Monday, 7 July 2014


Our grandchild was over a week late ….. not unusual I hear you say ….. actually, our son was two weeks late and had to be induced, so I know what it's like !!!! 
….. and then, her waters broke and our son took our daughter-in-law into hospital. She had wanted a home birth but her blood pressure was high. Her mum { who had been staying with them } and our grandson decided to come over for a couple of hours. Before they left our son and daughter-in-law came home. Her blood pressure was fine so, it was to be a home birth. DIL's mum { who, by the way, is a midwife}  and our grandson came over to us to stay the night, to give son and DIL a private time for the birth !

Now at home, they rang for the midwife who immediately set off to their house. Meanwhile, our son was upstairs, getting the birthing pool, thinking that there would be hours to kill, leaving enough time to fill the birthing pool  and to have their baby delivered in a lovely calm, home environment !! Then, our DIL shouted to our son that she had to push and, birthing pool discarded, our son rolled up his sleeves and proceeded to deliver the baby !!!!! Our DIL was very calm and helped our son through the pretty traumatic experience of delivering his own baby { along with a paramedic on the other end of the phone  !!!! } I cannot imagine what that must have been like. I did say to him that it must have been a wonderful experience but he said he wouldn't have quite used that choice of words !!
The midwife arrived after the event !!!!

Anyway, Martha Iris, 8lbs 14oz was born and is beautiful.

Here she is with her daddy and big brother and is the most wonderful addition to our family.

Welcome to the world Martha my dear !!

image 1: via google, images 2&3: via me, video via YouTube



  1. She is beautiful, lovely lovely photographs. Congratulations to all, Jane x

  2. Another baby, how wonderful!!!!!! Congratulations and what a story, amazing! Beautiful names too, so pretty.....lovely news Jackie Xx

  3. Congratulations to you all. What a story. Martha looks beautiful and what a handsome young man is her big brother. Well done dad and I hope mum is getting on fine too after such a shock.

  4. Oh how beautiful. I love seeing photos of really new newborns!!! She is lovely. Xxx

  5. Congratulations to all the family, what a brave mama and papa and I love her name!

  6. CONGRATULATION! Martha Lily is more than lovely! And you must be a very proud Grandma, dear Jackie!
    Very best wishes for your family,

  7. Oh Jackie, so wonderful news, what a breathtaking story.........CONGRATULATIONS to Martha Lilys birth! Such a sweet little girl! All my best wishes to you and your family and have a wonderful time!

    With love and hugs, Jade

  8. Oh wow how wonderful, congratulation with the new precious addition to your family !! Lots of love coming your way from Norway !

  9. What an amazing experience for everybody.

  10. Oh wow, totally amazing!! Congrat's all round xoxo

  11. uuuuaaaaaooooo un milione di auguri !!!!

  12. Oh my . . . treasure . . .
    After the wait and the surprise delivery . . . did I say . .
    Beautiful treasured addition indeed . . .

  13. Oh WOW.....
    That is the most exciting news Jackie.
    Huge congrats to all.
    Hope you have a lovely day,
    Liz x

  14. that must have been an amazing experience, huge congratulations with the birth of your beautiful granddaughter Martha! Anita xo

  15. How WONDERFUL!!!! Congrats on your beautiful granddaughter Martha Lily. Your son will have this beautiful story to tell the rest of her life.

    Our third baby Grace Elisabeth came early, on Christmas day, and my husband ended up delivering her in our truck on the side of the road on the way to the hospital. He had to unwrap the umbilical cord around her neck twice! We did not think she was alive because it took a few minutes for her to breathe and she never cried. But all was well. She was a healthy baby. xx

  16. Congratulations on that big, beautiful, healthy baby girl. And, congrats on having such a courageous and capable son. How proud that must make you. I can see a special bond between father and daughter.

  17. What wonderful news, Jackie! I'm so happy everything turned out well for your family and such a gorgeous little girl.....with an exciting entrance to the world! Years ago I wanted to be a midwife and actually witnessed many births - always exciting and some very intense such as little Martha Lily's (a beautiful name, btw.) Henry is going to be such a good big brother! Love and hugs to your family. Enjoy each moment with your grandkids, you lucky lady! xxoo

  18. Oh you and yours...such a lovely family with storybook lives...and your choice of our Paul at the end...magic...congratulations dearest one...

  19. Amazing, and you even had time for the Tour! And you left me a comment. I listened to the Beatles, I had forgotten that song. Lovely name and lovely everything. And I didn't understand the heading to the blog but now it all makes sense...Rachelxxxxxx

  20. Owwwwwww so sweeeeeet....congratulations from !

  21. Such beautiful children. I'm very happy for you.


  22. Congrats and much blessings to your lovely Martha!!

  23. Oh dear Jacky,
    congratulations and my best wishes for Martha, their parents and her brother, and for you, the happy grandparents! What an exciting way to make an entrance into this world - I admire your son and DIL - it must have needed steady nerves. Of course birth is a natural process, but I confess I was happy about all technology one could get.
    Beautiful names, beautiful photos. Enjoy all the happiness you've got as a wonderful present, Jackie! Britta xxx

  24. Jacky,
    what a special post of a special moment!!!! All the best and all my love to all of you!
    With my best wishes

  25. Congratulations oh my what excitement! now that little girl will be a go getter ha ha ..
    I am thrilled for you another dear treasure and total happiness for everyone.
    What more can anyone ask for xx
    Hugs Lynn xxx
    Thank you for your kind and lovely comment xxx

  26. Congratulations Jackie...a lovely story...and I love the are blessed with 2 gorgeous grandchildren. xx

  27. Congratulations Jackie! A grandson and a grand much happiness :-) and what a lovely name!

    What a delight it must be to be a grandmother! My eldest is 25 now. I think I still have to wait a few more years :-)

    Love to you all!

    Madelief xox

  28. I am SO excited for you!!!! She is BEAUTIFUL! Just like her little brother (who by the way, looks smitten) Lets see if he still is when he's a teen and little sis wants to tag along with him and his friends :)))))
    I love that she was able to be born at home. I'm so happy that all went smoothly for her mum and that her daddy was able to do the honors in bringing her into the world. I can only imagine how much anxiety he was experiencing in having to do it himself, but oh, what a story to tell :)
    I adore her name! and look at all that hair! I can only imagine how happy you all are!!! Me thinks you are going to have a lot of fun with this little darling. I hope she has your great taste and style!
    In fact, it would be wonderful if she is just like her gram!!!
    You are one beautiful family my dear!
    sending big hugs to you all...

  29. Oh how wonderful!! Welcome, Martha!!!

  30. Congratulations to the happy, happy family!

  31. Hello Jackie

    This is delightful news and a big warm welcome to Martha. A beautiful name.
    Enjoy spending time with her and her darling brother
    Helen xx

  32. Oh how beautiful and I love her name, I too had a midwife delivery on my daughter then ended up in the hospital that have available rooms for midwife, and water births, not to bad of a delivery 12 hours. Your family must feel so complete with a grandson and a granddaughter from your son.

    See you soon while we all follow her growth.

    Congrats to you beautiful grandma.


  33. Congratulations Jackie, I know you are so proud. What a beautiful baby girl. Love, Heidi

  34. Congratulations. I have chill bumps! So glad everything is ok. I know in a crisis you respond the best you can but I would still be shaking!

    Martha Lily is beautiful. Blessings to your family.

  35. Oh Jackie ~ congrats to all of you!! You must be over the moon ~ sending lots of love to you and your newest addition xoxo

  36. I just had to pop over and read this whe I saw the title on Rachel's blog list. Welcome to that sweet little girl.

  37. Beautiful. Precious. Wishing you happy days with Martha Iris xx

  38. Welcome sweet baby Martha & wow, won't this be a story to recount at her 21st! Our Gracie will have a baby brother to boss around in 3 weeks, we are mirroring each other's Nonna experience Jac!
    M xx

  39. This is a lovely post. You are a proud Grandparent, as I am auntie! Martha is beautiful as is her big brother, as always xxx