Tuesday, 16 February 2010


O.K.... I'm going completely 'off piste' (topical!) today by posting about the colour RED !! Somewhat up the colour scale , hitting a very high temperature, as I'm normally down in the white, beige, grey, cold area.... but, I've decided to live dangerously and, that's happy and good, I think ! I might need a few tranquiliser's and a lay down in a dark room afterwards but, I'm sure that I will survive !!

This is what Mr. Home did for me on Valentines Day !....no, he didn't really but I know he would have wanted to if we hadn't been going out on the evening of the 14th !! haha

What I wouldn't give for hair like this ..........

Murano .... and the gorgeous, colourful painted houses....would you dare to paint your house red ? Even if you would, it wouldn't look quite the same as it does in the wonderful setting of Murano.

This is probably as far as I'd go when it comes to decorating with red !!

Although I wear LOADS of black, I could be persuaded to wear a red cardi !

Have you been watching the Winter Games in Vancouver ? I have. I love the luge, the skating, the biathlon the skiing and as a bonus, you get such wonderful scenery to look at.

Very 40's red. These ladies do look as if they have lampshades on their heads, but they still look pretty stylish in their swimming cossies.

I really do like dark nail varnish and, I have been known to have red fingernails but, I can't wear red lipstick. If I do, I look as if I should be standing on a street corner, sporting fishnet stockings, white scuffed high heels a really, really short leather skirt and smoking a fag !!!! How about you ? Can you wear red lipstick ?

I could definitely find a space in my wardrobe for this Christian Dior number., and, one of my hobbies is standing on tables so....... perhaps the House of Dior would like to send me one ?

I would fall off of these and end up in hospital for a week if I wore them , lovely as they are.... just a tad too high but, it might suprise you to know that I do have a pair of red high heels.

Yes.... I can do that ( very easily )

Have you ever been in a hot air balloon ? I have. It was a really nice experience but, being a lover of roller coasters, I thought that we would be whizzing along, dipping and weaving amongst the clouds but no. It's nothing like that. It's quiet and serene. the silence only being broken by the occasional blast of hot air. It was still a lovely experience, my favourite part being the landing which was quite exciting .... and the champagne !!

This is for Simone .......

.......... and finally, a beautiful vision of red hair loveliness.
Wishing you all a right, rosy red week.


  1. LOVE, LOVE this post Jackie! Such great eye-candy! I also wear mainly black, but used to wear red when I was younger. I must admit, I am looking down at my chipped red fingertips on my keyboard.

    I couldn't decorate with red, but our kitchen has some old red tile, so I went with it and added some red highlights. Not bad in a kitchen!

    Red high heels? Nope. I'm with you...I'd break my neck. The highest I can go is about 2 inches.

    Red lipstick? Used to. Works well with dark hair, but...it's a little bold for me now.

    Love the Christian Dior, the sign, EVERYTHING!

    Have a ruby red day!

  2. Your post is absolutely gorgeous, really unique and you chose faboulous photos, very rich of suggestion. Brava!!! Zaira

  3. Hi Jackie - love all your red images - I'm partial to red nail polish but have the same problem as you with lipstick - after a lot of shopping around I finally found one that doesn't scream 'Look at these red lips'! I have a red moment every day in the form of my bright red AGA - I wasn't too sure at first but I love it (AGA have also reintroduced the bright red into their range so I'm not alone) - hope you are having a great week. Susie x

  4. Fabulous post, wow! I recently put some red lipstick but Mr FF was not impressed and muttered that it was very bright!

    I think that he prefers the french au natural look :-)

    Leeann x

    ps living in France is saving me a fortune in makeup but I would love a pair of those sexy red shoes!

  5. My favorite color is red. I love red! I just love the pop of red against a neutral background. Especially white. I can and do wear red lipstick at times. Helps to have American Indian coloring though. My MIL on the other hand is a devoted red lipstick wearer. I can tell when she has been over by the kissy prints on the kids. She thinks it gives her "color" since she is a natural platinum blonde and loathes the sun.

  6. I think your red post is perfect this time of year!I do have a Chinese red dining room which I must say is quite warm and cosy to dine in and they do say it stimulates the appetite......so I am partial to red in dramatic doses. I really should use this room more. And I do wear red lipstick, but downplay the eyes when I do. As you can see I am all for red so I loved this post. XO

  7. Bonjour Jackie,

    You've done it again my dear. Where to start? I love every image. I'm with you - I've always loved red hair. My red nails are typing this comment and I have to be in the right mood to swipe on red lipstick (strange I know).

    I have three pairs of red shoes, one of which is complete impractical like these, so I pretty much save these for prancing around the house - uh hmmm!

    Can I share that scrumptious looking red velvet cupcake with Simon?

    Thanks for touch of red Jackie!

  8. I really love red ... and I have always worn red lipstick (even when the nude shades were all the rage!)

    I just adore that white dining room with the solidary red stool!
    I love this post Jackie!

  9. I love to wear red, as long as it is a blue red. I look positively embalmed in an orange red. And yes, I do have a pair of red high heels!

    Love that Dior dress!! Now, where would I wear it???

  10. This is such a wonderful post, it almost makes me want to dress in red, colour my hair, wear red lipstick and sleep in a red bed....hhmmm forget the lipstick!


  11. I love it. It makes me want to go out and get something red. Those are all beautiful pictures. Thanks Jackie!
    Take Care,

  12. Ah Jackie, simply delightful!

  13. ooh la la... love all those ruby reds!

  14. An injection of colour with the neutrals makes red look more dramatic, more powerful and dangerously tempting! as do your wonderful images Bx

  15. I'm always saying I don't really like red but with images like these I start to question why. I love red and white together. Evi decorates her home that way and it's to die for.
    The house painted red is really special but i think you're right it wouldn't work everywhere.
    Can't wear red lipsick either or have red hair....though i love the idea of it. I guess we do with what we're given! haha
    Hope you had a beautiful RED Valentines Day!!!!

  16. Oh Jackie, this is honestly soooooo GORGEOUS!!! I love first image....very sexy!

    And that house in Murano......FABULOUS!!!!

    I have a friend who wears her red lipstick without fail (even when we go power-walking!) and she looks fabulous....sadly it doesn't work for me though.

    And I am LOVING my cupcake, how DID you know??!! Funny though, we have been in town all day today and I took the children to Harrods Food Halls as they've never been and I love it there......there is a new cupcake stand there and for the first time I saw the famous "red velvet" cupcakes....I've never seen them in the UK before.

    They had some fabulous flavours but I managed to resist and instead bought some of their delicious scones and bath buns......only just got home so going to have a very large cup of tea (altho after the long day we have had it should probably be a G&T!) and a bun :) And then I am off to the movies....I wonder if they will notice if I take my comfy slippers with me!


  17. Oh- so much gorgeousness Jackie. I do love red, but shy away from wearing it. Like you, feel comfortable in my black. So would love to wear red lips, but never feel at ease. The house of Dior certainly needs to send you that dress, it is utterly divine. What a show-stopper you'd make dancing on a table in that beauty. I did make Red Velvet Black Bottom Cupcakes for Valentines Day! Red Velvet has been the 'signature' birthday cake in our family since I was a wee girl. Have ever heard of Red Velvet Cheescake or Whoopi Pies?! To die for.... I hope your evening was fabulous on the 14th. Can't wait to hear more about it. All my best to you my friend xx

  18. Oh, how gorgeous - i looooooove your post, my dear Jackie......the pictures are absolutly great and so typical Jackie!!!!!!! Thank you so much for all this lovely impressions and have a wonderful evening,

    Hugs Jade

  19. Ah, a fellow stander on tables; I greet you from a height. That extra stature is very good for morale.

    I love the dining room scene with the one red stool - the perfect amount of red for me. And I hope Mr Home reads your blog and is already stockpiling the red candles for your staircase next year.

    I go for red biker boots and handbags myself just to prevent me from going too far down the pink road. But I'm willing to experiment with more, so do drop my name to the House of Dior when they call by with samples.

  20. I love red....It's fun, beautiful. Those pictures are so yummy. I will be staring at them for some time. LOL.
    Come see my blog, we can be friends.

  21. I don't like to wear red so it has carried over to not decorating with red. Brave of you to do a ruby red post though. I used to wear bright red lipstick before the nudes starting looking a bit better on my ashy skin with my ashy hair...but until it comes back in vogue, if it hasn't already, I am afraid I would care someone. Pale people can do that!

    Love all the pops of red...maybe I should get brave...


  22. Red, red, glorious red - what gorgeous images you've chosen (as usual). Sadly I can't wear red lipstick either! There are two things that make me look like a gypsy ready to read fortunes - red lipstick and hoop earrings. I'm trying to bit a little daring too and add just a splash of red in the house but seem to chicken out every time I get to the counter to pay. Perhaps after looking at this post I'll find the courage! Leigh

  23. totally scrumptious post!!!

  24. I love love love red. To the extent and I do hope you are sitting down, that I have two huge red Italian leather sofas in a cream and silver lounge with a few other splashes of red in there as well.
    I have 7 pairs of red shoes, each is a different shade and two red cars.
    I love red and when I am crafting red is my favourite colour to work with it seems to bring out the passion for crafting in me.
    Lovely post
    Much love

  25. Jackie! Red has always been my least favourite colour in the world but you made me love red all over again! Your reds are magical, blue reds, cool reds....and I may even go back to being a red-head after this post from you....those sour cherries, my favourite fruit in the entire world, made me think of summer, thank you! AJ

  26. Oh gorgeous Jac's! I love red, and these are some great examples. I did laugh about you and red lipstick and your hobby of standing on tables! Go girl.

    My fav is the first, just beautiful...oh and I love that bed halfway down too.

    Great day to you my darling,

  27. Gorgeous, gorgeous pics. The best of this color.

  28. Hi there. I do wear red lipstick not as much as I used to and it rather becomes me but I do get where you are going with the lady of the night comment. And as for red in houses you MUST have at least one red room, dining is the one for me. And yes I wear red but only in spurts like a sparkly cardigan. Not an easy colour to pull off but easier than lime green or orange! xoxo

  29. Dear Jacki, I love this photos! They are all beautiful!
    I´m so glad about your nice comment ! Yes, of course, you can have a photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    MAny greetings, Yvonne

  30. I would like the hair of the last photo, the red cardi and blue umbrella, would most likely choose the same decorating option as you but by goodness I do love to 'paint the town red.' ;-)
    PS - can wear red lipstick (Chanel Luna Rossa) too as long as I've shelved the scuffed white courtshoes and fishnets for the evening - I explain this amazing phenomenon by the fact that I have never been seen with a fag in my mouth ;-)

    Those reds are all the more sumptuous for being set against so much white and grey.

  31. move over this street corner could get crowded...I love red hooker lips just not on me & I would end up decorating the corner, having every one colour co-orinated & not getting any 'work'...Cate :)

  32. Be still my heart. This is such a crushable post, Jackie! I adore red, and the shots you've gathered up here make me so, so happy. I decorate with a lot of red. I've had two red kitchens, and I nearly always have quite a bit of it in the bedroom.

    I don't wear much red lipstick anymore. I did when I was young and my hair was dyed black and cut in a bob. It was very Louise Brooks or Clara Bow of me, no? These days red lipstick tends to look a bit garish on me, and I tend to go for plums or browns or neutrals on the nails, but I have to admit that I secretly crave a night of dressing up and painting the town red. It's been a while . . .

    xoxo Gigi

  33. Beatiful as usual my dear. I love seeing a new post pop up from you. I always know that my creative side will be well taken care of with your visuals.

  34. You are one hot mama Jackie! These pics are so full of contrast and interest! You have a great eye and a fiery spirit! Too fun!

  35. Sweet post! Let's see....that Dior dress is gorgeous! I can wear red lipstick...but haven't since about 1988. I love to add touches of red to my home but prefer a neutral background...and I too wear black and other dark colors most of the time but do feel oh, so good in a lovely cranberry jumper.
    : )

    Julie M.

  36. HI Jackie
    Well I love a bit of red now and then.. don't wear it so often now but would often do so when I needed a boost of confidence.. or to pretend I'm awake!!.. And I only wear red lipstick.. only 1 specific lipstick by Christian Dior... a friend spent years convincing me to do so.. and now it is the only lipstick I wear.. when I bother that is... can't always be out on that street corner!!

    Love these images.. my favourites would have to be the house in Murano... and the 40's ladies.. for me pink and red look divine together.. perfect partners.. Think I might skip the red heals though .. unless of course they come with arch supports.. ahaha

    Well thanks for the brightening my day with this splash of red... RUBY likes it! xx Julie

  37. Red is my favorite colour Jackie ~ I love it!! I was never brave enough to wear red lipstick ~ but I did have red shoes at one point and time although they were not quite a fabulous as the ones you have shown here. Simone's red velvet cupcake looks delish.

    We have been watching the games ~ ! was so proud last night while we watched the medals ceremony and see our Canadian boy win the first gold on home turf.

    Enjoy the rest of your week my friend. xo

  38. I adore a little red. Today with all my black I wore red suede shoes. I do wear red lippy occasionally too, but then the rest of the makeup must be very natural. The Murano house is magnificent!!! Gorgeous post.

  39. Love the RED!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I just love those olympic mittens being a Canadian girl living in B.C.!!


  40. Love red and yes I love a dash of red lipstick from time to time....gorgeous images Jackie. I even love those lampshade hats...xv

  41. Gorgeous post with beautiful images! I am with you on the red! I too cannot wear red lipstick but have been known to wear red nail vanish, I do also own a pair of red satin peephole platforms that remind me of Dorothy even if they are not glittered! But red only emerges in my house at Christmas in small doses! Have a sweet day!

  42. I love that one red stool amongst the oasis of white. How gorgeous. And I do rather fancy one of those wee bucket/lampshade hats, although I'm fairly certain I wouldn't look nearly so chic in one!

  43. Hi Jacki,
    you are always good for a surprise... red on your blog is rare but beautiful... gorgeous images... "Keep calm and by stuff".... ok, I'll do my very best hihihi
    Many hugs

  44. Darling, you always leave me lovely and kind comments, thanks so much. I'm glad you like my photos!


  45. Jackie, Once again your post is fabulous! I am not a real fan of red and I stopped wearing red lipstick in my 20's. I do love the simple touch of red on that gorgeous bed, that I could handle. Your photo's are always the best.

    xxx, Michelle

  46. Hi Jackie,

    I thing we are a bit the same. Like you I am not that much of a red persone, but I can enjoy a splash of red! Long time ago we even had a red bedroom. When I am all in black I love to put on some red lipstick, but not too much, because otherwise it makes me look a bit cheap!

    Have a lovely wednesday!

    lieve groet, madelief

  47. Red is absolutely my favourite colour. It catches my eye every time but I don't decorate with it...Don't know why. Loved every photo thank you for a great RED pickup!

  48. The same to you, Jackie! Thank you for the sweet comment while I was away. :)

  49. I could wear it and live it all :)

  50. Jacqueline - these are absolutely scrumptious and totally cheered my day! :-)

  51. People always told me, I dress in red. I did always disagree. Red was never my favorite color.
    Today it is! And your images, makes me even more sure, that red is a beautiful color.

    I have something for you, but you have to come and get it =).


  52. Beautiful post Jackie, I love red but like you I can not wear red lipstick and will only venture to put it on my toes. I like accents of red but they have to be warm tones...a great way to brighten ones day! This post certainly did..nice to see you break out!

    Jeanne :)

  53. I just found your blog and I love it! Especially today's on the color RED!

  54. how decadent! i love the house with the chipped red paint...and those red Louboutins!!!
    xoxo alison

  55. Who needs a holiday when we have you Jackie?! I feel like I've gone to the most beautiful place everytime I come over to see you. I don't stand on tables anymore myself, but in the day...lol. I look sick in red lipstick.
    I've been watching the Olympics too. There are about five competitors from Idaho (my state in the western US) that I've been keeping track of their progress in the games. Yes, Vancouver is such a beautiful place.

  56. What a fabulous post, Jackie! Every photo is so breathtakingly beautiful!!! Wow! xxoo :)

  57. Oh I adore this post...I am so in love with deep deep red. I love that olympic mitten image...where did you get that image from my friend? I would love to use it at some point. Also please send me over one of those red velvet cupcakes...Sigh! Have I told you how much I adore your blog ? I always get lost in your images. xoxoxo

  58. i just posted red today too !!
    and yes, i have been wearing my red olympic mittens!

    have a good week ~laura

  59. The dress in the first shot is so very elegant! x

  60. Gorgeous post today jackie! I adore your images. It's so interesting you mentioned tat you can't wear red lipstick! I love the look of it on others and envy their beautiful ruby pout but alas cannot wear it either - I look positive gawdy with it - after many years of trying I have discovered tat for myself a slight clear gloss works!...oh still dreaming of those gorgeous red candles! x Suzi

  61. Excellent post, thoses images are fantastic. Love the red house. You have a great eye
    for beauty. That red dress had to be the 50's.
    As far as red in the house I like
    Cinnabar red. I love Cinnabar, all chinese

  62. gorgeous photos... Love the one with umbrellas, and the hot air balloon shot. so lovely.

  63. Jackie everything is just stunning. I would love to gobble up that red velvet cupcake right this minute!
    I love lipstick and do on occasion wear red, but then I tone everything else down to make it work.

  64. Such a gorgeous color. It was one of my very favorites!

  65. Red gets relegated to my toenails Jac - sadly I look like Coco the Clown's Nana if I don the red lippie! Just when I think I know you, you go & surprise me with this post.
    Millie ^_^

  66. Hello Jackie
    Oh your red post is just gorgeous! I am not a red preson but those pictures were wonderful. Love the red cake! When I was a teenager my girlfriend and I were bonkers over red cake...every birthday we had to have red cake! It really was the only cake I knew how to make. Now I think of all that red food coloring we consumed and I wonder what affects that made :)

  67. ALL lovely...especially the red hair beauty going up the stairs.....wow - what a picture!

    have a great weekend!!

  68. did someone say 'fishnets?'
    -love them and wear them,
    sans the street corner.


    great post....there you again with the great images!!

  69. OH Gosh Jacqueline!! How did I miss this BEAUTIUFL POST!! So sensual and amazing. Those red curls especially talk to me~ Thank you for sharing.

  70. Jackie!

    Oh my goodness, you might just have made me think about adding a bit of red into my life! Leave it to you to find the most spectacular images to set this post on fire!
    Hmmm...perhaps I should start with my toes - a very deep red?!? Love that one of your past-times is standing on tables...you are a girl after my own heart (sans red, ha!).
    Cheers to all things white with a dash of sizzling red to spice things up a bit!

  71. I'm with you - MAYBE a little red stool.

    Read in the Los Angeles Times that Abbey Road Studios is for sale - my first thought was "my blog friend Jackie should buy it."

    I hear you can pick it up for 14 mil -


  72. Bring.it.on.

    An incredible collection of ruby lusciousness. Like you, I can not wear red lipstick...I've tried and I look frightening. However, the right deep shade of red nail polish makes me feel like a new woman.

    I wore an all black outfit recently that I was sure would look perfect with deep ruby red evening shoes, but I was too timid to wear them. Just not brave enough! One day, perhaps before I turn 40 I will treat myself to a night out with my husband and I'll wear those ruby shoes with matching nail polish and paint the town red as well for good measure!

    There's not one picture here that I didn't love...I might just try to work out how to save them all as my screen saver to remind me to be more adventurous.

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend with your lovely ones Jackie. Meredy xo.

  73. Dear Jackie, You're work is fabulous. It's a culmination of passion and vibrancy of colour and design. No wonder you choose the colour red to illuminate this time. As a red head myself, I love red- cherry and blood red especially and use it profusely in my quilts. Glad to see you love it as much as I do. Live the passion! Kindest regards, Therese Waddell

  74. Hello my friend, the gorgeous red-destroying to watch. I can imagine that might have a little red chair, but there goes my limit too. You always write so wonderfully and I am always happy when I come into your site.
    Lots of hugs / Ingela.

  75. Dear Jackie!
    what a beautiful post!
    about your cuestion...yes it is my lingerie, it was white but I changed the colour,i think that i like it more like that.
    Have a lovely sunday evening my friend,

  76. dear jackie...what a gorgeous post...completely classy...
    being red ticking, i do love red... in pillows and in an occasional fun striped lampshade in a little girls room... super fun... mind you, they are all vintage fabrics and so faded...
    i LOVED murano when we were there and i still think of it often... seriously i felt like i was on a movie set the whole time we were there... each home a different color (and the one you posted is magnificent!)
    red toes occasional and on rare occasion pinky red lipstick...

    i think if done right red is amazing... but like you sweet friend... i am a natural/white girl at heart.

    happy weekend xx pam

  77. Hello!!
    What a beutiful blog!!!
    I just love yor photos, fantastic!!

    Have a nice evening;o)
    Grettings from Sweden/ Malin

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  79. What I said was what a beautiful post! I adore a pop of red in unexpected places and this was a perfect pop for today! I can't wait to come back...again and again!!

  80. ok, your blog is wonderful!!!The color red envokes such feelings & I love your pics! I will be back! Im off to check the rest of it out ;) xoxo LA

  81. How could I have missed this red post? I too am a white/neutrals adorer, but a part of me likes a streak of red. From the canopy bed, sigh to the striking portrait of freckles and red, wow. You tell a story.

    I have also been dreaming over your sidebar pictures, where on earth is that beautiful castle in the clouds?

    Peace and love, X

  82. keep calm and buy stuff. HILARIOUS. definitely an improvement to the original.

    x Emily

  83. How do i get in contact with the person who owns the red heels with designs on them?? my sister is getting married and wants red shoes i sent a photo and she loved them ... place contact me at laceypaigephotography@live.ca, It would be greatly appreiated

    Thanks Lacey