Friday, 25 July 2014


I came across these photographs the other day when clearing out a drawer. I told this story before in 2010 so, for the newer readers of HOME, I thought I would recount it once again.
Are you sitting comfortably ? Then I'll begin …..

About 26 years ago, Mr Home and I were invited to Sunday lunch, with our two children, to our good friends beautiful Victorian home. We had been to their home many, many times before and, I loved it, having always lived in period houses myself. A builder had built a whole road of houses in the Victorian era and, he built and lived in the one that our friends lived in so, he had built this one to the highest spec and, with the best of materials, as he was going to live there. When our friends bought the house, it was in disrepair and they had spent much time and money renovating it.
Also coming to lunch were mutual friends from Wales who were staying with us. Well, we all arrived, drinks were served and we all reminisced for a while. Lunch was served and we all sat around their beautifully polished Victorian table to a delicious Sunday roast dinner.
Now, our hostess was pregnant, which was wonderful, as, they had had difficulties conceiving and had been through IVF which had been successful and, they were decorating the nursery. As we had seen the house many times before, our host and hostess took our Welsh friends on a tour of their beautiful home, as they had never been there before. I decided to entertain the children for a while, as I had seen it all many times before. Everyone then enjoyed dessert and, after a few glasses of wine, I went upstairs to the bathroom. The room next to the bathroom was to be the baby's room so I thought that I'd just take a peek at how they were getting on with the decorating and to see what it was going to look like ….. Oh yes …… you know that you all would have done the same !!!! I opened the door and it was pitch black so, I just thought that I would go in a little further and then, the next thing I knew, I was up to my ***** on the floor with my leg hanging through the ceiling and, half of the ceiling was now on the floor in the hall downstairs !!!! They had been doing the electrics and had all of the floorboards up !! ….. and, they had just had the downstairs hall decorated !!!! 

Can you see the tinge of red in my face ? Oh, was I embarrassed. If only I had gone on the tour of the house with the others, I would have known what was going on.

A male Welsh leg, re-enacting my faux pas !!!!

Here we are with a cup of tea after the event, so, they were really good about it and, it is still talked and laughed about 'till this day. Our children are now 35 and 33 so, you can see how long ago it was { and, you can tell by the 80's clothing !! } I had bruises that were black, blue and green for ages ….. and limped a bit for a while. I also didn't have anymore children after that !!!! ha ha !!
As you can see in the photograph, Mr Home is trying to disown me !!

I guess that should have taught me not to be so nosey but, it hasn't !!!!

all images via me !!



  1. Oh Jackie what a lovely story and I am laughing out loud. I love the Annie Hall look. Thank you for re-telling it! Must dash...

  2. That would be me, omg, can't imagine!! Will make me smile all day so thankyou! Xx

  3. O no !!!!...why you ???? could be me....;-))) the Ria...x !

  4. Delightful . . . I like a woman who can laugh about herself!
    What a hoot . . . I would have "snooped" too . . . what a sight to see two of us fall through!

  5. Such a funny story...and yes, I would have done the same too!!
    I love your style you look so cute in the first photograph :)
    Happy Weekend xx

  6. At least you were wearing fabulous shoes!

  7.'s like in the movies Jac's! Love that eighties look :)

  8. I remember when you first posted this. I still think your guilty look was do adorable! Who could be mad at you?

  9. Dear Jackie,
    really funny - when one looks back (at the moment it happened you will have been scared...)

  10. LOVE it!!!
    Giggling along....and wish you a sunny and "safe" weekend, a weekend without any "break-ins" whichever way!

  11. Dear Jackie,

    What a story! You had me LOL! I can imagine how embarrassed you must have been. Things like this (luckily) only happen once in a life time :-) A lovely photo of you though!

    Madelief xox

  12. Great story Jackie, and a great flashback to fashion in the 80's.
    Hope you have a lovely week,
    Liz x

  13. What a great story Jackie! Great photos too!:)

  14. Jackie! Love that story - and funny to see you in this outfit - oh yes, I remember ... :)!
    All my best to you and a happy happy time

  15. Oh Jackie this is priceless. Talk about putting your foot in it!! Stories like this just cannot be made up. I bet you could not wait to get in the car and get home.
    Thanks for sharing this joyful tale

  16. This is even funnier the second time I read it Jackie!!! I have thought about this many times (about anytime I want to sneak a look in a friend's house :)) The look on your hubby's face just cracks me up! Oh, do I ever love seeing these photos of you---you beautiful girl you!
    Hey, we wore our hair exactly the same in the good ol' days. Actually, my hair is quite long now again and if I don't cut it soon, it will be a miracle because it's a pain in the heat and I always have it in a ponytail because of it. Not as attractive as in my twenties :O
    Thank you for your lovely comment Jackie! I love it when you stop by. Try to keep your legs out of ceilings, okay????
    much love...

  17. Oh were lucky..... my friend did same thing in her own barn conversion, came through the ceiling and broke her leg...... and her pride as she had been on and on at her kids not to go in there!!

  18. Jackie, so glad you retold it. I am still laughing, thank GOD you were not hurt bad. That was
    not a smart thing not to have the door locked or place plywood over it. Happy you are still with us and just as beautiful.yvonne

  19. Oh my friend this was a good story! Just lucky more than your leg never went through. Thank you for the congratulations you left me on my first grandchild....we are so in love.

  20. How unfortunate, how mortifying, how very very funny! You obviously handled it very well, and so did your friends! xxxx

  21. OH I have a good story about that actaully too! My mother fell through the floor whislt on the loo and her BUTT, rather than a leg liek for oyu, ended up wedged in the hole with the plaster and ceiling below falling though to the table in the dining room! now embarrassing. She was finally recused her some firemen after her neighbour came by and had a feeling to check on her! Talk about embarrassing! My poor old mother!