Thursday, 12 November 2009

GREY MATTER ..........

O.K everyone, lets get back to lighter matters, shall we ?A bit of interiors on a Thursday morning never hurt anyone. Today we are talking all things grey. It's my colour of the moment and it can look so beautiful in all sorts of ways. I love this mixture of random objects. They have no doubt been put together for the photograph ( I'm under no illusions here !) but it all looks so natural.
A beautiful, grey silk cushion.

Just a little peep into someones lounge. Don't push the door open any further ...... you wouldn't want to see what's behind there !!. I am amazed at the things that people put together. This is obviously an old house but they have put a modern table and chairs in there and...guess what ? .... it works.

Oh how I love this one. I'm sure that it's in Paris or some other beautiful European city. The cupboard, the chair, the urn, that beautiful cushion wonderfully put together.

So simple and yet perfect.

Just a simple seed head in a glass jar can add so much.

You can't go wrong with a twiggy heart.

I love text on the wall. I have some in my home and I never tire of it. Very Scandanavian.

I just adore wreaths. I'm not usually fond of shells as decoration, apart fron the shells and sea glass that were in my giveaway from Gigi that are on one of my fireplaces, and unless, maybe, you live near the sea, but this wreath is so simple, and tastefully done.

Mmmmm .......

I think that this is a lovely room. If only I had a window like that. Not sure about the garden chair. Looks as if they have people coming round and have had to utilise the garden furniture !

This is obviously a little cafe and I love what they have done with it. I wouldn't mind an espresso in there.

What a beautiful photograph of one of my favourite flowers.

Another home accessorie that we can't do without. I have candlesticks everywhere.

This dress is so cute. Shame I'm too old to wear it now !!

Well, there you have it. A study in grey. A colour that was usually used as undercoat and is now the colour of the moment......... and, as the last photograph says:
' Catch the day
Enjoy the moment '


  1. Absolutely GORGEOUS Jackie....that lovely big square-ish window (in the room with the garden furniture!) is just beautiful :)

    I loved your Remembrance Day post by the Mum and I always watch the Remembrance services - either the Cenotaph one or the one from the Albert Hall and it always brings tears to my eyes......I love the poem you quoted and the poppies too.

    Hope you are well :) xoxo

  2. Dear Jackie,
    it seems to be that we have the same (georgous) taste.... I also love grey and taupe at the moment. In combination with pale pink, sage, and lilac it is a very cosy color. Wonderful images.....(i like to be in Paris....)
    Have a great cosy day

  3. I love your blog, it is so honest and unpretentious and divine!
    I posted about grey today also. You are most welcome to pop over for a read if you feel so inclined :o)

  4. What lovely images, and all so serene. I want that dress! You know, until lately I didn't realise there was such a thing as special people who styled interior photos and even made a career of it. I thought people just tidied up a bit and pointed a camera. How naive I was. Hope you're keeping warm and dry over there! xx

  5. I love grey in the combination with white! I think we have the same taste! The photos are so wonderful!
    Lovely greetings, Yvonne

  6. The cafe is exquisite and the dress too! Love, love your gray post. XO

  7. Hi Jackie,
    I, too am loving all shades of gray...I love it with blues too. Great photographs...where do you find all these wonderful and inspirational photos? I hope you have a sunny day though...not too gray!
    :) Laura

  8. I have caught the day and will do my best to enjoy it today. I love the seed head photo ~ how can something so simple be so beautiful.... xo

  9. For one thing you are not too old to wear that dress. Of all the people I know, I would say you could definitely pull it off and give a few men whiplash taking a second look! Stop teasing and post some pics of your house! I am dying to see it!

  10. Very wonderful images in grey, Jacqueline... there are so many that inspire my day.
    María Cecilia

  11. My dear Jackie,
    oh, i love this wonderful colours - everything looks so romantic!!!!! Very lovely impressions!!!! I wish you a very beautiful day - with all kinds of grey and a lot of sunshine too ;))!

    Hugs Jade

  12. I am totally in love with this color. Love all these pics!
    Greetings from Italy,

  13. here.....I'm working on a post about defining my style......and I'm surrounding myself in color, but ADORE all these images you posted...especially the 'staged' one and the one with the urn

  14. Jackie, these images are absolutely gorgeous and seeing as I too am having my "grey" year, total inspiration for me.

  15. Love that Paris-esque room! It is just gorgeous. I really like the bedside table too. So charming!

  16. Silvery greys are among my very favorite colors, Jackie! I adore this post--every bit of it. And I want that bed!! Thanks for reminding me why I love grey so much. Big hugs!!

  17. Gorgeous pictures! I love all the greys. And that photo with the chair that you imagine is in Paris or somewhere else fabulous - I will dream of being transported to that room today when someone irritates me at work. :)

  18. Bonjour! I love this grey post, the Parisienne room is a favorite. I'm with you on the candlesticks, I have them scattered all over the place too. Hope you are having a great week!

  19. Bonjour,

    I just stumbled across your blog and adore it. I love the photos you captured in grey. It is the "in" color right now. I am especially fond of the Swedish/French design.

    I have had the opportunity to visit England on several occasions and thoroughly enjoyed York, Leeds, Manchester and a smaller city named Hekmondwike (I think that is how you spell it). Anyway, it was about this time of the year when we went.

    I will be back again and I invite you to stop by and visit my blog at

  20. Jacki,
    I always enjoy every moment when I spend it here with you. Grey is one of my all-time favorites, and you showcased it perfectly!


  21. Jackie,
    I just love this post of yours!
    so calm,elegant...fantastic!
    I especialy like the first photo...the window,old mirrow,beautiful furnitures...ohhh,
    I would love to have studio like that one.
    Hugs, have a nice evening
    Magdalena/Color Sepia

  22. Hi Jackie,
    Just divine this post is. I'm feeling that a little grey may be somewhere in my future, because these images have really moved me.
    The room with the floral chair and that big urn was definitely my fave.
    Your posts inspire me so!

  23. You always find the most gorgeous pictures! I just adore this post. The seed head picture is wonderful and I LOVE the little cafe I really really want to go there.

    I've been thinking of having a text on a wall, really love the look and idea of it.

    Thanks honey,

  24. This is definitely a post after my own heart. I adore grey! Such perfect depictions of it you found!

  25. I adore grey....more and more so. That dress....oh me oh my...please send it my way! Always lovely your blog...makes my heart happy!

  26. Simply perfect!

    I've seen your corset... you're not too old for that precious dress!!

    The cafe, I think would make a wonderful "bar" area in my home. How fun it would be to have those tiny "cafe tables" in an living/intertainment area.
    xxx kim

  27. Ok let me just say thank you for not making me cry this time! I just went to visit your friend Gigi and I was cry there...but good crying. The girl's just too good. Love her writing.
    And I'm loving gray these days too. I remember asking my mother some 40 yrs ago what her favorite color was and she said gray...I thought GRAY! are you crazy!!!Ok enough about me!!
    That dress is very sassy but I think you could pull it off! the a-symetical(sp?)thing is very in.
    Don't tell G I'm blogging :)

  28. Oh, Jackie... The images are wonderful, as always... I especially like the three with the wreath, the heart and that dress...gorgeous.

    Thank you for being a friend and support. It means so much to me, and you know it.
    I feel better now, when my moms situation is getting more and more stabil everyday.

    Have a wonderful day...

    Lots of love/

  29. Love grey....beatiful pictures! Have a nice weekend!

  30. I used to think grey was such a cold and dull colour - not any more! Love all your gorgeous images. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Leigh

  31. Once again, you have out done yourself with your gorgeous photos. I love the bed with the grey canopy. I agree, grey is becoming the new black.

    xx, Michelle

  32. Hi Jackie,

    I love the grey's. I wish we had a cafe like that in Holland. I would become a regular customer!

    Have a good weekend!


  33. Wonderful stylish pictures! They are so not swedish and I LOVE it!
    Love Maria-Isabel (Vintage & Morrhår)

  34. Jackie, I love the twiggy heart and all of the earthy tones, all so beautiful!

  35. Dearest Jackie
    I've been missing in action but thought I'd pop over and see your latest post to relax me before going back to work.

    Grey Grey Grey... I love it! it is definitely a colour I've loved for a long time now and all your wonderful images you have found just prove it!!I'm quite partial to that cafe. Very me! I could sit there for hours reading and watching the people come and go. Wish I was there now.

    Take care my friend
    Back to work for me xx Julie

  36. No need to say hat I love grey, do I?!
    Have a rocking weekend!

  37. My, oh, my, oh my: How exquisite. I feel as if every time I write to you I'm redundant. Some time when you have a second I would love for you to tell -- here or chez moi -- how you do it, explain your eye, your sense of style, how you see things the rest of us don't.


  38. What a stunning space, Jackie!
    Happy day to you!

  39. belle ambiance!
    la première on se croirait en Provence!!

    bonne journée


  40. LOVE every single last picture!!! Did you make the pendant? Hugs, Janna

  41. i am finally getting into new shades of grey.
    i have always loved charcoal, but no others.
    i am inching my way into grey world.
    i would like to start by having a drink in that grey cafe.


  42. Hi Jackie
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Love your post on gray... I love the color but it is too gray here to use it, the winter is long and gray here and I would have to put my head in the oven if I didn't have white... ha!
    Have a great Sunday

  43. Hello Jackie, I just found you through Rebecca at Vintage Living. Love your beautiful posts, come for a visit when you can.

  44. oh wow what a beautiful photo's, and the lovely and of the story ! Thanx fot sharing, I enjoyed it very much

    Love, Prulletje

  45. Thanks for your lovely comments xxx
    Your pictures here are so divine, and totally inspiring...please have a look in Decembers issue (out now)of Elle Decore, there is this house in Holland decorated all in grey it is drop dead gorgeous, and made me want to redo everything ha ha, thank goodness I work and don't have the time ha ha..
    Have a wonderful week
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  46. Beautiful, beautiful images. I've just found your blog through Bonjour Romance - I love it :)

  47. Those are quite lovely hues of gray. Some of them are so simple, yet inspiring. I do love the one with the ornate chair that looks like it's in a lovely European country!

  48. Not just considered a backdrop colour anymore Jac, but a star in its own right. Just gorgeous pics to validate that.
    Millie ^_^

  49. Oh! So many great pics! I adore that last pic! Have a sweet day!

  50. Grey is a beautiful colour, i also love clothing in it. x

  51. Very nice blog :)

    Laboratorio Delle Fate