Thursday, 30 July 2009

GREY MATTER...........

I'm moving the tint up a tad to that hot, hot colour of ......... Grey !!!! This bathroom would be my perfect place to attend to my ablutions. I love it, love it, love it. It's not luxurious or spa like or unobtainable. It's just ME. This could be on the other side of the bathroom above. The only thing that I have got in these two pictures are the candlesticks and the mirror....oh's a start.

That little jug is just right for some thick double cream to pour over the cake that would be sitting on that cake stand...... or is it a dish ? ....I'm not sure.

I do have a washstand similar to this, but mine is more cream than grey. I will do a post on some of my objects soon ....... when I take some photographs !!!

This concrete building is very harsh and doesn't have many redeeming qualities ( if you look hard enough you can see the one redeeming quality.... shutters...I think that I can see them there or are they just windows? ) but the owner has really brightened it up with some striking red geraniums.......... didn't cost much, but made the world of difference.......... oh the last couple of posts I have been going on about being thrifty a lot....You'll all think that I'm tight ( oh, that's an English word meaning not very free with money but it also means being the worse for wear 'cos you've drunk too much alcohol !!! I'm meaning it in the former connotation !!! )

I love this laundry /utility room as I love the first bathroom......... they would fit well together in a house, I think, don't you ?

Garlands or wreaths ( I don't like calling them wreaths because I always think of funerals ) are another one of my favourites. I have them above the beds in my house.
They look really good in front of a mirror as well, like this one.

MMmmmm....... lovely lanterns that look good inside and out.

What an ingenious way to keep a gate firmly closed. I wonder who thought to do this.It looks so good against that lovely grey wooden gate.

I just like this picture and it's grey.....and it's got a table, so it qualifies!!!.... actually, I think this picture would look good framed.... perhaps I'll do that ... or perhaps I won't !!!!! I'll let you know if I do.

I've just put these in because I love oysters, and they're grey !!!!..... an acquired taste, but, if you have never tried one give it a only live once.....maybe not for long after you have eaten them!!!!! Just joking..........they are delicious.

Those oysters would fit right in on this gorgeous rustic table. ........ sorry, hope I haven't put anyone off now I've brought oysters into the equation !!!

These will make you feel better.......... forget all about those shellfish. I'll lay up another table with some more goodies that might be to your taste...........

There that's better.......pull up a chair, sit down and tuck in..... I'll just go and put the kettle on.


  1. HI Jacqueline.. I absolutely adore all of these. I'm very much a grey girl. The toile skirt on the handbasin is a lovely touch in that room. Actually the 1st picture is just perfect. If you don't mind I will skip the double cream... I'm hoping for a beach vacation xx Julie

  2. Me again. I've been meaning to say ... what a clever [and kind] friend making that beautiful stained glass panel for you... she's a keeper! x Julie

  3. Oh your too funny ... just moving the tint up to .... Grey!

    Loved it, especially the first, the lanterns and the old table are great (have a table just like the one pictured, think it was made in the 1800's).

    I've eaten the sweets, now were's that cuppa! :)


  4. Delightful grey beauty here!

    Love the word ablution ~ beautiful.

  5. I love the flowers on the grey home. Stunning pic!

  6. The basthroom is wonderful. Great pictures. Thanks so much for sharing them today. Love your blog, Beth

  7. I think it is great that you've posted some thrifty ideas - they are so inspiring! All of these photos are gorgeous. I especially love the layered mirrors in the 2nd one.

  8. Fabulous Jackie! I LOVE grey, or gray, which is it, I am never quite sure? I have a dark slate grey dining room & I love it's moodiness. I think that image with the table would be lovely framed.
    I also fancy oysters, yummm... How I would love to sit and have a spot of tea & a meringue with you. I'm easy, don't even take cream!! Hope your day is going very well? Getting excited for your Italian holiday?
    Xxx deb

  9. I'm definitely a grey girl! Love it!

    And there is nothing I would enjoy more than a cuppa tea with you in one of these fabulous rooms!

  10. I have had a passion for grey for the longest time, especially when it is teamed up creams, neutrals and whites. Mind you a nice shade of lilac or purple goes well, or pink or blues or reds or.......ok I like grey lol.
    I like dusky and silvery greys best of all.
    Thanks for your comments on my blog.
    Much love, Lia xx

  11. Funny I was just thinking of doing a grey post but on foliage. I love that first photo too...I think I have the fabric now I just need everything else. I have a couple of those washstands too but I like that one with a place for the pitcher.
    You should frame that picture. Uses the rule of 3.....always works!!!!

  12. I really love Grey. It's the perfect neutral.

  13. What lovely photos! I adore grey, especially a warm, weathered grey. Just picked up some grey paint samples for a project. Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. Will you come over here right now and put your magic touch in my house? pretty please?

  15. Jacqueline, this is so beautiful..

  16. the weathered gray fence is right up my alley.
    i love that it reminds me of maine.

  17. A lovely collection Jac! And don't worry about the oysters, we LOVE them here! Husband #1 hated them, so when I met MOTH one of the very first questions I asked him was 'Do you like oysters?'. When his beautiful blue eyes lit up & he answered "Absolutely!', I knew I'd found the man for me!
    Mills ^_^

  18. Such lovely images, loving the grey with all the great textures, would look great in the same house, have a great weekend x

  19. I can imagine myself sitting at that rustic table with a few of my French country linen's draped over it. Lovely...

  20. Perusing through your blog, I fell upon the image of a farm table with oysters set on the table and a antique spoon chandelier..... this chandelier is designed by my dear friend and artist Jose Esteves and we have his entire collection exclusively her in my New York Showroom. You can check his work on one of my previous post...

  21. I am in love with this blog!!!