Friday, 14 August 2009


I seemed to slip into a comatose place ,post holiday but I have snapped out of it and here are my first pictures of Italy........Tah Dah !!!
High up above the town of Amalfi, is Ravello.
These photographs (that I took with my own fair little hands, with Mr. Home's camera that our daughter bought him for Christmas. He didn't get his hands on it for the majority of the holiday !!!!!) are of The Gardens of Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo at Ravello.This is Villa Rufolo.Much of the remaining parts of the Villa were rescued by Scottish Industrialist (we poke our noses in everywhere!!!!) Francis Neville Reid, who owned the Villa at the turn of the twentieth century. It now hosts the Fondazione Ravello, The Ravello Music Festival, which was on when we were there.

Bougainvillea is in abundance, something that we can only grow in the greenhouse or conservatory here in England.

Stunning views, everywhere you go ( obviously after great long walks UPWARDS!!!!)

You are going to see lots and lots of iron gates and terracotta pots with flowers....I took a lot of those......lots and lots......actually...lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots!!!!

This is the entrance to The Gardens of Villa Cimbrone......don't you just love that weathered grey gate ?
These gardens belonged, in Roman times,to the noble Acconciajoco family, then to the enormously wealthy Fusco family. At the end of the nineteenth century, the estate, by then sadly abandoned, was discovered by a well known and educated English traveller, Ernest William Beckett, Lord Grimthorpe.( Us English get everywhere!!!). He was from a group of intellectuals who made the Grand Tour and had come to Ravello to recover from depression after the early death of his beloved wife.This magical place gave him so much pleasure and intense happiness, that he bought the estate in 1904, determined to bring it back to life., which he did with the help of English architects and landscape gardeners such as Harold Peto, Edwin Lutyens and Gertrude Jekyll.
Well.......what can I say...I think that photography must be in my blood !!!! My husband is never getting his camera back now !!!!

Another good one, I think......not that I'm boasting or anything.!!!!!
This is the crypt, modelled on the Fountain Abbey of Malton in Yorkshire, England.
Although it looks medieval, it was built between 1907 and 1911 and became one of the meeting places of London's Bloomsbury Group.

Oh, it's tough being soooo talented......!!!!!!

Wouldn't you just love this as the entrance to your garden ?
Beautiful.........perhaps it wouldn't look so good in Hertfordshire, England.

I want these terracotta pots.......but I think they cost a pretty penny.

WOW.......even bigger pots (and more iron aint seen nothing yet!!!!)

Swoon.....not only from this delightful gate and geraniums, but am very hot now and have walked up what seemed like the face of the EIGER...and I need a drink.

I think that this is the entrance to the hotel that costs mega bucks and you get 'coptered in you can imagine, we didn't stay there !!!!!!

Another arty farty one from my portfolio!!!!!!

Sorry....had to tarry awhile, as we have just walked UP again and are now at the top!!!

Well, I think that this is my piece de resistance...what do you think ? Shall I start saving for a mega camera with telephoto lens ????

More of the gardens..this is a now I had reached the point of possibly jumping in it, I was so upwardly challenged !!!!!

I've jumped in it !!!!

Love the lamp, love the arched windows, love the leaves. love the walls ,love it all !!!

Thought a little sustenance was in order and possible a little glass........

.........oh, looks like this one's nearly finished. Let's open another bottle.....

...yep.....that's right....keep pouring......up to the rim.....I'm going to need it...I've got to walk all the way down again soon. !!!!!!
Gootbey to Raveollooooo.......beeeuutifll coastline...fandabby dosey grdnssssss.....
think I might have drunk a bit too much wine so I'm signing off now and we will be sauntering down to Amalfi town, the next time we visit Italy.....HIC Hic hic.....

P.S. I'm only joking when I say that I think my photos are good and that I'm soooo's just my humour.........some of them are pretty out of focus!!!!


  1. Thank you for visiting me, and having me on your sidebar. If you only knew, how happy that makes me =).
    Your comment went straight to my heart...
    Glad you like my photos, I always try my best , when it comes to that and it´s just a hobby of mine.

    It seems you had a fabulous time in Italy. And your photos are fantastic.
    I´m going to google on "Amalfi", and who knows, some day I´ll even go there with my husband...
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Yeahhh great pictures, doors , flowers and the pots , all stunning!

  3. Hi Jackie :)

    Fabulous fabulous fabulous photos.....I loved them. I can't even tell you how much we would love to visit Amalfi and Ravello....actually I think my husband might have been to Ravello looks gorgeous!!

    Looks like it was as hot there as it was in the north where we were :)

    Am laughing at your comments about shots of gates and pots......I took over 300 photos on holiday and about 175 of them must be windows and doors LOL!!!! I couldn't get enough of them.....clearly.....they were gorgeous though :)

    Thanks for all your comments this week.....loved your comment about blonde/brunette Mum looked a bit like Natalie Wood when she was younger, she's darker than me.....she's another of my husband's favourites.....Natalie Wood that is, not my mum!! Well, you know what I mean!!

    Loved the bit about you packing your vanity case when you were, naughty....never!! ;)

    That large glass of wine looks SO good....I've been up and down Oxford Street with my daughter today....I don't go into the West End that often, it's fun when you are there but ooh, I was glad to get home......a large wine is exactly what I need :)

    Thanks for sharing the photos, hope there are more to come xoxo

  4. Lovely photos,glad you had a good time.
    Looks like you have some sweet memories to take you back there whenever your daydreaming.
    much love,
    Lia xx

  5. I LOVE every single photo!! Thank for sharing with us! I know I can count on you to show us the best~ I have never been to Italy. I feel there in this corner with you~
    Have a restful weekend!

  6. How much do I love Italy? Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

  7. stunning! You take beautiful photos!

  8. OH Jacqueline
    You know that Italy is my favourite place one earth! All those weeks of making me envious with the planned trip, and now you have sealed the deal with all these glorious photos.

    Now I can't remember if I went to Ravello. You would think it would be something I would remember, considering I stayed in the little town of Atrani 'next door'. Maybe I had too much of that wine too!! haha

    WEll one thing Australia does have in common with the Amalfi coast is Bougainvillea grows in abundance here also. Such a happy colour!

    I will continue to just 'dream' of being back in Italy. Although your fabulous photos really do help soften the disappointment!

    PS Glad to have you back 'home' to entertain us xx Julie

  9. Honey I was going to say Vogue Living watch out! Some (I won't say all, cause you'll get a big head) of those photo's are really really good, you clever girl!

    Seriously it just looks fabulous, trying to keep my envy under control here.

    You finish off just the way I like, one mind I tell you!! Divine.

    ps too funny about wedgigate!

  10. Oh my goodness, it is so beautiful that I just can't take it! I'd have been pinching myself the whole time, trying to wake up from the dream. Your pictures are really gorgeous, you need to get your hands on the camera more often!

  11. I have to say they are all beautiful but I really liked the one with the red geraninums and the beautiful old light outside . Thanks for sharing them with us... Julie in Holland ...

  12. ohhhhh...I just love the atmosphere in your photos!...lovely!
    Magdalena/Color Sepia

  13. thank you for this travel : a dream.

  14. I think your photos are stunning, Jackie! I love them all. How breathtaking - can't wait for the rest. Have a beautiful weekend!

  15. No, I think your photos are pretty good....Have a wonderful weekend, xv.

  16. Hi Jacqueline,
    I`m in love with the piano too...I saw it in a studio/shop on my trip to Gothenburg and I felt that I have to take pictures of it.
    Magdalena/Color Sepia

  17. Jackie,
    Sorry you had to return to reality so soon. Next time we'll all go together & get coptered in to that plush place.
    I loved the photos and frankly you're eye is amazing so sorry Mr Home tghe camera bleongs in your hands.
    As for the pots & want too!!! The pasta & vino yes please more, more, more!!!
    I'll be thinking of your beachside time during my beachy good time next 2 weeks.
    See you when I return to reality..........


  19. Bougainvillea is everywhere in Australia!!! x

  20. Magnifique ballade!!



  21. You continue to make me laugh - I love your humor! Actually my dear, your photographic skills are terrific. Have you thought since your trip you should take up a class for fun?! Really, your pictures were enchanting & made me openly I'd love to visit there. I adore Italy! So happy to see your photos & thanks for sharing them. Thanks too for your great comments on Friday. Cannot believe all the great bands you've seen live. Ahh...What a time! Hope your weekend has been lovely. I am off to go school shopping with the teen..wish me luck!! All the best to you Jackie ♥

  22. Your photos ARE fabulous!!! You should continue taking photos with your husbands camera. Your trip to Italy looks wonderful, thank you for sharing such gorgeous photos.

    xo, Michelle

  23. I for one think that these pictures are breathtakingly beautiful! You certainly do have an eye for it! So glad you got to partake in some cocktails while you were away. Sounds like you had a lovely time, cannot wait to hear more and see more pictures.

  24. I dare you!!! lol

    ps I'm going to do a WHOLE post on Wedges and dedicate it to you one day ;o

  25. Ohhhh.. We are very lucky.. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.. I can't wait for the rest.

    And your photos are breathtaking, Beautiful.. Just Beautiful..

  26. Gosh Jac, I expected Audrey Hepburn to come hurtling around the corner on her scooter, just like she did in Roman Holiday! I reckon Conde Naste will be on the phone any sec now, offering you a plumb role as their new star photo journalist - great job girl with the Amalfi article!
    Millie ^_^

  27. We knew you were funny now we know you're talented too. I think I love you even more!!!! Jackie honestly your pictures are absolutely GREAT and we'd better see more of your own pics!!! I can never get enough of seeing Italy and those pots and flowers makes ours look puny and pathetic.
    This post was worth waiting for,,,,but please give us more soon!!!

  28. These photos are superb! Seriously, I don't think you should give Mr. Home his camera has a new home in your hands!

    Now I need a glass of wine to ease my travel woes...I'm ready to jump on a flight to Italy at this moment! Thank you for this splendid journey upwards!

  29. Flowers, deep blue sea, wonderful views, beautiful buildings, food and wine - you've captured it all so wonderfully I feel like I was there with you. I wish! Leigh

  30. All these photos are amazing, Ravello and the Amalfi Coast are wonderful place. I'm glad that you liked Montefiore Conca, is really a lovely and romantic little village full of history.
    Glad that you enjoyed Italy!