Sunday, 18 October 2009


I have been invited to a Halloween Celebration by Sophia over at Blue Chair Diary
This is my party outfit....what do you think ? ..... I love it. The crows came as an accessory, with the dress. !!!! The party is at Harrington Manor, tonight,and there is to be food, drink, guest appearances and a contest for the best dressed guest.

These are my new shoes and I have had bat tattoos done, especially for the occasion.

These are my bracelets and rings, to go with my outfit...............

.......... I will be wearing my bat top hat..........

................ my bat party eye make-up ..........

.......... my favourite necklace ...........

and my Halloween mask.

.......... I will be bringing my black cat .....
I always keep my special potion in my handbag, just in case ..........

My three sisters will be coming too.....they wouldn't miss a Halloween party, but , the best part of all .......... Vanessa Paradis has allowed Johnny to accompany me !!!!
Doesn't he just look the part ?

I've brought you a present of skulls and bones as I know how much you like to make potions and spells and these things are so hard to come by. Just make sure that I leave before it starts to get light or ....................

............... you know what happens !!!!!!!!!!


  1. I love the part about your three sisters coming and the present of skulls and bones.

    So creative, you have made me feel all in the mood for Halloween.

    Fee x

  2. That's our ghoul Jacqueline!


  3. Well hello there to you and Johnny! Your dress is amazing and I totally love the bats on your ankles and eyes. Oooohhh....come, come! You,Johnny, and your bag of skulls...the Manor is ready for all to explore!! Muwaahahahahahaha!.............

  4. Looks like you are ready to howl at the moon ~ loving all your party garb! Have a spooktacular time....

  5. okay....that just creeped me out dear lady -

    especially the first outfit! eeegads!

  6. Oooo how dark and stylish. I like your outfit and all the little crows. Too funny.

    You even managed to get Johnny in there, way to go girl...and of course where would you be without your hat.

    Just love the last shot, hysterical,

  7. Spooky and sexy all at the same time--only you could pull this off so well! Love that bat eye makeup.

    By the way, your wonderful comment about potions (in response to my Halloween post) had me laughing! You rock my world, Jackie! xoxo

  8. Your Halloween photos are wonderful. Not the usual pumpkin pictures. Quite great inspirations.
    I wish you a nice sunday!

  9. Well, I wish I could come , but I´ll be at Draculas place, in. Be free too join us if you can make it. Your sisters too.

    Great post. Really got me in the mood for halloween.

    Have a nice day.

  10. Spooky and Beautiful!!

    Have a lovely Sunday..

    Have fun ::))

  11. You will let me know if you are trick or treating anywhere near my house won't you, you will scare the life out of me in that lot!!!!Make sure you warn me first ;)

    Fantastic images!!!

  12. I adore it all, except the skulls honey, but that beautiful bat in the sunset... sigh, who was the genius with the speedy camera?

    I think the dress is as dark and lovely as an Edgar Allen Poe poem.

  13. I would expect nothing less from you. Love the dress. You are always sooo fashionably dressed.

  14. Scary! Your eye makeup is to die for!

  15. Well Jacqueline
    I feel quite at home! If I knew you were 'The Bat Whisper' I would of had you around to get that lot in the front garden. Maybe they are relatives? hehe

    Love it all.. even the skulls!!
    x Julie

  16. I'm just assembling a little home-made trick or treat bag for you and your 3 sisters now. You like organic sloe fudge, right?

  17. Hi Jackie
    I don´t celebrate Halloween...but I always liked gotic like very much that dress.Anyway,hope you will have a good time...
    many hugs
    Magdalena/Color Sepia

  18. ...oh Jackie , one more thing...I didn´t have time to do much I send you email with photos this week,
    Magdalena/Color Sepia

  19. You are truly, truly divine. I wish I knew you in real life. You would certainly be one of the most interesting women I could ever imagine meeting.

    Do we get pictures of you all gussied up and details about the soiree?

    Hope so. . .

  20. Hi, This is absolutely gorgeous! The best Halloween post I have seen, so many spooky wonderful finds! Enjoy the party!x

  21. Hi Jackie,
    Love the dress and bat tats...but Johnny is going with ME!!! I have to say...the bags of skulls creeped me out a bit. I want to try out the bat eyes though. Now I'm off to call Johnny to confirm our date. Maybe he misunderstood.

  22. With that fabulous ensemble you'll definitely be belle of the ball! Leigh

  23. Dear Jackie!
    Thank you over and over...for all your kind words.
    I blush..:) And at the same time I´m very proud, that you like my non-stopping flow..:)
    I love your blog!
    So I give the words back to you..:)
    And this halloween post is absolutely fabulous!

    Have a great new week, with lots of joy and warm laughs...

  24. COOL POST.
    i love Halloween best of all the holidays.
    and i would wear any thing in this post.
    well.....i would take a pass on that hat.
    *it reminds me of a 'flesh hat.'


  25. What a perfectly haunty and whimsical Halloween party you have here Missy! Looks so fun and festive! I feel like I am really there. Great post!

  26. ohhhhhh..I was getting delightfully scared as I was reading your post! So much fun...

  27. Hello
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment
    This post is very the bags of bones and the eye makeup.

  28. There's just one word to describe this post - AWESOME! Have a Happy Halloween! Twyla

  29. The crows frighten me.. I have a thing with big birds! x

  30. I gave you a Splash Award which is so fitting for you. You are the epitome of alluring and bewitching! Visit my blog to find out about it!

  31. S P O O K Y and perfect !!!!

    :) Cate

  32. Hi Jacki,
    I think you will become t h e Halloween-Queen this evening... gorgeous dress, stylish shoes and accesoires and of course freaky escort and not to mention, generous gifts....
    Have a wonderful "creepy" time
    ;-) Bine

  33. So spooky! The bat top hat is adorable.

  34. You win hands down for imaginative ensemble, Jackie! xo

  35. Hi Jackie! Missed reading your posts so much...sorry I haven't stopped by in a while.
    As never fail to crack me up! Hope you enjoyed the party...Love to see what your wore;)
    Lots of Big xxxx's

  36. My first trip to your post. So creative. The bat tats are really great!

  37. Hope you had a good Monday! :)

    Stop by when you can. The Queen made two special announcements at the Manor!

  38. I think I'm the last one to the party as usual but none the less this was "super spooktacular" Jackie. These images are, well..incredible. The necklace, wow..that is really creepy, but in a good way! I hope you & Edward S. had a memorable time? Is he a good kisser? Fab job my friend. You've carried me away one more time to a place of fun & laughter. Happy evening to you my friend Xx deb

  39. Wow - of all the Halloween posts your is by far the most outrageously entertaining - you take the eyeball cake.

    Love the bat tats, the makeup and the jewelry too, but isn't Edward going to costume up?


  40. My sweet Jackie,
    sooooooo wonderful pictures - i love them and your story too. You`r the best!!!!!!! Thank you, for all your inspiration and for all your lovely comments!!!!

    Have a very nice week, Hugs Jade

  41. Wow I just spent the last half hour reading your blog ans I love it, those bat's on your feet look soooo good don't they??? Love Lucey

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  43. i love the bat tattoos! i have the exact same bats on my arm, although my sleeve isnt finished yet, i just saw this while looking on google, i absolutely love them! Beautiful work!