Monday, 18 November 2013


Androgynous trends are the name of the game in fashion for 2013/2014 

It's a girl / boy thing !!

From brogues to suits, with a feminine twist

Of course, this is nothing new ….

Katharine Hepburn did it …..

….. as did Marlene Dietrich

….. and, Twiggy in the 60's

….. and, here's a page from the catalogue of my favourite shop, Biba. I bought a very similar jacket from Biba in the mid 60's and I still have it. The very same one was on the Antiques Roadshow and was valued at £600 to £800 !!!!
That shows how old I am !!!!

But, we won't forget our pencil skirts and high heels !!!!


image !: via sunday in bed, image 2: via night tattoo, image 3: via, image 4: via love with a proper stranger, image 5 & 9: via zsa zsa bellagio, image 6, 10, 11 & 12: via brown dress with white dots, image 7: via envers du decor, image 8: via margadirube, image 13: via dalje, image 14: via fashioning, image 15: via la garconneme, image 16: via interest, image 17: via biba catalogue, image 18: via the 60's fashion, image 19: via tumblr



  1. I like to wear a black tie with a white blouse and black pants.


  2. Love the post!!! Thanks for sharing.
    Ciao, Bette xx

  3. This is how my daughter at UC Berkeley dresses. She has been asked to model for this style magazine but she said no. She is that pretty but she would rather study.

    1. Good for her. My daughter is in grad school at Berkeley. It's hard work.

  4. Great pictures. I have always liked this look as long as it is not too extreme.

  5. When I was in the university I used to wear ties and you made be travel through time Jacqueline! You always select so special photos!

  6. Yes I like it...!!!!, great pictures.. have a nice day.
    Hetty XX

  7. I lifted the peeling black label from a tin of paint when in Biba's shop in the late sixties. The word, 'Dulux' was underneath it.

  8. Hello you - love these pictures - as ever a wonderful little selection. I do associate this style with you; along with pretty vintage lace! I'd love to wear a tie but think it might be a bit much for the school run ;-) however there is a half way house with a nod to mannish style! Lou x

  9. When I saw that photo, I knew it was Kate Hepburn.
    I sure do remember all those styles. Those seams were always
    turning,but that's a real pair of thoroughbred legs. Speaking of legs,
    I am making a Turkey Nov 28th wish you could come.

  10. and we won't forget wearing seamed nylons and keeping that seam straight . . . (Some of us will remember.). Great post . . .

  11. Great post !!!...i love it...happy Ria...x 1

  12. I did it too. Mostly because my mother in law did not approve.

  13. Hi Jackie,

    Lucky you to have kept it all that time!! I wish I had my 70s clothes still hidden somewhere in my cupboard.....

    Still wearing those high heels too! Don't know about the pencil skirts though. I think it's a bit too tight for me :-)

    Have a lovely new week!

    Madelief x

  14. Beautiful pictures! I still have a Biba-Jackett in a closet on the attic - 3 years ago I took it, it was still alright and I liked it - might be auction-ripe too, who knows?

  15. I love it - it's my kind of style that I've always felt most comfortable with! Love to you, Jackie! Give little Henry a hug from me! xxoo

  16. De quoi s'inspirer....

    belle journée


  17. That's great! I adore this style!!!!
    Thank you for passing and leaving your lovely comment!
    Nice evening to you Jackie!
    Warm hugs.

  18. Hello Jackie

    You will look fabulous in this style, Jackie. I could wear some. I never could keep those stocking seams straight. You made a good investment in the Biba jacket
    My best

  19. Hi my friend! LOve this post of yours because I really really do love Menswear! Sending you oodles of love for our coming holiday season. xox

  20. Lovely this menswear!
    Have a nice weekend Jackie.
    Hugs Gerda

  21. always eye candy over at Jackies....
    lovely and beautiful as you are...xxcheers..

  22. OMW, you feature THE MOST BEAUTIFUL images in your posts! I'm so happy I found your blog. You certainly have a new follower now. I'd love for you to drop by my blog sometime to see what we do!
    Tania from FARRAGOZ

  23. Love this look, Jackie...
    Have a wonderful Sunday... xv