Thursday, 18 November 2010


Some beautiful inspiration from Cote Bastide & Cabbages and Roses ..........

Linen Bag ..........

Scented candle..........

Cross pendant ..........

Enamel decorations ..........

Box of Potpourri ..........

Candle rods ..........

Stationery ..........

.........and,  from Cabbages and Roses .......... cisp white linen ..........

and fabulous fabrics ..........

Here in the UK, Cote Bastide products can be found @ Bodie and Fou and, of course, Cabbages and Roses @ their website. 

I may be absent for a while, as I have a virus on my computer and have to take it to that lovely man who charges me an arm and a leg to get rid of it !! 

images 1-8 Cote Bastide
images 9-13 Cabbages and Roses



  1. Oh Jackie - get a Mac they never have viruses.

    Love that linen-y flowery stuff. We have Cote Bastide here but it is pretty expensive. Are the candles any good?

    Hope you are well.


  2. Beautiful, Jackie! I had a nasty virus on my work computer today - so I feel for you..Don't stay away too long, you will be missed! xxoo :)

  3. LOVE all these things, but particularly the enamel decs and the bobbly white linens.

  4. Love that gray linen bag....
    ....and that blue flowered sack tied to the white chair...sigh!
    Don't be gone long Jackie!

  5. Hope your computer gets well soon ~ I miss you when you are not around :o(
    Lovely post Jackie ~ I adore those fabrics from Cabbages & Roses.

  6. Dear Jackie,
    So So So puts me in the mood for a simple organic holiday season! It is perfect inspriation for me~~

  7. What gorgeousness!!!! {so sorry about your computer!}

    m ^..^

  8. Oh Jackie,
    i could kiss you, for this wonderful post......soooooooooooo full of beauty and light!!!!! And i looooove your new header!!!!! Have a wonderful day,

    Hugs Jade

  9. Hi dear Jackie,
    I loooooove C&B, last year I orderd some of their great fabrics.... so beautiful colors... Every day I enjoy the cushions I've made of it...
    Warmest greetings

  10. Dearest Jackie ~

    I'm a Cote Bastide junkie! Absolutely love the fig scent of the body creme! Divine!

    Hope the VIRUS is cured quickly!


  11. Wow, everything is just so lovely. The colours sigh..........

  12. Hi there - Cabbages and Roses - just lovely. They have a shop that stocks their clothes here in my home town and must say I loiter in there a fair amount. It's an eclectic style but still...gorg. Lou x

  13. Dear Jackie, I love the things from C & R. Especially the fabrics and linen is so beautiful!
    Thank you so much for the link, I will check it now!
    Have a wonderful day,

  14. Lovely inspirations!!!!!

  15. Od dzisiaj będę stałym bywalcem u Ciebie!
    Pozdrawiam z Polski-aga

  16. Lovely, lovely Jackie....Good luck with the computer...xv

  17. Jackie, I love them both! Unfortuately it's very difficult to find those in Italy.... Hope your pc may recover soon, I had a bad virus too not very funny at all ;)

  18. Hope your computer gets better soon Jacks ... oooh ... and I love the stationery!
    Best of luck ... sending you hugs...

  19. I really like that linnen bag !!! nice things.......did you have a virus in your pc ?? o no !! i hope everything goes well.....and that you be back soon !! lovely Ria....

  20. oo booohooo....a sick computer...well...I will settle with the virus in my body then;))) cheaper, AND my computer still works;)))


  21. Stunning....I want everything!

    Oh dear...hope your computer is feel better soon. xoxoox

  22. give your comp a hug and we will see you soon. beautiful white chairs!
    ~laura x

  23. Hi Jackie,

    Thanks to you I now know what I will ask for Christmas :-)!

    Happy evening & lieve groet,


  24. Dear Jacqueline, It is oh so depressing when the computer goes wrong since, I suspect, much like me, you are incapable of sorting it out. One is then at the mercy of, who seem to me, mere children who can at the click of a mouse make the computer dance to their tune and then relieve one of large sums of money for the privilege. And, one's money would be so much better spent on any one of the lovely things you show here today.....

  25. the first picture is an old time favorite of mine!
    beuatiful big picture I love the Jaqueline morrabito pictures and Items.

  26. Oh no!!! I will miss you too much! I hope you only have to lose one arm in the process, so you can still wear both your shoes (which I am sure are to die for)
    These images are gorgeous. Love Cabbages and Roses.
    Hope you get back online soon Jackie.
    hugs to you...

  27. Gosh I wish she'd open an antipodean outpost of C&R! Hope your computer is fixed pronto Jac, I'll be berefit if you're not around for MOTH's Royal Wedding tips post.
    Millie ^_^

  28. Ah yes, I'll take one of every one of these, please. How soon can you have them shipped to me?

    And nearly 1000 followers, Jacqueline! Have you created a monster... I mean, how do you possibly keep up with it all and still find time to lounge picturesquely about?

    Don't bother gift-wrapping all this stuff for me if that saves you any time; I'm easy. Just a bit of bubblewrap on the armchair, maybe.

  29. absolutely beautiful. sorry about your computer!

  30. Ah, you have made me long for the beach! Not a good thing the week before Thanksgiving when I'm up to my neck in recipes and flowers!

  31. a virus of any kind is awful. The linnen
    and fabrics are absolutly beautiful..
    Have a fun weekend Darling Jackie.

  32. She is back! I have been checking in wondering when your next post would be coming. I have missed them and of course this one is perfect again. So many great ideas for holiday gifts Jackie....I would love to get tucked into that white linen. Off to have a look!

    Best wishes for a wonderful weekend Jackie

    Jeanne xx

  33. i sooo love cote bastide... i wanted to carry it in my store but the store down the street carries it... so sad...

    i hope the man fixes the virus soon... so you can be happy and we can visit... we miss you when you are gone... xoxoxo

  34. These are such beautiful images! Love them all!

  35. Jacy hai .. yeah sorry we can not live in the same country, we would then meet each other ...
    Now it remains a great and fun touch, .. but unfortunately at a distance.
    Nice that you visit my blog ...
    Currently really too busy to respond to the blogs ... But I always take a look.
    To fast and a nice weekend ..
    We go tomorrow sinterklaas received .. a Dutch tradition with black servants.
    Two of my children play blame ... tomorrow I'll post a picture ...
    With love Hetty

  36. Beautiful Jackie. My 19yo daughter restores my files to one week in the past and rids my pc of viruses for free.

  37. Love, love, love. I'll have one of each please:) Sorry to hear about your PC virus...isn't it the worst? I always think it's the final insult, as if it isn't enough work to keep the family virus free!! I hope you have a quick (and low cost) fix and the equilibrium will be restored in the Blogosphere. I've been so slack at catching up with everyone's blogs lately, I apologise for not touching base with you more. End of year school palaver seems to be taking its toll. Hope you have a great weekend lovely Jackie.

    Meredy xo.

  38. So many lovely choices to spend..spend..spend. I think you & I in a shop such as that would make for one delightful day Jackie. And perhaps a stop at the local pub on the way home! I do hope your computer guru gets the bugs out & pronto. We will miss you. Thanks for the lovely email. Wishing you all a fun weekend.
    With love,

  39. Such beautiful inspiration Jackie, Have a sweet day!

  40. I love your banner with all of the lovely white things in it.
    I hope your computer is rid of it's woes so we can see more beautiful photographs.

  41. All of the images are so lovely...

    I have go up and down more than twice to really have a good look at them...

    Thanks for the inspiration:)

  42. Such inspirational images I especially love the white linen in the stationery wire cage. I adore both companies. Hope your computer is up and working very soon - I really have a love/hate relationship with computers!!
    hugs Jillx

  43. WOW!!! Now thats what i call inspiration...thanks!

  44. Everything here is a delight! As usual you have outdone yourself and created a fantasy. Come by for a visit when you get sorted...I think you will enjoy my latest post. All the best darling Jackie...

  45. Your posts always soothes my heart..with aromas and textures and light...

  46. Hello .. yes that's exactly it's always difficult to estimate the state of the room.
    I am very happy with the new bank ....
    But it was equally fitting and measuring ... but the result is beautiful.
    I like you .......... Linen Bag beautiful ... Beautiful Simplicity ...
    The are some beautiful pictures.
    Good day.
    Greetings, Hetty

  47. Hi! lovely post, lovely blog! I'm so happy to have found your blog. best wishes, Maria

  48. This feels as a tease of a summer gone. Love Cote Bastide, the pics are just dreamy and beautiful. i had to retire my summer crisp white linens for my winter brown egyptian cotton bedding and thick duvet...

  49. Love this post. I'm actually going to take on the challenge of re-varnishing a vintage dresser I have to white distressed wood, similar to that chair. I love this look -- it's very Scandinavian, no?

    Great blog. Have a lovely holiday!

    Dreaming of Palm Trees

  50. Jackie,
    Such beautiful things you've shared. The large empty room with the white bed and pillows is calling my name. Thanks for the holiday wish - my Thanksgiving was filled with blessings. R

  51. Wonderful post...good luck with your computer....I had a bad time recently,,,lost thousands of photos....I cry...I start over...It will be ok.

  52. What exquisite images. Serene and lovely.

    I hope your computer is an easy fix.