Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Ooooooops !!!!

I spotted this in Blogtopia and thought you might like it. I love the way the others all rush to the edge to see what happens to them, apart from the one who can't be bothered, but is interested enough to crane his neck !!

Here's hoping that the pair that were fighting, ended up here !!

This is the sort of weather that we have been experiencing for too many days now ..... Oh well .....

HA HA !!!!!

Have a great week and don't forget to wet your plants !!

image 1: via bathwater, image 2: via tumblr, image 3: via lost in the moment, image 4: via pinterest 



  1. The animated gif of the birds is classic! I could watch birds and their antics for hours. Don't worry it's not just Blighty, here in deepest France the weather has been very mixed, more rain today! I want the warm, sunny days to arrive soon.

  2. LOVE it :) !!! They sure put a smile one one's face on a dull day like this! nicola

  3. So sweet! Our plants do not need any more water for a while on our side of the atlantic. To night I have an opening on our "terrace at interieurs...", one more party with rain... and i am off to ireland soon

  4. So sweet that lovely birds. I have a lot of it in my garden, but this is so nice to see what they are doing..

    Have a wonderful day, Jackie

  5. Always a good chuckle when stopping in here Jackie! Hope the sun shines soon, it has been mixed weather here and it seems spring in March, not May. Have a wonderfully fun week. Much love XO

  6. Oh very amusing! We haven't had that weather but when we look east we can see the dark blur of it steadfastly over you. "Poor Jacqueline," we murmur among ourselves at the meetings of the women of the parish, "so wet where she is," scoffing more biscuits as evidence of our sympathy.

  7. Love it, just love it! Birds are wonderful creatures to watch. Thanks for the uplift! The photos are all lovely and I love that sign in the last. Have a great day!

  8. so funny! Thanks for the chuckle!

  9. Oh thanks for the laughs Jac's...hoping it warms up for you.
    hugs & xxx Deej

  10. Such a fun post . . . leaving me with HUGE smiles . . .

  11. Oh Jackie, you're simply the "Greatest" in the blogworld!!!!!!!!

    Wetting plants.....really ha-ha-ha.....
    after weeks of rain - just 2 days of very promesing blue sky and sun - now the rain is back....!

    These birdies - oh my, oh my! Again - beautiful post - as always!!!

  12. Hello Jackie:
    The animated 'film' of the birds is such fun and does remind one of the behaviour of human beings when in a group. There are always those who will crane their necks for a closer look, those who pretend that nothing is happening and those who wade right on into the fray!!!

    We hesitate to mention our azure blue skies, light refreshing breezes, hot,sunny days of sitting outdoors until nightfall and the odd fluffy white cloud dancing along......thank you so much for the reminder to water our plants!!!!!

    Holiday in Budapest?!!!!

  13. Hahaha, so funny.Thank you for sharing it.


  14. Oh Jackie, I love the video because Joe and I fuss over our birds here so much you would thinks we were quite bonkers. I would love some of that rain but we did have a wee shower this morning and I flung open the doors to listen. hugs, O

  15. That is so funny, Jackie. Love it! xxoo

  16. Adorable .. that last one who craned his neck, is afraid of heights :)

    besitos, C

  17. Oh, what a great post!! Love the birds, so cute and funny!!

  18. qué lindos los gorriones!!!

  19. HA Ha ha ha !! That's SO funny!!!!

    Thanks Jackie, needed a good old laugh.

    Hugs Jane x

  20. What a funny post.......love it....xxx...

  21. These are all male sparrows, including the two tussling ones. You know how guys are about sports. . . .

  22. I really love the brids, and I found the tall one who couldn´t be bothered, cute. It really strecthed its legs and craned its neck. Thanks for sharing this laugh. :)

  23. Jackie that has made my day - just so funny. Thank you Francesca x

  24. Jackie, just wrote a - very - short post about your blog, "stolen" the 'birdies' and inserted a link to your blog, hope that you don't mind.

    p.s. got to meet you one day..... maybe next time when I'm in London or the Cotswould or....something nearby.....

  25. Love your feathered friends they are cute, cute, cute!

  26. Tee hee hee....this is why we love you so!
    Thanks for the smiles...always!

  27. Hi Jackie,
    Too, too funny.
    We all need cheering up.
    Love the 'plants' advice.
    Hope you have a lovely day.

  28. Ok that video is just too darn cute. I could watch it all day....wonder if G would mind? Z sent me that photo of the sign. I may just have to steal ( I mean borrow) that idea!

  29. maybe they are not “fighting”?

  30. Hello Jacqueline

    You have such a cheerful spirit and always make me laugh. When the going gets tough can you multi task, such as "keep a stiff upper lip and water your pants" oops plants?

  31. I was always told if your not living on the edge, you are taking up to much room..Cate x

  32. Thank you Jackie for your good wishes, you would be surprised how well he knows my blogger friends. Have the most gorgeous Mother's Day with lots of hugs. XO

  33. my dear dear jax,
    i love coming here
    because i always leave a richer person-


    i love the images you post!

  34. Very cute, Jackie! You're so much fun. xo

  35. Sweet Jackie,
    I just wish you a lovely weekend.
    Thanks for all your sweet words you I love to read your sweet words.
    Hugs Gerda

  36. Thanks for the smiles Jackie, that this cute post, and your sweet comments have given me...you've warmed up my heart and have helped that spark to keep growing!
    I'm sorry your weather isn't behaving as it should yet...I hope it's not to long before you are feeling the spring sun's warmth and lushness starts to prevail in England.
    Much love to you...and have a wonderful Mother's Day! ♥
    xo J~

  37. Hi Jackie,

    I see the weather is as horrible in England as in Holland. I will be coming over next week and hope to have some sun :-)! Looking forward to it very much! First stop Brighton. When you have some tips, please let me know!

    Love the film with the birds. It's like they are playing a game :-)

    Happy weekend!

    Love Madelief x

  38. You gave me such a good chuckle on a sunny Friday arvo - delightful, like feathery lemmings

  39. too cute.........and a lovely way to start my day as dissplacement activities go!!!

  40. you cracked me up again.. You have a great
    way of looking at life. Happy Mothers Day!

  41. Jackie!
    I love that, I laughed out loud.
    I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!

  42. These little birds are looking soooo adorable!! Gosh, I love them so much. How cute they are running to the edge and looking what happened.

    well, now we also haved the worst windy, cold, rainy, its not at all spring weather over here. brr...it is so cold that I had to fire up the wood burning stove this morning. And outside all my plants and pots were all over the place. A few terracotta pots had been broken as well. Sad about that too ! But hopefully the sun will make both of us warm within a few days. Hope you had a fabulous weekend !

    ~ Aina ~

  43. You funny girl!!!! I love the sign : )
    The little birdies found out what happens to disagreeable birds! I thought this was SO cute...thank you for the laugh Jackie!

    Thanks for the comment at my place. Do you know that every time your beautiful picture pops up, I smile? I DO :)

    I hope your mother's day was wonderful too. And have an awesome week.

  44. canals and cannabis??? hmmmm okay I understand now why there was no tme for coffee... haha do you know that less then 10% of the Dutch actually smoke cannabis and it are mostly the tourists!

  45. Nooooooooo I did not think you were talking bad about my city ;)It is just a sterotipe thing like tulips LOL and I just wanted to tell you the facts ;) Next time we will have coffee in a real place ;)

    I was invited today by some NO drugs & Rock and roll page on facebook that is promoting to be all rock and roll without the drugs .;P

  46. Love that little birgie craning his neck - so cute! This weather sucks doesn't it?! We'll be doing what we do every year...hoping for an 'Indian Summer' Hugs, B x

  47. I love your post today...those little birds are adorable! Happy Thursday my friend.

  48. haha...very funny..love the sign =)
    Wish you a wonderful weekend without rain..

    regards Nadine

  49. Hello dear Jackie,

    ohhhh these little birds are soooo funny, I laughed out loud.

    The weather here is also veeeeery cold... gosh, we have May and I can not drive open with my Mini convertible... I can't belive it. Hope we get better weather next week... Wishing you a great and "sunny" weekend!


  50. hello my darling friend... oh how i have missed you... love these little birdies... and the rain... i can completely sympathize... finally we have sunshine here in seattle...i am hoping this finds you well and happy... busy busy here and happy... feel so blessed...xx