Friday, 25 October 2013


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and, today is Wear It Pink Day .

Every year, Wear It Pink raises over £2 million during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, by asking people to wear something pink and donate £2 .
If you feel that you would like to support them, go to : Breast Cancer Campaign where you can donate your £2 ..... or text PINK to 70907 .....


..... just wear something pink to remember all those who have been touched by breast cancer, just to show that you are thinking of them..... it's not difficult ..... I'm sure that you've all got a pair of pink knickers somewhere in your drawer !!!!!

Today, let's just all give a thought to anyone whose lives have been touched by Breast Cancer.


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  1. Oww Jackie...what a beautiful post.....lovely Ria..x !

  2. Excellent post . . . and I will wear my pink!

  3. I will be wearing my bright pink lingerie set.

  4. Brilliant......I will have to pink it up! Great cause,
    Love Helen xx

  5. I love pink. I wear it frequently. Thank you for the awareness reminder.


  6. I did not know this but happen to have on a pink shirt. I have cared for many breast cancer patients. I am always amazed at the bravery and strength of these women.

  7. Beautiful post Jackie with some lovely photos! This cause is one that is very close to my heart and I had planned a pink post but the time has gotten away from me this month. And I do think every girl has a pair of pink knickers now! Happy weekend xoxo

  8. Hi Jackie!!!

    It's not hard for me to find something pink to wear, as I love pink and have many items to
    chose from!!!

    I feel for all the women that have to wait for the lab test to come back negative or positive.
    I was at that point 6 yrs ago and mine came back negative. I swore then to do what I can for
    this cause!!

    Thank you for a beautiful post!!

    Have a great weekend!!!


  9. thanks for the reminder Jackie...this month (and the last) had gotten away from me and I completely forgot about this. Will be wearing pick in some form for the rest of the month...even if it's just my knickers!
    xo J~

  10. how beautiful.........a pink celebration!!

  11. A very tender, beautiful post, best friend has just finished all her treatment it is such a difficult time, she has been amazing through out it all...I'll be wearing pink :)
    Have a lovely weekend. xx

  12. Jackie, My Mother wore panties like that with zippers, She had such beautiful things. Worked at Neiman Marcus in Houston. As far as Pink, I know how these women suffer, saw so many at the chemo center. Also Radiation building during my Cancer.


  13. Thank you for the sweet reminder my friend...hope you are doing very very well. xox

  14. Dear Jackie - exquisite photos as always - thank you! The little silk bikini: so sexy! And the quote is really true - I just tried it - that I will copy it (who said it?). Thank you!

  15. Thank you for all women , these picture are so marvellous...

  16. I wish I could say I haven't been touched by it. Ugh! I'll be thinking of my Auntie today!

  17. It's a beautiful post dear Jackie. Sadly we have probably all been touched by this disease in some way. My dear neighbor got breast cancer when we were both in our late thirties and I drove her to a couple of her treatments when her husband couldn't. Treatments have changed so much since then (thank goodness) and so many more are surviving. My friend has been cancer free since then and we are now 58. You have shared beautiful images here as always my friend.
    I hope you are well and want to wish you a wonderful Thursday.
    much love....

  18. I love how you bring poetry and beauty to our world, our sad world sometimes...I am surrounded by people I love, fighting mom, my cousin, lost a cousin, barely 30, to cancer. Both her mom and dad fought cancer and their daughter is the one who lost the battle. I admire the courage of those who, on a daily basis are reminded of their mortality but yet put a smile on, and go on about this life.

  19. Lovely, lovely! Love the "Rideaux" image, makes me smile and remembers me on the time when there were still this kind of underware for sale at our weekly country farmer's market. One had to battle ones through them.....:) like going through curtains....