Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Our BIO subject this month is :

Choose one outfit from the A/W 2013 collections that you LOVE .....
Choose one outfit from the same collections that you HATE.

Now, this is me to a 'T'. I have always loved this slightly masculine look whilst still looking feminine. This is from the Ralph Lauren Collection and, I have already paid homage to Ralph with the black tie, white shirt and black jacket and skirt { albeit a slightly cheaper version !!!! } ..... all I need now is the sweater. Being on the older side !!!!  I think that I would replace the schoolgirl socks with black tights !

There were many outfits that would come in my ' outfits not to wear ' category but the following really do leave me cold .....

No words are necessary !!!!!!

If a model can look this bad in them then there is definitely no hope for me !!!! To me, the coat is shapeless and does nothing for the model and those popsox things on her legs well .................... !!!!!
I don't think anything more needs to be said ..... there are no words ! I do understand that fashion is all about pushing bounderies but ..... ????!!!!!!!!

Now, I don't think that it would be right to leave the men out completely so .....

..... don't you think that the above outfit would be perfect for Mr. Home to pop to the supermarket in ?!!

..... and finally .....

Please pop over to Marsha's to see what everyone else, who contributed to this BIO post, thinks of fashion today.

image 1: via umla, images 2, 7 & 11: via zsa zsa bellagio, images 3, 4, 5 & 6: via ralph lauren, image 8: via giles deacon, image 9: via simone rocha, image 10: via we heart it, image 13: via versace 



  1. Well if Mr Home did pop down to the supermarket in that fetching number, it would make it a lot more lively an outing for everybody else!!

    I love the tie and shirt look you chose....looks smart and chic.

    And as for that extraordinary fur trimmed coat thing...well I am speechless!

    Clever quotes...perfectly chosen. xx

  2. Oh yes, Jackie I could see you in your 'love' outfit...but no hat??
    Great post...the no words are necessary cape coat made me giggle ;)
    Have a lovely day.

  3. I really don't understand, Jackie, why the first creation from your 'outfits not to wear - category' leaves you cold!!!!!! Seriously - it looks so warm and cozy, like an igloo, every eskimo would feel very comfortable in it. So, why not you?????? :) :) :)
    And the man's outfit - I'm simply speechless!!!
    Au contraire - Ralph Lauren's pieces are lovely and very charming.
    A very amusing post - just love your sense of humor!
    Have a wonderful week, do not try to persuede Mr. Home to wear that special outfit for his next Supermarket-pop-in, he might be quickly surrounded by an army of Bobbies together with a Psychiatrist! GRRHH...

  4. Amazing that I had entirely missed the man's outfit! I mean, where could I have been? Priceless, J.
    What a brilliant sense of humor you have. And, the black and white Ralph is completely splendid. So you !!!
    Have you seen Karin's post yet? She knocked the ball out of the park today.
    Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you.

  5. I wonder how much you have to pay to look like a mushroom?

  6. Hi dear Jackie,
    the black and white outfit is so classic, I love that. But I don't understand why you don't like this little warm brown something. You have to remember, that the temperatures can be very cold in winter... and I guess it will be the perfect outfit for a bad-hair-day ;-).
    xx Bine

  7. First of all I have to say... I missed the first episode of Downton Abbey!! What was I thinking!!! I'm going to try and download it now... so I can catch up!!
    Your post has me in stitches Jackie... those outfits.. where did you find them... and by the way I do love a little bit of schoolgirl aka Ralph Lauren... gorgeous...
    Thank you for the shout out about the giveaway... I really appreciate that... :) xv

  8. I do like Ralph Laurens look. The not to wears are ICK. A man in lace is not Good my dear. xo, olive

  9. White lace pants on a man - so wrong! :) I quite like the coat on the model with the popsox though, but not the popsox, Oh no. Thanks for sharing!
    Jess x x

  10. Love this post Jacky !!?.....x!

  11. I don't think we are supposed to take catwalks too seriously...

  12. Love your no words are necessary pick ~ who would that look good on ~ other than hiding a multitude of sins ~ I can just imagine me in it ~ I would have a hot flash for sure!! This post made me smile Jackie ~ and that my friend is a good thing. xo

  13. Hello Jackie

    If Mr H does not like that white coat, please pass it along to me. On second thoughts send the entire outfit, I will add fabric and lining and some biscuit colour lace and heads will turn, not that they are not turning already!!! You will look tres elegant in the first outfit.
    Thanks for the smile Helen xx

  14. I totally missed the By Invitation Only...At leaf, I will get to read the post. I think Mr Home should definitely go the supermarket in that splendid white lace outfit...please make sure to follow him camera in hand!

  15. I love the Ralph Lauren look and it's one that I have worn many times. One of my fave blazers is a well worn RL. Now about that first "outfit not to wear". It definitely made me smile. And shake my head. Haha. xxoo

  16. Fabulous Jackie...I smiled and giggled through your post. Your picked a winner in RL..in true English style. Best wishes....xxx

  17. What fun selections. (I love menswear on women. Chic and sexy.)

    That oddity of a pod-like something with fur? What were they THINKING???

    D. A. (at Daily Plate of Crazy)

  18. The model herself looks defeated by the bad coat with sloping shoulders. Whereas at least mushroom girl has some anonymity inside her ensemble. I definitely second your choices.

  19. Hi Jackie, I am still laughing, that woman in the fur topped pea pod was so funny.
    The second was that girl/fellow in white lace.Just had my party last night and still cleaning
    up yard and luminaries,torches ect. It was Fun and every one helped bring in the leftovers.
    The Saint George Artist's group is a fine fun bunch, Renee and I are going to the Pumkin Fest today. yvonne

  20. Dear Jackie, I share your contempt for the pumpkin-outfit of that poor model. The guy - well, if he looks that gorgeous, he may even come with this bizzare eyecatcher-outfit with me to the supermarket - best into the section milk, cream and honey :-)

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