Monday, 28 September 2009

REFLECTIONS ...............

I think that, being a blogger, we should all be allowed a little bit of poetic licence and, as this post is all about mirrors, this first picture doesn't really fit in, but it IS the most brilliant photograph and I wanted to use it .................BUT, water reflects, doesn't it , so I'm letting it in !!!! I think that I must have at least one mirror in every room in my house, and it's not all about vanity, although I have been known to glance in them as I pass !!!! They are great for making rooms look bigger, but I just like them as they can be really pretty and a lovely addition to any room.

Isn't this a lovely little bathroom, but, that's not what we're talking about, is it ? I think that it's only lovely because of the mirrors. Take them away and it wouldn't look so good, would it ?

Now, you obviously couldn't live like this but there are a lovely selection of mirrors to choose from here. Which one would you choose out of this little lot ?

I don't normally choose photographs with people in them, but isn't this pretty ? I love the finish of the walls and the two little mirrored candle sconces.

Doesn't the mirror look good in this one, just propped up against the don't even have to get the drill out !!!!....and look at those dear little shoes on the table. Not too sure about the light fitting but, it actually seems to go.

Oh, what a gorgeous room. Another propped up mirror and, I love the empty frame, leaning against it....and what a great rocking horse and the lantern just fits in beautifully.

Here's another wonderful one. This room would be just as lovely without the Venetian mirror but, it just gives it some drama.

I just love the use of the over mantle as a, stop it, you lot...I can hear those naughty minds working !!!!

All this is, is an old mirrored cupboard, a few old bits and pieces on top of it and you've got something beautiful and at minimal cost............ Brilliant.

We probably all put pictures up the stairs but maybe not a collection of mirrors, but it works so well.

I really like this room as it's full of surprises and yet it remains very serene ..... look at those massive shells in the fireplace. Would you have done that ? I certainly wouldn't have thought of it , but it really is a focal point, and a nice one !!.......... and that beautiful pale, pale green works so well.

This photograph by Michael Eastman is showing us mirrors in an opulent setting which, forgive me if I'm wrong, but I don't think many of us live in a place like this !!!! If you do, could you email me...I'm due a holiday and could come and stay !!!!

You're spoilt for choice here. There are round ones, square ones, oval ones, ones with carving, etched ones, wooden ones ....I'll take one of each. !!!!

I have had this picture for ages, before I even started blogging and I think that it comes from a Scandanavian blog. I apologise for not crediting it, but if someone is reading this post and it belongs to them, please let me know. I had to show it as it is so beautiful and, as the Scandanavians do so well, it shows us what can be done with a few things that we have around our homes.

................... and finally, the mother of all things mirrored .....the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles.

I'll leave you with this wonderful photograph of opulence and indulgence and remember....mirrors aren't just for looking in.



  1. At first glance, I thought this post was called "Revelations" off I went to get a cup of tea and sat myself down ready for some really good stories!!!

    But, not to worry.....I enjoyed this "Reflections" post just as much!! I LOVE mirrors and yes, I would have them in every room have some fantastic selections here and I agree, the way they have been arranged in each image just works so well......they are gorgeous.

    I love huge mirrors, the bigger the better.....and the bedhead mirror is fabulous.....I won't say anymore than that, don't want to lower the tone at this early time on a Monday morning ;)

    I love the mirrors up the stairs.....will have to remember that one.

    Wonderful post Jackie....happy Monday :) xo

  2. PS As soon as I posted my Penelope post, I remembered about her and TC.....I am going to pretend, for her sake, that that never must have been a moment of madness, it happens to us all!!!! :)

  3. As this post shows so beautifully, you can never have too many mirrors! Leigh

  4. I love these images and mirrors (also not for vanity reasons OF COURSE)> In fact I just Gilted (or is that gilded) an old mirror last weekend (with gold spray paint). It looks amazing. Like something from Versailles, in that really fake looking bright gold.. xoxo

  5. Loving that old little cupboard Jackie ~ this post really makes you take a look at yourself! Sorry ~ just trying for a little wit over my first cup of coffee :o) Have a wonderful Monday!

  6. The stairway collection of mirrors looks great. I wonder how it would work to have a huge wall of glass with ornate frames hung here and there on it...

  7. I like having mirrors in my house too. They do reflect the light and make my place look bigger than what it is. I really like the bathroom picture!

  8. Beautiful post! Especially love the stairway mirror collection. And that first photograph is fantastic!

  9. Simply gorgeous! Love the ones up the stairs!


  10. OOOH Jacqueline
    So much beauty!! I love glittery shiny things and mirrors certainly fit that profile!! Your images always have the same effect on me... I scroll through and each one I think this is my favourite.. but no .. the next is even better. I love the Michael Eastman... and Versailles cannot be beaten!

    Beautiful... shiny post to start the week ...!!! xs Julie

  11. i have a round mirror, with an opulent gold framing around it - and cannot seem to know where to put know me..I usually do NOT have a problem with this sort of thing -

    where to put it.........where to put it??

    you def. made me want it up now :)

  12. Hi there Jac's, just love this post. I would like to get some interesting mirrors, mmm food for thought.

    I really love the first picture, so well put together... and love picture 8, so beautiful looking, bit of a warm glow.

    Happy day,

  13. Picture number 3 looks a lot like our house at present but replace the mirrors with chandeliers....

    Leeann x

  14. tous ces miroirs que tu nous montres me plaisent beaucoup.



  15. There's nothing like the dimension mirrors can add to an interior. You have chosen some wonderful photos to illustrate this, Jackie. Just lovely! Have a super week. XX

  16. That dark corner with the Venetian mirror - oh my goodness! Just gorgeous. These are all beautiful photos. I love the second to last one too.

  17. Beautiful,beautiful and even more beautiful...

    I love the image with the frame, the mirror and the horse. It´s so harmonic.

    And You are right about the image , before the last one, it´s scandinavian, and even Swedish. The sig says: "We are in the garden"...

    Hope You had a nice monday!

    Hugs /

  18. These are great. Helpful and beautiful. I think part of my problem is that I am always drawn to amazing rooms that you could not possibly live in!!!!

  19. What a fun way to show mirrors!
    I love them going up the stairway...

  20. Beautiful..simply beautiful..Rose

  21. I love the first photo. It´s wonderful!!!
    GLG, Yvonne

  22. Like the bright eyes of a house.
    Love mirrors. All kinds.

  23. Hi Jackie! You always have the most brilliant pictures! They're all just gorgeous - those hand mirrors with the beautiful patina on them, *sigh*, so pretty!

    :) T

  24. Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who always has the greatest posts of all?


    Absolutely stunning!

    Happy week to you!

  25. I adore mirrors too.....grouped together they look so elegant. I've wanted to try that but haven't yet. I'll have to beef up my collection first. I love old mirrors that are stained. I look my best in those. The one I would choose would be the largest most ornate mirror you asked about in that grouping. You probably already guested that.
    Your 1st pic is incredible. wow if I could do that with photoshop I'd be swimming in my pics all the time....very cool
    Fun and gorgeous post!

  26. Jackie,
    would you please refrain from coming to my Palace and taking photo's of me swimming round the lounge.
    How many times do I have to tell you, to stop posting photo's of my Palace. Gosh! what is it with you and that camera, you told me it was just for your private collection. (sigh!)
    You'll make everyone else jealous and then I will have to let them ALL have a swim a round the lounge!!!!!Then where will it all led too.

    Oh! Okay, so I'm a big fat liar, it's not really my's the Gate-house.

    Lovely post babe.

    Much love,

  27. wowza!! i really love all these images but that first photo is to die for! soooo cool! really.

  28. Ive always been a fan of a lot of mirrors like this, these are BEAUTIFUL and inspiring for my new apartment!

  29. Beautiful mirrors! Beautiful light! Beautiful arrangements and post! Thanks Jackie!

  30. Wow! i am in love with all these images, Love the stairway and want to try something like this, so much inspiration and delight! you have made my morning! Have a sweet day! x

  31. What a stunning rustic bedroom!! SO beautiful!

  32. I love those mirrors up the stair wall! Mirrors are water in eastern decorating~ They are like windows too! Perfect & Beautiful post!!

  33. Now I understand why I see you all over. Your blog is stunning (so is your picture btw).

    It FEELS so French. How could I have waited so long. Now, I'm officially a follower.

    Thank you for such a gorgeous cadeau.

    Best regards,

  34. Nice pictures, love the fist one....

  35. Dear Jacqueline,

    You do look VERY young for your age and I think more so than your genes it's a testament to your soul :)

    I adore the pictures, even the "reflective" drowned world. My favourites have to be the first bathroom, so soft and whimsical. The fireplace with the distressed walls, is that paint over old wallpaper? Lastly the giant shell room - what is that beautiful paint colour? Thanks for the interior inspiration dear :)

  36. The room in the Michael Eastman photo is to DIE FOR! Stunning, gorgeous, over the top fantastic!

  37. Loved your post, because i'm crasy about mirrors too! I adored the 1st picture and always like to find new photographers. do you have the link for this one?! thanks!
    sweet dreams;

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  39. Hi, Thanks for your vicit on my blog, im so happy about it.
    I was so surprised when it was my picture you showed on the mirrors, and dress the plate and another in my hall. I collect mirrors and has 70 pc in my hallway. There are old mirrors in various sizes, which sits near the ceiling.
    bård.Your images that inspire a lot and you have a nice blog

    Hugs to you from Ingela in Sweden.

  40. Jackie, I agree that there a few things as perfect as a mirror. It reflects. It sparkles. It adds light. Great blog. Beautiful photos.

  41. THANK YOU so much for the beautiful message you just left me are a darling! xoxo

  42. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog...if you ever happen to dig up some Dundee jars at your place, let me know! I will buy them from you!

    Have a great evening!

  43. what cool pics.
    i have done the the mirrors on the wall running up the staircase.
    it is a great look.


  44. Hello and thank you for popping over :)
    Love love love your post on reflections, it is hard to choose my favorite! Everyone of them look fantastic.
    Have a great week

  45. Jacqueline, what gorgeous images! I couldn't even pick a favorite...they are all so beautiful!

    I'm crazy over mirrors too. They are all over my small house and make it look bigger. Just can't have one over the bed because we have earthquakes in California! Scary!

  46. Hi Jackie -
    Great post - love mirrors and love each of the photos you show.

    Great to see so many chandeliers - don't discount the fixture with the capiz shells - they're my new favorite to make.... at the moment.

  47. naughty thoughts??? nahhh A friend and I always say when wandering in some shed or secrect spot behind an antic shop full of undiscovered tresures... that only looking at at all the things in there is better then having ... well you know haha... Your mirrors are all beutiful one after another.

  48. You pick the prettiest photos to feature. Swooning over that bedroom! And congrats on your most successful marriage. You should dig out those photos!

  49. gorgeous...gorgeous photo's...
    and i love the story.

  50. Mirror, mirror on the wall,
    how you glitter in the hall;
    how you shimmer reflective light,
    such a diamond for our sight;
    mirror, mirror on the wall,
    how your beauty does call.

    lovely photos, Jackie! (as usual!)

  51. I feel so bad after reading this Jac, our house is pathetically devoid of mirrors. Note to self: Change that status immediately!
    Millie ^_^