Friday, 31 July 2009


Well, it's finally here........... we're off on holiday, so I thought that you would like a picture of where we are going, so that you could all linger over it while I'm away !!!!!! To stop you being too envious, here are some lovely pictures of outside living for you to feast your eyes on and imagine me with my linguine al granchio and a chilled glass of pinot grigio , sitting high up on the terrace, the warm sunshine on my face......MMmmmmmmm
Come with me through the gates to see some beautiful ways to eat and drink outside...........

Look at this....... the most wonderful view and such a lovely seating area.

A stunning, slightly weathered look....... couldn't you see yourselves reading a book there or even having a few ZZZzzzzzz's.......... I nearly went off to sleep myself there for a moment !!!!!!!

Oh, I love this picture..... 50's retro with chandelier. Looks like she's gone to get a cuppa.......and they must be new shoes and they're rubbing a bit !!

If only we could all meet up and sit, eat, drink and chat here
....wouldn't we have the best time ?

........... or here.....

I had to include this one as I think that it's one of my favourite pictures....... you and I could sit there and change the world couldn't we ?

A little bit more upmarket now......... we could change the world there as well, I an upmarket sort of way !!!!

How about this for a bit of decadence ?.......... champagne on your own private piece of beach( O.K. so I know it's water in the ice bucket but humour me !! ) ......James, peel me a grape !!!!!!!

Oh, if only...................

A little bit of romance.

................ and finally... dappled shade and half an hour, writing up your journal.
Well, that's it for a week, see you all on my return, when I shall make you all envious with tales from Italy.


  1. Oh you lucky thing. You are turning me every shade of green. Have a fabulous time and don't get too burnt.

  2. WELL what a gorgeous, beautiful and stunning post [just making sure you like me when you return]. No really beautiful images and I am SO ENVIOUS... why do you need to RUB IT IN.. why? Don't you worry about me.. slaving away over a pc to the wee hours of the morning! But I will miss you Jacqueline.. your glorious posts and happy disposition brighten my day. I expect to see lots of gorgeous, envy making photos of your terrific vacation on your return. That 1st image is stunning and is the exact visual memory of have of my time in Sorrento. The light is sublime. The last image is also wonderful and just where I would wish to be to stop and write a journal, or a post to my blogging friends! Miss you my friend! xx Julie

  3. Have a wonderful time babes, I will be sitting under a tree with a bottle of wine awaiting your return.
    Here's praying that you have blue sky days and starry nights,
    much love,
    Lia xx

  4. ...lucky you how have visited all these wonderful palces...really quiet for the soul...
    Best wishes
    Magdalena at Color Sepia

  5. What will do without you.. beautiful and stunning post! Have a wonderful times..

  6. What breathtaking photographs. I hope you have just the best time, and I know we'll all be looking forward to your return!

  7. oh no !!!!
    will you be posting ???

    anyway , have a wonderful holiday.
    ...and these images evoke true perfection to me.
    big hug xx

  8. Boo Hoo, sniff sob sniff.... oh I'm sorry don't take any notice of me ... sigh.

    Hope you have the most fabulous time, lucky duck. Love ALL the pictures.


    ps thanks for sweet comments too :)

  9. I am coming now not later~ LOVE every single image as always from you!

  10. Wonderful post Jackie!! picked some beautiful pictures and I am sure we would have a fabulous time together should we bloggers ever get to meet up at any one of those spots! Enjoy every minute of your trip! Where is that fabulous place in Italy?? We will be going in September and I am very excited!
    Safe travels!
    Ciao! Laura

  11. Such a beautiful post!!! I wish I was on my way to such splender.
    Happy Friday!
    xxx kim

  12. Completely and wholeheartedly jealous my love! Hope you have the most fabulous and divine holiday! XOXO

  13. Have a wonderful time, Jackie! Looks sensational.

  14. How fabulous! Have the most wonderful time. See you when you get back. :)

  15. Ohhhhhhhh, that last pic has me off in dreamland. Serenity now. : )

  16. Jackie,
    I will miss you dearly but can't wait to here tales of Italia. It's been too long since my last stay. I could see us all having a great time in all those places too. Your favorite pic reminds me of a treehouse of sort the way it seems buried in the charming.
    Have a wonderful and safe trip and watch out for those Italian men!!!
    Ciao Belle!

  17. I wonder if you'll run into Simone????
    I'll miss you soo much.

  18. Have a great holiday, thanks for sharing the wonderful pics, I would love to meet up under all those beautiful bird cages, x

  19. I am so envious I would love to zip away to Italy. Have a wonderful time, can't wait to hear all about your vacation. Thanks for the suggestions on paint colors.

  20. Perfect pictures to linger over in your absence!!! Hope you have a fabulous trip...I am so so jealous. Well I shall be waiting patiently for your return and the many wonderful images and tales. Ax

  21. Hope you are having a super time and looking forward to the holiday snaps of beautiful Italy. You are missing all the wonderful rain we are having here in not so sunny England!
    Karen at Cavania

  22. What a trip to each of your pics on your post.It would be so hard to chose a fav spot.Your blog is awesome.Have a safe and fun trip and Fun Finds 2 U... Chickie from

  23. Oh my dear I think you out did even yourself this time. The first picture had me with my mouth wide open. The coast is so enchanting as are all the lovely photos you chose. Yes, I would so love to sit at any one of those places & chat with all our blog buddies. That - indeed would be such fun. Now Jackie you & the hubbie enjoy your fabulous holiday as I know you will. Think of me as you sip you pinot and soak in all those views. I so love Italy. Cannot wait for pictures & more fun stories. Chio Jackie!
    xxx deb

  24. My envy started at this moment, I shall not wait until you return with tales!

    Enjoy yourself...and indulge, indulge, indulge!

    Happy travels!

  25. Those pictures are breathtaking!!! So beautiful...

    I love going through your Blog and seeing all of your amazing posts.

    If you get a chance come by for a visit and say hi!
    Have a great weekend,

  26. This is my first visit to your blog and I'm in love! Beatiful images, I can't wait to explore more of your postings!!

  27. dreamy...le sigh!
    something about a chandelier in the garden that makes my heart goes softer...

  28. So many stunning places to eat outdoors.... Very inspirational . x

  29. I am loving these pictures this morning as I sit here with my coffee ~ I also see some cocktails there....are those for me?? Have a wonderful holiday and if you need me I will be curled up in one of those pictures with my book and depending on the weather I will have either a cup of tea or maybe a cocktail!

  30. OMG!!! I am drooling at that first image...I am so happy for you! My dream is to go to Italy, really. Everyone who knows me, knows how much that means to me. I can't wait to see pics of your holiday...Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

  31. Gorgeous post, Jackie! What an amazing time you will have. In the meantime, I'll just have to satisfy myself with these beautiful images and use my imagination! Looking forward to reading all about it upon your return and drooling over your holiday pics. Meredith xo.

  32. I am impressed by your blog , photos are gorgeous with unique atmosphere. Best wishes

  33. I hope you are having the best time - by the look of those photos I can't imagine anything else. Happy holidays, xv.

  34. It seems like ages ..... come home, I miss you ;)

  35. I know what DJA means .. I haven't had quite as many hysterical moments with you away Jacqueline!! xx Julie :)

  36. Hi, Jackie!
    This is my first visit here, and I´m simply in love.
    Those pictures, your text, it´s all so beautiful. I´m dreaming myself away with you, visiting the same spots you are.
    Can´t wait til you come back, so that I can explore more of your beautiful blog.
    Have a nice holiday.

  37. Oooooh I could run away to all of those photos... FAB places to get lost!!! LE SIGH!!!
    Bon Holiday!