Monday, 6 July 2009

Heaven...... I'm in Heaven..........

Oh my goodness.Look at these... I want them all and I want them now !! Aren't they just wonderful ? It makes me want to redo the whole of my house. If only I was like Samantha in Bewitched !! That shows my age ! Oh well.... a girl can dream. I decided to take Renee Finberg's advice and make my images larger. What do you think, Renee.? Better ? Renee I can just see this table groaning with food and wine and all of my best friends sitting round, chatting, Lovely. Who could ask for more?
I really love the massive mirrors, propped up against the wall. Rather like canvas' in an art gallery.

I'm not keen on whatever that is in the fireplace, but, each to their own !! The rest is fantastic.

Aren't the penguin books under one castor of the settee, in the picture above, a lovely touch ?
I'd really like to know what you all think about this ' all white ' look. Is it practical ? Lots of you have little ones out there who have sticky, chocolaty hands ( and big people too !! ).My children are all grown up now, and don't live at home anymore, but they were good when they lived here and I've always had whitish/cream, so I guess it works. My sister, Jill, has just painted her lounge off white. I shall see how she gets on with her grand daughter.These images are all from The Beach House Studio.



  1. I love the white look, I especially love the last image with the sofa missing the caster but it is proped up by a couple of books to make it sit level. Heidi

  2. White is my favorite! And we have a 17-month-old, and we still keep it clean and pretty (you just teach them to respect it or hope the stain remover really works?!?!).

    Massive mirrors are such a stunning accessory to a room!

    Beautiful post!

  3. Fabulous Jackie. I love the 'white' look with occasional touches of colour or neutrals [which you can switch around]. The dark timber floors in #2 really offset all that white and bring a warm touch. But as much as I say I like, I'm renting at present so really i'm waiting... and waiting.. till I get my own place. My dream would be a big comfy sofa with white slipcovers that could be washed [preferably by someone else!]. Lovely post ... they are all fabulous images. Julie

  4. Hi, Jacqueline! I followed your comment to Layla over at "The Lettered Cottage" ... your comment about being on Smith Mountain Lake on the 4th of July caught my eye ... you were in my backyard then LOL What a small world !! And an even smaller world? During my family 4th celebration, I had the pleasure of meeting two young ladies who have recently moved to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia from "somewhere" near London ... they have opened up what sounds like the ultimate antique and home furnishings store ... can't wait to visit ... and they were interior designers in England ... small world, huh? I've bookmarked you ... you have a beautiful site ... wonderful taste ... and I can't wait to visit regularly :-) Scottie

  5. and my heart beats so that I can hardly speak! ;) I LOVE the white look.. The large mirrors are breath takers and the large table is jsut divine.. I agree the all white look could work.. a friend of mine just redid her bedroom in the all white and she loves it.. she says it truly makes it feel like a peaceful retreat.. I say go for it!

  6. This house is gorgeous! Absolutely my style! I love white~shabby interiors!

    Come visit my blog, I think we have many things in common.


  7. Fab post Jackie!!

    I LOVE "massive" mirrors too - love that one propped against the wall.....and I totally agree about photo 3 - not as keen on the fireplace but the rest of the room is GORGEOUS!!

    Happy Monday!

    Wasn't the tennis good yesterday, even without Andy Murray!!

  8. My daughter loves Banners!!!

    I wanted Federer to win although I thought Roddick would....I really felt for him at the end of that final set, SO tough to lose after such fantastic tennis. Isn't Wimbledon always over too quickly, altho I didn't watch nearly as much as I wanted to this year.


  9. White is my all time favorite. I never get tired of it and my home is white, except for pale robin's blue color. Even with dogs in the house, I manage to keep it clean. The house above is just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos.

  10. Fabulous pictures, specially adore that huge dinning table and mirror.

  11. the kids being all 'grown up' now.....
    divine, absolutely divine !
    mine is too.

  12. As Jackie mentioned, my lounge has just been painted in three Farrow and Ball whites – off white, slipper satin and pointing. With its two chandeliers and newly laid dark oak flooring the room looked a little like the first two pictures. But as we are keeping the tapestry curtains, sofas and newly polished pine and oak furniture it is gradually losing its lovely all white look. But how many of us can afford to throw everything out to create a whole new look? Many of our paintings and pieces of furniture have followed us from house to house and become like old friends. So now the interesting part starts – adding the pictures, flowers, photographs and essential bits and pieces that will give the room its true character. Once I have finished this final tweaking I will send photographs to Jackie for your verdict!!

    And although I’ll keep dreaming of that all white retreat, I’m sure that is all it will ever be – a lovely place, somewhere in my imagination.

  13. All of these rooms are so charming and fresh, Jacqueline. I love all of the white!

  14. Thanks for stopping by my blog- yours is just lovely! I love all of these rooms, especially the second to last photo! The chandelier is amazing :) XOXO

    P.S. Blogger isn't allowing me to follow you right now, but I will be back later to try again! xo

  15. Hello. Just checking out new blogs and I really like yours. Feel free to come check out mine if you'd like.

  16. Beautiful photos - you can never have too much white. Thank you for visiting Brabourne Farm and leaving a comment. Leigh

  17. Mmmm...just beautiful!! I would absolutely LOVE creamy white couches, but I have a toddler..not sure how well that would work. So I guess for the time being I must dream! :) Thanks for the inspiration!


  18. Samantha on Bewitched...too funny. If that was the case noses would be wiggling all across the blogosphere this very minute!!!
    This would be my vacation Cottage in the English countryside. Think Hpwards End.

  19. Hey, Jackie ~ so nice to read your comment on my blog!! Thank you!!

    I wanted to share this information with you ... this is the website of the two wonderful kindred spirit friends I made this weekend ... on the OFF chance that you might be familiar with them or their work! Because the stars MUST have been aligned for me to meet three interior designers from your portion of the world :-)

    ... will check back regularly