Tuesday, 6 November 2018


This post is a bit boring if you don't like gardening but I cannot believe how much colour we have in our garden at the moment and its November !!!

I planted these cyclamens about 25 years ago ..... I think that I bought a couple over the years as indoor plants and planted them out in the garden when they finished flowering indoors .....

..... a final bloom on our Hydrangea Annabelle .....

..... Hydrangea Smowball in it's Autumn coat ..... it's pure white in the Summer and changes to this deep red .....

..... Hydrangea Vanille Fraise ..... fading .....

..... Verbena .....

..... this is Parahebe ' Snow Clouds ' ...... it flowers from May pretty much into December ..... you really get your money's worth ! Just cut back after it's first flush is finished and back it comes .....

..... geranium ' Rozanne ' .....

..... Salvia ' Black and Bloom ' .....

..... and this euonymus was here when we moved in thirty odd years ago and this is the first year that I have seen these berries/fruits !!! .....

..... and this Blush Noisette rose is still flowering .....

..... and, finally { non gardeners will be pleased to know ! } my St. Swithun rose that flowers from May until December .....  That is the same rose .... it produces slightly different colours and forms of flowers ..... I really do like to get my moneys worth !!!




  1. Wowww What a beautiful flowers in your garden ..love your post....happy week ....love Ria 💕

  2. When I saw the heading to the post I thought I was going to see lots of Autumn colours. I expect you have lots of Autumn golds overhanging from above. I have some roses out in mine. I like the one third from bottom, like little tiny bells, pink, berries. They are nice. xxx

    1. Every year I am amazed at the way the roses bloom into December. I’ve never seen those berries before ... they are really pretty. Thanks for commenting ..... I don’t think many are interested 🤣 !!! XXXX

    2. I feel a bit in the doldrums this week about blogging!

    3. Me too ..... I think that blogging is on the decline ! XXXX

  3. You have so much still blooming Jackie! I wish I could live there where you can still have blooms in November! Another reason I would love to live in your beautiful country!!!
    sending hugs....

    1. Dear June,
      So lovely to hear from you. The blogging world has changed so much, hasn’t it ? Not many people are around from the old days .... they all seem to have moved on to other social media sites. I am a bit guilty of not commenting as much as I used to .... I am going to try and do better. Hope you and your family are well .... I miss the blogging of old !!! XXXX

  4. I have (had) a huge round yellow Euonymus that has been restricting the view from our terrace. I have just this minute cut the top off, having been assured that it will re-sprout in Spring. Fingers crossed.

    1. Ours is yellow as well Cro and we chop it all the time and it’s fine and grows back. Have you ever seen berries on yours ? XXXX

  5. i'm so impressed by how beautifully you present your posts. I was married on St Within's Day (over half a century ago) and your photo now tempts me to buy the St Swithun rose! Please don't leave Blogland, I doubt that the other options would provide such creative possibilities.

    1. Hi Share My Garden ! Thank you so much for commenting. I bought the St Swithun rose as St Swithun Day is my husbands birthday ! I can highly recommend it .... the flowers are so beautiful and it flowers for such a long while . I doubt that I would leave blogland for the other social media sites as i’m not keen on Facebook etc. and I really love meeting the people who blog and leave comments. Give the St Swithun a go and let me know how it grows🌷XXXX

  6. Jackie, late visiting as both of our computers are giving us problems - actually Bob's desktop died of old age, my laptop is in death throes also due to age! We have ordered new ones and hopefully this one will hold on until they arrive!
    I love seeing your Nov. blooms. Same thing going on here, unbelievable flowers now on the hydrangeas, camellias, re-blooming azalea species, roses etc. Never seen so many flowers
    in the garden at this late date.

    I've just spent part of my morning planting up more pots of tulip bulbs with pansies on top, so hoping for a nice Spring show next year! Tonight were expecting our first 'below freezing' temperature with a cold Sun. morning ahead - won't bother me, love the cold weather.

    Have a great weekend in London dear.
    Hugs - Mary

    P.S. Yes, lost several blogging pals this year it seems - and I don't use any other social media thing so this blog is it for me!

    1. Hi Mary,
      Sorry to hear that both computers are heading for the scrap heap !!! Just think how lovely it will be when you get new ones !
      I feel as if the garden has been really pretty for November but I think I say that every year 🤣
      I have planted some more roses, hydrangeas and geraniums and, we are going to alter the back of the garden in the New Year.
      I am not keen on Facebook etc so I shall stick with my blog as well.
      Happy weekend to you and yours dear Mary. XXXX

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