Tuesday, 18 August 2009

LAVENDER and OLD LACE..........

Come with me through this lovely distressed door to a wonderful world of interiors....well, I think so anyway!!!!

Lace, satin, chandelier, flowers........a world of shabby chic delights.

Old rose pink, iron bed and beaded fringed lampshade.......

.........lets just pop outside for a moment, it's a lovely day and I've just made a cake (kitchen coming up in a minute)...sit down, I'll be out in a moment.

.........I have just picked this larkspur from the garden....I tend to grow flowers that match my decor perfectly !!!!!!

Here we are in the kitchen....see I told you that I grow my flowers to match...pink roses to match the food mixer !!!!!!!.........

and the plates............

...............and the fridge !!!!!!!

................excuse me a moment, I'm just going to make melon vodka.......we can have some on the porch later...as you all know, I'm not much of a drinker, so I'll probably abstain !!!!!!!! NOT

.............. Won't be a sec..I'm on my way with the cake....I made a few more things while I was at it.. .......

..........shall we sit here instead ? There's a lovely view from here.......

...( don't think that I like this but it comes with the house!!!!) I can always take it to the charity shop...I'm sure one of you out there will take it off of my hands.

.......lovely that you came round...I'm off for a long soak in the tub !!!!


  1. Do you hear that noise....that's me running down your street, beating the door down to let me in right now!!!! And get the melon vodka ready too!!!

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous......I LOVE the pink Kitchenaid mixer photo, I have a white one but so want pink (shallow maybe, but it's so pretty....my husband thinks I am mad "they do the same job why does colour matter?"!!)....I LOVE the cabinet/dresser it is sitting on - that is exactly what I want.

    And that porch.....fab-u-lous.....give me the cake and the vodka and leave me out on there as long as you like!!

    Beautiful post.....so glad you are back :) xo

  2. I am running after Simone ~ save me some cake and vodka!

    What beautiful shots ~ my favorite is the porch.... I can lounge out there reading my book ~ or maybe I will choose to lounge out by the garden as that bench/sofa looks delightful.... Ahhh ~ is my bath ready yet??

  3. Damn... allergic to wheat and alcohol. Just give me the bed, I'm taking a nap. Wake me when my project is over!!

    Gorgeous... wonderland!! xx Julie

  4. I'm right behind you all but, gotta pass on the gluten and vodka. I'll sit quietly on the porch if you'll offer me some grey earl tea. Love these photos.

  5. Hey wait for me girls, I'm hot on the heels of Simone and Lori! I mean to say, cake and vodka and a comfy seat and cool company ... lets go for it!
    ps; I've just been offering my company and alcholic beverages to our Simone, so we will probably be slightly chirpy by the time we get to you.

  6. Oh, that kitchen with the pink appliances is just so perfect. Really a lovely home overall...thanks for inviting us all into it!

  7. I recognize Robin's house!!!! She really lives here and loves the life!! Thanks for sharing. I always love to see Magnolia Pearl loveliness.
    xxx kim

  8. Is she selling that infamous place? Each time I see her images, it makes me want to start making purses too! and to live amongst all the textural interest!!
    you are hilarious...that post was funny!

  9. I am running next to Simone! Let me in right now! You always take me away~ I love the images and mostly love the beautiful woman that owns those shells on the wall! She is from a special place in this world.
    Always the best and a soothing treat to come through your doors~

  10. Those outdoor spaces are so lovely!

  11. "Hey! I´m still waiting for my melonvodka"!!!!

    I´m so glad I found you, just looove your sence of humor, and the way you put things....My quality may be taking some pictures. But the humor and the perfect way of putting things , is your quality. And iI love it....

    I promise you, if that was your house, you would have me there forever.
    Lots of love/Luiza

  12. Off course they are all too late, As I am almost certain that I will beat most if not all of them to your door,being as we don't live that far apart, Mwhahahahaha!!!!

    As always a lovely post.It's rather reminsence of Great Expectations, right before Miss Haversham, went totally mad with all that waiting. I some how think we should tip toe round very quietly,so as not to distrub her too much.

    Much love Lia xx

  13. Her name is Robin Brown........and if I could turn my summer house into that, I would!

    she has quite a unique style....and to think her husband is okay with it all....

    thanks for your comments btw.....

  14. Gorgeous, dreamy and soft. I like it, at the back of my mind I thought it would take an understanding man to not touch a single thing. A triumph of feminine design...

  15. Lovely, so romantic, Just beautiful!! I love it all.. thanks again..

  16. Hello Jacqueline
    Oh.. How lovely~~~
    great collection of photos.. I like everything..

    Julie xx

  17. Isn't Robin Brown's cottage just like stepping into a fairly tale! Love that shell cluster.

  18. Jackie, oh Jackie - would that not be the life?! Maybe that IS your life..lol? I love those kitchens. That pink mixer & fridge...OHhhhh..

    Just sitting on that porch with a melon filled with vodka with a few straws inserted is my kind of fall afternoon! Lovely post my friend ♥

  19. Remember what I said about you being my new BFF?
    Such a dreamy space...every detail is addressed with love. I really like the shell wall sculpture...very creative! Its like going back in time..beautiful!
    By the way, thanks so much for your support. You will never know how much I needed kind words and inspiration;)

  20. just can't get enough of the kitchen pics and the ones outdoors!!!

    thanks for sharing...

  21. AAAAAAAAAAAA,I`m in love!!
    This house is a dream!!
    Magdalena/Color Sepia

  22. I'd recognize my friend Robin's house anywhere! She is the designer behind Magnolia Peal. Great post! I too am ready for one of those melon vodkas!

  23. Couldn't you just fall into those pictures and never leave? I saw an spead on her in Country Living years ago when she first started making handbags and thought how wonderful they were...since then she's become a big star in the Fleamarket circuit and beyond. She has a website that you'd love. I'll email it to you after I finish commenting.

    which is now.lol

  24. The melon vodka did get my attention ~ so did the pink fridge but the house ~ how absolutely wonderful!!! I can see myself with barefeet,vodka in hand enjoying a perfect English summers day...

  25. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE your blog! Whoah! And I LOVE the 2nd picture down the most. I am getting to decorate my home and I've been wanting to do my bedroom in an Old English Cottage style. Your pictures are incredibly inspiring. I know where to look for deco ideas! :)

  26. I'm so there! Such beautiful interiors! x

  27. Oh i love lace!! What a beautiful post . My favourite i have seen for ages!!!

  28. the is way TOO beautiful! amazing interiors. amazing house! and the fridge rocks! pink goodness!

  29. What a delicious post--it makes me want to go fix myself a hot cup of tea, and it makes me want to buy fancier tea cups for that tea :)

  30. heavenly pictures...what a romantic getaway! the soft pinks are so inviting. oh & i would love to read a book in the bench underneath that pergola.

  31. Hi Jackie,
    The "chair affair" is just as funny the second time around... Did I tell you how awesome I think you are???

  32. HI, theese photograghs are of a wonderfully creative girl called Robin house, who has a amazinly romatic blog/ web site called magnolia pearl , she makes clothes bags ect , i just want to add I love your blog,so beautiful and inspiring, thanks,Linda.