Monday, 26 September 2011


On Friday, we went to Leighton House Museum which is the former studio/house of the Victorian artist Lord Frederic Leighton ( 1830-1896 ). It is located on the edge of London's Holland Park with sumptuous interiors and paintings by Leighton and his contemporaries including John Everett Millais, Edward Burne-Jones and George Frederick Watts.

The museum provides an unforgettable insight into Leighton's private world and is a unique venue for the understanding and appreciation of Victorian art and architecture.

I started to take some photographs and all of a sudden this very angry woman came rushing up to me and told me off !! She told me that photography wasn't allowed and she followed me for the remainder of my time there !! At least she didn't take my camera and smash it ! The following are what I managed to take before I was found out. There aren't any of the upstairs, as she had got my number by then !

From the outside of the house, you would never guess how beautiful the interior is. Although the experience wasn't quite as good as my favourite house in Spitalfields ..... Dennis Sever's House ..... but, it is well worth a visit.
Also, it is situated in one of the most salubrious parts of London. Here are just a few of the wonderful houses that we passed .....

..... on our way to .....

but, that's another story .....

image 1: via gutenburg, image 3: via what to do, image 4: via The Gaurdian, all other images by me.



  1. Well done you Jackie, I visited last year and got no photos! Lord Leighton is one of my favourite painters. The house is amazing, especially downstairs. I don't really understand why some museums don't let you take photos, perhaps they are worried about theft but in the long run lovely photos like yours brings them more publicity, I also think they make extra money from photo shoots, when I visited a crew, models etc. were just leaving.

  2. So glad you got a few photos in before being nabbed Jackie! Those peacock blue tiles are stunning, and then Portobello Road? I'm green :)

  3. Very cool place! That lady is such a fun sucker! Doesn't she know you have blog fans to please on a daily basis?! The nerve! Is that a pool? Love the few pictures you were able to take though.

  4. Hello Jackie:
    We have wanted to visit the Leighton House Museum for some time now but somehow never seem to make it there. Your post has given us another gentle nudge to find the time to see it as we are quite certain that we should very much enjoy it.

    And, as you say, Holland Park is full of the most attractive houses. We just love the glossy black hall doors and the topiary on the steps. Formal and elegant. Wonderful!

  5. I love it Jackie! We were on the same track. I visited Dennis Severs' House last week and wrote about it here....

    You are so is wonderful!

    Jeanne xx

  6. She sounds like no fun at all.............didn't you tell her who you were? We need you in London and if they won't let you take pics, how are we to know what to visit when we go there next June? It does look lovely and interesting..........glad you sneaked in a few Jackie. Much love XO

  7. Hi Jackie,
    your pictures are so nice, I'm glad that you have made them, hihi. The Adresse is stored for the next visit in London, thanks so much!
    Wishing you beautiful and sunny autumn days

  8. Glad you snapped enough photos before the tour nazi went off on you...those people are just shooting themselves in the foot, as you're just promoting the venue. Not very smart, are they? thanks for the peek, Jackie. It's been a long time since I was in London and I am longing to go back!
    Have a great week! xo

  9. Hi Jackie,

    Never visited Leighton house before when in London, but I see I should next time! Lucky you took so many photo's before the angry lady found out :-)! I often don't understand why one isn't allowed to take photo's in museums. When you don't flash I don't think there is a problem at all.

    Have a lovely week,

    Madelief x

  10. Dear Jackie,
    STUNNING! These are the places that make my heart melt. I get very emotional. Thank you for getting these images:) I am glad you got some before the mean lady told you no...:)
    Big Hugs!

  11. One of my favourite places in London. I could easily live there! And if I did, you could take all the photos you wished!

  12. I never been is great !!! like to see this all by you..have a nice week from

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  14. That house is gorgeous! I love touring old homes! I feel I was born in the wrong era. Either that or they need to hurry and invent time travel so I can go for a visit!

  15. I'll be contacting friends to raise funds for bail, for the next time you may be thrown in the hoosgow. lol
    We'll rescue you girl, we need pics like these to make the world seem fine and good.

  16. Of course they are concerned about flash photography and do not know that we bloggers normally do not use flash. The house is lovely and good for you for trying to get the images. Joe and I trespass all the time and have not been shot, yet.

  17. Thank you as always for the gorgeous inspiration! It looks like you had a great weekend.

  18. So glad you managed to get a few photos, the hall looks stunning. Now are you being a peeping tom again! Oh for one of those houses, I can dream.
    have a lovely week.

  19. you go girl!!!
    you nailed some superb shots of the inside.
    was that a reflection pool in the house??


  20. WOW Jackie...great work. I am so glad you were able to smuggle these beautiful pictures out so we could see some of the gorgeous interior of Leighton House. I can't believe the beautiful architecture and the window...oh those windows. I'm so glad you escaped with your camera...really glad.
    I LOVED your post about your aunt and uncle. What a handsome pair they are.
    Enjoy your week dear friend!
    hugs from here...

  21. I forgot to tell tell you to enjoy the sun this week!
    I can't wait till you take me to more lovely places in your beautiful city.

  22. Jackie how glorious, truly!! The details are exquisite!! I am glad you were able to get a few excellent photos!!


    Art by Karena

  23. Hello Jackie

    I'm so glad you managed to take these gorgeous pictures. The hallway is magnificent and surprisingly Moorish. It makes one wonder what interiors might be discovered behind the other doors.


  24. So beautiful photos!!!!
    I enjoy them!
    Have a nice day!

  25. What husband would of loved this! Thank you for sharing such wonderful images my friend...happy Tuesday to you! xoxox

  26. Ooohhh Jackie such great photos and magic place!!!! Tank you for sharing!!!!!I enjoied.
    Have a nice day.

  27. I love this place Jackie ~ it reminds me a bit of one of the places I visited when I was in Ireland many moons ago. That blue on the walls is amazing ~ is that tile?? The colours are so rich and vibrant ~ thank goodness she did not take your camera away from you!

  28. this is really a beautiful blog! and what a great home.


  29. hi darling friend...
    my apologies for being absent...
    as i read thru your posts i am riveted by the truck story... truly this is God at work and i cannot imagine how awesome this whole experience was for the actual families involved.

    my uncle suffered for years with parkinsons and we often said "why uncle rich? why does he hang on? why is having to suffer so long?" and the priest that said the mass said "richard suffered for all of you". i will not go into the length of conversation but my uncle was in our eyes, a saint. he rarely complained and just lived his life in the most positive way possible. it has been such a blessing for him to go but such a blessing to all of us that he lived.

    love you friend... and cannot wait to come to england one day and truly visit... xoxo

  30. Hi Jackie

    Great work and wonderful photography Jackie. The angry woman will always be angry.

    What a home! Those lace curtains are unbelievable!
    Recently in Ireland when visiting a castle, I saw a Turner in the hallway also a Van Dyck and like you was forbidden to photo the house for insurance purposes. The owner was delightful and knew my sister - she even brought took us to her library and gave us tea. The castle in question is not open to the public.
    Thank you for risking your life for us

  31. Feeling homesick for the U.K now. Love these vintage houses.

    I have a new blog btw. I lost my blog unfortunately by making a mistake on google.

    I managed to find you and add you again though.

    Deb xx

  32. I’ve been three or four times. I go every time I’m in London. I just love and adore it...afterwards, a nice long walk to the tube station and some cool charity shops on the way. blessings and peace sweet jackie.

  33. How incredibly beautiful! Glad you didn't get the boot! Ha!

  34. Great Photos - I went there in 2005 and only managed a couple of sneaky shots of the studio - I just loved that house so much. Thank you for sharing these fab fotos!