Monday, 25 November 2013


Monday Magic is all about white this week ….. mainly because I have managed, all by myself, on my ownsome, unaided, by my own accord ….. managed to put falling snow and snow from the cursor, onto my blog this winter !!!!! I did it all on my own ….. can you believe it because I certainly can't.
I think that this accomplishment, from a woman of my age, deserves a round of applause !
So, as it's snowing on my blog, here are some pretty images of all things white …..

….. I wondered where they had got to …..

Oh dear …..

….. the snow is getting a bit too heavy now ….. I'm off to turn it down a bit !!

image 1: via biancamarla, image 2 : via margadirube, image 3 & 14: via zsa zsa bellagio, image 4: via les petites pages, image 5: via me, image 6: via wishful thinking, image 7: via envers du decor, image 8: via the independent, image 9: via apple cranberry, image 10: via inspiration lane, image 11, 19 & 20: via night tattoo,  image 12: via tumblr, image 13: via umla, image 15: via cpalen, image 16: via fleaing france, image 17: via mia to face, image 18: via midwinter dream



  1. Well done Jackie. I do understand. HTMl code makes me a wee bit crazed. I do enjoy the gentle snow here.

  2. So gorgeous. Love that second photo and the white ruffled skirt with layered white is how I like to dress. I LOVE white!!!!!!!

  3. So pretty. I love winter white–white leggings with a white camisole and white Calvin Klein sweater.


  4. Dear Jackie,
    that was the first thing I saw: it is snowing on your blog: wonderful! Aplpause, applause - really, I think you can be proud when managing something new - we all are, and computers are tricky (for me at least). You take so wonderful photographs - I always enjoy them, and the 'white'-theme is immaculate, beautiful - thank you! Britta

    1. Oh, typo in 'applause' - so a new round (one can't get enough of it, can one?): Applause, applause!

  5. Oh Jackie, what a breathtaking winter wonderland!!!! Thank you sooooooo much for all your inspiration - now I have so many ideas to decorate our Christmas home. Today here it is very cold with blue sky and sun.............what a joy to start the week with your wonderful winter post!!! Have a great week, my dear friend and enjoy the time before Christmas!!

    Hugs and love, Jade

  6. PS: And I loooooooooooove the falling can be so proud of you!!!!


  7. Beautiful whites! The origami bird is brilliant.

  8. Hi Jackie
    I know just how you feel, I was the same last year when I finally achieved putting snow on my winter blog. But age certainly has taken it's toll on me. I've forgotten where I got it from and how to do it again. Help !!! love your all white post, especially the bloomers hanging in the window :)

  9. Wowww what a great white post !!! from me.....happy week !!...x !

  10. WHITES are always so clean, pure and cool!

  11. So very pretty and calming, just like falling snow. I really like the photo you took-- good composition and subject matter! It just started sleeting here in my part of the world, so this post fit right in with the mood outside. Happy Monday to you.

  12. Hurray to you Jackie! So far I haven't managed to get snow on my blog! It looks really festive. Love your white post. So romantic!

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  13. Hello Jackie

    Well done I love the snow and the entire theme of your blog. The bloomers as curtains is priceless, I wish I had throught of that. You are giving me ideas. Oh my husband would die of embarrassment if I did that... The woman on horseback looks like you.
    Have a great week

    Helen xx

  14. OH, how I love the falling snow. Just brilliant, J. And, don't turn it down at all.
    Sending love, darling....

  15. I applaud you clever looks so the penguins :)
    Have a lovely week xx

  16. This is sheer gorgeous-ness!!! I loved every white and snowy photo. Of course I loved the knickers in the window :))) and you clever girl---turning on the snow---I wish you could hear me clapping!!!!
    Thank you Jackie for the Thanksgiving wishes...I know our family will have a great time together.

    I echo the same sentiment about 'meeting' you here. I feel blessed to know you!
    much love from me...

  17. Well look at you with all of this snow! I love it! We actually had some snow flurries when we were in NY/NJ last week - quite exciting for a Southern California girl! Lovely lovely photos as usual, dear Jackie! Wishing you a fabulous week! xxoo

  18. Oh sweet friend...I adore winter whites and especially yours. Your would love this little french shop we have in our town called THE WHITE is beautiful...only sells merchandise that is white or black. Hugs to you.

  19. Look at you ~ all techie and everything! As per usual you have put together a beautiful array of whites but no white Hope you are having a fabulous weekend, xo

  20. Jackie, what beautiful images! I adore all of the beautiful lacy dresses!

  21. so feeling seasonally challeneged!!

  22. Your tree is so beautiful! I love its sparseness and the way you decorated it with birds and votive candles to illuminate. Your home looks wonderful inside and out. The snow is so beautiful to look at but I'm sure not to live with! Hope you have a very merry Christmas! Christmas decoration ideas