Sunday, 21 February 2010

YET 7 MORE THINGS ABOUT ME !!!! ..........

Dear Susie @ The Mill House kindly gave me the Kreativ blogger award, as did my dear friend Luiza @ Feelings , ages ago and it has taken me so long to get round to doing my 7 things about me so, many apologies for the delay, Susie and Luiza. I have done this a couple of times before and, not wanting to repeat myself, I am scraping the bottom of the barrel a bit here so, bear with me ..........

First of all, funny things happen to me....for instance, the other week, I was going out to lunch with my friends . After my shower, I was in the bedroom deciding what to wear. In our bedroom we have solid wood two tier shutters and I always leave the bottom set closed and have the top ones open, so covering my modesty from the prying eyes of passers-by or the people in the houses opposite. Well, I sat down on the bed to put my tights on, stood up to pull them up, facing the far wall and, to my great dismay, shock, horror,........ when I turned around, there was the window cleaner staring through the window !!!! Aarrghhh. Oh God, soooo embarrassing. A little later, I went downstairs to pay him. He told me that it had only happened to him once before and hoped that I was O.K. about it. I told him that, at my age, I was passed caring !! Well, at least I had my knickers ON !!

Next, I think that I've told you before that I love black......but, it's got to the point where I don't even entertain another colour. I do try. I take something that I like into the changing room in all of the colour options, including black, of course. I try them all on and always decide on the black one because it always looks the best. I'm just an old rock chick at heart !!

I love old houses. The house that we live in was built in 1890 but, the one that we lived in before was built in 1648. It is so amazing to me that the Great Fire of London hadn't happened and King Charles 1 was on the throne.

I love hats. Top hats are my favourite but I do like bowler hats as well. I don't wear them often enough really and would like to wear them on a regular basis but, you don't see many old women in the supermarket in a top hat do you ?

I am a bit of a dreamer and fantasise about, Pirates, Mardis Gras, Masked Balls, Princes and Princesses. I'm sure that, to have lived in the times of swash buckling pirates, the intrigue of Henry VIII's court or life in Venice in the 1700's was not as romantic as we like to think it was, but it's fun to pretend.

As you have all probably noticed, exclamation marks feature heavily in my posts. I find that I can't help using them. After a particular sentence, my finger automatically and quite naturally is pulled by some force of gravity, to the top left hand corner, where that exclamation mark key is. I know that it is 'par bon' to use them. They say that, if you have written the sentence properly, you have no reason to use them. I apologise to all of you brilliant writers out there. I'm sure that you would never dare to use an exclamation mark. I'm afraid that I will continue to use them as I feel that they put my point across without the possibility that something that I've said could cause offence without their use !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have highlights ! Yes, it's true. These beautiful blonde highlights are not the result of the sun, kissing my hair with golden glints but 3 hours of BLOODY boredom, sitting in a chair and reading the escapades of celebrities and who's cheating on who, and who is three sizes below zero and how many of those tiny dogs they can fit into their £10 million handbag EXCLAMATION MARKS TO INFINITY.

Now, the rules are that I have to pass this award on but, an extra thing that you didn't know about me is that I don't like disappointing people so, this time I am going to give it to each and everyone of you. Please take the award and show us all some more in depth things about yourselves...... and, please go over and see Susie as she has a beautiful blog, lives in a most wonderful part of England, shows us around the area where she lives, and gives the most wonderful comments so, it will be worth your while !!........... and, you must visit Luiza. Her blog is a beautiful journey through photographs and all things Swedish. She is the kindest girl and loyal and generous so, please pop over to see her as well.
Have a great week and, make sure that you do things that require exclamation marks !!!!


  1. Yes, I do know you LOVE your black! :) And I TOTALLY love that black dress. Do you mind sharing it?! :)

  2. I love black too, I may have mentioned that. And please please wear the top hat in the supermarche. There are so many weirdos in England (I mean that in the nicest way) noone will notice.

    And we actually have a nudie window in our shower ensuite (I know its a bit strange but it faces the garden) but last week the painter walked past it and got the FULL EYEFUL. but you know what having babies does to you? It deletes your modesty for ever. I didn't even care.

    Lovely post lovely Jacqui.

  3. Ooo Jac's I loved this. The knickers thing...hysterical. I love old houses so much and dare I say....exclamation marks!!! Cannot help myself.

    Whenever I see a fashion spread with top hats I think of you.

    Congrat's on your award darling,

  4. Hi Jackie! (an exclamation point..just for you!)

    I love old houses too! I think it is just lovely that you lived in a house built in 1648...when my Quaker gggggreat grandparents were still living in England! What a thought! Do you know anything about your family history? I think I've mentioned that some of my great grandparents lived in Hertfordshire. Do you know any Speakmans (from Reading), Brintons, Bagleys, Suttons, Harringtons, or Harrys? They could be my cousins! Ha ha!! Oh, and love Helena! Don't you think she is just wonderful?!

    : )

    Julie M. (in WA..USA)

  5. A blog without exclamation marks is like an egg with salt!!!!!!

  6. Hi Jackie,

    Oh Jackie, what an awful thing to happen! Something like that could easily happen to me as well. When I read your seven points I realise how much we in common. From the highlights to the exclamation marks!!!!! Like you I am a dreamer too. The 18th century is not my thing, but pleeeeaaaaasssssssseeeeeeeee take me back to the roaring twenties!!!

    Enjoy your day!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  7. Very entertaining indeed, Jacqueline, and if that's scraping the barrel, you're quite a barrel(!!!!!!).

    I went through a black phase and have come out of it into chalky colours and reds, but I suspect you are more resolute and dedicated than me and will remain true to black. And Jane is right, you should wear your top hats wherever you go. Vivienne Westwood would, wouldn't she, and to my mind you're her spiritual first cousin.

    The three hours of highlights sound really grim; you must be a Martyr To Beauty. The top hat would surely deflect attention from the sunkissedness of your hair so you mightn't have to bother?


  8. Oh Jackie ... you are so gorgeous ... and I love your honesty!
    I had to laugh reading about your window washer incident. Its happened to me also and its usually downstairs when the gardener has come in without me hearing him ... he always gives me such a fright!

    I too love old houses ... and I miss our house in Sydney which was built in 1886. We call it the money pit!

    And dont you dare stop using exclamation marks!!!!!
    Congrats on your beautiful award my friend!!!

  9. Awesome post Jackie!!!!
    I too suffer from overuse exclamation mark syndrome as well as the full stop....and I wouldn't ever want to be cured of it..its fun!!! Thanks for sharing a little part of yourself...p.s Window cleaner story was a great chuckle :) Anna x

  10. Thank you for those snippets of you. You are a joy.

  11. Yep......after three children and at LEAST 500 different doctors having seen my body over the past 70+ years..I just don't even care anymore ( much ) !!!!!

    But it has happend to most of us at one time or another I believe....but you are one of the few that have been honest about it... and able to laugh about it too.

    After all teenagers plaster their own nude pic's all over each others cell phones ON PURPOSE...GADS !!!!
    They have no idea what they are doing to and in their future.


  12. Jackie, you are a woman..
    ~of incredible imagination...
    ~with a naughty little sense of humour..
    ~ who sees the unseen...
    ~who finds joy in even the apparently mundane...
    ~and your hair always looks fantastic (I am sure!)
    oxoxoxo AJ

  13. Hi there. I have been a follower for a while and I just have to say how much I love your blog!!!!!! I use exclamation points to much and I don't care! I love, love, love hats too, I am the hat queen around here. I live in Iowa where people are a little too conservative so I feel I need to stand out. I also wear crazy socks, why not.

    Love the story about the window cleaner seeing you in all your glory! Too funny! I love all your pictures especially the Eiffel Tower. I collect Eiffel Tower statues. My sister just spent a month in Paris and when I turn 40 (I am 38 now) that is where we are going for my birthday, yea!

    Thanks again for your beautiful blog, I am so happy I found you!


  14. Love the knickers...what a wondeful way to talk about yourself. Love your blog! the post on red is sublime...will be a follower from now on


  16. Love your stories Jackie! I'm thinking of those blonde highlights would be a step closer to letting the silver shine through!
    I love black too....I fool myself into thinking I look slimmer! Silly me! (notice the !!!!'s)
    :) Happy Sunday!

  17. I think you and I could be great friends. Exclamation Point.

  18. Love the window washer story! I tender to overuse exclamation marks too ~ so shoot me ~ I really do not care!! oops... see habit here. As always Jackie ~ loving your list. I know why we found each other ~ you failed to mention cocktails tho.... was that a systems glitch?? lol. hugs to you. xo

  19. Dear Jackie,
    Oh the beauty in the small and personal... thank you so much for sharing more about YOU! I knew you were special and this sets it all in writing! You are so special inside and out~~

  20. Jackie -

    Love getting to know you better - boy could we hang.

    When I surf new blogs I'll start with the bloggers who comment here - I like them too.

    Thanks for this post, I love it!!!


  21. Jackie - This is my first visit to your blog and I JUST LOVE IT! There's not a post or photo that doesn't capture my heart. I'm a very visual person and all the photos you use to express yourself are just awesome!

    thanks for sharing so much of yourself.

  22. I loved your post Jackie, as ever !

    Have a lovely week

  23. Hello Jackie,
    Thank you for leaving me a a lovely comment on my blog. I want you to know I forwarded it to Ness from Marley and Lockyer and you made her day! I thought that was so neat you started a blog from her lovely blog!! I love Ness, and there is one thing for sure yes I have found amazing blogs like yours, where the pictures are to die for, but nothing can beat the friendships that I have made in just a month! I love visiting you and having a connection with women like you and Ness.
    Take Care,

  24. Oh my Jackie, what a fun post! Thanks for sharing these things with us. I can't believe that peeping Tom! He must have felt sooo embarrassed!

    I love hats too and used to always sport one, but wearing them less now. I think you look fab in a top hat! I'd love to see ladies wearing hats again.

    Can totally relate to the hair dye and exclamation point thing. We have to, right?

    Love that photo of the house.

    Great post!!!!

  25. Cracking up! I say 'IF you wear the top hat to your super market, I will too!' Of course, my children may never speak to me again but I will have had fun getting some strange looks. As for the window cleaner - I will dress anyway he or she wants as long as SOME ONE OTHER THAN ME cleans all of my windows ;-) !!!! May I say in exclamation that I don't care that you're not a real blonde ...You are just WONDERFUL!!!!! Exclamation marks and all!!! Now, where do you possibly find all those delicious photos? That's another secret I'd like to know ;-)

  26. Thanks for sharing your story about the window cleaner, it was really amusing!!!!

  27. Your blog require exclamation points ! It is one of my favourite ! Bisous

  28. That window washing story is too funny, Jackie...I always fear that happening to me when the gardeners are at our far, so good!!! (also I am 100% with you on the exclamation point issue!!!) :)

    I definitely have gone thru my black periods, but I like a bit of color in my wardrobe pants or dresses are usually black, however!

    And I don't highlight my hair, just color it every other is boring sitting in the chair but the conversation around me are always entertaining!!xxoo

  29. Jackie, your so very funny. I couldn't stop laughing at your window cleaner antics...are you sure you didn't know he would be there that day. Your so naughty, but nice.
    You must have looked good or he would have scampered down the ladder and run away.
    Remember to get me to tell you about my bamboo blinds and the fire station opposite my flat!!!!

    Exclamation marks rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm with you on that one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Well done for getting an award and sharing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    much love

  30. I!!!!!!!!!! Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Exclamation!!!!!!!!! marks!!!!!!!!!!!!! I find that at times I don't use them because the 5 previous sentences are ended with them! Yeesh! I did giggle at the window washer story! I could so see that happening to me! Except I would have to get a window washer!

    Still love everything about you sweet lady!

  31. The photo of that roof, made me gasp for air. Great post and I can't believe you lived in these houses, how fun.
    I was reading that you like the movies I
    own, Fargo Fried Green Tomatoes, a river runs through it,and I love MEG in you've got mail. I want to get Whisle Stop Cafe that was so beautifil..( Maine)
    Ps. Keep your back to the window..

  32. Lovely to read some true information about jackie, hihi.
    I would to thank you for thinking with me about some missing items in Swedish webshops, maybey I can do someting about it, very kind of you to help me.
    Have a nice week you to.
    Big hug

  33. Jackie as always I am totally entertained by your writing and your humor. I loved the window washing story. I have had a similar thing happen to me and I'm still embarrased over it. It almost convinced me to get a boob job, but then I decided that I would just keep my shirt on...ALL the time.
    One question though...don't those little flowers on the rear of your knickers cause bumps in the back of your jeans??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Hello sweet Jackie! I feel like I am always congratulating you for an award...this is a good thing...I'm glad you're getting recognized for all of the fabulous work you do on this here amazing blog of yours!!! And I'd hardly call this list scraping the bottom of the barrel!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  35. Jackie....I'm so glad you told that window washer story...don't you feel better?
    I too use a lot of!!!! waaaayyyyy too many. It is a bad habit but I know I'm not a good writer!!! We have a ton of the same likes...old houses,top hats, wearing black, pirate themes way before the Johnny Depp things, and also color my hair...but that I do myself....I can't sit that long at the hairdressers!!!
    I'll go check out Millie! you know I already know and love Luiza!
    Congrats on your award!
    ps...I use a lot of..........too!

  36. Hey Jackie
    That window washer story is still my favourite! I suspect I have a few things in common I may keep to myself!!!!!!! haha And here I was thinking you were a natural blonde!! Well I love ships... and shipwrecks and things of the sea but not into wearing hats that much.. so you'll be toddling off to the supermarket on your own their dearie!! [ore with Ange] Love the images you found...and Congrats on your awards!!!!!!! xx Julie

  37. Oh, i looooooove your wonderful post, my dear makes me smile, dream, lough.......and it´s such a great start in a new week - thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a lovely day, Hugs Jade

  38. Jacqueline Hey, what a beautiful pictures on your blog and what a frankness.
    I fin that my English is not good enough to understand all the meters.
    Had I paid better attention in school but now.
    Luckily I can type this piece of Google translation and we can still communicate a little bit.
    With me so good .......... fortunate ....!!! and spring is coming .. I'm happy.
    Enjoy your week.
    With love Hetty

  39. Dearest Jackie - you are a darling - I love all of these & your gorgeous photos - made me smile broadly on a miserable Monday morning...Thank you for your sweet words - I love reading all your wonderful stories & realise we have much in common...the !!!!!!!, the love of 'noir', old houses, highlights & window cleaners...I remember once being in the bath and hearing the window cleaner coming up the ladder to the (very transparent) window of the bathroom - I froze for a second and wondered if I had time to grab the towel & sprint but as I was about to leap, I realised it was too late and the only option was to sink as low as possible, letting out the water and lying there, freezing until he had gone. These days I would do things a bit differently - it's funny - I have spent years telling my daughter that being self-conscious is a form of vanity but really, age is the best I'm going back to enjoy those delicious photos all over again...have a great week, Susie x

  40. I'm thinking, Jackie, that if you had been wearing nothing but your knickers and a top hat you would have really made the window washer's day complete.

    Congrats on your award from your lovely do tend to inspire us all, you know. You rock chicks really know how to lead the way!!! Meredy xo.

  41. I can life with all the fact you were on about ;)

    You are a cool 'old' rock chick !<---PLease note

  42. jackie.... you are one in a million... totally darling and i agree with meredy... knickers and a top hat would have really made his day... try that next time! woo hoo!!!! xx pam

  43. There is something crazy sexy about a woman in a top hat!

  44. Always love your stories Jackie!!!! Love old houses - so much soul, also with you on the black clothing. Axx

  45. Oh you hussey Jac, giving that poor WC such a fright! I think you pre-planned the whole thing. Lovely to hear that you'll be wearing your top hat when you get off the plane here in Oz when you & Mr. HOME come over soon. You'll be recognizable, as the plane will undoubtably be full of other sweet Pommie eccentrics just like yourself!
    Millie ^_^

  46. hi jacqueline
    im happy to hear that you are a rocker chick !!
    have a sweet day

  47. Dear Jackie,
    It was so nice to get to know you a little more. You sound like a "girl" after my own heart.
    I have received his blog award before too and I don't think I did it justice.
    Exclamation marks are the best!!!!
    x Suzi

  48. Love, love, love the knickers story. I can only imagine your shock when you spied the WC - I'll bet you made his day! Gorgeous collection of images (as usual) - hard to pick which I think is the loveliest. Leigh

  49. I love those underwear! And I love hats too!

  50. Oh I love finding out more about you my dear...I love your sweet knicker story. It is always such a joy to visit really do find the best images...I love that dreamer one. I love exclamation marks too...but as you can see I hardly ever use a period at the end of my sentences I just go........

    Have a great week sweet one. Thank you so much again for all your encouraging comments you leave me. xoxo

  51. Congratulations to your awards!!!
    I love the seven things you´re listing, especially the one about your old! It´s fantastic!
    I would so love to see =).

    Black always ends up with that, doesn´t it Jackie? On the other hand, it´s the colour that makes us look intelligent, thin and beautiful!!! =).

    Thank you for sharing with us, Jackie!

    Have a good night!


  52. whenever i read your posts i feel exclamation points, because
    i love it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. well...i love the pirates.
    -and HATS!!!

    oh yes...and black too

  54. "Exclamation marks to infinity"--I love that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I adore you, you fabulous woman. Oh, I hear you about the three hours in the chair. I always come home from the hairdresser spouting inane trivia about "celebrities" (don't you love how that word has been stretched to cover z-list reality show whiners?) because it's the only time I read those horrible magazines. But look at the lovely tresses you get as a result!

    Love your story about the window cleaner. We have construction guys working on the old mill across the canal from us. We're up on the sixth floor of our building and they're over their hanging off of girders. I always feel like I should wave to them!!!!

    xoxo Gigi

  55. just to keep you on your toes.. you can jump from this award tot he next... you are such a bright spot in my day... please go claim your sunshine award... someday we must meet... i will come visit!! xoxo

  56. Dear Jackie! I like the picture from the old house!
    Thank you so much for your congratulation to the birthday, from my little daughter!!!
    I´m so glad about it!!!!!!

  57. Great post as always! i so can relate to the highlight story!!! Have a sweet day!

  58. Congrats on your award! And I love black too..that black dress if fab.

  59. Love what you wrote! I, too, have an affinity for too many exclamation marks! I can relate. Great info. xoxox g.

  60. Jackie...I love this post! Firstly, congratulations on your award, your post today is an example of why you deserve it and so many more. So nice to learn these things about you...nice to see you have a sense of humor and are never afraid to dream. It is all lovely as are you! Yes...I admit, I too like the exclamation mark...not enough choices to express emotion is what I say. Wonderful selection of images...each one perfect suited to what you are conveying...I will stop there...have a wonderful afternoon.
    Jeanne :)

  61. Oh, Jackie! You're so loveable! I am heavily addicted to exclamation points, too. LOL

  62. Hi Jackie
    Loved your creativ award tidbits~as you, I do over use the exclamation! And I seem to get myself into quite a few awkward situations myself, usually it is with my oldest is our families point of entertainment...
    I enjoy your posts very much and I visit often.

  63. It is so nice to know you better Jackie,you are such a amaizing person and I´m greatful to have you as a friend
    Lots of love

  64. Ohhh, Jackie, I do sooo love your blog..:)))
    And these!!!!!!!!!!!!...are my true favorites too. Just can´t live without theme..;)
    It was so enjoying to read a little about you, and I too lvoe hats! Do´nt have many, but would like to, and I allmost always wear black..;)

    Thank you over and over again for your warm words to me always! You make me so happy...THANK YOU!

    Have a fun friday and a lovely weekend..

    Huge hugs //Gúa

  65. We have much in common Jackie....xv

  66. What a beautiful,beautiful blog...Love your world and your eye...amazing photographs...Thank you, Cynthia

  67. Love your posts and the first photo!
    Have a lovely day,

  68. Bonjour dear Jackie,
    Fabulous post as always. I am positive I left a comment when this was first posted, but can't find it anywhere - I must be getting "creaky". Your WC must still be recovering, is this little pink pom pom number the actual knickers at the scene?

    And you are one of the few women in the world who could wear a top hat in public and look smashing - of course with a knock éem dead LBD.
    Also a great look entertaining in your marvelous 1890 home - I love old anything.

    Yes I absolutely read your last comment, always a pleasure when you come by. No problem posting on the award; it is not necessary at all! No strings attatched, just to let you know I love your blog!! (note the extreme overuse of exclamation points) There is NOTHING to forgive my sweet friend - you are one in a million with your style and incredible sense of humour.

    So please, please have some tea and cake, and have an extra helping for me.


  69. Dear, dear Jackie,
    I had exactly the same thought as Mimi. I read this the first day and thought I left a comment telling you how, let's see: fabulous, gorgeous, funny, clever, interesting, fun, sophisticated, stylish ummm. . . am I forgetting anything(?) you are. Oh yes, exquisite taste.

    Hope you did/are having fun spa-ing. Soooo jealous.

    Love & xoxox,

  70. Hi, all good?
    I am delighted with your blog!
    He is wonderful!
    What good taste and whim!
    Congratulations! I will add in my blog.
    I'm from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro.

  71. I don't know how I missed this post Jackie, sorry! I just popped over cos I thought I hadn't seen anything from you for a while and here is this fabulous post......oh, you did make me giggle!!!

    Very entertaining hats will always make me think of you now.....and probably window cleaners too!!!! ;)

    Happy Friday :) xo

  72. Beautiful Blog I've stumbled upon, and ultra hysterical post about yourself! I love truthful tidbit's! The images you find are magnificent. I am an anglophile, (I married a Brit) and love all your influences of the 60's! My favorites too! Next time I am in England I plan to find a vintage Ozzie Clark dress just to hang on the wall. Your story-telling is intriguing.

  73. After reading this I'm grinning, grinning real big. That window cleaner likely went home that day thinking to himself, " I love my job, I love my job"! The more you tell us about you the more I love you. The black, the day dreaming, and especially the top hats. You should wear one proudly & I doubt you will ever be to old to look smashing in it Jackie dearest..never. Wishing you a fabulous week ahead xoxo deb