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Monday 21 September 2009


This is the tale of a beautiful castle, with lovely interiors !! and a princess who lived there.Gather round, everybody and I will tell you a tale of a Princess.Are you all sitting comfortably ? Then I'll begin.
Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. Last night, she had been out to a 'right old shindig' !!!!!!.

She had hung up her dress and had fallen into bed at a very late hour.

It was late when she awoke and she jumped out of bed. There were many chores to be done. She may be a princess, but in this day and age, one had to pull ones weight !!

She lingered a while at the open window and breathed in the wonderful fresh air. Then. she remembered. She had left one of her glass slippers at the rave !!!!!

This made her cross, as now she would have to go and get it, as they had been a present from her father, the King, and he would never forgive her, as they had cost a princely sum.
Louboutin didn't come cheap and the Royal Purse was suffering a bit because of the recession !!!!

She remembered now. She had lost it on the stairs as she ran for the taxi.

If she didn't find it she would turn into a white pumpkin and that would never do. Not much call for white pumpkins, nowadays, except for Halloween decorations and they were usually orange !!!!

She ran into the bathroom........

......... splashed her face with rose petal water........

..........finished her chores..........

............. locked her bedroom door........

................ hitched up her skirts...........

............ and ran down the castle staircase .......

She had a quick princess-like breakfast (never go without breakfast, even though you've lost a glass slipper !!!!)

She then ran through the kitchen.......

............... skirted round the dining room .........

............ along by the daybed in the sitting room ( no time for a read or a golden pear today).........

.................. through the lounge..........

....... passed the dress that was being made for her (Oh, how pretty she was going to look in that wonderful creation. Who cared about The Royal Purse.( Live now, pay later was her motto!! ) ......

............. through the Salon, where everyone was discussing the events of the night before, and what they might have got up to but couldn't remember !!!! ..........

She ran through the courtyard................

............... passed the washing line, full of the courts wonderful clothing ..........

.............. passed the pond where that frog turned into a prince, last summer.........

................. tip toed through the looking glass meadow , and there, on the wall,.......

was her slipper, looking like an abandoned can of lager....... no Fairy Godmother, no crystal coach and, more importantly, no handsome prince., and they all lived unhappily ever after !!!!


  1. I love it!!!!! The images are absolutely do tell a good story, I was smiling - and waiting in anticipation - all the way through (hoping there would be a Prince waiting with that slipper, but no, not even a frog, can't even rely on them these days!!)

    Brilliantly done Jackie :)

  2. Gorgeous Jacqueline!!
    I don't know how you find all these wonderful images but so glad you do.. just what we need to pretend the working week is not upon us.

    I think If I were that princess I may never have left the bed and at least would of stopped a while at the daybed. ahhh to be a princess and live with such finery!

    Beautiful post. xx Julie
    PS love the staircase too!

  3. Ah yes, the life in a lovely castle. Such is the duty of a pretty princess. Oh, to run down those pretty stairs to the sitting room to lounge on my daybed with books to read.

  4. Lovely post and amazing pictures to go with the story, really enjoyed reading. If only I was served a similar breakfast...

  5. Awesome Jacqueline! Gorgeous pics and super creative with the story!!

    :) T

  6. Didn't know I was being followed..........Glad you didn't get a pic while I was in the conservatory. Oooh-la-la.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  7. I just love each and every one of these photos! Such an amazing little tale. You're always so clever and find the best images ever!

  8. the whit pumpkins on the table are faboo!!

    as usual, great post my dear.

  9. Lovely story, Jackie. I had to watch the post again, so that I could see the beautiful images (as usual).

    Thank You, for making my day better!

  10. You've done it again! beautiful!

  11. A great deal of work went into illustrating this story with beautifully chosen photos. Charming, Jackie! XX

  12. What fun to start my Monday with!! I Love these images. You must have had a blast with this one!
    xxx kim

  13. Oh, how wonderful! I like fairy tales and your post is so beautiful! Thank you!!!
    I wish you a nice day, Yvonne

  14. I still love it but still wish for the happily ever after fairy tale ending with the Prince too... oh if only fairy tales came true.

  15. Hey HOME girl you have a boundless imagination....and I love that about you. You should write childrens books!!!! or something!!!
    tell that princess to eat some of those pastries ....she's going to blow away!!!
    Let her eat Cake!!!
    Beautiful Post!

  16. You are a wondrous storyteller! What a gorgeous post. Wish my clothesline were half that pretty!! Oh, to be a princess. xoxo Gigi

  17. haha the end is wiked ;) and you found some really nice pictures to get along with the story!

  18. So unconventional you happy ending??
    LOL..Maybe she'll have better luck next time.
    Great story and images as always Ms. Jackie!

  19. I'm in love with that staircase! So glad to be back in your fairytale world!

  20. Jackie, I do love a good fairytale and this one is GREAT. Wow the princess looks good for being out all night. Gorgeous images in this delightful post!

  21. now that was fabulous!
    and i covet that staircase.....

  22. What a gorgeous post! I'd love to use some of the photos and blog about it. Can you tell me where the third and fourth are from so I can credit them or did you take them? It's all so beautiful!

  23. You create the most beautiful posts. What dreamy images!

  24. This is a gorgeous post, I looked at the pictures over and over and now I must go back and read it :) sorry but I have always been about instant gratification :) Rose

  25. Oh top hat off to you darling, love the story and the photo's are just fabulous.

    I have that gorgeous green skirt pic, just love it.

    This must have taken ages, so very well done.


  26. ooh la la to be a princess.. le sigh!!!

  27. georgeous pictures but my most favorite is the one with the candles poolside. i love it. xo.

  28. un doux rêve ces photos.



  29. Wonderful post - you've gathered together the most gorgeous collection of images. Just love it! Leigh

  30. The best fairy tale picture book ever! Loved it!!

  31. Only one word GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sweet dreams princess,

  32. I love a fairy story especially one so beautifully illustrated...xv

  33. You DO tell a good story my friend ~ Bravo once again! I love the images you found to go with your words...
    I still love the chair one the best! xo

  34. re comment: Ya know honey I did indeed think of you, I just knew you were going to like the hats at the very least :)

  35. Dear Jackie,
    You make growing up so fun! A real grown up fairy tale so well told... I was running and thought I was really there... You are amazing!

  36. Wonderful! I love the story and all the pics, thanks for a great start to my day! Have a sweet day! x

  37. Dear Jackie,
    oh, i cant tell you, how i love your post - sooooooooo wonderful pictures and what a story!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much - i can´t get enough of´r sooooo great!!!!!!!!!!! Would be so happy, to have all this pictures in one book and i would look at it every day!!!!!

    Have a wonderful day, sweet princess ;)), Hugs Jade

  38. no one does it better than YOU Jackie,
    GORGEOUS IMAGES and the storyline was perfect with them. I so love & drool over your clever images - thrilling adventure to visit with you my dear

  39. You always have the most gorgeous posts! I love all of your pictures... You are very inspiring!

    If you get a chance, stop by my Blog and say hi! I just put up a new post. Have a great day,

  40. I am your 42nd comment to this incredible post dear Jackie. See how all of us adore your cleverness?! I hate to leave & come back down to earth. After I took one look at the dress being made for the Princess, I was blown away. Fiction is so much more fun than reality. I apologize for my lack of comments, for my reality & my love of blogging are now two different hoo..weep..weep. All my best to you Jackie :D xx deb

  41. So wonderful! I want to be that princess, with that dress and those gorgeous rooms. So fun...thanks for sharing.

  42. Hi Jackie!
    I loved it all!....except for the unhappy ending....please change the ending! Love that clothesline of laundry!! Thanks for the smiles and those beautiful images!
    Take care, Laura

  43. Oh so sweet Jac! What I'm keen to know is whether said the Fairy Princess met any Prince Charmings at the Rave Party! My 5 'Princes' go to those events & always come home minus a Princess.
    Millie ^_^

  44. After this post, I am in love with your blog

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  46. I adore your blog and the images on this page are just lovely. I have a blog about another princess, Marie Antoinette. I hope you will pay us a visit.