Friday, 11 September 2009


I've been tagged by A Little Bit Vintage
I have to tell you 10 things about me that you didn't know......... I could tell you that I love raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens !!!! BUT ..... we all like those, don't we, who wouldn't, so I'll tell you 10 things about me that you didn't know and that you might not want to know me after I tell you !!!!

NUMBER ONE .......... I'm a bit of a Goth really........ when you open my wardrobe, it's BLACK,BLACK and MORE BLACK. There are a few lapses ...a little touch of grey, a couple of brown items and, if I was feeling a bit out of sorts whilst clothes shopping.... a bit of pink has crept in....YUK, I can hardly bring myself to type the word.....cold shiver runs down my spine...PINK!!!!....... I know that there are many of you out there who love pink but that particular gene seems to have eluded me.

NUMBER TWO............... I love, love, love sleeping.... I can sleep anywhere....bed, sofa, car, plane, floor, mountain crevice...anywhere and at anytime...morning, noon or night. When my daughter had her appendix out, the hospital encouraged the mums to stay, so, a camp bed was set up next to my daughters bed ( she was only about 8 at the time, by the way !!). One morning, I was vaguely aware of voices. I reluctantly opened my eyes and there, around my bed were doctors, nurses and medical students, discussing my daughters operation and deciding whether or not she could go home. It was 11 a.m. and I had been asleep and snoring through all of it....embarrassing !!!!

NUMBER THREE .............. I can touch my nose with my tongue.....yes, a wonderful addition to my repertoire of entertaining young children....I have others ( all legal !! ).... it does make me look pretty vile but it is a gift that I have been blessed with and I use it whenever necessary !!!!

NUMBER FOUR ................... There are many of you out there who love a cupcake or a slice of something nice, I know. I'm not that partial to cake (lots of you can't understand that
can you ? ) BUT.... give me the cake MIXTURE and I will eat the lot ..... until I'm nearly sick...... I absolutely love it. Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough ice cream is my secret vice......mind you, you could take the ice cream away and just give me the cookie dough..... MMMmmm MMmmm !!!!

NUMBER FIVE .................... I LOVE Roller Coasters. Old fashioned wooden ones, loop the loop ones, ones with water, ones inside, ones outside....I don't care what type, I'm not fussy......I just LOVE them. I love the queuing and the anticipation, the actual ride and then the getting off and running, laughing and de briefing afterwards as you join the queue again to have another go. I love the ' I think I might die ' feeling and the wobbly legs that you get on particularly scary ones and WELL as you can tell, I really like roller coasters !!!!

NUMBER SIX .................... I like butter on biscuit-type cereals..... yes, I know it sounds weird but don't knock it 'till you've tried it ........ it's delicious. I can't remember the last time I had a weetabix with butter as, when I do have it, I have to have at least 1/2lb of butter on it so it's not very healthy...... but I urge some of you to give it a go. You wont be disappointed !!!!

NUMBER SEVEN .................... I twirl my hair. Apparently, I've done it since I had hair ( which is quite a few years !!!!) I know many people can do this, so it's not unusual. This is another skill that I have which seems to be very entertaining to little children. I can twirl it, tie a knot in it and then, MAGICALLY, make the knot disappear with just the utterance of 'ABRACADABRA' !!!!

NUMBER EIGHT .................... Another weird food fact in the 10 things you didn't know about me saga is that ....wait for it ..... I like raw potato with salt on it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know, I know, it's too horrible to think about but it's really nice. I don't eat much of this delightful delicacy....... just when I'm preparing potatoes, I might eat a little bit. My sister loves it too. Apparently, when my mum was pregnant with us, her food craving was raw potato so she obviously passed it on to us.

NUMBER NINE.................... I like driving and I like driving my car fast ( as you can see, even my car is black !!!! ) ..... but obviously not exceeding the speed limit of the road that I am driving on at the time OBVIOUSLY !!!!

And finally....... NUMBER TEN .................... Now maybe you can help me with this one....I find that, when there's a full moon (( make note to self to ask Julie @ beingruby about this !!!!) I go to sleep and the next morning I wake up and I have this definite look of evil intelligence in my eyes, a sore throat, a very dry mouth, a lot of dirt under my fingernails
and an abnormal urge to howl......strange, now what do you think that could be ???!!!!!!
Well, there are my 10 things that you didn't know about me and I hope that you have a much clearer picture of what I am like !!!!! after which I hope that you will all still want to come back and visit me !!!!
Now, I'm meant to pass this tag on to 10 people, but I think that I will leave it open to any of my blogging friends who would fancy coming clean and telling us all about yourselves !!!! Seriously, I know that a lot of you are very busy and the pressure of a tag can be a bit stressful, so I'll leave it and say GO FOR IT IF YOU WANT TO.
Don't forget to go and visit A Little Bit Vintage. It's well worth the visit and you can learn how to make ZILLIONS of things.
Remembering 9/11


  1. Mmmm, I do love cookie dough as well! And where on earth did you find the photo of the heart-shaped potato? It is so cute. It was fun to learn more about you. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jacqueline!!
    I expected nothing less from you. Weird, wonderful, amusing and left of centre.

    I have to agree sleeping is my favourite thing too, although .. I'm surprised the drs didn't put you straight into a series of sleep study observations to isolate the specific DNA that will assist all the sad [and exhausted] insomniacs of the world to finally get some peace.

    Now about #10... I've got some bad news to break to you.. better email it... you might want to keep it private. The only thing missing here is #11.. where do you find all your fascinating images???

    Enjoyable entertaining offbeat treat... as always...thank God for the Jacquelines of this world. xx Julie

  3. What a fun list, so quirky! The images are brilliant, and so great to learn more about you, I love your car! Thanks for your sweet comments, glad to bring back nice memories,and glad to hear you didn't get rid of anything else good, Have a sweet day! x

  4. You are quite something!!!!

    I laughed at the sleeping one.....I can only sleep in a bed and usually only in my own bed....I flew back from Italy sitting next to a lovely young man (not that I was paying him too much attention of course;)) and he was asleep before we even took off!! I so envy people like that.....I don't usually sleep that well even when we are away!

    Cake mixture.....I hear you....yes please!!

    Today I am wearing top to toe black.....I do love it.....altho mine is in a slimming sense rather than a GOTH one if that makes sense LOL!! I love pink as you know but tend to wear it as accessories like scarves....whenever I do wear it, people always tell me I should wear more colour. I love black and dark grey though really.....with a brightly coloured bag :)

    Rollercoasters.....NO WAY!!!! I went on the corkscrew one once with my younger brother back in my student days and yes, thought I was going to die!!! Never again! I don't mind fast things at funfairs just not high things. The one in your photo - does that seriously go under water.....where is that? Is it Dubai?

    As for your Weetabix and butter/potatoes and salt thing....words fail me?!!!! LOL

    Great post Jackie.....loved reading it! :)

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed your post. You write so well, maybe I should start eating cookie dough to brush up my writing skills ;) Oh my God you like rollercoaster rides, I grab on to a pole or something even when I am just looking at it coz it makes me so dizzy...
    Thankyou for your sweet comments, its so good to know you :)

  6. Hello Jackie,
    how lovely to hear that not only I use almost only black and eat the cake before it is done!
    I laughed so much reading your post!You write so well...Thank you!
    I hope that you will enjoy your weekend,
    many hugs
    Magdalena/Color Sepia

  7. Now I know why I was sooo drawn to you and your blog. I think your 10 things make you all that more endearing. I sometimes when the kiddies are gone make a cake mix just to eat it raw. Just not that crazy about the rollercoaster thingy though. Quite a chicken there. And I did think it was illegal to not eat atleast one raw potato slice with salt when you are making them.

  8. I will have to try that salt on potatos and butter on cereal... Ummmm very gorment indeed my friend:)
    I do love cake batter, I could eat the whole bowl. Somtimes when I make cupcakes, I allow myself just one. My one is in the paper liner on a small fancy plate uncooked. I sit in eat in pure bliss~~
    Great post and I love know more about you!

  9. Jackie...I'm not surprised about any of it! A little edgy.. a little odd..a little dare devil.. and a lover of life! I was just on Simone's blog and saw a picture of Besty Johnson...and I thought of you immediately! I just love her energy..She seems so full of life and that reminds me of you..You're still my British BFF!

  10. So many nice pictures on your list. My favourite is the sweet cat!
    I wish you an nice weekend!

  11. Haha....Belive it or not, from this point, i´m going to visit you everyday. In other words: as usual.

    Great post, and i´m doing it. But not today.
    We´re having , my brither in law´s , son over this weekend. It´s great. The kid is 7, and a thrill.

    Have a nice weekend.
    Lots and lots of hugs/

  12. My 2 year old eats raw potatoes when I peel them. It IS kinda weird. :) I'd prefer the raw cookie dough for myself...

  13. I just wanted to say that I'm so pleased that you never exceed the speed limit.

  14. Great list. I am with you on many of those things - black, sleeping, cake and biscuit mixture, black European car, but not that werewolf thing. ........

  15. GREAT!!! just loved it and like you more although i would not be able to do some of the things you do and i like pink!,,, but it made me think how special can one be just by having some unusually details. have a great weekend,

  16. mannnnnnn you are a really strange girl! Your Gene Simmons tonque is really cool though so never mind all the other strange facts haha ;)
    Have a great weekend!

  17. excellent post.
    i love the pics and the sharing of 'jackie'.

  18. I love the list!!!!! When I visit your fair isle next year we shall race on the motorway me luv speed too!!!! The potao thing is different but I say why the heck not??? Im trying it next spud time. Pink I guessed already number 10...were you backpacking on the moors in your youth???

  19. Roller coasters & fast cars - I knew we were separated at birth Jac!
    Millie ^_^

  20. You are quite funny! Awesome list! I love sleeping too, cookie dough, sadly i can't touch my nose with my tongue but i do drive fast (and my car is black too). I once had 3 speeding tickets in 1 month. ok, i'm not proud of that one but Ihaven't had another one since.

    Thanks btw for leaving a lovely comment at Alek's blog regarding the shop:)

  21. noooooooooo don't worry ofcourse I did not think it was you .. just some Kiss fan from the internet I guessed ;)

  22. I LOVE your list! I, too, can touch my tongue to my nose and various other party tricks. In fact, I have the longest tongue of anyone I know. All the better to lick the batter spoon!

    Thanks so much for visiting my place and leaving a comment for the giveaway. That lead me here to your fabulous place, and I'm so delighted it did!
    xo Gigi

  23. A great way for us to get to know you! Bx

  24. I dont know about touching my nose with my tongue (hahaha), but I too love roller coasters! :) It was fun learning something new about you.

  25. Very interesting, Jackie! I, too, love raw potatoes with salt!

  26. Jackie oh Jackie ~ I will say it again, I think we are kindred spirits. It was like reading about me minus the howling & raw potato..ha! I agree whole heartily with Julie; thank GOD for the Jacqueline's of the world. Your humor, style & fun make the world a better place. I so can see you driving a TT in black!!
    Happy Sunday evening to you my friend ~ xx deb

  27. well.....well.........what do you know!!

    A goth lover (not surprised) someone with odd eating habits (again - no shocker) and a werewolf to boot (I have to admit that one caught me off guard) -

    that roller coaster picture is AWESOME! I would go on that one!!

    fun post!

  28. You'd have to shock me a lot to keep me from coming back here. I loved your ten things. Oh how I love cake batter and raw potatoes. No kidding! I'm not going to try the butter and cereal thing though, because I would probably like it.
    I do drive fast, too fast, and hubs is a cop.

  29. I CANNOT touch my tongue with my nose!!!

  30. Oh this is great. I like you for sharing the quirky bits and shall join you on the moon hunt.

    I think the narcoleptic story was so funny and sweet.

    Lastly - yes! a speed freak, we have to go racing or carting together. You organise it :)

  31. A great load of hanging Jackie, xv.

  32. You made me laugh out loud a couple of times ~ too funny!
    I twirl my hair when I get tired. Mom pointed it out to me a few years back and she said "you still do it" - I was like "huh". She said that I have done it since I was little.
    Potatoes and salt - I have had it although I have not lately. My grandmother used to eat these all the time - along with cheddar and onion sandwiches. That part I did not pick up!
    You must come to Canada and go to Canada's Wonderland - simply awesome roller coasters!