Tuesday, 13 October 2009

TO AUTUMN ..........

JOHN KEATS 1795-1821

What beautiful colours and textures, Autumn brings us. I love the tradition of seasonal wreaths on the front of the house. We don't do this in the U.K. but I think that I will start the trend!!!! We do have wreaths on the front door at Christmas but not at other times of the year, which is a shame as they look so beautiful and celebrate the seasons.

Acorns and hydrangea.

The beautiful colours of the foliage that can be pressed in an old book and framed.
Don't you just love seeing a spiders web, hanging with the morning dew, on a cold and crisp Autumn morning ?

Seed heads of the Maple that are sent spinning to the ground, to start the growth of a new Maple tree.

The Hydrangea head, drying on the plant and, as Autumn progresses, becomes skeletal in appearance.

Pumpkin pie, garnished with cranberries ...... what could be more comforting on an Autumn evening, with maybe a large dollop of cream........ Mmm, Mmm.

Beautiful white pumpkins ....so much prettier than the orange ones.

Apples on the ground, fallen from the tree........ ready to be gathered up to eat as they are or to be turned into warm apple pie or an apple and blackberry crumble....... don't forget that dollop of thick double cream.

A beautiful, Autumnal table setting....set off with an arrangement of courgette flowers.

What a lovely place to sit on an Autumn evening with a glass of warm, mulled wine.

Oh, ..... someone has already thought of that idea !!!!

I love these multi-coloured pumpkins, made from velvet.

How on earth has someone carved this lacy effect into these pumpkins ?
Aren't they beautiful ?

Well, everybody. Please don't lament the passing of Summer. Embrace the Autumn and all of the gifts that it brings and just put on more jumpers !!!!

Apologies for higgledy piggledy layout. Loaded pictures wrongly and then was late, so had to post it, as is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Such beautiful autumn images Jackie! Enjoy the season and all its warm colors!
    :) Laura

  2. My favourite season actually. Crisp and cold and yellow and orange and smoky and misty. Much better than horrible summer (I say that as a pale Anglo Celt living in Australia ! Enjoy! xoxo

  3. Lovely images Jackie you almost have me wishing for autumn. [although it does feel like we have gone back there this past 2 weeks]

    I agree the white pumpkins are so much nicer than the orange variety... and those lacily carved numbers are quite clever. Someone has incredible patience and skill

    Well I think my favourite image this time is the Silverware and cinammon sticks on hessian and paper.. to me it spells preparation to make the home inviting .. anticipation ! [and I love silverware]

    Have a FABULOUS Autumn with lots of woolly jumpers [you realise on the aussies and english might know what they are!!]

    Ciao bella x Julie

  4. All of these autumn images are so gorgeous. It really is the most amazing time of year - you've captured the essence of it so beautifully! Leigh

  5. Thank you for the inspiration. Beautiful!

  6. Argh! Is there anything that you CAN"T make look beautiful? I just love getting up in the morning and seeing that you have a new post. It just starts my day off right!

  7. These images are just gorgeous! I love too many of them to pick just one.... hope your week is off to a good start.

  8. Hello,
    I´m just so happy that I have found your blog.
    You give so much inspiration and it´s such a feel good vibe in here :D
    A cosy corner that I would love to come back and visit.

    Marie (Sweden)

  9. Oh thank you for taking me on a beautiful trip. Just adore this honey.

    The balcony with lights was my favorite image. It is magical. I loved the feel of this post, just dreamy.

    Thanks fab girl,
    ps thanks to you I'm going to do the seasonal wreaths. :)

  10. How Gorgeous are these colours!!!and can I please have another piece of the Pumpkin and Cranberry pie it was delicious YUM!!
    :) Cate

  11. Gorgeous. You've inspired me tremendously with this post, my friend!
    xo Gigi

  12. Hi Jackie!!! Of course you could be a trend setter with an Autumn wreath on your door - if anyone can do it, you can :) Beautiful, beautiful Fall images!!

    :) T

  13. yes, my DD's name is Autumn (actually Autumn Rose) - just love it (and her) to bits!

  14. The most gorgeous, gorgeous pics...however they are loaded. You really inspire me for the colder months with me, xv.

  15. Wow! I was drawn into this post from a blogroll showing that wreath! They get me everytime! What lovely images everywhere I look!


  16. Your post is just too beautiful. It warmed me all over. Just wrapped me in glorious Autumn wonder!

  17. those velvet pillows are so neat! yummy, warm photos!


  18. I simply adore your pictures. Dreamy features.
    Eva Agnes

  19. Just BEAUTIFUL Fall images... It is so amazing how each season brings such beauty if we are open to it. And yes, I think the white pumpkins are prettier, at least with my decorations.

    Have a Wonderful Day-

  20. Such gorgeous images!!!
    I love them, just as I love autumn and all it´s colors. I just can´t get enough...

    Stockholm is freezing, and today we had some snow, but it all melted before I could see it

    Hope you have a nice and cosy evening.


  21. Mmmmm..what a splendid and cozy post. I'm coming over to your place!! :)

    PS LOVE the 3rd picture down.


  22. Well, I was gonna comment by telling you how completely touched I was by your breast cancer blog, and how I couldn't get it out of my mind. I've been hearing breast cancer awareness for most of my life, I lost two very special girlfriends to it, but maybe now at this age I value each peaceful day so much I pay more attention to prevention.

    So instead, I'll say that when I read todays post, I felt so good - reminded myself to recognize amazing things like a lacey pumpkin or a cart full of white ones.

    Every year my health awareness husband reminds me to get a Mammy and a Pappy - funny, eh?


  23. What a wonderful post - i love this pictures full of inspiration!!!!!! Thank you so much.........you´r the best!!!!!!!

    Good night, Hugs Jade

  24. Your blog, your taste, your sensibilities are so beautiful, ethereal I am in thrall.

    I have been back three times today, just to absorb. I love wreathes on doors this time of year and you made me think: Yes, I'm getting two before the week is out (unfortunately we have double doors and it looks weird to have only one, I always do two for Christmas).

    Also, fall has always been my favorite season. Someone once remarked to me that it was the time when everything dies. I've never seen it that way. It's fires in the fireplace, apples, a few precious roses, the gold and red leaves and of course -- material girl that I am -- new clothes (!)

  25. Wish I could just hop on over and enjoy a glass of the mulled cider with you! These photos left me all warm and cozy...

  26. Such a lovely Fall post..I really would like a wheelbarrel full of those velvet pumpkins...ooh la la! I love all the rich colours and cozy feel to all your images today...thank you for warming my heart!

  27. Mmmm.....LOVELY photos! I love fall!


  28. I love love love autumn, and all of these images that you've collected. The lacy pumpkins are so cute, but I don't think I have the carving skills to make my own!

  29. What an evocative selection of pictures. I think Marks & Spencer could do with your services as a marketing manager - you really set the scene wonderfully.

  30. I adore autumn! You should see me these days - I walk around like a fool with a big smile on face for no reason other than that it's autumn. I love that third photo!

  31. Your killing me with these photos...you know that don't you??? I just love all of them. The cobweb looks like jewelry.
    The velvet pumpkins would look incredible in my foyer ( my color room)
    It's funny that the rest of the year I only like white but when fall comes it's color I crave!

  32. Lovely post, Jackie AND congrats, because you're one of the winners in my envirosax give-away! Please send me your mailing address at: anneharwell@hotmail.com

  33. A fabulous post today! The images are incredible. Especially those velvet pumpkins.....I want those and you know where I would use them too!

  34. That photo of the spider web is so intriguing!

  35. Hi Jackie,
    ohhhh, the collection of autumn impressions is so stunning.... i dont' know which one could be the greatest, fortunately I do not have to decide... love them all...
    warmest hugs

  36. Higgledy piggledy is sometimes good!!! x

  37. topsy turvy higgledy piggledy but amazing! we are into spring in Australia now, so summer is on it's way!

  38. Such a gorgeous post, Autumn is my favorite time of the year I just returned from Vermont and it was splendid. I love the wreath in your first image and the velvet pumpkins...where oh where can one find them!! I would love some. I have the mirror in the outdoor courtyard picture I found it in the country on sale!! It now hangs in our old stone springhouse. I am going back now to look at your images again :)

  39. What a beautiful post, autumn is my favourite time of the year. We even have a pumpkin festival next weekend.

    Leeann x

  40. Gorgeous, gorgeous images here! Very inspiring.

  41. Hi Jackie!
    ohhh, your autmn is beautiful...Fabulous photos!
    I will send you an email later on so you can choose tags you like...and this weekend I will do some of christmas tags too...
    Have a lovely thursday!
    big hug,
    Magdalena/Color Sepia

  42. Jackie I could not bare it if you didnt talk to me(he! he!) the Chairs you have fallen in love with are Reme Chairs from Villa Maison...www.villamaison.com ~ I hope you can buy them were you are!!! let me know if I can help in any way...good luck
    oxo Cate

  43. Gorgeous images! I love Autumn, I wish we could get white pumpkins in the Uk, Have a sweet day! x

  44. how gorgeous. everything is so pretty, from the Acorns and hydrangea picture to the adorable velvet pumpkins !!! .

  45. FAB Fall photos!!! I would like a slice of that pie too!

  46. Absolutely georgeous pictures. I could look at them forever.
    Very inspirational.
    I only wish I could find white pumpkins here in Sweden where I live. I would decorate with pumpinks if so. But there are only yellow, green and red ones.
    Eva Agnes

  47. the last image is stunning!
    i love the gold pumpkins.
    i might just have to try that myself.

  48. No one does an Autumn like you just did Jackie. Every single photos is smashing. I'm with Renee, I'm wanting to tackle the idea of gold mini-pumpkins myself. I really..really wish it were like Autumn here. It was 95F here today, uck!!! Save some spiced cider for me & I'll be on the next BA flight. All the best to you my dear Xxx deb

  49. Those velvet pumpkins are the best Jac! Being a Summer girl, I'm so glad that it's you guys who are moving into Autumn - I'm so over temps. under 10C., time for those scorching Aussie Summer days that positively sizzle everything in it's wake.
    Millie ^_^

  50. I just found your blog and I wanted to tell you it is beautiful. Just fabulous. I love discovering new sources of inspiration. And I love your tribute to autumn, which is my favorite season. Lovely pics.

  51. Stopping by to say hello and take a short spill in the corner by the window for a quick read and a hot cuppa.

    Hope you're having a good week. :)


    Looking forward to seeing what you are going to where to the party Saturday!

  52. Lovely post....I truly am looking forward to the autumn weather...we have had a small taste of it this week here in Southern California..happy weekend to you!

  53. Oh, my heart is beating faster. The most beautiful collection of autumnal images I've ever seen. Those velvet pumpkins, that feather wreath, spiderwebs and pie!!

  54. I don't like very much autums but yours look beautiful , romantic and more