Friday, 26 February 2010

I'VE BEEN A NAUGHTY GIRL !!!! ...............

Oh, woe is me....I have been a very bad blogger. I have broken the code and will probably be ostracized from the blogging community, stripped of my awards and sent to blogging Siberia !!

I have agonised ..........

.......... wept ..........

.......... thought of running away to sea ..........

.......... living in a wood, where no one can find me ..........

.......... where , with so much time on my hands, I would descend into deep depression
.......... and, why, you ask..........
Well, a long, long time ago, I was kindly given quite a few awards and, on my last post, thanked two of the lovely girls who so kindly bestowed these on me. But my crime was that, two other such lovely ladies did the same thing and I forgot them !! Left them out !! Treated them like dirt!! Didn't mention their names or their blogs .... and now I will be thrown to the blogging dogs , sent to Coventry and cut off without a follower to my name !!
I will try and make amends and thank them all now..........

I was also given the Kreativ Blogger Award by the lovely Mimi @ Bonjour Romance and from Clarity @ Clarity in Wonderland both of whom have wonderful blogs.
Mimi shows us around Paris, where she lives, with such style and elegance and you will want to jump on a plane or a train and get to Paris as quickly as you can because her photographs are a joy.......... and Clarity just takes you inside yourself and makes you think, ponder and reflect with her beautiful words and contemplations.

Then, I was given the Sunshine award from two other wonderful bloggers. First from Pam @ Red Ticking and then from the lovely Jeanne @ Collage of Life . Pam has the most wonderful blog full of the most delicious furniture and home furnishings you ever did see. I could have each and every piece that she shows, in my home. It is gorgeous..... and Jeanne is an expat, living here in the U.K. after living in New Zealand, Australia and the States. Her blog is filled with interiors, fashion, cooking, books....... oh, everything you can think of and she is so kind and loyal, always giving lovely comments...... oh, and by the way, she is having a giveaway at the moment, so pop over and see her, comment and you could win a terrific prize.

............ and then, I was given the 5 Diamonds Award by Julie @ Being Ruby
and by Luiza @ Luiza's Feeling's
If any of you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that Julie and I are great blogging buddies. Julie's was one of the first blog's that I came across and we have been friend's ever since. Her blog, Being Ruby, is an absolute joy, filled with her beautiful photographs and wonderful text. Luiza is a lovely Swedish girl from Stockholm and, as soon as Sweden is mentioned, then you can tell it's going to be a fantastic blog. Filled with her clever photography and lovely things that she makes, it is a lovely place to go.
Many thanks to you all for giving me these awards and, if you don't want to disown me or throw me into the fires of Hell, for my tardiness, then I'm most grateful and I will try to be better in the future !!
I'm supposed to pass these awards on but, as this post has taken me forever and I want to get it up so you all know how sorry I am, I will pass them on later.
Have a rewarding weekend !!!!


  1. I say: ask those against whom you transgressed (hehe) to design your own punishment...but seriously: they look like a darling bunch..I am sure you will be forgiven, Jackie! Big virtual hug to you, oh human you!

  2. No way have you been nauty. It's easy to forget but you have made it Ok again, I think.

    The very, very beautiful pictures you show in this post, have you taken them yourself?
    They are adorable.
    Hugs Eva Agnes

  3. You are too funny Jackie!

    I love your photos and spin such a great yarn,
    just wonderful.

    I read your last post and it never crossed my mind so that shows you how in touch I am with the awards that are being passed around.

    Many thanks for mentioning now:)

    Just had another look at that top photo...absolutely cracks me up!!

    Bad blogger indeed...never in a million years!

    Have a great weekend.


  4. Oh dear...trouble in Paradise? I guess the photos may just get you out and back on track! Really beautiful thankyou

  5. Ok, Jacqueline, that's it. I'm not going to read your blog any more, I'll unravel this charming little lavender-sachet I've been knitting for you for the past three years, and I'll have to blow out the candle I keep lit beneath your picture here on our living room wall next to the big round gilt mirror. I'm sorry, but that's the way. I'm so upset for those poor award-givers that I'm not even going to leave this comment.

  6. What a wonderful imagination you have...I am sure you are FORGIVEN.
    And because of all the attention you have given these individuals now...I am off to see what they are all about.


  7. Oh jacqueline you're a scream.. don't think anyone would be too worried about it.. but I guess if you have to agonize and weep you might as well do it in style! Love the images.. must stow them away for away for the next time I want to run away to sea.!! Have a great weekend xx Julie [as usual Mise has said it best!]

  8. Oh Jackie, you had me worried for a minute....I was seriously wondering if the naughty secret involved George or somesuch lovely man, possibly the window-cleaner....or even (I am going to wash my mouth out after I say this!) that you were ceasing to blog!!!?? I am mightily relieved that's for sure ;) xo

  9. It's so nice to finally come across a blog from the UK! Love the pics!

  10. Oh disgraceful....shameful..I may need to reconsider sending you your prize ..tee hee hee...
    Beautiful hearts are very forgiving..Im sure it will be fine :) x

  11. Jackie!
    You have been a bad bad girl! I am not sure that anyone will forgive you. Now, if you decide to run away to sea....I am running with you...but I want to wear that pretty dress!
    Seriously funny post with gorgeous pics....where do you ever find them?

  12. You gave me a great laugh this morning,Jackie....the photos are perfect!

    Have a fabulous weekend! xxoo :)

  13. You made me smile! Thank you for such beautiful images and fun prose today. ~ Angela

  14. your photos are always so amazing! absolutely love them . . . and your blog.

  15. Hi Jackie,

    Congratulations! You deserve all these beautiful awards! I am one of your fans too :-)

    I think you probably have made it up to the neglected girls....... You had me LOL!

    Happy weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  16. Jackie,
    what are we to do with you.
    we can't send you to blogging Coventry, who will make s all laugh like you do.
    Don't worry we will still love you and as we all know you are a scatter brain,I am sure the girls will still love you.

    much love

  17. The perfect naughty girl photo Jackie, but I hope this is never an issue. if so, I think I might have to borrow your photo because I know I lost track of one recently. It means going through all my comments to backtrack, if they don't email separately to tell you it can get lost in the shuffle sometimes. Sometimes an award is given but only know because someone else caught it in a blog comment. So maybe it we give an award, we should email the recipient directly so we don't make any naughty girl mistakes. That would help me anyways as I can be scattered at times.
    Enjoy your weekend ~ XO

  18. I think Coventry will not be necessary - your beautiful images and words are enough to redeem you! Hope you have a lovely weekend. Leigh

  19. Who could ever be mad at you when you bring not only beauty, but also such delicious laughs to all of our lives?!!!! Plus, your exclamation marks have rubbed off on me, a fact which I find quite charming.

    Thank you for your lovely, lovely comment on my giveaway post, and for including my little giveaway on your sidebar. You truly are one of the sweetest and coolest people I know.

    Oh, and if being exiled to the wood is anything like the photo above, I'll gladly go!! xoxo Gigi

  20. Darling, Thank you, I hereby request that Coventry return you ;) I suspect they would be having way too much with you.

    Peace and love and there is nothing to forgive, XXX. I adore you and your blog.

    P.S. I liked that hat on Trish's too - great minds ey? The skirt/seaside picture - where is it from?

  21. Clearly you need a BA (no not a Bachelor of Arts but a Blogging Administrator to keep track of the awards and make sure all are duly thanked! Seriously I always wanted to wear a dunces hat. They don't have them anymore do they? xoxo

  22. Oh Jac's you duffer, I think Jane said it, all these awards honey, what's a girl to do!

    I love your photo' luck would have it you will see more of #2 at a certain DJA today...great minds.

    Have a lovely weekend sweetheart,

  23. Oh you made me laugh....hey I didn't mention it but I have the set for the second last one too, haven't got round to posting it....spiritual twins for sure!!!!

    I can see you on the same wavelength....hi

  24. Another enchanting blog full of inspiration and magic. The only missing is a picture of Stevie Nicks!

  25. re comment.. oh shoot no Jac's, seriously I love everything you post and SO love your style. Post away my darling, xoxo

  26. Whew, I'll bet you feel better now.

    It would be impossible -- do you year me? -- impossible(!) ever to fall out of love with you. No matter what you do, or don't do, or forget to do. Absolutely impossible.


  27. Geez, I was getting ready for a really, really juicy confession Jac!! It's OK, all is forgiven, you can come out of the corner now.
    Millie ^_^

  28. as I don't know you I am not near as upset as the others, lol I love your blog, come and see me, you and I could be great friends, ask Julie what a nice person I am. Great sense of humor, humility, hell, I have it all.

  29. I for one would never throw you to the blogging dogs and I am so sad that you went through so much anguish this week! You sure know how to make a girl smile as I sit here watching the Gold medal match in woman's curling ~ I am so addicted this year it is crazy!! At least I have baby carrots to keep me company and have laid off the chips & dip!! Bravo to the UK for their Gold medal win in Skeleton ~ such a crazy sport ~ isn't it??
    Have a wonderful week-end Jackie... Hugs & Love from across the pond. xo

  30. Hi Jackie, I would go to bloggie Hell with you. You know I would. I had to make myself an award free blog because I'm such a rule breaker. If a rule exists I will figure out how to break it that's for sure. Been that way since I was a little girl. It's sure no fun being married to a cop. It's a little harder to break the rules while he's watching, but I always find a way.

    You always make me laugh girl.

  31. congratulations on your awards. you certainly deserve them.

    i will surely never win one but am terrified that if i do, i
    won't know how to respond appropriately....

    this is not the first blog in which the recipient was asking forgiveness
    for something or other.

    am happy for my obscurity,

  32. Jackie....i can't imagine you ever getting depressed. I would hide out in any of those places with you.....that woodsy place with the white gossimer tent and paintings hanging from the trees is my favorite one of all....being a nature girl it's right up my alley.
    I think you've done a great job with all the awards you get!!! I'm the one going straight to blog HELL!!! haha....I never do them:))


  33. Jacqueline...tried emailing you but it links to outlook..which I dont use. Send me an email so I can get this little beauty to you :) x

  34. Oh Jackie I would be SO lost if you ever left blogland! You have made me smile & giggle so many times & I adore 'HOME'
    p.s we are aloud to be naughty every know & again....he !he! X Cate

  35. You cute girl you...I think no one would band you from blogland..we love you too much. I must confess..I am the worst with awards. Happy weekend!

  36. hi jacqueline
    i cannot imagine "being thrown to the blogging dogs ", ... too funny. i love the first pic AND the turquoise pumps.
    i am sure you are forgiven.
    have a great sunday

  37. it's a better world without awards....your blog is the best!...thanks for taking the time to do it....

  38. Oh darling Jackie ... sometimes we all get caught up with reading comments etc. and these things just simply get forgotten. I find if I dont reply to an email straight away, then it gets swallowed up with all the others!

    I'm sure everyone concerned will forgive you ... as you are such a darling blogger!
    Hope your weekend is going well.

  39. dear jackie... you are so darling you could never be naughty.. and we all love you so enjoy the landslide of awards... you truly deserve each and everyone one. xoxo

  40. Hey now, I kinda like that little tent out there in the wood, it has a sort of homey charm! ;-)

    How wonderful to discover your lovely blog! You have a definite point of view and a dry wit, my kinda gal!

    Very nice to meet you!


  41. Only you, Jackie, could turn a faux pas into a visual feast! I think you can safely return from Blogland Siberia, safe in the knowledge that you have won our hearts forever...

    Congratulations on your well-deserved awards. Meredy xo.

  42. Hi little naughty girl, your pictures are so nice and your comments are so sweet that we take a big pen and draw a beautiful flower over the word naughty.
    You are great and everybody understands that you can forget things.
    Have a nice sunday.
    Hugs Gerda

  43. Jackie!!! I always go totally wild and crazy when I visit you! You are a master at finding the most wonderful pictures and writing so amazing words. You the best!!!

    Hugs Anita

  44. What beautiful photographs! Love your style! I never know what to do with the blog awards - I have a few I need to acknowledge - oops!

  45. I am a naughty girl too Jackie and I suspect there are many other naughties out there ....xv

  46. Bonjour dear Jackie,
    You...naughty? Never!! You are the best Miss Jackie and you will never go to the Coventry. There is never a need to comment, link or anything. We all love you and your beautiful blog and your delightful sense of humour. Just to say I appreciate what you do.

    Thank you and félicitations on all your awards - you deserve each and every one!
    Bonne soirée

  47. Oh, wow, Jackie, so many Awards!!!! Congratulation!!! Your blog is so wonderful, so many great photos and you are a lovely person!!!!
    Have a wonderful new week!!!!!

  48. You are far from naughty. We are so behind our our awards it's ridiculous. Congrats on all your fabulous receipts!

  49. Hi!

    I just want to say that your comments at my blog are so fun to read! And you make me so happy everytime you've been visiting me!=))

    Thank you for all the kind words!!
    Your post is filled with the most amazing pictures!

    Many hugs //

  50. Hillarious!! Pam also gave me the Sunshine award. she is so wonderful.
    You think you have been bad...I do not even know how to display my sunshine ....God only knows how much i need a little sunshine.

  51. Whew...I'm exhausted finding my way all the way down here..Your sure are a popular girl!! Your blog is girlie heaven...romantic ,stylish you got it all going on...Can I follow you?? cynthia Wolff

  52. I just wanted to let you know I have 2 more issues of Flea Market Style that I am giving away on my blog:

    Lara :)

  53. Sheesh girl, you get a lot of awards!!! How do you keep em all straight?! :) Congrats my dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  54. Wellll... I guess NAUGHTY can be GOOD... you are a winner on my site!!!

  55. You are forgiven!! You are however very very funny!!! x

  56. Oh dear oh dear oh dear! But after all, you are a 'carrot meringue brownie' if I read it correctly, and therefore are allowed the odd hiccup (and exclamation mark). I'm just not sure how you will get back in Mise's good books. Shame about the lavender sachet!!!

  57. So no smack bottom then??? ;-)

  58. Oh Jackie, you´r sooo sweet ;)) - i love your stories and great pictures!! Hope, you´r not anymore a bad girl ;))!!! Have a wonderful week,

    Hugs Jade

  59. Oh, you make me laugh!! And wouldn't it be rather wonderful to live in the woods with all the accoutrements of the lady in the fifth photograph.?! I love the artwork swinging in the trees.

    Oh, and regarding my last posting.... please don't think I am anti-makeup! I never leave the house without my dark plum lipstick!! Just no knives, please!!

  60. You may be a 'naughty' blogger but a hilarious one you are at that. You are not alone my friend, never alone. This post was brilliant! Hope you had that glorious relaxing Sunday my dear. xx deb

  61. The pictures in this post have so much emotion in them, they are truly amazing! I would be truly honored if you gave your poetic advice on my blogs of poetry and follow them.

    Grant Guda
    The Wannabe Poet

  62. Oooh, my sweet , sweet friend!!! We all forget sometimes it´s OK...haha.

    You are forgiven!

    Take care, Jackie!


  63. Dear Jackie,
    Don't be so hard on yourself... We all love you no matter what you do or don't do~ I think that is the beauty of this world, there are no rules.. CONGRATULATIONS on the awards though! You are so deserving of them. You give us the most quality posts and share your heart and soul in all you do. Thank you for that!
    p.s I am so happy you loved your prize. I got you that lace in Paris last trip when you said you wanted anything lacey on my contest. Remember? I loved the color of the cardboard:) PLEASE don't feel you have to do a post it all.. this is not the rule... the only rule is "just enjoy"
    Love you lots!!!

  64. My beautiful Jackie,

    I have no idea about the blog awards.

    To be honest I don't care.

    I remember when dustjacketattic past me her award, I asked her: what is that?

    In my eyes you are a winner!

    As an artist, I adore your blog.

    I also adore dustjacketattic, Being Ruby, and our beautiful Ada and Darcy.. so how lucky I am :)

  65. All is forgiven with those lovely pics! Your blog is beautiful :)

  66. No you are not a bad girl!
    You have a so beautiful blog!
    Kiss from France.

  67. If you havent made it ok again, nobody will! A very good and original way to say Im sorry...I wish you a good week, hugs from me! :)