Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Having just finished painting three rooms in Farrow and Ball off-whites, I am thinking all things white...... soooooo.......... ....gorgeous distressed door and delightful heart escutcheon ( OOooo , big word for this time of night !!!!)..........
Beautiful bedroom filled with everything that I love ... candles, cushions.... silks, satins ... lavish and luxurious ..... just like me !!!! Haha..........

.......... pure simplicity that works so well...... better get those pebbles off of the chair or there could be a nasty accident !!!!

......... girl in white dress, in tree with balloons .... a common practice, here in England !!!! No, really, isn't this a lovely photograph ? ..........

.......... just really pretty .... and white ..... and beautiful ..........

.......... everybody say *W O W* ..... wouldn't this be a wonderful place for wedding photographs ?......sighs all round ........ ............ such a beautiful bedroom and the lovely grey mural just finishes it off, doesn't it ? ..........
.......... oh dear, looks like the tree wasn't for her, she has now found a window to sit in !!!! I think that I would look a lot happier than she is, if I was wearing that dress .... it's gorgeous. Oh well, there's no pleasing some people, is there ?!!!!

.... .......... now, I didn't know that there were albino peacocks, let alone, see one. Isn't he beautiful ? I thought that ordinary peacocks were beautiful, but this takes the prize. What a spectacle ..........
.......... a slight cheat here ,as the teeniest weeniest bit of the palest pink crept in ...... but one of my favourite bedrooms................... another beautiful bedroom for a littley (let me know if I'm boring you !!!!) ..........
.......... you can wake up now, I've got a dresser to show you now. I love everything about this, the colour (I wasn't brave enough to paint mine !!!!), the china, that little touch of colour (?)........ and finally ..........
............. a wonderland of all things white and beautiful. As I said earlier, I have just finished painting three rooms in Farrow and Ball whites, and not one of my rooms have turned out like any of these rooms !!!! Can anyone tell me why my rooms don't look like the rooms in magazines ?!!!! I think that it's the lighting and the profesional photography !!!!.......never mind, I'm sure they will look quite good by the time I've finished with them !!!! If they turn out well, I'll take photos and show you. Until that time, I will bid you all adieu and I wish you all a womderful week.



  1. Ahh..just lovely! The nursery and frosty road are my favorite!

    Have a beautiful week!

    Julie M.

  2. I want a white peacock, daddy! Seriously, though, very inspiring.


  3. i am fascinated by white peacocks.
    i have several photos myself of them.


  4. I loved the flowers in the glass picture the most until I saw the frosty shot ~ simply gorgeous! Have a wonderful white week too my friend. xo

  5. Oh that Wow photo really is gorgeous! Love it.

    Have just saved the dresser pic to file, wanting something to show the builder what I'd wanted in the kitchen, thanks honey :)

  6. I think you should post pics when you are done. I would love to see what you have been up to. Don't make me come to England, sneak into your house and paw through your belongings now.

    I would of thought of a few more words to compare you to that room - sleek, classy and oh so beautiful.

  7. I have just found your blog via Brabourne Farm and loved today's post. Are all your posts this entertaining??? You are a very funny lady!

  8. Hi funny lady!
    Your whites are wonderful...especially love the white against the gray and that smidge of palest pink....fabulous photographs...and we MUST see your finished rooms!
    Take care Jackie!

  9. I hope you do post the pictures when you're through! I'd love to see them. I love that bedroom, and the bit of pink just makes all the whites that much more beautiful. Oh, and that pic of the little glass with the baby's breath flowers--too pretty. You are the queen of inspiration, Jackie. xoxo G

  10. Hi Jackie! You know I'm lovin all the white! Every single photo is drool worthy!!! I would really love to see how your rooms turn out :)

    :) T

  11. Oh, three rooms? Very ambitious! I'm sure they look just beautiful. I love, love, love the photo with the flowers in the glass. I can't stop looking at it.

  12. Jacqueline, what a lovely post! That peacock, well everything! I bet your house looks gorgeous and you're just being modest. Please do share w/ photos. We all want to see. Right everyone?

    xo Lynn

  13. oh my...I just LOVE this post!!!! Thanks!!

  14. Hi Jacqueline, I´m in the same kind of problem... saw many cushions dressed in white so I did it, but they don´t look like in the magazines and I´m not sure if I´ll take photos of my livingroom... but really would love to see how your rooms turned out after you painted them, please make a post of it and I´ll do a post of my now white livingroom...
    María Cecilia

  15. Nothing short of stunning!! These are amazing.

  16. Jackie,I want to sit in a tree with balloons, but I'm afraid that someone in town would have me put away for good. It is such a beautiful photo though that I may have to try to replicate it with one of my daughters. Then they can haul her in.
    I laughed when I read 'wouldn't this be a great place for wedding pictures'...I wasn't sure if you meant the picture above your text or the bed below!lol That white peacock is unbelievable! I LOVE THIS POST!!!

  17. I want to be that girl in the tree with the white balloons!

    No worries about your decorating - I can only imagine how beautiful your home is! You have exquisite taste!

  18. Great collection. Love that beautiful road!


  19. Lovely collection of whites! and you are funny! I adore the white peacock too! Have a sweet day!

  20. ces photos me plaisent beaucoup,la dernière me fait rêver!!!!



  21. Well I certainly want to see the after photos!!
    Can you import one of those albino peacocks for your shoot? and perhaps you could climb up a tree in your backyard too... afterall we do wish to see the English in their natural habitat. hahaha.. sorry... just following your lead.

    Lovely post Jacqueline.. fresh and bright.. just right.. xx Julie

  22. I adore white floor boards - love love love them! xx

  23. Jackie, you have such good eye and taste...
    Lovely post!
    Magdalena/Color sepia

  24. You're so funny, you and that girl in the tree! I'm really looking forward to seeing your 3 rooms. Styled shots are one thing but when I feel real people producing real beautiful spaces I'm impressed (and envious). That Farrow and Ball paint is a delight to work with, isn't it, somehow more liquid than others without being messy.

  25. Jackie, this post is simpley gorgeous. I love all the photos and items on them. It´s always nice to come in here, too see what inspiration you will bring me...
    I love it.

    I´m quite sure , your rooms will turn out just fine, and I can´t wait to see the result...

    Have a nice evening.

  26. we will certainly not forgive you if you don't show us your after photos.......

    and I'm sure it's just as beautiful - as any of these....

  27. Wow! Beautiful images...love the first one with the heart....!

    Can't wait to see your after photos!

    Have a great day, Jackie!

  28. ohhh just show us the before middle and after pictures ;) I am curious!!! I also think you should have a look at http://www.eugeniorecuenco.com/ I really think you might like his work!...Also like your halloween post, reminds me of a halloween ball at the Astoria in London some years ago. Great night of glam rock with Rachel Stamp and lots of crazy people ;)

  29. I love the bedrooms you posted...but especially the arched area outside with the white trees around it.

    Wow! Always LOVE your posts. :)

  30. Honestly, I don't know how you do it. You take my breath away. Have I said that before? Your posts are unspeakably beautiful. Your eye and sensibilities are unfailingly magnificent. It must be beautiful chez vous.


  31. I absolutely love visiting your blog! Always the best. Please email me your address and let me know which pillow slip you would like. Congrats!!!!!! So glad you won.

    xo, Michelle

  32. I want to plan another wedding just so I can take photos in that wonderland. WOW!

  33. Beautiful pictures! I love #1.

  34. The first bedroom photo is absolutely stunning I just love all the 'whites'...I love my visits here I always leave so inspired...

    Thank you

    :) Cate

  35. Wow...I would love the renew my vows under that amazing tree! These photos are all just gorgeous Jackie. Thanks by the way..for the history lesson on East London...I knew you would know all about 40 winks;) Looking forward to your East London post!

  36. Not at all boring. Absolutely fabulous.
    White is so beautiful.
    Full ofinspiration is your blog.
    Hugs Eva Agnes

  37. Jackie, Your blog is my favorite morning read to get going - and this morning I am completely motivated by all the white, and of course your entertaining words.

    I'd love to see your room redos too - I can only imagine!


  38. Bonjour! The winter wonderland photo is spectacular and you are right, a perfect spot for a wedding picture. The French style crib is trés jolie. I just found your lovely blog through Petit Coterie and I'll be back to see more of your beautiful posts.

  39. Bonjour once more! Just wanted to stop by and say merci for following my blog and for your kind message!

  40. Beautiful pristine whites!

  41. Hi , Jackie.
    I left you a little surprise on my blog...=)

  42. Oh these whites are amazing!!! I am in love with them all..I just was out for a walk and believe it or not found white leaves which had fallen from the trees...so so beautiful!

    Thank you for wanting a wee little snail mail note from me....I will email you soon to get your address!!! xoxoxox

  43. Just perfect! Love those rooms! I think i'll use some of the ideas to change mine! thanks for sharing, dear Jackie.
    LOVE those photos on the girl with the dress.
    Take care,

  44. I love all of your gorgeous whites! Hope your weekend is outstanding, Jackie! xo

  45. Winsome whites, you. Love the wedding place, and all the glamour and sweetness.

  46. Thank you soooooo much..


    Really beautiful..

    Very inspiring..

  47. Never tire of the whites Jac & I do love the bedroom with the grey mural more than anything else I've seen in blogland this week!
    Millie ^_^

  48. I would love to have that arbor and white climber around it ...I dream of hosting one of my sons weddings one day at our home in the country and that would be stunning

  49. I am sighing at all these images.....Have a wonderful weekend, xv.

  50. J'adore toutes vos photos, elles sont superbes !!


  51. White is definitely wonderful. And WOW is right! That is the most stunning setting I've seen in a long time! Have a great weekend, my dear!

  52. My o my,such beautiful pictures you show us. Found your blog at Karnas, and I find it lovely. I'll be back...!!
    Love from Anette:-)

  53. Move over Grace Coddington. You should be an editor. Such a marvelous collection of images. They take my breath away.

  54. Dear Jackie,
    white is really great... love all pictures...and
    I always love visiting your blog! I'm just waiting on your white spaces, love the colors of F & B.
    Have a great cosy "whitish" weekend
    Many Hugs

  55. Hi, I'm just happy if I can inspire you and I'll be happy too. Thank you for your sweet words on my blog.I love all the wonderful pictures you show us and the white home is always so beautiful. It is certainly your home also.

  56. Beautiful, beautiful white - love all these gorgeous images. Hope you're having a lovely weekend. Leigh

  57. Beatiful pictures....The picture from winter wonderland was very nice!

    Thank you for your comment om my blog, so nice of you!

  58. Dear Jacquie,

    "The white" is my favourite way to decorate, apart from the stinking BNPoohs and you know what I mean ;/

    My own bedroom is flooded in it, white that is, and I have been half tempted to cover my bookshelf (yes I have one in my bedroom) with white-bound books, but who has the time?

    I adore the misty morning trees, what on earth are they and where can I find them? I wouldn't half mind being that girl in the tree with the rapunzel-like train. Thank you for giving me the perfect way to display my moroccan tea cups with a simple touch of white flower, sigh.

    As for your rooms, don't worry sweetie, I suggest minimal furniture and soft lighting. That's right, subtracting allows the soft light to travel and bathe the room. Hang on, did I just advise an expert?

  59. Your whites are beautiful, but ooooh that one photograph of the trees, it would make a gorgeous wedding photograph.

  60. Really wonderful and inspiring! Love all the different tones of white <3

  61. Your blog is exquisite . . .

    I could look at these pictures for hours. I hope you don't mind, but I borrowed one of your pictures for a blog post of my own. Please feel free to read if you have any desire, and if you like, I can tag the picture with a linkback to your blog. I would be more than willing to do so. :)


  62. I would really love to know where the picture with the tree's encasing the road was taken. Thanks!

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