Tuesday, 12 August 2014

WHITSTABLE, OYSTERS ….. and the penalty paid !! ……….

A couple of Saturdays ago, we popped down to Whitstable for the day …… a very British thing to do. Lovely weather, seafood for lunch and a few glasses of wine can never be sniffed at.

….. found a nice restaurant as soon as we got there …..

….. and I ordered half a dozen oysters and half a lobster and, of course, a large glass of wine. I knocked back the oysters, devoured the lobster …..

….. and finished off the mussel juice that Mr. Home had left !!!!!

After that, it was time for a walk along the beach and a saunter into the town.

….. someones lunch on the beach { I could have finished those prawns off, if I'd been invited !! }

….. perused some nice shops …..

….. and a thoroughly good time was had by all until ….. a couple of days later, all hell broke loose in the stomach department !!!!! 

I'm sure that there was nothing wrong with the oysters as I would have been much worse { my sister has had salmonella from oysters !! } but, I have come to the conclusion from past  encounters with oysters, that they just don't like me ! I LOVE them, but the feeling isn't mutual so, no more oysters for me!

So sad to hear the news of Robin Williams ….. one of my favourites.

image 3: via the guardian, image 4: via foodukmsn,  image 18: via skreened, image 19: via ticketmaster ….. all other images via me !!



  1. Great photos...It looked like a wonderful day...sorry it didn't end well.

    Yes so sad about Robin Willams.

  2. Oh no! I'm not a great fan of oysters, just the look of them turns my stomach. But your other photos are fab!!!

  3. Oh no Jackie!! You poor loves....and guess what I have just made a chilli, lime and soy dressing for .....wait for it....OYSTERS!

  4. Hi Jackie,
    sounds like a perfect day with a not so perfect ending. So sorry. Your pictures are fantastic and it was quite an experience to walk on your side! Oh yes, R.W. was one of the best!
    Have a wonderful time

  5. Funny you should say that about oysters...I think the same. I had one on Saturday at a Chilli Festival (tabasco + oysters etc) and wondered if I should have done given that the sea was not in sight. That is my usual measure with seafood; if you can see the sea it came from it has more chance of being OK!
    Very sad to read the news about Robin Williams; seems so many great, funny, astute people are tortured souls. Really tragic.
    Take care, Lou x

  6. Wonderful travelogue images.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. It sounded the perfect day...poor you :( love your photos as always...very sad to hear the news of Robin Williams...I remember watching Mrs Doubtfire so many times with my daughter, she loved it! Have a good week, Jackie xx

  8. Thanks for the trip, I wish I had seen more of England when I was there. Nothing worse that cramps, I have such a bad stomach. Haven't had a raw oyster from 1960. Try Oysters Rockefeller, they are cooked.Robin Williams will be missed, so sad. He was a philanthropist who gave generously .

  9. Hello Jackie

    I hope you have recovered. As a lover of oysters and all seafood, I would hate to be told I could not eat them anymore. My husband, like you, loved oysters until recently and for the same reasons has stopped eating them.
    Whitstable looks like the perfect place to spend a day.
    Yes it is sad that Robin Williams has left us. May he find peace.
    Helen xx

  10. I'd wear that shirt . . . so funny you are, tipping up the pan of juice too . . .
    Laughter brings such joy . . . Robin Williams was a brilliant natural . . .

  11. Nooooo.....
    Poor you. I too have fallen foul of one oyster too many, and always feel like I'm playing Russian Roulette whenever I eat them. I'm sure yours was a summer stomach bug thats been flying around.
    Thank you for featuring Robin Williams in your post. He was such a comic genius and will be missed.
    Very sad indeed.
    Hope you have a lovely week,
    Liz x

  12. Hello Jackie! Hope you're feeling well today. Crab doesn't like me at all - but oysters, I think we're still on speaking terms!

  13. Hi Jackie,

    Robbie Williams was one of my favourites too. When I was a teenager I enjoyed seeing him in Mork and Mindy and later on in more serious films, like Dead Poet Society. A special actor and one of his kind!

    So sorry you and the oysters did not see eye to eye. :-(

    Enjoy the rest of the week!

    Madelief x

  14. Hi, I have missed you! I love the shabby chic you found in Whitstable.

    I am surprised the oysters took two days. It only took a matter of hours with me. Never again.


  15. I used to live in Whitstable, and in those days they got their oysters from France, dropped them in the harbour for a day, then called them Whitstable's. Maybe things have changed now, but sorry to hear you shat yourself.

  16. Enjoyed your post once again, thank you. And yes, very sad about Robin Williams, so very talented. Too many people have died before their time this year it seems, Jane x

  17. I like the way you told the story today.....and please do not eat oysters !!.....that is better for you...and yes poor Robbie..such a sad news today......love from me Ria...x !

  18. Jax!
    love the images, and the oysters look so yummy!!

    thanks for the sweet comment.
    and thank you - it means so much.

  19. What a lovely day, and you seemed to have found some treasures - but not in those oysters! Im not a huge fan myself, but mussels and any other seafood - YES! Hope your stomach recovered quickly, never nice. I must go to Whitsable.....
    And Robin, so sad xxxx

  20. Hi Jackie Lauren Bacall died too, Tuesday of a stroke at 87
    They said Williams hug himself, how horrible.
    I would hate to be the one that found him.
    They are showing his past on TV and I just break into tears.
    That's all the reason to Sieze the day. Carpe diem
    Remember he said that in Dead Poet's

  21. Looks like a wonderful day and your hair is so pretty. I have a lot of foods that do not like me so I know how you feel. I live near the Bay Area and a friend lives on the same street as Robin in SF. We are all with heavy hearts here.

  22. If it had been the oysters it would have happened just a few hours later; not two days. Keep eating them; they're too good not to.

  23. Posts are fun as always... :) Not a fan of oysters though...lol. xx

  24. Dear Jackie,
    I hope you feel better by now! We've been for a week on the island Sylt - lots and lots of fish and seafood, and - though I adore oysters - I didn't try them this time, stayed with shrimps and prawns and fish (though I eyed the oysters sometimes longingly -mmmh, yummi).

  25. Wonderful series of photos!

  26. Gorgeous shots, Jackie! I love oysters, too, but I rarely eat them anymore. Instead, I tend to eat mussels steamed in white wine and garlic these days.

    I am heartsick about Robin Williams, as I know we all are. Big hugs to you, my friend. xoxo

  27. I loved this Jackie!!! I was reading it and wondering if (when) you were going to get to the sick part :0
    Just so glad you have lived to tell the tale! It sounds like a wonderful time while you were experiencing it though. You always make me laugh, and so you know I loved 'the all hell broke loose' part, although I'm am sorry you got sick! I so enjoyed the photos!!!!!!!!! btw: I don't eat oysters...because as you know, they would have to travel a long way to my land-locked existence, so if they can't be fresh...I rather not eat them :)
    I was so sad about Robin Williams too. He was so young and talented.
    much love from me....

  28. Everything looks so inviting with the cafe and the oysters and lobster Yum.
    What a wonderful weekend you shared.


  29. Hello Jackie,

    We have been wanting to visit Whitstable for some considerable time but, as yet, have not managed to get there. So, we have very much enjoyed this vicarious virtual tour. Your photographs, of course, always managing to capture the very essence of a place. You have the most perfect creative eye.

    But, really bad luck about the after effects. We really miss eating fish of all kinds here in Budapest. Somehow, in a land locked country the appeal is not quite there. So, whenever we get to Italy we can be seen indulging very much as you did but, thankfully, as of now, no unpleasant side effects. That us so disappointing for you but you really must take care. These reactions can be severe and highly problematic.

    Still, you have left us wanting to be in Whistable even more.......one day!

  30. Hello Jackie,

    I'm new to your blog and just started to subscribe to receiving notifications when you have a post. I live in the US in the state of Florida, along the Gulf of Mexico coastline and Oysters are all over the place down here! I personally am not an Oyster fan AT ALL after trying them once in my teenage years. I was with my uncle who absolutely loved Oysters so he took me to an Oyster bar and ordered 12 Oysters on the half shell. He put his on a cracker, sprinkled some hot sauce on it and down it went. Since I had never had them, I didn't know that you were supposed to swallow them whole so I put mine on a cracker and bit down on it. Of course, I ended up with half of the Oyster in my mouth and the other half hanging down my chin. Well, that was it for me! LOL No more Oysters for me! I'm not a seafood person anyway with the exception of Red Snapper fish and Salmon.

    I do know that I am completely out of place here as EVERYBODY here loves Oysters and if you don't, why it's just plain un-american. LOL