Sunday, 8 November 2009


Well, everyone.... I cannot believe the awards that I have been given and a couple of giveaways as well ! I started my blog because, like others, I saw those two little words 'CREATE BLOG' in the top right hand corner, and thought I would have a go, and then a whole new world of friendships, advice, new ideas and even helping others, opened up to me. I'm not one who pours her heart out, as I don't have a great deal of pouring out that needs to be done but, if anyone needs to, I'm a great listener and my blog is always open ! This post is to thank some of you for your kindness,so, for people that this is not related to, bear with me ..........

The first award that I was given was from Dustjacket Attic . She has been a loyal and wonderful blogging friend and has the most beautiful blog ever in the history of blogs! If you love fashion, handsome men and the odd delicious recipe or two, head on over there. It is all you will ever need when it comes to the above. Thank you so much, my dear DJA, I am truly honoured that it came from you and thank you, so much for your regular and often amusing comments. I love them.

The next award that I received was from my lovely friend, Luiza from Feelings.
I was one of the first to follow Luiza and, after a couple of weeks I received the kindest email from her. A week or two later, I was the recipient of a wreath, handmade by Luiza herself, as a gift. She is the most creative, kind and generous person and I am so lucky to count her as a friend. Her blog is Scandanavian heaven, with her beautiful, handmade items and her wonderful photographs, so please pay her a visit. She will love you for it.

I then had the same award bestowed upon me by Bonjour Romance. I am so grateful as I am fairly new to her blog so, to receive an award is very generous of her. Her blog is a French fantasy with much Ooo la la, and also has beautiful photographs. It is tres jolie and a delight so, make a mental note to visit.

Then, the other day the same award was bestowed upon me by the lovely Lori at Wildflowers.
Lori was another one of the first blogs that I followed. She is another kind, generous, and loyal blogging friend and we have had so much fun over the last few months. Here is another gifted photographer (I seem to have met so many brilliant photographers) and she writes very well, too. Head over there. She will make you very welcome and you will make a great friend.

........... and then, as if that wasn't enough, Maggie over at The White Farmhouse gave me the Splash award. Maggie is the most energetic person I know. She has a husband and family and yet, she is forever renovating, fixing, hammering and repairing and I wish that I had half of her energy. You never know what she will be up to when you visit. She is also a kind and generous friend who always leaves the best comments. Go over and see what she is up to. You probably won't believe it.

I have also won a couple of giveaways as well. Aren't I lucky ? The first was from Anne at Annechovie . It's from Envirosax and it folds down sooooo small and is brilliant to put into your handbag for shopping. You never know when you might find a beautiful candlestick, cushion or, if I have to, food and need a bag to carry them all in !! I love it and it also looks much nicer than a tatty old carrier bag and much better for the environment as well. Thank you so much Anne.

The next giveaway that I won was a beautiful cushion from Michelle over at Petit Coterie. The above is a cushion that I had already bought from Michelle, I haven't received my giveaway yet, but I wanted to do all of my thank you's together, but the cushion that I won is very similar. They are the best grain sack/ burlap cushions, and very reasonable as well. Thank you so much Michelle. I am one lucky girl.

.......... and then, I received this wonderful letter from Koralee from Bluebird Notes. Koralee decided that the art of letter writing was in decline and asked if anyone would like a letter. My hand shot up and, after giving my address, a week went by and then......... look what turned up in the mail. There's a sheet of bluebird notepaper, a card with chandelier stamp, a little card that, when opened, has wonderful and inspirational words, a beautiful gift tag, stickers, ribbons and all sorts. Thank you so much Koralee., it must have taken you ages as I know you sent many out.
Now, I'm meant to tell you seven things about me you didn't know but, I did that a little while ago so, I won't bore you with that now. I will give out my seven awards. I just want to say that I will be giving out more awards later but, it took me long enough to do these so all the people who are thinking how horrible I am 'cos I didn't give you an award, be patient as there will be more coming. By the way,the recipients of these awards might want to shrink them for there sidebar !!!! Here are my first seven :

This one is to dear Lori. She knows why it's a cocktail and Lori, we are really going to be drinking them together one day. I know it.

This one is for my dear friend Luiza who so thoroughly deserves it. She puts so much into her posts, with the most beautiful and inspiring content. She's Swedish you know, so there's nothing more to say. Beautiful sums it up rather nicely.

Here's Maggie's. Constantly on the go, renovating and mending and changing things.... and she does it with expertise, as well.

An award for Bonjour Romance. A wonderful French inspired blog .

Magdalena from Color Sepia is another wonderfully talented person. More fantastic photographs and beautifully made cards and gift tags and more........ and she is a lovely person.
One for Koralee.......... again ,talented, interesting kind and generous. Her blog is so pretty.........

.......... and last but certainly not least, an award for the talented Michelle. I already have a couple of her cushions, have won one and have ordered more !!!! That's how much I love her cushions. I'm so into the grain sack look.
So, there you have it. I have given seven awards and will be giving out some more soon. Thanks everyone for my awards and everyone who comes and visits me and takes the time to comment. I am amazed at the response that I get and thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  1. You are such a loving and kind woman. I just love you. I am so glad that I found you cause you and your blog just make my heart sing! Thank you so much for your friendship and generosity!

    I may just have to get comatose and jump on a plane to come visit you!

  2. Congrats Jackie! I have been following your blog for a bit now, and I love coming over here to read your posts and see your beautiful photography. peace.

  3. You are a lucky girl indeed, but it has nothing to do with luck. Your blog is not only beautiful and beautifully written, but it also has an inexplicable magic to it. I suppose that's what you are all about -- that inexplicable magic part.

    It's lovely and I love coming back over and over and over.


  4. Shoot Jac's I'm feelin kinda humble right now. Thank you so much for the write-up. All I can say is that it means a whole lot coming from you ... luv ya girl.

    Luiza sounds an absolute gem.

    Love the envirosax, the cushion and darling Koralee, what a girl.

    Big Congrat's to all the awardees :)

  5. You are the most sweet and generous of bloggers, Jackie! I so love that you were Luiza's first follower. I found her lovely blog through you, and am so glad I did.

    It is *always* a treat to visit you here.

    xoxo Gigi

  6. Oh Jackie!
    Big congrats to you for all these well-deserved awards! I sure hope you were enjoying a glass (or two) of bubbly as you wrote this post!
    Thanks for being here - you make the blogging world so much more beautiful!

  7. Oh Jackie, what a lucky girl you are - Congratulations to all the awards and wonderful presents you got!!!!!! You´r so sweet and your blog is absolutly great so we have to thank YOU for all!!!!!!!

    Have a wonderful week and enjoy all the lovely things, Hugs Jade
    The cushion from Michelle is sooooo beautiful!!!!

  8. Oh Jackie , how beautiful your words are very special and wonderful person!
    thank you!
    and congratulations to everyone!
    Magdalena/Color Sepia

  9. Sweet Jackie,
    I was just going home when I saw your post....8hrs later....where have I been??? oh yeah breaking glass things and biting my lip and bleeding all over the place...ok I don't know why I'm telling you all this? I need to go home but I needed to read your post just to end my day on a good note. I am so happy for you!!! You deserve all this and some!!!! Tomorrow I will go visit all your lovely friends. Oh and by the way I WANT an award G.D. it! Haha you know I'm kidding!!!
    love ya,

  10. Dear Jacki, congratulations for your awards. The cushion looks like wonderful!!!!
    Have a nice week!
    Lovely greetings, Yvonne

  11. Hi Jacki

    Congratulations on all your well deserved awards. Your blog is beautiful and original - it's pure joy to read it! Thank you so very much for your lovely comment yesterday on our house and garden. Leigh

  12. Well done Jackie.....many well deserved awards! Tish is right, your blog does have a kind of well as being beautiful, creative and just very special.

    Have a great week :) xo

    PS And I LOVE that you design your own awards...they are really good!

  13. Bonjour Jacqueline and merci beaucoup for your very beautiful award - I love the Eiffel Tower photo! You did a fabulous job designing all the awards! You are so deserving of all your recent awards and giveaways. I always look forward to your comments they are so full of life and a delicious sense of humour!
    Congratulations to all the award recipients!

  14. Hey Jacqueline
    Congratulations on all your fabulous and well deserved awards. It's always a pleasure to pop over and stay awhile delighting in your wonderful posts and enjoying the magic and beauty of the world through your eyes!

    Congrat to all your award recipients too, not too mention your fantastic giveaways and're on a roll!! hehe I have to agree that cushion is fantastic!!!

    Have fun with all your goodies!!! xx Julie

  15. Jacqueline, I think you must be the centre of the lifestyle blogging universe. xx

  16. Aaah Jackie ~ I love my cocktail!! You are one of the sweetest people I "know".... Thank you so much for your support and words of encouragement always. We WILL have that cocktail one day ~ I just know it!

  17. Yay, Jackie! Congratulations on your beautiful awards and prizes. That cushion is absolutely gorgeous.

  18. Kuddo's to you Jackie - I'll say it again; you deserve all those lovely awards. Very few bloggers get as many fabulous comments as you. That speaks volumes of the kinds of person you truly are. Your posts are so fun & you have truly been a treasured friend. Especially now that I've transformed into "Debbie Downer"!
    I can't wait to visit all the blogs you gave awards too. If you love them, I know I would too. We ALL love you Jackie xxx deb

  19. Good morning and congratulation Jackie, you so deserve these awards because your blog is so beautiful and you are a kind person.
    Enjoy your recognition and keep posting wonderful things!!
    Muchos cariños
    María Cecilia

  20. WOW! Jackie you have hit the jackpot on awards. And the giveaway gifts are delish too.
    Your blog is such a beautiful place to come and if anyone deserves awards it's you.
    I love Michelle's creations. The pillow is beautiful. Just Yummy!
    Hugs to you friend,

  21. Hi Jackie,

    Congratulations on your awards! You just deserve it. Your blog is not only a pleasure to read but to look at as well!

    Have a lovely evening,


  22. Congratuleans ! too the awards ! You have a great blog ! I love your pictures . Hugs / Susanne den gamla skolan

  23. All the awards you have received are very well-deserved, Jackie. I am so happy you won the bag and thanks for the sweet mention! Have a great day. xo

  24. Oh, Jackie! My dear , wonderful friend! You must be an angel!
    You are one!
    I don´t know what I did to deserve this beautiful award. It´s a treasure to me. I´m really spechless.
    It´s breathtaking!
    I´m so thankful, words are not enough, for how I feel right now.
    Congratulations to the awards and the gifts you recieved, you really deserve them, and they are beautiful.
    Once again, thank you!

    Lots of hugs and love/

  25. Congrats Jaquie (you know I prefer that spelling). I've been away shooting and rush tired when I get back and am now catching up at last.

    Yours is one of my favourites and I can see why you got all the goodies. The cushions are so chic. I hope the decorating is going well and more so that you are well. Letter writing, hmm. x.

  26. Dear Jackie! Ofcourse you get awards, your blog is beautiful, warm and outstanding inspiration, makes it one of my favorites..:)
    Congratulations, you´re so worth it!

    And thank you for all your kind comments...*happy*..:o)
    Would really like enjoying a cup o tea with you one day.:)

    Lots of love from a rainy Sweden..:)

  27. Wow, it is raining awards and very well deserved Jackie! You have a such a beautiful blog and a wonderful way with words. I adore coming here to see what you have created. Enjoy your gifts and your awards! Have a gorgeous day and thank you so much for all your kind words when you stop by my blog, I truly appreciate it! xxoo

  28. You've been living under a luck star! Congrats on the awards and fabulous wins. LOVE the burlap!

  29. Congrats Jackie on all of the awards and giveaways! Yippee! I love the pillow and the Envirosax bag...all the gifts! May have to check out Envirosax website now. Uh oh...Lynn

  30. Congrats on all your awards! So well deserved, I LOVE your blog! Have a sweet day!

  31. Congratulations Jackie- it is so well deserved that your gorgeous blog gets heaped with praise, xv.

  32. Congrats Jackie, all these awards are very well-deserved. Your blog is truly inspirational and you are always so supportive of others :)

  33. WOW Jackie, how awesome you've won all of these awards! I'm not at all surprised though, your blog is beautiful and wonderful and you are so very creative!!! And you're such a sweetheart too...I'm so happy for you :)

    Love the goodies that you've won too!

    :) T

  34. you deserve every one......and some!

  35. Oh my goodness girl!!!! You are way too sweet for first day back visiting blogs and what a surprise to find such love on yours. You have brighted my day completely...I love my award!!!!! How special to have one made up for me by you!!! This one is going on my sidebar for sure! I feel so blessed to call you my friend and so overwhelmed with all your blog love. Your well wishes have kept me going through this terrible flu bug...what would I do without you????? Thank you my friend!

  36. Congratulations to you and your fine blog. I love to come to you and everything is so beautiful. You always write so nicely in your comments.
    Hugs to you / Ingela.