Thursday, 16 June 2011

CELEBRATE ...............

We are off to a family wedding in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk on Friday. The wedding is on Saturday at 1.00 p.m. and I'm looking forward to .....

Beautiful dresses ..........

Flowers ..........

A stunning venue .......... the above is where we are actually going. It looks pretty good to me......what do you think ?

Button holes ..........

Dining by candlelight ..........

Cupcakes ..........

We could possibly be needing one of these and ..........

the bride and bridegroom could be dancing in the rain !!

Looking forward to wining, dining, flowers and dresses, family and friend's, love and romance and an all round fabulous day.

Sending my best wishes to Christian and Michaela for a wonderful day and a happy life together.

images 1 & 4 : via vintage rose garden, image 2 : via french frosting, images 3 & 12: via, image 5 : via Suffolk barn, image 6: via ruffled blog, image 7: via Elle Decoration, image 8: via Vintage Kompagniet, image 9: via shoshana loves, image 10: via so cute things, image 11: via we heart it, image 13: via Umla.



  1. There is nothing so lovely and romantic as a wedding....hoping you have a wonderful time and best wishes to the happy couple!
    Love those images!
    Take care Jackie!
    :)love, laura

  2. Hello Jackie:
    How excited you must be as this is obviously going to be a lovely occasion. Weddings are such fun but there is, we feel, something particularly wonderful about a summer wedding.

    What a beautiful setting for the wedding breakfast. Surely the food will be delicious when enjoyed in such delightful surroundings.

    Have a lovely time and many congratulations to Christian and Michaela.

  3. Hope that the wedding is as lovely as this post! Just beautiful!

    It does look like wonderful setting. The rain will add to the beauty.


  4. Have a gorgeous time must be the season I am going to a wedding this weekend too....xv

  5. O wowwww Jackie what a wonderful post....wishing you a beautiful weddings party saterday...we have also an party on Saterday...don't forget to look at my post !!

  6. Jackie , I love weddings and there just aren't enough of them enjoy enjoy enjoy - it looks like you have all bases covered x
    Writing to you from saint Remy de Provence --- so lovely x

  7. Who doesn't love a wedding, although I have been to a few that didn't turn out quite as planned! Isn't it lucky to be rained on on your wedding day? Or did I make that up! Have a brilliant time xx

  8. Have a lovely day. I wonder why the name Bury St Edmond is familiar to me? Must be a past life! Have a beautiful day. And yes rain is lucky. xoxo

  9. It sounds like it is going to be a lovely day and I hope you share pictures with us! Best wishes to the happy couple!


  10. Have fun at your wedding! It looks like a wonderful place to have a wedding. Are you going to post pics of you two? Is that the dress you are wearing? So many questions! I have so missed you and your posts. They are always so wonderful!

  11. Ooooooh, I do love a good wedding! Have fun Hun. X

  12. Ohhh Jacqueline, this is gorgeous! How do you do this? Always always always making us swoon with pure indulgence and delight. Awesome post! I love you....

  13. What an exciting week-end you have in store ~ I will keep my fingers crossed for no rain ~ have a drink or two for me! xo

  14. That looks so wonderful. I'm sure, you'll have an exquisite weekend. Although the dress and the location are from a magazine, but I would like to have the dress and also the barn for many events!

    Enjoy the days and take care!


  15. Hello Jacki
    This is a beautiful post. The pictures are stunning.
    Have a wonderful time and wishing Michaela and Christian happiness and joy always.

  16. Oh how exciting...I just love weddings. The venue looks fabulous and your outfit with the lace fingerless gloves sounds fab!

    Gorgeous post Jac's...cheers :)

  17. Have a wonderful weekend J. What are ya wearing?

  18. Pure joy my sweet friend...Hugs. xoxo

  19. Jackie ~
    don't you just love the chance to dress up and surround yourself with others who are celebrating sweet love?!
    have a wonderful time ~

  20. Have a great time, Jacqueline, and please read out a telegram of congratulation from all of Blogtopia for Christian and Michaela.

  21. Ohhh so lovely beautiful photos!!!
    Love them all!
    have a nice weekend!

  22. Hi Jackie,
    weddings are always exciting... Wishing the bridal couple and your familiy a wonderful weekend, with lots of sunshine.
    XOXO Bine

  23. I love attending weddings. Love to dress up in my finest and see everyone else dressed lovely

    Love that lacey dress you have on your first picture


  24. Oohhh Jackie, I can't wait to see some lovely pictures of yours of that special day!!!
    I wish a lot of love to your friends!!!
    Kisses and nice weekend to you.

  25. Jackie- such stunning photos. The venue looks amazing. Are you going to wear your new maxi?! You must post photos when you get back!

  26. Hi Jackie,

    It's been a while since I have been to a wedding. My friends and family don't find it necessary to marry :-)!

    The venue looks fantastic. Just like Catherine I wonder what you will wear? At first I thought the dress on the first photo was yours :-)

    Have a great time!

    Madelief x

  27. Hi there - Oh I hope the weather holds/held out! British summertime I guess. I am sure you will have a fabulous day and many congratulations to the happy couple. I wanted to thank you for the lovely wise comments you have left me recently - I always know if there is a comment from you that it will be peppered with advice, common sense and fun! You have this amazing way of not taking life too seriously and I feel like I have learned from that. Lou x

  28. s t u n n i n g.... have a ball sweetie xoxo

  29. I just love going to weddings. SO romantic!

  30. How beautiful picture collection! The venue looks sooo inviting and romantic. Will be a dreamy wedding!

  31. What an absolutely stunning wedding venue Jackie! What did you wear?? We don't really have the tradition of wearing hats to weddings in Australia. Do you all wear hats or is that just for Royal weddings and in the movies? If there is some hat action...I think we'll be needing some more photos from you!

    Hope you've had a truly joy filled weekend celebrating with your friends. Much love, Meredy xo

  32. Hi Jackie!!! so, how was the wedding??? Beautiful and romantic, I think...the venue is incredible!!!

  33. wow... that venue is so romantic !!! im sure you will have a wonderful time. love to all
    ~laura xx

  34. waiting to see pics from the wedding. love that dress jacq...thanks as always for your visit and comment...hope you are having a lovely summer. Cynthia

  35. j,
    what a wonderful and very cool place to wed.
    i would love to know what YOU wear.
    do you know yet?


  36. A suffolk absolutely perfect Jackie....

    I am sure you will have a great time - take pictures and share!!

  37. and I lost a stone...half of which half has stayed lost... so always a silver linning.....thank you so much for you lovely comment.... the venue looks utterly divine, fingers crossed for the right weather, have fun!!

  38. Hi Jacqueline!! I'm from West Loop Lofts its my first time to be here in your blog, congratulations to the couple.

  39. Jackie I know the wedding of your nephew must of been marvelous if not magical? I hope you had much to eat, drink and plenty of laughs amongst all that love. The venue in my opinion looks incredible, wish I could think of a more unique word because it deserves one. Truly a perfect spot for a wedding party. I look forward to hearing the details. Sending you my love and joy for a great weekend! xx

  40. Loving this celebration! What an amazing post Jackie! I always feel so at HOME here. I adore every image and so wish I could have attended this beautiful day!