Monday, 29 November 2010


Isn't ticking lovely ? I haven't got any in our home, but I really must rectify that situation as it's such a fresh look.

I've got the white pillow with ties ..........

I've have the white shabby mirror ..........

I have the chest of drawers ..........

I have the straw shopper ..........

.......... the vintage cases ..........

.......... the luggage labels ..........

.......... the black and white framed photographs ..........

.......... and even the brass bed but, not a stitch of ticking has entered our house. I think that I shall make it my mission (if I choose to accept it ) to bring a little ticking into our home. How about you, or have you beaten me to it ?

images 1 & 12 - Peacock Blue,  2- Living etc,  3- Country Living,  4,5 & 7 - Jigsaw, 6, & 13 -Toast, 8 - Divine Interiors and Gifts, 9 & 10- Forest Bound, 11- Martha Stewart. 



  1. Stunning photographs..and yes I do have ticking cushions for the for the bergere bench in the hall..even a valance for the window in the bathroom. Just love it.

  2. Good Morning Jackie!!

    I haven't got any idea why cos it looks so fabulous and I love it!! I'll add it to my ever-growing shopping list :)

    Hope you're keeping warm, so cold isn't it? I wonder if this week we will get the snow they keep promising us, I think we might!!

    Take care xxxx

  3. Dear Jackie, the most beautiful inspirations as always :-)!!!!
    I wish you a wonderful week,
    Big Hugs,

  4. Dear Jackie,
    Of course! I have been, collecting blue and white ticking and red ticking too...since the 70's! I'm hopeless! It is so classic and timeless though!
    The photos here are fabulous!
    I think you should go get yourself some today!
    I hope you have a great week!
    xoxo Laura :)

  5. Hey Jacky!! No I didn't, I always wait untill you show us something stunning....but it sure took you a long time to come with this :P!
    When you have the time....I have been playing Luther Vandross for ages, but you never showed up;)...I choose know...a chair is still a chair??? Look in my playlist!!!



  6. Love that pillow you have! Sooooooo pretty!

  7. Hi Jackie, I adore ticking. I think of it as great for summer fresh decotr or beach that red tote as well!

    Do Come and Enter my giveaway from Fifi Flowers!

    Art by Karena

  8. So love ticking...I would love to roll around it all of this beauty for the rest of the day...*sigh*...Mondy hugs.

  9. I don't have any ticking in my home, but this post leaves me wanting some. Happy Monday, Jackie! xxoo :)

  10. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! You and I are in the same boat....first of all I love this post and the stunning photos...and of course I love ticking too....but alas do not have a bit of it!! Good luck on your mission,must start my own! All the best,Chrissy

  11. This ticking is gorgeous...I think I might need some too Jackie....xv

  12. I don't have an insightful comment, just wanted to say hey........hey!

  13. Hi i did not....what a lot of beautiful things you show us today !!!....lovely week Ria....

  14. Ticking will always mean summer to me! Lovely reminder on this cold, cold day!

  15. Now that I think of it...I have no ticking either. I used to have a fabulous pair of kitchen curtains, I wonder where they went! Love these pictures!


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  17. I so agree - every home should have a little bit of ticking! Leigh

  18. Dear Jacqueline, Yes, I share your enthusiasm for ticking and have found a wonderful [and inexpensive]source of it in Brighton.
    I had a rather dismally upholstered daybed which has been transformed with black and white ticking and now occupies pride of place in my Budapest bathroom.

  19. No ticking for me either...unless it's an occasional ticking off! It's a wonderful thing ticking isn't it? x

  20. Oh you have such great taste Jac' these photo's...I'll have everything in pic one thanks and that bedroom shot too :) Must go get me some ticking!

    Hope your week is going fab my dear,

  21. I love it too Jackie and I only have one piece but now you have me wanting more! I think it may go with my new quilt so I will have to get some fabric and make a couple of throw pillows ~ thanks for that! Hope your had a wonderful week-end. xo

  22. Not a speck! But I can see I need to rectify that right away Jackie. Beautiful images as always!
    Hugs to you from here...

  23. Dear Jackie,
    Why is it that everything you post I want! Love the ticking.

  24. Jackie,
    You aren't alone on either point - I love the look of ticking, but don't have any. You've inspired me to start a search for the perfect linens for a special place in my home. Rita

  25. You must get some will never look back. SOme of my favourite shots there. Beautiful.
    Ness xx

  26. Hi Jackie,

    It is a bit embarrassing, but I did not know what ticking was. I had to look it up on google :-)!

    You made me realise I don't have any ticking as well. I used to have some in my home (curtains & pillows), but that was years ago. I Love it though.

    I think it is a bit out of fashion at the moment. You hardly come upon it in magazines. Only in summer, when they show us beach houses, the ticking returns!

    Wish you a happy evening!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  27. You have the white with the ties, I have the ticking ones. I love the red basket! And what about those stripey cases!!


  28. Ticking is fabulous! I love the versatility; so easy to incorporate into any style.

  29. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! Yes, I do have some ticking in my home :)

    Thanks so much Jackie for the sweet Thanksgiving email you send last week, it was very much appreciated!!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  30. I love ticking too, it's so fresh and clean looking! XX!

  31. Beautiful Jackie...isn't ticking wonderful...i love it in all colours.
    Mine comes in the form of an apron. After seeing these photos,
    I would love to have more. Thank you :))

    Jeanne xx

    PS..thank you for your comment too Jackie...I think they were all so friendly thinking that I had a few tasty morsels for them :)

  32. Oh Jackie You Darling Angel! You always make me feel so special..Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so quick to enter my giveaway. My fingers are crossed specially for you. I would be honored to have you wear something of mine.

  33. Sadly not right for our 1972 'beauty', but you feel free to go right ahead & use my allocation at your place Jac.
    Millie ^_^

  34. I am just in love LOVE with your blog and have been loitering for hours!!! I will CERTAINLY be back!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  35. great photos.... no, i do not have any of this in my place. of course, i dont really have a house hehe. its great tho, i do like it
    great post
    ~laura xx

  36. dear jackie... you know this is near and dear to my heart... if you need anything... you know where to find me... xx

  37. They are lovely! Shabby chic is another love I have! Enjoy the good day, Kellie xx

  38. Hi Jackie ... yes it is such a wonderful, versatile fabric.
    Your images are just beautiful ... as always!
    My favourites are the gorgeous caned back chair and those beautiful vintage cases ... aren't they something!

    You're right about the havoc the snow is causing ... but I still cant get over living somewhere where it snows ... its magical!
    Have a great rest of the week and rug up as that nasty northern wind is a blowing today!

  39. Love all these beautiful shots - I'll take what you're having please! I am actually rather obsessed with ticking even though I don't have any in my house at the moment. One of my settees used to be ticking but was old and I recovered it with something else because of where it was going. I think I shall go on a mission as well! My first visit - my other mission - I shall return!

  40. I don't but am on a similar mission...perhaps something I can make into a table runner!

  41. Hi Jackie!!!! I don't have ticking either, but in a new home there are a lot of things missing and a lot of new objects to buy! I will think about ticking!!!
    Many hugs!

  42. I do have just a couple of pieces of ticking...but I haven't a clue where they are. I packed them away when I moved and still haven't come across them! I love ticking!!! I agree, you really must put it on your list. Should I say...Time is ticking!?!