Thursday, 19 November 2009


Sitting amongst the fallen autumn harvest of windfall apples the other day, I was reminded of cockney rhyming slang. To explain....a Cockney is someone who is born within the sound of Bow Bells in East London. I think that, maybe, some of you have heard of Cockney rhyming slang. Apples and pears means stairs. Brown bread - dead.......Boat race - face....... Dog and bone - phone ........ Frog and toad - road ......... Plates of meat - feet ......... Trouble and strife - wife and there are many, many more. So, today we are talking about the good old apples and pears - stairs. .......... and how about these for a set of stairs. You do feel a bit dizzy when you get to the top. My friend has a spiral staircase and it's not something to attempt after a glass of wine.....or two !!

That plant reminds me of the plant that is dying when E.T. is dying and then it comes back to life when E.T. starts to get better.......... a lovely old staircase.

A beautiful blank canvass, ready for someone to bring it to life.

I love a collection of pictures on a staircase.

See ..... I told you that spiral staircases make you dizzy. She has had to stop for a while to try and get her centre of gravity back !!

Now, forgive me for repeating myself. This is obviously the same photograph as the earlier one but I didn't realise as this one is much 'whiter' than the other version and it has been taken at a different angle. Someone was obviously playing with photoshop and it has messed up my post, because I thought that they were different staircases !!! Oh, never mind, have another look at is a lovely room. It deserves a second look.

More pictures up the stairs....looks good, doesn't it ?

This one just makes it into the 'Apples and Pears' post. You can just see the stairs in the bottom left hand corner. What a gorgeous open plan house.

Well, I'm off up the apples and pears to my Uncle Ted with a nice cup of rosy lee.
Nite nite.


  1. Beautiful & humorous post, Jackie. TTFN ~Marydon

  2. Brilliant Jackie, I love it....great images and you made with smile with all the apples and pears talk!!!

    The Tim Walker photo is gorgeous!

    Happy Week-end :) xoxo

  3. Great inspiration. I need to put something on the wall up my apples and pears.

  4. you clever clever girl you.....

    and personally, I like the photoshop version, love love! the dress and the first picture looks amazing.......

    night night dear.

  5. I love all the images of your apples and pears, but I'm afraid they might make my plates of meat a tad bit weary! Have a wonderful weekend. I love your photos! Every post is a delight!

  6. I love cockney rhymning slang. And I love spiral stairs- we had some in my childhood home I would love to have them again. So magical and princessy!!! xoxo

  7. I love photos and art in stairways, and spiral staircases. This post is quite beautiful, and really inspiring!

  8. That settles it!! My next big project is our stairs! The last one is going to be the inspiration since I don't have a fabulous spiral staircase. Good thing too, since I like the wine! You always have the best photos!!

  9. Darn, I wnated to play the word game too, but got it all mixed up and have to reread your post.....which I loved! Thank you for your lovely words of support Jacqueline! Come on for a visit, I need some fun company this week.XO

  10. Well Jackie,
    I was not familiar with Cockney slang so thank you for enlightening me. I think I'm still a bit confused. Love the photos....and especially love you for making me smile!
    Take care, Laura

  11. I love slangs like I have a whole new vocabulary. Now you just need to explain Piker talk? is that the same thing? remember Brad Pitt in Snatch? another one of my favorite movies!
    The framed prints along the walls are fabulous...just showed I think I might have to change the colors in our foyer....I wrestle with that thought one all the time! Great images as usual Jackie...always lifts my day to come visit!

  12. What beautiful stairs, Jackie. Hope your weekend is perfect! xo

  13. Oh Jackie, what would I do if I couldn't come here to get my smile on. I tried hard to come up with a good cockney rhyme, but I think I need to work on it a little. Beautiful upstairs-downstairs.

  14. Cool post, love the grouping of small framed pictures.......colors are so soothing on your blog. Always enjoy visiting you.

  15. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!! Did I tell you that I am a sucker for stairs?! Seriously. That's the first thing I look for in a home. Stairs? (Check) Beautiful stairs?! (Check) I'll take it! :D hee

  16. Wow. Cockney is a whole new language. And I love that circular staircase. I always wanted one of those when I was little. However, my favourite knitting shop has one, and it is a wee bit difficult to navigate when one's arms are full of yarn!

  17. How I love your lingo my are Canadains are just sadly know for s.. eh?
    Your staircases are favourite is the one with the books stacked up on every so lovely. Thank you for entering my giveaway! You really are a dear!

  18. Jackie,
    You are so clever! Always showcasing the best! And I couldn't be happier about seeing the double image of that whimsical room - it is my favorite!

    Great weekend wishes to you...

  19. Why oh why did we build a one-level house! Your gorgeous images remind me once again how beautiful a house with a staircase is. I love the simplicity of the last image with the sisal runner on the stairs - perfection. Hope you have a fabulous weekend. Leigh

  20. Dear Jackie, so wonderful stairways! The photos are so gorgeous!
    Have a nice weekend,

  21. I gave you the creativ blogger award!
    Please take a look at my site.

  22. My dear Jackie,
    the pictures are sooo great - what a wonderful inspiration.....i can`t get enough of your lovely posts!!!!!!!

    Have a very nice weekend - here ist is very warm and sunny -
    Hugs Jade

  23. Do you know what I find? After 5 glasses of wine, the spiral stairs seem quite straight and easy. After 6 I just glide upwards on my own wings, no stairs required.

  24. Hi Jaqueline,

    What a beautiful staircases! I love the white ones with all the photo frames and the staircase by Tim Walker. He makes such amazing pictures! Have you been to his exhibition last year in London (Design Museum)? I have been there with my husband & daughters. It was great!! Enjoy your weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  25. Thanks for the intertaining and for the pretty images!


  26. Thank you for the apples and pears photos, they are beautiful. Have a nice weekend. sandi

  27. Happy, happy weekend Jackie. I had never heard of the Cockney slang & now can't wait to ask Graham when he get's home. When you wrote your email, he knew of everything you knew he would. It made his day. You of course were so clever yet again with this fun, fabulous post. "Had to stop to get her center of gravity" - priceless. I loved the staircase with the massive display of black framed photos. Have a fun time @ the theatre this weekend. I'll be thinking of you. Hugs to you my special friend xx

  28. Gorgeous photos. I just love spiral staircase you posted twice - when I saw the first picture, I thought, oh, I WANT that... It's perfect there among the windows, too - it looks like something out of a fairy tale. So pretty.

  29. Hi Jackie,
    thanks for the lovely post. Living in an apartment I've never paid much attention to staircases. Well, thank you for your amazing pics. coudn't say which one I like best as simply love them all.
    BTW your photo sitting amongst the fallen apples is a treat for the eyes. it's sooooooooo romantic

  30. I love pictures hung in stairwells, too, Jackie. My old house had a spiral staircase leading from the living room into the cellar/study. They were very narrow and dizzying, but I loved them.

    Your photos are, as always, divine and inspiring. Have a lovely weekend, sweet Jackie! xoxo Gigi

  31. Jacqueline,

    I love the look of the staircases...all so very different. However, call it an old person's thing while I love to look at them I sure hate trotting up and down them...more up than down. HA After having one for ten years, I have opted for everything on one level now...easier on the ole' knees.

    Great photos!


  32. Hello Jacqueline, so pretty pictures, my favorite is the spiral staircase, I´m looking for one to add to my home, hoppefully and old one.
    Muchos cariños
    María Cecilia

  33. Apples and pears was the only one I knew. Well, you've done it again.

    Talk about a train. . . What a dress, what a picture.

    The whole thing, gorgeous

    Have a lovely weekend.

  34. Hi Jac's,

    Loved the cockney talk, too funny.

    The photographs are glorious. I loved the really sparten hall and staircase and of course the photo of Lily. Love the collection of pictures at the staircase too.

    Have a fab one darling,

  35. I could move right into your little slice of heaven and call it matter what you post it is what I love!!

  36. oh the blank canvas has me dreaming....what I could do to the home! you posts....

  37. May i have those white painted floorboards!? Pretty please!? x

  38. Jackie ~ these are beautiful apples & pears! I adore pictures going up a staircase ~ mind you I have not done that here.... Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!

  39. Jackie, my friend...
    This post is wonderful. I love the stairs, the walls and frames.

    Time seems to slip away... How I wish time could stop, just for a couple of hours a day, for a week or so.

    I´m prepairing home , for 1:st of advent, but wont make it...
    How are you doing with your preparations?

    Wish you a wonderful start of the week.


  40. amazing photo selections!! too lovely for words....

  41. HI Jacqueline
    Beautiful images. Taking a quick break from work before everyone thinks I've abandoned them. [on 22 days straight now so the concentration's lagging!]. I love the first image of framed prints.. gorgeous.. and all your staircases are wonderful..the stairs leading to my unit are not, particularly on grocery day. At least I can dream of a beautiful home via your blog.

    Well we aussies have held on to the tradition of rhyming slang somewhat. I know quite a few of these and then there are some that are new to me. Anyway... take care and always lovely to visit my 'China Plate' xxx Julie

  42. I love that stark white staircase set against the dark wood floor!

  43. Always enjoy visiting you. Beautiful images as always.. And Tim Walker photo is gorgeous.

  44. Very nice blog :)

    Laboratorio Delle Fate

  45. Dear sweet Jackie!
    Thank you, over and over for your warm comments!...*blushing* - you´re too nice!

    I allso thank you for shearing your beautiful posts. They make my day..:)
    Even though I don´t comment so often, I´m here every day..:)

    Have a lovely new week of christmas feelings..:)
    I just looove this time of year, my absolut favorit!

    Huge hugs and be well...

  46. Such beautiful images, you find the best inspiration, Have a sweet day! xx

  47. Jackie..was a fab post..just so story telling like..thanks so much for sharing. Will be back again to visit..and you are also welcome anytime :) x

  48. You're so funny Jackie! Gorgeous staircases!! I have been in love with grand, beautiful stiarcases ever since I saw Gone With the Wind when I was younger!

    I hope you have a wonderful week!!!

    :) T

  49. MOTH's a great espouser of the rhyming slang Jac, most of which I can't understand a word of! I'm a total klutz on spiral staircases, the blonde hair goes into overdrive & I completely lose the plot & the rhythm on them & trip up. Lovely collection of super pics girl.
    Millie ^_^

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