Thursday, 9 June 2011


I bought the above dress from All Saints about  two months ago and have yet to wear it.  Being the age that I am ( !!!! ) and loving fashion for all of my life from about the age of 16, I have worn it all before !!

Biba, in South Kensington, was my second home and, my friend's and I spent hours and hours in there, trying clothes on, testing out the make-up and lounging on the 1920's leather settees, watching the likes of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Twiggy etc, browsing and buying the great clothes that were sold there ( at a very reasonable price, may I add !! ) I still have a few of the clothes that I bought in Biba and, last year, one of my jackets ( the exact one ) was on The Antiques Road Show (...groan !!!!! ) and  they said it was worth £800 !!!!

As you can see from the above page from a Biba catalogue, we are now wearing very similar clothes  !! I think that's why I'm having trouble, wearing the maxi second time around !!

I have worn mini, midi, maxi , every which name it, I've worn it and, have just bought some palazzo trousers which are exactly the same as a pair I had in the late '60's. I have somehow managed to wear those.

I could have bought my dress in white but, I always feel that I should be selling ice-cream when I wear white !!

SO, the big question is..........Am I living in my own past and am now too old to wear it ?????

AND, are all of you wearing maxi dresses on a daily basis or do you feel as if you are going to a wedding when you wear them ????

Answers on a postcard please..........or in a comment.....whatever's quickest !!

image 1: via All Saints, image 2: via dolly rocker girl, image 3: via Biba mail order catalogue, image 4; Via Biba mail order catalogue, image 5: via mj-salad-days, image 6: via necco heart, image 7:via sweet as a peach, image 8: via red poppy fashion, image 9: via that's not my age, image 10: via scrumtrulescent, image 11: via dustjacket attic, images 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17: All Saints. 



  1. Jackie.....I KNOW you could wear a black maxi dress and totally ROCK it, as they say. It's all about attitude, confidence, feeling comfortable.....need I say more!!!!

    I love maxi dresses, looked at lots yesterday in fact. I love them.

    I remember my Mum wearing Biba....not that I could fit into any of her clothes now even if she still have any of it, she's 4 inches shorter than me LOL!!!

    LOVE all the images you have shown here!! xx

  2. I say go Maxi ! I love the look and people 40 and over have a difficult time pulling off short dresses. I think now the accessories are different though. Really casual shoes and some funky jewelry.

  3. I know exactly how you feel. I went through all that last summer here (who says we're always behind!) and decided I'd go with it. And in any case, you probably carry it off better this time around! And I suppose...let's be grateful we get a second crack! Biba. I am green. xx

  4. Hello Jackie:
    We know what you mean....seen it, done it, got the Maxi dress.....but just think of that extra 'je ne sais quoi' that you can bring to the 'look' this time round.

    Sophisticated, assured, confident, quirky and every bit the individual that you now are, we have no doubt that the Maxi will never have looked so good. Only in black, though, the white is too reminiscent of unlined curtains and that, of course, would never do!

  5. I like the black dress !! is lovely and good for you.....lovely weekend darling.....and you are not too old for this....don't worry !! love you

  6. No way are you too old to wear the maxidress. It's a question of a dress suiting you, not you suiting a dress. You're the boss.

    Those Biba clothes are absolutely wonderful for their chic clean lines - most clothes there days are too darn frumpy and fussy.

    You will look perfectly elegant in the dress and must have your photo taken for us.

  7. Oooh I love All Saints. I have a dress from them which my Mum loved so much (She's an orig Biba wearer too) that she bought the same dress ha ha. Say yes to the maxi, they are dreamy & floaty & you will probably look as gorgeous & stylish as you did the 1st time around. Please take a photo of you in it xxxx

  8. Love this entire post. Gorgeous photos! Thanks!

  9. Maxi-dresses... I just love them!
    And I´m sure you´ll be fine in a maxi-dress! Why should you refuse it if you feel comfortable at this age? Feel free and happy :)
    Best regards, Marjolijn

  10. the only thing I have to say about wearing a maxi dress is be sure it fits perfectly and is not too full !
    I have seen more women wearing these dresses this past summer , looking like they were being swallowed by yards of fabric.. or just losing all shape and size and looking very sloppy. I like the long factor but not the huge fullness of some of these dresses, unless you are about 7 feet tall :)
    the dress on the beach is my favorite !

  11. Hands down, should wear the black one! Black is you and you SO know how to wear it. Your charm and sophistication will blow those around you away! :D

  12. What a great trip down memory lane. I remember wearing them all too. Palazzo pants! I loved palazzo pants. I had matching halter tops with 3 pairs of them too. I had a suit that had gaucho pants too. I loved that suit. Or palazzo pant jumpsuits. If I couldn't buy it, I made it.

    That dress is totally bitchin and you could so pull it off! I would of bought it if I had your figure at my age! I did get a maxi skirt that I wore with a denim shirt and boots. I got so many compliments on it! Go for it!

  13. I, for thrilled that maxi is back...don't mind hiding my legs! lol....Love all those images and remember wearing it all too. Funny, back in the 60's when I was wearing my minis...I didn't mind my legs so much! lol.
    You my dear...have the figure and am sure look fabulous in your new maxi! Go for it! :)

  14. Hi Jackie,

    It doesn't matter how old you are, if I were you I would just wear the dress!

    I bought a blue maxi dress about a month ago and asked myself the same question. I am approaching fifty and thought this was one of those fashion items for girls. I have worn it several times now and I simply love it! I have a long necklace to go with it and a pair of flip flops. I feel great in it!!!!

    Jackie, just get that dress out of your wardrobe and put it on :-)!

    Happy evening!

    Lieve groet,

    Madelief x

  15. I love it, first off you would look great and I am sure it would look good on you. I do think they need to fit and have not have a lot of extra material so ypou do not look like you are drowning in it. Have a great week. Hugs Mary

  16. Just popping by to introduce myself. Found you at pretty far west.

    I'm Jane of the flower party. You'll have to join in next time. Or pay the penance....

    I've worn it all too. The hell with it, let's do it again!

    xo Jane

  17. My dearest Jackie,
    thank you soooooooooooo much, for this wonderful post - i love to wear MAXI (it´s so much better for me than MINI ;))!!! Have a wonderful summer weekend,

    warm Hugs Jade

    PS: I LOVE the picture of you and your sweet grandson in the last post.......soooooooo lovely!!!!!

  18. Dear Jackie,
    Maxi dresses looks so great!
    Your post is wonderful, I like the images with Twiggy!
    Have a wonderful evening,

  19. Totally try it out - but start with a cute cheap one from a place like Forever 21 to see if it is really a look for you. I love mine - and wear them often.
    Much love,

  20. Oh boy does this post hit home Jackie! I am 55 and I just bought my first maxi about two weeks ago and I don't now if I can make myself wear it either. What is wrong with us??? Part of my problem is that I feel like I am way over dressing when I put it on.
    Funny when you said you had worn it all before, because the other day my daughter came over with the cutest long top on and I said to her that when I was in high school my dresses were shorter than it was. She was shocked that her mom would show so much to so many.LOL!

    I'll wear mine if you wear yours. You will look so chic in yours because of your height. I will look even squattier than I already do.heehee.
    hugs from here...

  21. I loved Biba and Bus Stop just round the corner too. The All Saints maxi is super and see no reason why we can't wear them - I think its about getting the shoes and accessories right i.e. simple.

  22. Have you been reading my mind AGAIN?!! This is exactly what I've been tortured with Jackie. I bought a mazi skirt only to return it. I want a maxi dress but can't make that decision either. Are people being too kind and not telling the real truth? I want to wear them but somehow feel like it would age me instead of looking smart. I can't wait to read more of your comments. Thanks for asking this burning question my friend. YOU would look good in anything I dare say. Oh I wish I could of hung out with your in the day @ Biba!

    xo xo Deb

  23. My mother used to say that if you've worn a trend the first time it was "in" you should avoid it when it comes back. She also didn't wear white unless in was dead of summer and wore the same color lipstick her whole life.

    I says yes, THIS maxi dress - it's perfect. I love it, and as other readers say, it's sophisticated, simple,elegant. Wear in the day!

    Mary Quant would be proud!

  24. Just wear it Jackie. I get the feeling that you are something of a style guru and could just about rock any look, making it entirely your own.
    I would wear a maxi if I could, but fear that height is just not on my side. Photos please!

  25. I love maxi but I always have. I loved mini when it was in style in my 20's...but I'm 44 now and much more comfy in a maxi. You definetly should wear it. And about the age always looks good...but white I think looks better on the younger ladies. And I love white! oxox

  26. I always feel very special in a maxi dress. I have dressed them up and down and love them. You don't need us to tell you? As they say at Nike 'Just do it' you will look fab..

  27. Jackie, NO, you aren't too old!! I LOVE maxi dresses and this would look fabulous on you. First thing when I saw the photo, I thought, "I want one of these!!" Lovely, wear it and have pics too :)


  28. you know what I’m gonna say... wear it tommorrow will look fab...I have a long tired brown velvet skirt that I wore with a jacket and tie and waist coat with a chain and watchfob. I wear whatever I want. I know you love costumes and you can wear this. All Saints...sigh..I can barely afford to look in there ...we have one now in Santa Monica. Maybe if I make a bundle in my new Etsy shop..(shameless plug) ..Wear the damn thing or I’ll come and take it away from you. Have a beautiful start of the summer J.

  29. I love that dress and I am sure it will look great on you. Wonderful post and such beautiful fashions.
    Love your blog which I have just recently discovered

  30. Ich finde das schwarze lange Kleid wunderschön - sowohl tagsüber als auch abend gut tragbar !!!!Ich hätte mich auch für das schwarze Kleid entschieden!
    Ich selbst habe mir im letzten Jahr auch langes Kleid für täglich gekauft - aber ert, nachdem mir mein grosser Sohn zugeraten hatte - sonst hätte ich mich auch nicht getraut.
    Hab viel Freude mit Deinem Kleid - liebe Grüss von Jacqueline (ich heisse genauso wie Du)

  31. It's all about attitude Jackie ~ not age! I know some that can pull off just about anything ~ me not so much! I say go for it ~ you will totally rock it. xo

  32. I love these dresses and wear them all of the time. That dress is an All Saints, has an edge and is automatically a cut above :) Put that thing will look amazing!

  33. I really love them. They appeal to my sense of old world femininity and repressed desire to actually dress like Elizabeth 1st. So yes, I'd wear them happily!!

  34. No way...go for it my sweet will be amazingly beautiful. I have been thinking of picking up one myself! Hugs

  35. Everything Old is New Again. Isn't that a song?
    Fashion is SO like that. And, I'm embracing the longer lengths and think you will look fabulous. For me, they look cool (think temperature)...and in the Texas heat jeans (which I don't wear) or any long pant feel so hot. I've found 3 long sheer skirts from somewhere in time, and will take them to the dressmaker to have a lovely silk lining put in each one (down to just above the knee) so I don't have to wear a slip. Those skirts & a beautiful tee will look fab I think.
    Oh, and I just bought a lovely pink flowers on white sun dress, long, which I'll wear with a very tight little pink tee under. Sending love...

  36. I'm there with you too! I bought a long black flowered dress and have yet to brave wearing it..I'm sixty-one, but I'm thinking along the lines of Marsha and think I'll wear it with a tight top underneath!
    I'm SO envious that you went to BiBa, anndddd... you still have the things!!

  37. I hear you! I have a maxi I bought 2 months ago at Anthropologie- still in the bag! Partly due to the crummy weather but partly due to the fact that I'm a breath away from 50.

    I say we go for it. I gave up short skirts to be age appropriate so if I want to wear long I will. Your dress is gorgeous- wear it soon!

  38. Hello My Dear Jackie!

    If you feel like wearing a maxi dress do it...and short one is ok too...and you know...everything depend on how is your mood this particular day when you are choosing your are beautiful person so everyting looks great on you!


  39. oh it is all so beautiful
    I can say you grew up in a great time of fashion.
    I adore maxi's I think they are great for all ages of women to sport around. I love wearing them all summer long.
    I don't think you are reliving, I think that designers know whats good and keep bringing it back for us all to appreciate in a modern way.

  40. Stop it you make me cry that I through away my beautiful first dark blue leather jacket... ;(

    Okay back to maxi... never have worn those. I was more into jeans and even short jeans in that time (or were the velvet LOL) I just recently rediscovered my love for high heeled boots! not that much of a fashion addict I guess..

  41. I remember Biba! I was in London with a Foreign Study league in 1971 (sheeesh!) and my friends and I found Biba straight away. I bought a long knit coat that I had for years - wish I still had it! And fashion today - I think anything goes. ::Jill

  42. DO IT !! ive been looking for a nice maxi ... i will take the white one!
    i love those old catalog photos.... fabulous !
    have a great week
    ~laura xx

  43. What a gorgeous and interesting post! Maxi would look wonderful on you - go for it! What do you think of the return of Biba? :) x

  44. first of all I have to say about your previous post is.... sooooo cute Henry and "you"...

    I have also a maxi dress, bought a few years ago... it is dark brown and I wear it only in summer holiday in italy, it matches so good there, but at home in germany I would feel a little bit disguised, but if I think about it, it would be very nice for a garden party, or? Where is the next garden party....????

    Jackie, feel free to wear clothes that you like, an I think it doesn't matter how old you are, the main point is that you feel good with it...

    xoxo, Bine

  45. Love your maxi dress...I say definitely wear it!!

  46. i say
    i have to be careful of the styling of a maxi though....
    i am only 5'2".
    in fact , i have to take my height into account always with my attire.

    how are you doing maxi girl?? xxxx

  47. I am a maxi girl though as short as I am I probably shouldn't be. I have a feeling you would look great in anything.
    I know how you feel about wearing white it does make me feel like an ice cream vendor but it's so in now to wear white and time of year. I loved the Ralph Lauren look this Spring with all that white lace. I went crazy watching the video..

    Ok have to run....will email you soon.

    Have fun at the wedding! what a gorgeous place!

  48. If anyone can carry this off it's you Jac. As for moi - my legs are a shadow of their former selves & are far too short & stubby for a maxi.
    Millie x

  49. Yes to the dress!! I would wear a maxi dress every day if I had enough of them. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Even for serving 3 messmonsters icecream. Even for strolling through the fields of horses. Even for splashing around with my inks. You can do it Jackie :) ENJOY THE WEDDING in that great environment too. Maybe you should buy a brightly coloured maxi dress as well to go with your antique jacket for the event ;-) LOL

  50. If I was as thin as I was first time round I would. I visited Biba when I was 17 in 1968 and was triumphal because there were actually clothes small enough for me. Now its not the case!