Tuesday, 5 November 2013

BY INVITATION ..... Guest Author .....

Our BIO subject this month is to find a non-blogger to do a guest post..... not easy !!  Most people that I know are either bloggers themselves , are too busy to do it or they are not interested !!
I finally begged and bribed someone to do a little something for me  ..... he told me what he wanted to do and I provided a selection of images for him to choose from so, there was a little help from me !.....


..... it's goodbye from me and over to him .....

OK , well, whether you like it or not, I'm your temporary, friendly, neighbourhood blogger for the day. Here I am in unknown territory --- and what a strange world it is for the uninitiated --- my brush with Blogtopia [ I have been briefed on that word ] means that my life has become, just for a while, like that of the lives in those Round Robin letters that we all have fall on the mat every Christmas --- they all seem to be living the perfect life --- the life of Riley.
 I need to embrace the 'Lifestyle' genre.
But, not for me the girly, fluffy images --- OH NO --- a little machismo is needed --- gotta show just what us blokes like BUT in the style of ' HOME ' --- can't let those standards drop can we ?
I've had a look at a few blogs and I am jumping on the bandwagon and entering that world of beautiful people and perfection. 

I have to say that I am definitely cooler on the Internet --- I can be anyone I like.

 but, unfortunately, it's only in my head. 

 And now, for my piece de resistance, my manly YouTube video, even you ladies might enjoy this one. It's only a couple of minutes long and has some good sound effects. A bit phallic, I know, which wasn't the intention but, hey ho.

via YouTube

Part of the Imax movie ' Roving Mars '

Thanks for bearing with me on my ' virgin blogging flight ' . You never know, perhaps I'll start a blog of my own after this.


For more ' guest bloggers ' pop over to see Marsha  where she has all of the links.

image 1: via tech geek, image 2: via twenty three four, image 3, 6, 10, 12, 14 & 16: via rain storms, image 4: via fusion 45, image 5: via lutim stylo, image 7:via we heart it, image 8 & 11: via crossing island cool life, image 9; via margadirube, image 13: via it means moto, image 15: via these times will pass.


  1. Cute.. love it... start blogging R... :) xv

  2. Great... R you are a a natural :)
    I had to miss out on this one Jacky...couldn't find anyone willing to join the party!! xx

  3. Giggles...blasting of into the blogisphere... awesome!!!!


  4. J, those images say it all ! What a great man and friend you have. This guest posting idea has been very very difficult but I must say you have produced one fine piece. Much love, darling friend. And, thank you for always being the creative artist you are.

  5. You succeeded quite nicely. Continue

  6. He should definitely start a blog!! THat was such an intriguing masculine perspective of images.. really great!!

  7. Very charming! Start your own blog! You do have talent! Christa

  8. Great post !!! wowwwwwwwwwww...x !

  9. Dear R,
    Please immediately go to google and open your own blog. If you need help with a name we will all make suggestions. The Blogging Bloke comes to mind. My dogs started to shake when the Mars video came on. Now she is dreaming about you and her little legs are spinning.
    Thank you Jackie for this highly amusing post
    Helen xx

  10. Dear Jackie,
    as ever I LOVE your photos! And, being a hot afficionada of cars - always one of the few women among a crowd of men peering at a beautiful car - I adore those! And of course I love the other luxuries you show too. It is definitely OK to indulge in luxury and beauty - as long as one is grateful for it, sees its beauty, - and is able to live without it, seeing beauty in everyday's life also.

  11. Merci pour votre commentaire sur mon post...Je viens de découvrir le votre, et j'adore son originalité, ainsi que les photos à dominante noir & blanc.

  12. This was some post. I was mesmerized just awesome,
    trying to get my nasty neighbor a ticket to MARS.
    I really enjoyed the post. yvonne
    Jackie, we may get snow this Sunday..

  13. GREAT - BRILLIANT - and with STUNNING images, as U S U A L! Simply GOOD! Running out with words to describe! Just love it, dear Jackie, again the best one for me, the best one on this months theme.
    By the way - tell me when "lifestyle" is back in stock :) :) :) ......
    Thank YOU for your comment and please accept my apology for late comment, had internet problems for weeks...grrh, but all sorted out by now.
    Will now also read all your recent older posts which I have missed, don't know why, they do n ot appear any longer on my reading list. Have you made any changes in your setting????

    However - all my best wishes for a lovely Sunday evening and a good start to the new week.
    Warmest greetings, karin

  14. The images may be masculine, but they still possess a certain sensuality, which fits right in with your usual fare. Nicely done!