Thursday, 24 September 2009

THE SUN INN....Lunch at the Pub..........

I thought that another trip to an English pub was called for, so we are all going for a drink and a bite to eat at The Sun Inn......... a 16th Century pub in a village , 10 minutes from where I live.
A gloriously restored traditional white brick building, The Sun Inn is set on a picturesque village green, overlooking the magnificent Victorian Church of St. Thomas a Becket.
The Sun Inn, oozes charm and character, serving high quality regional British food and drink.
My husband and I used to go to this pub when we were in our 20's, many years ago !!!! It didn't look like this then !! It was one small bar and the only food were crisps (chips) and a dried up sandwich !!!!

The detail throughout is evident , from the vintage water jugs to the Sheffield steel cutlery and crates of fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables.

There is an assortment of fresh breads on the vintage sideboard.

A magnificent bay tree and antique pub mirror.

There are always fresh flowers, everywhere, throughout the pub and a lovely view of the church and village green from many of the windows.

More fresh flowers and original features to make your experience enjoyable.

This was my lobster I had on one of my visits to the pub and the fries are cooked in beef dripping and, I have to say, are the best chips (fries) I've ever had....on a par with French chips, cooked in goose/duck fat. See the old water jug ?

An original fireplace on which there are always fresh flowers in old jugs, books on local history, guide books and cookery books propped up everywhere for anyone to browse through while sipping a glass of wine or beer.

This is the table that we sat at last night. See the crate of apples. I think that the crates of fruit and vegetables are a unique touch that I haven't seen before.

Here's a lovely view through to the front of the pub.

Another crate, this time full of beetroot, parsnips, broccoli and potatoes. The chef comes out regularly to take the vegetables to cook with.

A view of the church from one of the dining tables.

The village green.

Another view in the main bar.

This was my main course on another visit....I do go to this pub VERY often !!!!
This was Cromer crab with pea was divine and isn't it pretty ?!!

More veggies !!!.......
On the back of each menu, there is a food map, showing the local farms and producers where the food has been sourced.From rare breed pigs to duck and geese. the ever evolving menu is governed by the seasons.

Diners have a choice of two superbly renovated dining rooms, both with antique mismatched wooden tables and chairs set on solid stone and bare wood floors, all amid dark and light green hues and exposed brickwork.

Carrots !!!!......don't they look great ?

I thought that this arrangement of raspberries, freesias and mint, was beautiful.

........... another old jug of flowers.........

The friends daughter got married here and, inside, it is one of the most beautiful churches and very atmospheric...... a beautiful church to be married in.

.......... please allow me to introduce you to Smudge, the pub owners dog........he is the sweetest dog and everyone wants to take him home....... the trouble is, this pub is always packed to the rafters and nearly everyone has a meal and Smudge gets so many tidbits given to him that he is getting dangerously fat, so the owner is forever telling her customers not to feed him !!!! I don't think that Smudge is very happy about this !! See how sad he looks.......

...... another part of one of the dining rooms .....

...... a lovely Victorian jug and bowl, one of my weaknesses when I'm at flea markets .....

........ a nice bit if 16th century exposed brickwork, books and a lovely '20's mirror.....

Well, that concludes your tour of The Sun Inn....I hope that you enjoyed a little look at a typical old British pub. They all have their own character and, I think that pubs are one of our really lovely traditions.


  1. I love this pub, Jackie!! It's exactly my kind of place. Thanks for sharing it. I almost feel as if I've been there now that I've seen your beautiful pictures. Let's meet there the next time I'm in England please!
    xoxo Gigi

  2. What an absolute special place this is! I want that lobster you had! I am always right at "home" here with you~

  3. Well, I don´t eat lobster, but that place looks so cosy, and warm. It has a beautiful view over that castle....

    I love the carrots, I love it all.

    Jackie, Thank You, for always writing so warming word to me, in Your comments on my side. I´m glad to inspire You and everybody else =)

    Lots of love/

  4. I adored the look at your English Pub, you are so lucky to be so near such a gorgeous pub, church, green etc. Just Love it. Ahh I would love to have a drink and some lobster there with you one day...

  5. What a great pub. I feel quite nostalgic. Noone does those pubs like the English. And you have to be in the know because the really atrocious ones can look really quaint and stylish on the outside and you never know until you walk through the door and find two old codgers propping up the bar with sour expressions and an empty dining room with dusty dried flower settings on the mantelpiece and they ask you whether you want ice with your gin and tonic and the food is clearly premade and fried the day before!

  6. ...i understand that you often visit the pub...
    looks very cozy...and details that you captured are just great!
    Hugs, have a lovely weekend!
    Magdalena/Color Sepia

  7. God!! English pub and though of those dark traditional ones i know from the time we lived in London!! but what a surprise!! the place is amazing! lots of great decor touchs airly and fresh! loved it! don't eat lobster but i would for sure love any vegetarian dish they might do!! have a sweet weekend lovely Jackie and thanks for all your comments "chez moi",

  8. Hey Jacqueline
    Love this post.. reminds me over when I was in London and stayed at a friend's home. They took me to their local, well they took me to a few of their locals.. hahaha[aussies & poms know their locals]. Anyway... back on track, i do love the feeling of this pub, like being in a cozy home.. think this pub would be fabulous in winter. And little smudge!! almost stealing the scene there! Thanks for taking me on this tour, like popping round to visit you!

    Well.. one day missy we will share that lobster over a few laughs. xx Julie

  9. oooh i forgot to say... also reminds me of the little village in The Vicar of Dibley.. of course that's because to us aussies every english village reminds us of the Vicar of Dibley.. hahaha

  10. Really beautiful, nothing like freshly cooked food at a fav pub!

  11. I think if I lived near this wonderful pub I'd end up looking like Smudge. Great tour, thank you! Leigh

  12. I would be there every night......what a lovely pub and love their touches to make it more special. No wonder you wanted to share it and Madge is adorable (doesn't look too fat).

  13. This is beautiful! I love all of the baskets of produce, and of course that adorable dog. It seems like the type of place where everyone feels right at home. Thanks so much for sharing!

  14. What a lovely place, thanks for sharing. Love those crates of fresh fruits and vegetables.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Oh, what a wonderful place - i love this pub, its full of nostalgic and everything looks so delicious!!!!! I would be there very often, to enjoy their meal and visit the lovely church............thats so great!!!!! Thank you for all this beautiful impressions and have a wonderful weekend,

    Hugs Jade

  16. I loved our trip to the pub Jackie. You make a great tour guide. I feel that I have been in the pub myself and could almost taste your yummy crisps. I have always wanted to experience the UK for myself, but for now this is the next best thing. My son-in-law is over there right now on a business trip. I couldn't convince him that I would be the perfect traveling companion though, so alas, I am still here at home.
    What a beautiful place, it and it's surroundings.

  17. Ooohh, this looks FABULOUS Jackie....the food sounds amazing....that lobster, YUM!!!! Sounds like a really great pub with tons of character....and of course, YOU!!! Perfect!!! Great post :)

  18. I'm so glad you did this post on the pub you were telling me about. It's wonderful and has a warm and cozy feel about it. It seems more like someones home then a pub. The little touches of flowers and fresh veggies are my favorite....oh wait the lobster is my favorite. Forgot to make lunch today and I was all happy to be ordering Chinese til I saw what you got to eat....NO FAIR! That sucker was HUGE!!!
    Give Smudge a kiss for me the next time you go!!! he does look a bit sad!
    Off to pick up my lunch!

  19. Hi! :) Absolutely lovely pictures, its the most beautiful pub I`ve ever seen!! I was in London this summer, I love the city, so I`m going back soon! :) Next time I hope to see more from the looks marvelous!
    Thank you for visiting my blog, and for your nice words...I truly appreciate it! :)
    I dont think there has been mirrors in the frame, I can tell because of the backparts that keeps the pictures on the frame. But its a very good idea, I didnt think of that at all! I hope you have a lovely weekend. Siren :)

  20. I love the view of that gorgeous church through the window!

  21. Wow, now that is my kind of pub!!! Thanks for sharing beau and I frequent a few English Pubs here in California but they don't make them like this!! I'll see you there!

  22. Oh what a wonderful spot Jackie ~ and they serve cocktails to boot ~ yeah!! lol Your pictures are great ~ loving all the veggies in the bins around the place. I was in a place similar to this in N. Ireland when I was there years ago ~ it really reminded me of it and took me back to 1988. Have a wonderful week-end!

  23. LOVE LOVE LOVE the tour and all the history involved.
    Just found your interesting blog and now I'm following......will be back.

  24. Thanks for the tour! ;) Such lovely photos! Someday...the hubs and I will get to your neck of the woods...he HAS promised...we shall see! ;)


  25. My eyes are wide open! I have never ever seen so lovely pub! What a pubspirit! Ohh... i really have want to visit it!
    Thanks to sharing it!


  26. Looks like a great place to be.
    Thanks föor visiting my blogg, looking att pictures is sometimes more wonderfull than understanding the text so thats n problem.
    You are welcome agian for inspiration.
    Hug Gerda

  27. Jackie dear I'm am booking my flight to come and take you for a night out to the Sun Inn. I'd go there entirely for Smudge alone, but it's unreal how this quaint place offers so much more. The fresh veg, sweet flowers,the food and the setting is...well..just heavenly. I would never want to leave. On Sunday's you could just tip your glass to the Vicar. I must ask though, do they ever have music? So, save a night out for your ole' American friend & we'll dine, drink & laugh a whole hell of a lot!
    Wonderful..wonderful tour! Happy weekend to you ~

  28. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I SO love the place! ONE of these days I am GOING to visit England. I have always wanted to go, but for one reason or another, I have not been able to afford the trip. I am really feeling it calling me lately...does that make sense at all??

    Have a splendid weekend! :)

  29. What a wonderful place, I love the jug of flowers, Hope your having a sweet weekend! x

  30. hehe...yes I saw it! :) How well are the shabby style known in England? I love the style, cant get enough of it! :) Mayby there can be an inspiration of the overmantle, which in the Victorian mirror on the frame. And instead of mirrors they have had pictures in it. :)

  31. Jackie! holy camoly!! I think this has GOT to be one of my favorite's like what I dream of doing someday!!

    that was awesome! looking at those photos...I would hug you right now if you were here!!

    thanks for sharing you darling!!

  32. Nothing like a pub lunch...I hope you are enjoying the weekend, xv.

  33. Hi Beautiful,
    How are you? Well I hope.

    I think you must be well actually, as this last post is so great and up to all your usual standards.

    Francis (with an i) and I think we might have worked on a house just outside the village and had lunch in this pub. Well I'm not so sure, but he does think that we have been there and it is an area we cover. He is at this very moment of me typing looking at our older records to see.( I'm just shaking my head at him, but you know how they like to be right ha ha).Funny though as he is normally right.....don't anybody tell him I said that though.

    So if we have, it just goes to show what a small World we live in and if we haven't well We really ought too and that way I could meet up with you.

    Much love,

    pslunch is on me next time xx

  34. Hello Jackie
    Thank you for stopping by...I loved your pub tour. Where is this located? I might have to look it up the next time I am abroad. I don't have any plans right now but you never know.
    I loved the food in England all fresh and served family style. I forgot what fresh pork tasted like until I had it in Shropshire. I remembered it as a child and the memory came rushing back as I was such a nice experience.
    Blessings to you this Sunday.

  35. Gorgeous pics, makes me want to take a vacation!! Smudge is too adorable! Tootles, Janna

  36. i would be eating there all the time as well.
    great spot.
    and what is it about carrots that are so cute?


  37. Greetings Jackie,

    What a fun excursion! The crates of seasonal veggies are a charming touch. And that lobster! Lucky you!


    P.S. I am thrilled that you stopped by my blog.

  38. That lobster looks absolutely divine!! x

  39. I just love traditional english design if only all pubs and resteraunts were like this,too wonderful for words.