Tuesday, 5 October 2010

PRETTY SHABBY ..........

Just a quick post of shabby but pretty images for your delectation ..........

 Venetian loveliness..........

Escutcheon beauty ..........

Form formidable ..........

Wonderful white ..........

Lace love ..........

Shabby shutter ..........

Shabby table ..........

Another shabby table !!!! ( my literary skills have left me as it's pretty late here !!)

Just a little shabbiness for you .......... I'm off to bed !!



  1. Such pretty pictures!
    have a great week!

  2. What are you doing up at 3.15 am? You know what, I can't cope with that peeling stuff because I always want to clean and smooth it. But It looks pretty nice here. And I love that almost nudie patriotic lady. ! Have a nice week. xoxoxo Jane

  3. ...sweet dreams...all the shabbies are wonderful...olive

  4. i do hope you went to bed...i'm surprised you didn't post a bed picture it is so late!!!

    is that you posing in the last picture sweetie (lol)

    Anne Marie

  5. I do love shabby...like these images.

  6. OOOOHHHH, I love all the shabby photos - the second one is my fave!! Have a fabulous week, Jackie!!! xxoo :)

  7. Hope you slept well!!!

    Beautiful, Love the doors in all images, everything...
    Have a lovely day!

  8. I love the photography, the close-ups & details.
    Completely shabby & wonderful, J. xx's

  9. Dearest Jacki ~

    What a lovely feast for the eyes here at you HOME...such a pleasure to catch up and fill my mind with such prettiness! You always find the best of the best!

    As you know, we returned from Laguna a few days ago, and it was an incredible trip! Perfect weather and divine beach all while McDreamy indulged in his artist workshop. Now, we are heading to the wine country (for work), but we will definitely throw in a little fun too!

    No doubt you are enjoying the changing of the seasons...believe it or not, I'm already thinking of the holidays! Yikes, this scares me!


  10. merci pour ces ambiances

    Bonne journée Jackie


  11. You do shabby so well! Chic that is... Nice to 'see' you and your lovely pictures. Lou x

  12. So beautifully shabby, nothing beats a bit of cheaper paint :-)

    A tres bientot,

    Leeann x

  13. Absolutely fabulous...I want to move in!!

  14. what a great pictures..... really great, thanks for sharing

  15. To bed???? are you ill darling????,.....beautiful shabby...love it all.......most of all i love you of course !! hugs from me Ria.....

  16. Oooh...that door hardware is fabulous!

    : )

    Julie M.

  17. What lovely romantic softness, looking straight out of 'I Capture the Castle', where I can imagine you wafting around ever so slightly eccentrically with a Top Hat and a polished silver plater of the Finest Macaroons.

  18. Gloriously shabby Jackie - I love that blue door with the fancy key thingy. And how miniscule is that mannequins waist?! Hope you had a wee sleep in this morning! xx

  19. some lovely shabby shabbiness here... I'll take the venetian mirror thanks...and the pretty door trim!!! Hope you got some sleep...

    back from blogging or internet exile... temporarily.. hopefully permanently... have a lovely week xxx Julie

  20. Thank you for this cool post my queen of shabbiness... :) The last one is very cute and just love the cream tableware in one shot, very nice indeed.

    sweet dreams darling,
    xoxoxox Deej

  21. Once again you have such lovely images its shabby chic for me all the time, I espcially like the last photo!
    Jill x

  22. Wonderful pictures dear Jackie........most of all i like the first one, because i looooooove to bath.........soooooooo beautiful!!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing and have a great week,

    Hugs Jade

    PS: You go to bed sooo late - i get up at five ;)))....we could nearly meet each other posing with their flags ;)))!

  23. Gorgeous, fabulous, beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  24. Dear Jacqueline, I love these 'shabby' images. Country house shabby chic could well describe both my house and my apartment although I sometimes find it problematic to know where the shabby finishes and the chic begins. I love the peeling plaster that I see elsewhere but I somehow cannot live with it, and the decorator has to be summoned at the slightest crack in the paintwork.

  25. You always find the best pics. I don't know where you get them from! Loving those shabby tables. I am hoping that whatever bug I had is done with. I have missed coming and visiting you so much!

  26. I love that mirror over the bathtub !

  27. once again....
    you freak me out with your amazing images.


  28. Hi Jackie! WOW, what a perfect grouping of gorgeous pictures!!! LOVE them all!

    Hope you are well!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  29. LOVE! I try to go to other stuff, but shabby keeps calling my name! I adore these, breathtaking! XX!

  30. Too too Amazing Jackie! How do you always find the very very BEST?!?!?!? Every image is MY favorite! Thank you for sharing Your beautiful eye with us! It is So Special...........

  31. Very shabby...very beautiful!
    Can't pick a favorite as I love them all!
    Thanks for a quick pick me up! :)

  32. przepiekne wnętrza uwielbiam meble shabby.Sama mam kilka w domu.

  33. I emptyd my reader yesterday and starting all fresh and over again with keeping up with my blog friends.. so I am in time today to thank you for all this eye candy ... and it is nearly time to go to sleep again in a few hours so I can even wish you good nigt!
    x desiree

  34. Hi sweet, sweet Jackie!
    Loooove...each and everyone of these pics. BEAUTIFUL!
    Thank you for always sharing so much beauty and joy.

    and dear you, thousand huge hugs, for all your so kind and warm comments to me. you are so kind!

    have a lovely evening, and take care...

  35. Such loveliness I have come across!
    I am a new follower and so pleased to have
    found you!

    Please stop by and visit anytime...

    Many blessing to you ~
    Anna Margaret

  36. Oh Jackie, what a marvelous pictures !!!!
    and thanks so much for your message so gentle !!



  37. So much gorgeousness in one post - it's easy to see why we never grow tired of shabby! Leigh

  38. Jackie, I love the shades of shabby on display here. After all, too much perfection makes Johnny a dull boy, right? Nice to have some rough edges in one's life.
    Hope this message finds you well, sweety.

  39. its all very romantic.
    have a great week
    ~laura x

  40. Beyond fabulous images;-)))*
    Those pictures took my breath away...
    HOW enchanted nice they are!!!

    thank you so very much for share these,dear Jackie!

    Love and bright blessings to you,

  41. you always have the dreamyist images.

  42. What a fabulous blog, i have just discovered you. Such beautiful images. thank-you.

  43. As, usual, you provide us with a visual feast, Jackie! Hope you are well, Sweetie! xx

  44. Aaaw...all this shabbines becomes me!Can only say thank you for all the wonderful pictures you´re sharing!!!!
    Aren´t you an angel :))))

  45. Lovely images! <3 Thank You!

  46. Gorgeous images Jackie!
    Thanks for the comment ... good to be back...

    Before I forget, I saw your wonderful summer holiday photos... we also went to Cinque Terre this summer (stayed in Monterosso for 12 days at Villa Montale, which was once owed by the famous and noble prize winning poet, Eugenio Montale) ... then spent 4 days in Florence.
    I think you also did the Amalfi coast the previous summer, like us!
    I wonder if we choose the same destination next year ... lets wait and see...

    Many hugs and kisses

  47. Hi Jackie,

    Simply beautiful! Thank you for the inspiration. I want more!!!! :-)

    Happy wednesday & lieve groet,


  48. How have I missed your blog - it's stunning!! Must start following! I'm decorating my entire beachhouse this morning...in my mind -

  49. Stunningly beautiful photos of shabby loveliness!! :-) I'm so inspired! :-)

  50. Your shabby photos are w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l. Love everything coming from you.

    Hugs xx

  51. What shabby eye candy you have chosen ~ truly a visual feast Jackie! My fav is Escutcheon beauty .........., well it was my first favorite. Hope you are having a fabulous week ~ sorry it took me so long to get my butt over here! xo hugs

  52. Some SHABBY is soooooo DIVINE!!!

  53. These photos are gorgeous! Each nook and cranny has it's own old world charm. I love them all! Kellie xx

  54. Hi Jackie! i just love your blog!
    Shabby is wonderful and you manage to find the very best images, so every time i look here...i am stunned!thank you so much!

  55. Dearest JAckie,
    I love your posts!!!!!
    This images are all so great!
    You have the perfect look for!!!!!
    Have a wonderful evening

  56. Wake up! you've been sleeping for two days!!!!
    oh no that's me....sorry I missed this post. Actually I did come by and then realized that I never left a comment. How did you live without my two cents? Beautiful images in my favorite whites and grays. I noticed a theme of distressed finishes amongst them. Hope that's not a sign that you're feeling distressed too!

    Ok off to finish my long ass wedding post!

  57. Oh so YOU my dear!
    Millie ^_^

  58. Everything is so beautiful and full of charm and shabbiness....Christine

  59. Oh, Jackie, thank you for all the delicious shabbiness! You make me so happy. I'm working at my mum's antiques show this weekend, and am hoping to pick up some shabby treasures while I'm there. Your post has given me fresh inspiration.

    Have a fabulous weekend! xo Gigi

  60. Each one is most delicious! A little shabby makes everything better, doesn't it? xo Lidy

  61. I just love it here...No wonder your blog is called "Home", it's warm, welcoming and gives all visitors the warm and fuzzies. Those cream jugs are speaking to me Jackie. Hope all is well with you and your lovely ones. Meredy xo.

  62. so much inspiration...thank you Jackie for your kind words...and Im sorry that I didn in long time leave you any comments...
    I visit you, and I find so much beauty in here...



  63. Hi Jackie,

    Phew! I'm finally back on the West Coast, and catching up with my blog friends.

    Your shabby images are stunning. I love the layers of colors and patina. You have a great eye for beauty!



  64. What absolute beauty! Love all the images, but the first is my favorite.


  65. Very delectable shabby Jackie.....Happy Sunday, xv.

  66. you get me so much inspiration, very beautiful. Worn-out furniture from the past is always beautiful, the hard-cleaner more beautiful.
    I am always glad when you're vicit me, Jackie, just so you know.
    Many varm hugs to you/Ingela

  67. Such an inspirational post...I want it all. I am dreaming of a small stone cottage, on a river near Oxford (studied there for two and it was love at first sight), its walls and roof covered in damask roses, a huge fireplace and these beautiful time worn pieces...

  68. Just gorgeous Jackie, you always have the most delightfully inspiring images!! Best wishes for a wonderful week..,

    Jeanne xx

  69. Great photo choices, Jackie! xo

  70. Haha, as usual, I want it all =)!!!
    Why can´t I have it?

    I´ll try to make my home really shabby, when the new building is done.
    I´m hoping for the kitchen to be done for christmas =P!

    Glad you didn´t miss my giveaway and crossing my fingers ;)!

    Have a nice evening!

  71. Wow, I’m exhausted from the intense scrolling down and reading all your comments. Thank you so much for your kind words and support. When I come to look at your blog, I’m am transformed by your lovely world, great eye, and feeling for the romantic. You are a rare jewel Jackie and I am so happy to consider you a friend in this sometimes crazy world. Thanks for transporting me to a frothy, lacy space...Cynthia

  72. what a great job you have done with these images.
    did you take more than a few of them?
    i loved them!


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  74. Lovely shabbiness! Every image is absolutely delicious. You made my day!
    I have been ridiculously busy and just catching up on blogs now. Seeing all this beauty was just what I needed. Thank you!

  75. I'm so glad this is still in style! I haven't visited in a while. I hope everything is well with you! Jennifer:)

  76. OPPS...I posted about the blue and the white doors, handles, locks and lace, etc..with the wrong set of images....but all the same these SHABBY things are beyond DELIGHTFUL...way beyond.

    I am going back to look at each again...and re-absorb the pleasure of the sight of them.


  77. Love your blog, I can't wait to sit and read through it this weekend. So glad I found you, your photos are so inspirational. I hope you will find us, soon! Come on over!
    Full Bloom Cottage

  78. hmmmm. not sure why it says im krazy kid????