Tuesday, 11 August 2009

I'M BACK !!!!!!!!!! ..........

Back from the beautiful Amalfi coast to the reality of normal life....yuk!!!
Suitcases to empty..........

..........sort washing..........

.......... wash the washing !!!!!!!!..........

.......... hang husbands washing on washing line..........

.......... hang my washing on washing line !!!!!!!!!! ..........

.......... iron washing..........

.......... thank goodness I have one of these..........

.......... and not one of these!!!..........

.......... and after all that, I shall probably feel like this !!..........
Will be back to normal soon with Italian photos.


  1. Hello Babes,
    Good to have you back. I was under the tree with a bottle of wine or 2 for us to share, but it rained so I moved in the house and drank one of them.
    Then the sun came out and I moved back out to under the tree, but it got so hot that I had to refresh myself with the wine.
    So on your way to the seats under the tree, would you be so kind as to grab more wine from the fridge and the sunscreen and the umbrella, well you never know what the weather will do.
    Looking forward to catching up with you hope you had a great time.
    Much love,
    Lia xx

  2. Oh Dear... the holiday will be a distant memory and hate to see you turn to stone! Maybe get Mr Home to do the washing and ironing..

    Hope you had a WONDERFUL trip. Glad to have you home and entertaining us once again!
    xx Julie

  3. Welcome back! I can't wait to hear about your trip and see your glorious pictures!

  4. Yippee, you're back - although you scared the life out of me with that first photo LOL!!

    Hope you had a fabulous time in Italy, I did!

    Look forward to hearing more about it soon :)

  5. Hurrah your back in one piece ... well sort of ... what a totally gross 1st pic, scared the hell out of me ... lol

    Welcome back honey, see you when you have caught up on the necessaries ;)

  6. Welcome Home! I am sure that you had a wonderful time and I am dying to see all your photos. It is always so hard to get back to the normal everyday routines, I think everyone hates to have a vacation come to an end.

    xo, Michelle

  7. Hahaha, welcome back!
    Normal everyday routines can be fun with those memories you have in your mind.
    Have a great day
    Magdalena/Color Sepia

  8. Welcome back!!!! I've missed that crazy humor of yours. From that 1st picture are you sure you're not more into Halloween then you let on. I love you're briefcase it looks bulletproof...I guess you took that in case you got in a gun fight with the Mafia...haha!
    Glad you're back and safe at HOME!

  9. "Re-entry" after a vacation is the worst!!
    Hope you had a great time and I can't wait to see the pics!

    This is an awsome post...Loving YOUR wash on the line!
    xxx kim

  10. Very cute, Jackie. I hope you had a wonderful time and I cannot wait to see your photos!

  11. Oh my dear welcome back to reality. Suck's doesn't it?! But alas, we all missed you terribly & are so looking forward to those Italian photos. Do not work those fingers to the bone today, got to have your typing abilities!!

    So glad your home safely & have a fab time Xxxdeb

  12. Glad to see that you are back! :) I know that you have a lovely time....can't wait to see the pics! :)


  13. glad you made it back HOME safely...excited to see more fab images...take some time to relax from the Vacation Jackie!

  14. Welcome HOME Jackie! We missed you! I can't wait to hear all about your trip to Italy!
    Rest up!

  15. Welcome back ... I have MISSED you!! Hope you had a beautiful time!! x

  16. I came across your blog while you were on holidays, and loved every picture and post, now Im looking forward to your holiday pictures. Ive been to Italy and Sicily a few times but not to that area of the Amalfi coast. So I cant wait to see....:) Julie in Holland...

  17. Cannot wait to see all the hoilday snaps...P.S is your iron really that good? I am always on the look out for a great Iron..sad but true!!!:) Cate

  18. Welcome HOME!!! It's always work coming home but there is nothing like HOME in this whold wide world!

  19. LMAO!!! So glad you're back! You are too funny Barbara..Always such a pleasure to stop by;)
    Still laughing:):) Really great pics!

  20. I'm glad that you made it back safe and sound! Good luck with your unpacking/transitioning back to the everyday.

  21. Looking forward to see all the beautiful pics you have been taking, during your trip...

    Traveling is life. You will always have something to day dream about, when those hard working days are back...
    Have a nice day!

  22. I can only imagine the stories and photos you will share...I wait with great anticipation!

  23. Oh how lucky to have recently been on the glorious Amalfi Coast...can it get any better than that!! can't wait to see your pictures

  24. Hi -
    Really anxious to see your holiday photos - bet you had a blast. You crack me the heck up - love your blog -


  25. Don't worry about rushing the tag ~ do it when you have the time!! Can't wait to hear about your holiday. Happy week-end!

  26. Oh my gosh, what a fun post. Welcome home. Sounds like you had fun. Still laughing at that old iron. Can you imagine?