Friday, 3 July 2009

Faded beauty..........

Michael Eastman
I know that none of us could really live like this but I just love it. I was always a lover of Miss Haversham in Great Expectations so it was inevitable that this look would appeal to me.
Country Living

Lots of you out there favour the ' all white' look, which I do, but I really LURVE this mellow yellow aged look. I think that some would think that it just looks tatty ( an English word ! ) but I obviously see through that.

I took this picture from somewhere a while ago now and I can't remember from whence it came but it just sums up faded beauty.

Love it !!

Homes and Gardens.
Again, very Miss Haversham. Do you think that I need help !!!!


  1. Gorgeous!!! I absolutely love that last photo of the pale blue chair, it's stunning!

    Beauty is always there isn't it....even if it's faded or a little in need of help....

    Great post!

    Thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog yesterday....lovely to find you :)

    Enjoy the tennis!

  2. Hi Jackie. I love the Michael Eastman images,the aged walls are fabulous! However, I seem to have a love/hate relationship with yellow. I love it when I buy it and then hate it for the rest of time. The doily curtains are great too! I've seen this in a few mags and some of the creations seem worth trying!! I have told Simone that when I buy my new car I will name it Morgan in honour of you girls!! Julie

  3. By the way your blog is fabulous! I really love the 'Home' plaque in your banner. Glad you found me!! Julie

  4. Extensive, years of therapy....just teasin.
    Very pretty photos. Have you ever been over to My Romantic Home? You'd love her place and for a little tropical garden flair there is nothing like some Lime in the Coconut. Just for a bit of inspiration and beauty. I'd love to see the English countryside.
    So you saw the Beatles in concert, now that is STINKIN cool!

  5. I am so loving that chippy chair!! Great Blog, Janna

  6. looooove these images! :)

  7. I love those "tatty" books and the iron chair with the curtain behind it! My kind of decor. Just found you through "myromantichome" blog.

  8. Lovely pics! Especially love the old shabby door and the white chair...mmm! Have a great weekend! :)


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  10. For having creativity & imagination??? Help no, funding to make them come true...yes!!!!!
    Lovely weekend to you shabby or chic!!!!

  11. Oh quite the contrary Jackie - I adore that hue. Is it the history it's trying to tell us or the appreciation we have for it's timeless appeal? I adored Mrs. Haversham too. Wouldn't it be grand to be an eccentric, mysterious woman. Hey, maybe I am? Ha! Have you seen the movie "Grey Gardens", about Big Edie & Little Edie Beale? They fascinate me in that same way.
    Sorry my blog was out of sorts today & you were nice enough to comment. I had was having a senior moment & posted the pic. without finishing the whole post. Your post is beautiful today.
    Happy Weekend to you Jackie!

  12. The faded walls and images are fabulous! The muted colours are beautiful. Have a lovely weekend Jackie. Ax

  13. Oh these pictures are beautiful. Glad to have found your blog, it is lovely :)
    Thankyou for stopping by my blog and for your comments!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. the drapery fabric next to the old iron chair is wild.


  15. Love the first photo - and I could TOTALLY live in that space! The clothesline draped over the chairs just makes me!

  16. Hi!
    Thank´s for visiting my blog!
    Lovely pictures here!

    Have a nice evening!


  17. Being able to travel throughout Europe on a train (so incredibly civilized!) is exactly one of the MANY reasons we wish to relocate!

  18. Hi again!

    Thank´s for your comment!
    If you want, you can choose language in my blog. The text isn´t always absolutely correct, but nearly! :)

    Wish you a nice sunday!


  19. Jackie, these are all just gorgeous - faded they may be, but they are also very beautiful. I wish my washing line was as glamourous as that Michael Eastman image. What a lovely blog, I love it here. Meredith xo.

  20. Thank you for coming to visit and I see now that you have become a follower. I am honored! Being Ruby and I share a love for old cars and that is how we met in Blogland. I love your style and am going to stay a whie to look around!

  21. love the rusty chair with the cushion on it, haven't seen that image before, oh to have a house like that...


  22. sorry, meant to say thanks for popping by the Beach Cottage and yeah I know those North facing gardens though to be honest I am finding the Australian gardening thing with sandy soil and coastal air somewhat a challenge - give me my english garden with rain and anything grows lol! I am planting Cordylines like mad seeing as they are the only thing that I can seem to grow!

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