with just the lace is stunning in it's simplicity.
    Excellent post as usual!!!

  23. i saw the thumbnail and had to stop by and say HI.

  24. Never ever apologize!!! God what a lovely array of yumminess. The wisteria needs to grow down into image #2 to make it completely perfection..for me that is. Im aghast at the fact that people are tearing the walls down?? Are they nuts. I swear does no one want character anymore??? The cookie cutter look drives me so crazy. Why look like everyone else when hello you're not.
    Thank you for all the sweet words about me & the poem. It means a lot.

  25. Love them, love them, love them! If eyes are the windows to your soul, then are doors the windows....hang on, that can't be right. Oh, you know what I mean. Meredith xo.

  26. Hi Jackie,
    Just stopping by to wish you a happy weekend!

  27. Gorgeous. Love all of them. The top image with the wisteria is my favorite. We live in a stone and clapboard farmhouse and have a wisteria covered pergola off the garden room and it is heavenly.
    have a lovely weekend

  28. j'aime beaucoup aussi!!!


  29. I love your acceptance ! Fabulous!

  30. Absolutely GORGEOUS! The first one reminds me of the cottage in The Holiday. I can only imagine it being this beautiful in spring :)

    Congratulations on your award!