Monday, 14 September 2009

HANGING AROUND .............

My last two posts have been rather frivolous and silly, after which, I have probably lost many of my followers, as you probably think that I'm completely bonkers.!!!! I would like to reassure you that I am 100% sane, and those men in white coats are not coming to take me away !!!! YET !! Here to prove it, I am back with some lovely images of beautiful interiors, all of which have a 'hanging' theme....... whoa...don't worry...there isn't a man with a blindfold and noose, just some pretty interiors to start off the week. What a beautiful room with that MASSIVE mirror.....I shall be wearing the above dress to go to the supermarket today !!!!
Actually, it is becoming rather autumnal now so, maybe this would be a good idea as I walk past the freezers in the frozen goods section !!!!

Don't worry Dustjacket Attic (a wonderful fashion blog), I'm not trying to become a fashionista !! Just showing you this fabulous wardrobe.

Some of you will know that I have used this picture before, but it is appropriate to my post title as the beautiful wisteria is a lovely 'hanging' example.

What a pretty and functional way to hang clothes or towels or anything that needs to be hung up !!!!

Saucepans hanging in the kitchen,.... and what a kitchen.

Now, this one is a bit gratuitous and it only just makes it in as it's got the tea towel 'hanging' from the drawer !!!! I think it's one of my favourite interiors photographs. Not only is the dresser mouth watering but so are the meringues and the champagne !!!!

Summer is nearly over, here in the U.K. and an autumnal chill has started to wake us up in the morning, so here is a colourful hanging basket to say goodbye to the Summer. See, I'm not all about the white and there's even a touch of pink in there !!

A lovely image of lanterns and a snowy white voile curtain.

Down in the potting shed there is a whole world of 'hanging' items.

Gorgeous bags hanging on a delightful wardrobe. Always a nice idea to hang treasured items instead of hiding them away,

I couldn't possibly do a post about 'hanging' without including Venice. This sight is seen every time you turn the corner , and when has washing looked more beautiful....doesn't quite have the same feel in my back garden !!!!

Gorgeous, sparkly chandeliers.....twinkling crystals to add a wonderful ambiance to a room. I actually love this idea of the three hanging together. Our friends, Lucy and Steve ( holiday, going up the pub, any other social event, hanging out, best of friends !!) have adopted this way of lighting and it looks great.

White and very pale pink, floaty, diaphanous clothes look beautiful, again, not hidden away in drawers and wardrobes.

Old shutters, distressed chair, beautiful candelabra. Add a basket for a bit of texture and what have you got ? A fabulous bathroom ........ not forgetting the lacy camisole on a vintage hanger.

I love this idea of a branch, painted white, held up by thin chains .........doesn't it look great and not very expensive, either.

................ and finally, wire baskets, straining spoons, call them what you will. I'm not sure what they're called. I just know that they look brilliant, all hanging in a row like this.
Hope that you have all enjoyed 'hanging around' with me today and maybe you have got some ideas that you can use in your own homes.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful - I love every one of these gorgeous images! Leigh

  2. Well, I have absolutely LOVED your last few posts - the chair one was genius!!!!

    And I love this one too.....great idea and gorgeous images.....that dresser (the meringue one) is FABULOUS.....that is exactly what I if you see one when you're out, get me one too would you please?!

    The wisteria photo is so pretty....would love to have that outside my front door.

    Love the wire baskets, aren't they a great shape - add those to my order please!!

    As for you putting off your followers my friend.....I should imagine it's quite the opposite.....I absolutely love your energy, your enthusiasm and your sense of humour, a little unusual as it may be as times!!!! You are an inspiration.....your blog is always so much fun.

    PS I did laugh at your blindfold and noose are funny!!! :)

    Have a good day :)

  3. Morning Darling,
    Thank you for easing me into the week, it is because you are frivolous & silly that I keep coming here to visit you, you are as irresistible as that wisteria photo.
    Keep being as silly and frivolous as you want, I'll still be a fan.
    Much love,
    Lia xx

  4. Oh my Lord, you'll stop traffic in that wee dress darling! Lucky you have the cape to put on as well....

    I agree miss cheeky that is a wonderful wardrobe! oh those meringues and the champagne, YES Please!

    Just beautiful,

  5. PS Many congratulations on your 100 followers.......FABULOUS!!!! :)

  6. yes, the champagne and sweets picture is def. my favorite one......


  7. I know it's not hanging so doesn't count, but I love the soft blue painted door beside the flowers.

  8. HI Jacqueline
    It is always a pleasure to 'Hang Around' with you shooting the breeze. Your wonderful sense of style and humour is what makes you unique and a pleasure to be around. I love your last few posts. Personally think the 'Chair Affair' should be up for a few awards.. hehe

    Loving all these images today but of course wish that was my washing line in Venice and could do with those lovely chandeliers.

    Congratulations on your 100 followers.. I'm sure there will be another 100 soon. xx Julie

  9. If you can do can 3rd post here today!!

    It IS exciting though isn't....just fantastic.....did you ever think that would happen when you first started, I know I didn't's a lovely feeling isn't clever girl! xo

  10. Love the theme, great idea! particularly like the group chandelier and the branch for hanging clothes Bx

  11. And of course I meant I didn't think it would happen to ME.....not you!!! Just re-read what I wrote!!

    Right....suppose I had better do some housework....blogging is so much more fun though :)

  12. I'm in love with so many things in this post! Where to begin? Firstly, I think your supermarket frock is just lovely. Next, I want that kitchen with it's gorgeous cupboard and hanging pots. I love that sweet little picture of the lanterns, and OMG, I LOVE those three chandeliers hanging together. I want to do that someplace myself. Maybe my next house. Why am I always dreaming of my next house? Such a bad habit.

    Thanks for all the delicious inspiration! xo Gigi

  13. Beautiful post as per normal. And hey you have to be a little crazy to live in the world that we love in....

    Leeann x

  14. Hi, I have loved you last posts and am loving this one too, great idea and I love all the hanging clothes, and adore the over sized mirror in the first pic, Have a sweet day! x

  15. I loved your last two posts! They were so much fun. But this one is just absolutely beautiful, especially the photograph with the white curtain and lanterns.

  16. Love these, divine!
    Beautiful last two posts too.

  17. j'aime tout tout tout!!!


  18. You make hanging divine! I could "hang" in any of these corners of beauty! I love the feathery crop jacket and that floating white and blush clothing the best! When can I come over there and hang out with you??
    Have a great week!

  19. Hello Jackie, I love "hanging around" with you!
    I´m in love with the second kitchen interior...Venice picture is beautiful!
    Very nice post to start the week with.
    Many hugs,
    Magdalena/Color Sepia

  20. Once again, a wonderful post.
    I love the image with the lanternes...
    It´s magic.

    Have a wonderful evening.

  21. Yes to 'hang around' with you is truly and always a great pleasure. Such gorgeous images & incredibly fond of the kitchen buffet sporting the champagne & the meringues. Oh how I love champagne. The clothes line in Venice makes a woman want to hang laundry. Really fun post Julia, you never disappoint. We love the silly & the serious sides of you. To have 101 followers thus far is a real testament to your creativity.

    I agree with Julie - your chair post should win an award.

    Hugs to you ~ xx deb

  22. A great load of hanging Jackie, xv.

  23. These are gorgeous - from the shutters to the dresses (won't they need dusting?) to the second subtle picture.

    The first picture is chic, even the mirror facing the bed, although in real life it might prove distracting.

    My favourite has to be the lanterns, I'm imagining that they're just above a bed, ready to be lit with candles.

    Your Venice picture is exactly like one of my photos that I was going to place in the Autumn post, glad I didn't now, but how cool is that?

  24. You mean you're not going to do those post about becoming a werewolf??? I'm very disappointed! lol
    This is a wonderful post full of all the things I love. I could comment on each one. I do much the same thing....I hang things up everywhere.
    I laughed when you mentioned the laundry hanging on the line!!! mine never looks like that either. Looks more like chanty town at my house!! but it is EF

  25. Your photos have brought a smile on a day when everything was hectic and stressful. And I needed that smile. Thanks!

  26. Great photos, so fun to scroll slowing through them all! I love the crown hooks and those beautiful chandeliers! I just started following your lovely blog!


  27. I'm having a great time......listening to the tunes on Dustjacket Attic (how I got here) while I visit a new blog, and one I am really enjoying. You have a great blog and will add you to my bloglist....better get back to Dust and leave a comment there too! Lovely to meet you.

  28. Well I love starting the week off with pretty images!!! And I like your "hanging" theme :)

    :) T

  29. LOVE these images on your post today. Just makes me want to 'hang out' more at your place.

  30. What a beautiful flower pot... All those colours and hanging so glamorously!!

  31. Hello Jackie,
    is was a pleasure to "Hang Around" with you.
    Absolute wonderful vintage images, I love them all….
    Warm Greetings from Germany

  32. Well Jac, glad to see you've brought back some decorum to your blog. Those other posts were well..........ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!!
    Oh I think I just channeled that Mary Murphy chick who judges the US version of So You Think U Can Dance. Now that is a worry.
    Millie ^_^

  33. Great post, Jackie. I am ready for Autumn here, too, but it won't cool off at all until at least November.

  34. Simply Beautiful! All of it.
    Thank you..:)

  35. are not bonkers!! :) Too funny.

    Love your photos...especially the 4th one down. You have incredible taste.

  36. I'm all about the hanging sauce pans! It's a dream of mine!

  37. Hi again you sweet Jackie!
    Yes it´s my livingroom/tv-room, and I´m trying to think outside the box you know. By moving things from outdoor inside and hoping it fits, without the feeling "strange"..:)
    And I´m so proud that you like it!!!

    Have a lovely day!
    Huge hugs from Sweden...

  38. hi, just came across your blog for the first time. very beautiful post and i too also LOOOVE wired baskets! xo.

  39. Hi Jackie, I just discovered your Blog and I am enjoying it immensely, you have a great writing style and your pitures are lovely. I hope you don't mind if I share a few of your holiday pics?

  40. I have really enjoyed your last two posts Jackie. And I agree "Chair Affair" should be nominated for something fabulous.
    Lovely images :)

  41. I'll take a glass of that bubbly please. What beautiful pics!

  42. Hello Cleveland !!!!
    Oh my.... What a joy to see this long list of pictures! after every pic I thought this is it.. and yet another beauty coming! Well done!
    To answer your questions Yes! there are razor clam shells in the little urn.

  43. I adored the chair post! I like this one also and my favs are the potting shed photo and the genius idea of the branch and the chains!

    If you can believe it, I did not partake in many cocktails while we were away. I think I had 2 drinks and one glass of wine the entire time in NYC! I know ~ be still my heart. I will make up for it this week-end however as I am heading out to a birthday party on Saturday night.

    Ta ta for now.....

  44. What a wonderful, funny, gorgeous blog you have. (How could I have not known?)

    Oh, btw, I can touch my tongue to my nose as well. I've gotten mixed reviews on my performances.

    Best regards,