Wednesday, 22 July 2009

SHUTTERED WINDOWS.......................

There are obviously lots of things that I love regarding interiors , and I'm sure that I will say this again many times , but my favourite ( at the moment !!!! ) are shutters. Upstairs, in our house, we have solid wooden shutters and downstairs, we have plantation shutters at the windows( Note to self : must take pictures of my shutters for posts !! ) but in the following pictures , you can see that shutters are not just reserved for windows.
Just propped up against a wall . Fabulous.

A slight indulgence , this one , as I think that this could be an old door but its such a great picture I've included it.

Isn't this gorgeous ? And not just the shutters...I love this grey / Zinc look.

Long gasp of delight.......this room ......OHhhhhh

Here they are , used in the traditional way on the outside of a house....... I don't know why but this doesn't seem to work here in the U.K.

Perhaps a bit more furniture would be a good idea here but the original shutters are wonderful.

More external shutters....these are in Tuscany.

Isn't this perfect ?

Sorry , this one is tiny but can't you imagine sitting here , warm sunshine , drink , friends....... heaven .

Ahhh......... Wisteria beautiful and adds a certain something to the lovely shutters

I don't always like everything painted white and I think that the mellow finish to these shutters would have been ruined had they been painted whereas...................

.................. it works really well here . I hoped you liked that little look at shutters and , maybe if you see an old shutter looking lonely in a junk shop , don't buy it . It's mine !!!!!!!


  1. Shutters have such a holiday feel to them, I love them.

    Great selection here ... really nice print hanging on the shutters in second last pic too.

    Don't worry I'll stand back and you go for those shutters honey!!

    ps I'll be in that drink in the sunshine, don't have to ask me twice!

  2. oh god I love the last one and the grey one - aren't they just gorgeous - funny you should post those as I just 'made' some shutters today out of fence posts, yes fence posts - look great, i am so pleased and cost like 5 pounds a window!

  3. Fabulous post, I also love shutters. Not only do they look great but they are so practical as well.

    Leeann x

  4. yeah well I am a madwoman really! lol I spend my days cooking up ways to make shutters! x

  5. Gorgeous post, such great pics of shutters x

  6. You have fabulous taste... Like me! haha!! I hope to purchase gorgeous shutters for our home with my yearly bonus :) Fingers crossed.... xx

  7. Arrhhh What a wonderful sight to come home to.. beautiful shutters on a beautiful blog. A pleasant end to the xxx working day!! These are all gorgeous... the more I see the more I want!! I will be so confused when I get my own house!. Love the Paul Massey shot! x Julie

  8. OMG! These are all gorgeous! My fave is the second pic!
    Great selection!

  9. These shutters are all so beautiful - i find them very romantic, xv.

  10. LOVE the shutters! My favorite is the blue ones in the second image..gorgeous!

  11. Great post, Jackie. I adore shutters and live with all plantation shutters.

  12. They are all beautiful. I don't know what makes us love them so much, but we do, don't we?

  13. shutters-my weakness-love them for my shop and for my home

  14. I don't think I would ever leave the room where you squealed 'DELIGHT!'....lovely!

  15. I agree Perfection~ I'm with Mel.. I could sit happily ever after in any room you choose for me to live in for the rest of my life~

  16. Yes I love shutters and you can usually pick them up inexpensively. Doors on the other hand are usually pricey. I guess they think your really going to use it as a door.Crazy thought!!! I have old painted shutters around our windows in our family room that I've had there for 20yrs. I can't imagine the room without them. I've also used them as shelves but you have to make sure they can hold the weight. Made that mistake!!!!

  17. How lovely! I'm so happy to have found your blog and look forward to reading/seeing more of you posts!

    : )

    Julie M.

  18. Hey Jackie! I, too, share your love of perfectly shabby shutters! These are lovely! :)


  19. Old shutters are fantastic and so versatile! That chaise by the giant window is the most gorgeous thing I've seen in a long time! I would love a space like that!

  20. These are so wonderful! I love them all. I love the blues, especially.

  21. Beautiful pictures, i love shutters too, they have a rustic feel to them.

  22. feel the morning sun after opening the peaceful. The blue Tuscan shutters are very sweet.

  23. Can you imagine waking up every morning in some glorious french village, throwing open the shutters, and welcoming the new day??? Oh, those are things that dreams are made of~

  24. I think old custom shutters are perfect as decorations for a house as well. It really looks good and I prefer the functional ones for both interior and exterior of the house. It feels really nice to live in a sophisticated classic French inspired house. That is my dream house.