Tuesday, 28 September 2010


London Fashion week is now long gone but I thought that I would indulge myself in a little of what I love in fashion and romantic images..........

 Pretty ..........
 Frothy ..........

 HAZARD WARNING !!!! .......... smoking and laying on railway lines is not recommended for a healthy lifestyle !!!! hehe

 Love this look ..........

 I wouldn't mind this at the bottom of my garden ..........

 Rock chick plus romantic lace .......... from the ridiculous to .....

 the sublime !!

 Soft .....

 Severe .....


 I really love the vintage lacy, frothy, ruffly look, coupled with more severe jackets and boots ....

 More shutters ..... a permanent feature here @ HOME

 I only like this if it's faux fur .....

Love the skirts, love the boots, love all of it ..... 

 Just wish that I could still wear my skirts this short !!

Romantic and beautiful

.......... and, a final farewell to summer with this beautiful romantic beach image.

Have a fashionable, indulgent and romantic week.



  1. Oh what a fantastic post! I just love your style, your taste is great...but hey I knew that already :)

    So funny with the health warning and those knickers with the bow...too cute!

    Second last one is soooo romantic.

    Fab day to you darling,
    xoxoxo Deej

  2. It's completely impossible to know which beautiful image to love best Jackie! But I think I'll go with the first one...maybe :) Have a wonderful week yourself x

  3. This is going to be my new lifestyle!!
    We have to dream and you provide some fabulous dreams....theses images are gorgeous I love them soooo much.
    Have a fab week xxxxx
    Hugs Lynn

  4. Such a gorgeous post...oh so romantic. My daughter has those pants with the bow, too too gorgeous!
    I simply love your blog, it lifts the senses!

  5. Thank you for this dream of evanescent and delightful lace...Love it!! The little "culotte" with a bow is so cute ! :-)

    ps : i have a Parisian give away on my blog. check it out !

  6. Beautiful and all Jackie!
    You have a gift for picking stunning photos
    ..just dreamy :)

    Best wishes for a wonderful day Jackie!

    Jeanne xx

  7. Dear Jackie...you just took me on such a roller coaster of memories and emotions. Such a beautiful post....I did own lightyears ago a similar pair of panties...the opening dress with the lace back is so beautiful, the lace, the doves etheral...did i mention this was the most beautiful post to wake up to on a rainy morning?

  8. Ah, the first image is the epitome of French Chic. I adore that image. Ah, those antique glass bottles - I am besotted. This is such a dreamy post.

  9. if I had a waist like that, or legs like that I would wear bows everywhere!!!!
    Lovely LOVELY pictures......thank you!


  10. Oh thank you for taking my mind off the wintery weather. Beautiful images that make me want to dress up. I shall be day dreaming all afternoon! xx

  11. That is an absolutely gorgeou post!!!!!!! It just made my morning:)
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  12. Divine! I loved all images, the colours, the atmospere...I even got a little idea to borrow ...the lacecurtains for the bed!

  13. Cannot pick a fave. Too many good ones! Love them all. xoxoxoxox

  14. Sigh....I have melted onto the davenport...too too romantic...too beautiful!
    I'm really into frothy!

  15. i was bawled over by the first dress in ivory, it is so beautiful and such a classic creation that i cannot tell you how much it moved me, great post and great pictures

    x0x0x0 Annie's Online Store

  16. Dear Jackie, I love this images and the colours! The dress on the first photo is so beautiful! And the house, is this a house in Paris, it is so gorgeous!
    Have a nice day,
    Big Hugs,

  17. Hi Jackie, Wow! Thank you for all of the dreamy pictures! A great escape for me. I absolutely love the rose hat on the skater. Also I giggled at your comment regarding the smoking and railroad track. *hugs*

  18. Honestly Jackie, this is an entire WEEKS worth of pretty indulgence for me! Merci beaucoup for such a gorgeous start to my morning!!!

  19. Beautiful images, Jacqueline! Each could be a work of art!


  20. where do you find such stunning images? Lucyxx

  21. Such pretty pretty images to wake up to this morning...thank you for sharing such joy.

    I love ruffles and lace...off to see if I can find some to wear today.

    Hugs my sweet friend.

    Thank you posting my giveaway button..you sweet girl you. xoxoxo

  22. Stunning images!!! What a fabulous post to wake up to! XX Lynn

  23. More ruffles and love the Soft and Perfect ones. Listen..........that's the sound of everyone borrowing your beautiful images today Jackie. I can see you in all of these. Hope you have some good parties lined up! Much love XO

  24. Hi again dear Jacqueline! Thank you so much for putting the give away link on your side bar...this is so sweet of you ! and oh..yes i know what you mean about having time to comment..please don't worry !
    Have a fabulous day

  25. Beautiful post!! love it!! wow de skirt isn't the right lenght for me eater hihihihi
    lovely evening

  26. Jackie, j'taime all of these!

    Happy week to you.

  27. beautiful pictures.. i stole the photo with the paeonies if i may

  28. Dear Jacqueline, What a fabulously frothy and feminine collection of images. You have a very definite and creative sense of style which just shines through your postings. Your eye for detail is extraordinary and each picture offers so much which is of interest and, very often, a sense of fun. Pure escapism for me today in a rather grey and dismal London. Lovely!

  29. Holy Mackerel! I love everything!! Everything!! Just ship it to me.
    The smoking photo made me laugh. When you thing about it, smoking is really the same thing as lying on a railroad track. One knows the train is coming, just not sure when. Pretty good ad campaign, I'd say.

  30. Bonjour Jackie,
    Très romantique - parfait! You are the best Jackie, you have a fabulous eye for beauty!
    Enjoy a lovely, ruffly week my friend!

  31. Gorgeous each & every photo. Now I want to get dressed up but no place to go. I quite like the rocker chick with the biker boots & lace, but my favorite of all is your signature look with the top hat!! That's my girl.

    I will refrain from cigs & tracks from now on, I promise. Hugs to you for a lovely Tuesday evening Jackie xo xo

  32. Ahhh, I feel like I've just come away from a mini-retreat full of beauty and softness. Love it all!

  33. You know that first dress is beyond pretty...it's absolutely stunning! What a perfect collection of pictures.

  34. Fabulous images, Jackie..I adore them all. I am a jacket and boots girl and a tomboy at heart - a little frilly with a little rustic is what I love best! I too miss being able to wear the short skirts....that was another life ago...haha..Have a beautiful week, Jackie..and thank you for adding some romantic images to my week! xxoo :)

  35. Oh Jackie, what a great post.....can´t get enough of those wonderful pictures.......i´ll come back some more times to enjoy all the lovely impressions.........THANK YOU SO MUCH, my dear friend!!!!!!!!! Have a wonderful week,

    Hugs Jade

  36. Wow !!
    So many lovely things and clothes ! I almost love them all. And I want to have a hat :)


  37. O Jackie..................i really really like your blog....so amazing this........love love love Ria.....

  38. Oh...that first dress...and that fur. Gorgeous.

  39. It's very, very hard to beat romantic - you've summed it up in the most heavenly way. We should all take the time to include some every day! Leigh

  40. What a collection of truly beautiful photos! My fave is the bouquet on the cement steps! What a combo! Thank you for such a wonderful treat!

  41. Of course you would like any look with a top hat!

  42. Hello Jackie
    How are you?
    Wow I love every one of these photos...So beautiful....
    I hope you are having a great week.
    Thank you so much for stopping in today... You are always so encouraging. Thank you Jackie....
    Have a great week..
    Take Care,

  43. Simply splendid, Jacqueline. I love each & every post you do better than the one before...how does that happen? It happens because you put your heart into this lovely blog of yours. xx's

  44. Hello Jackie!! There's no other place where one can find amazing photos like in your blog!!! Your choice is once more simply perfect! I'm so glad you enjoyed Italy so much, your pics are excellent!

    A presto
    Zaira xx

  45. Hi Jackie,

    This is such a beautiful post; the romantic clothes, chandeliers, rooms and hideways. The touch of 'gothic' and 'rock chick'. I love it!

    I agree with you on the skirt. If only.....However, with a few more cm's to it and a pair of thick panties or leggings...it still is possible :-)!

    Enjoy your wednesday!

    Lieve groet,


  46. What a fantastic post Jackie, gorgeous images!!!!

    Love the hazard warning on the railway/smoking photo!!!!

    Hope all is well with you :) xoxo

  47. All too beautiful for words Jackie......xv

  48. hello my dear friend, the inspirational pictures, romance, lace and a little tougher stuff is a good mix I think. Many warm hugs to you Jackie / Ingela.

  49. Dear Jackie,
    You never let us down with the best collection of all! This image are all frothing over onto me! My favorite are those frothy grays...I can taste them!!~~~~

  50. LOVE these photos, Jackie. Frothy and pretty and a little edgy. Want me some roller skates to wear with my petticoats. Oh, and that luscious pink bouquet of peonies--yum. You have the best eye in blogland for all things romantic, my sweet friend. xoxo Gigi

  51. I'm dizzy from all that decadant lace. I want to be a fairy princess and get to wear such clothes. It's not fair! That second photo with the layers of lace just about killed me and then you kept giving me more. I'm in heaven. Reminds of that site I sent you but even more romantic.
    I'm with you....only like fake fur....can't see how anyone can feel good wearing an animal on their back!

  52. That post was a whole lot of pretty! I drool over those YSL pumps!

  53. the peonies
    and the panties with the bow in back are fabulous.

  54. comin late to the party! lovin the froth, the bow, and bouquet... xx

  55. OMG!!!
    I´m speechless!!!

    This post is amazing!!!
    I love it all! The clothes, the light, the images and positions...WOW!

    You always inspire me, Jackie!!!
    Belive me, mabny times , when I have no idea of what to photograh, no inspiration, I come here to look for it!
    Thank you!!!

    Have a wonderful day, sweet Jackie!

  56. Hi Jackie ...
    This reaction can I place
    So it works again.
    I have to admire your beautiful photos watching.
    Each dress is just beautiful ...... I want to wear it.
    Thanks again for the beautiful pictures
    And nice of you to place a reaction on my blog ..
    Good weekend.
    Kind regards Hetty

  57. Oh...I just found your blog and am loving everything. The images on this post are to die for. I'm happily becoming a new follower and adding you to my blog list. Now I've got to sit here and go through all your old posts. So happy to have found you.

  58. Wanna wear my skirts that short, wanna wear that beautiful first number, wanna wear those cute knickers with the bow ...Just turned 40... think I'll go for the barefoot long skirt look on the beach afterall ;-)
    Oh Jackie, in an uncertain world, you offer beautiful consistency.

  59. Jackie
    the beauty you brought into my day with this post would have been impossible to achieve by anybody else . You must have a not-so-hidden talent for it! :)
    I realize it must be boring for you to hear so many compliments but I can't help it !!
    Have the most wonderful weekend xxx

  60. Beautiful photos...so full of taste and mystery. LOVE that about you and your style. :)

    Hope you have a good Friday.

  61. thank you for another member of breathtaking photographs! It's amazing how your taste is simular to mine. I can dream away and forget about the lot here at your Home. Lovely. Love, Hansje.

  62. Hi! Youre taste is so wonderful, I always wonder after seeing your blog where you find this amazing photographs...theyre so adorable, you are wery good taking photos! :)

    Yes, I love autuum, the coulours are so fantastisk! But still this is not my favorite season because that I know whats coming up after the autuum...winter, snow, a lot of coldness...Im freazing just thinking about it! The spring is my time, when everyting is awakening again, and the summer is on its way! :)

    I wish you a very nice weeking, I have a little autuum holiday, enjoying every second of it! Hugs from me to you! :)

  63. Jackualine! I love you till the bottom of my rock and roll heart ;) and have not forgotten about you ! just very busy with all these exciting IKEA things and now slowly getting back to normal
    x have a great weekend too x desiree

  64. applause for all of these images, what a fabulous post!!

    great blog :)



  65. I love the froth and the hats Jackie ~ so "you". The bow pic reminded me of one Simone would find... I love it all and that shelf with all the bottles speaks to my heart. The bouquet on the stairs is just perfect along with the final beach wedding shot. Have a wonderful glorious week-end my friend. xo

  66. Beautiful images. Lovely and romantic post.

  67. Hi Jackie! I really love this amazing pictures! one is quite familiar...he he!Looking at them is just like making a journey into fabulousness!!!
    Have a great week end, dear!

  68. WOW! Love these pictures, your selection is fabulous!
    Great blog


  69. Jackie, dear, thanks so much for taking the extra effort to leave me a note. 3 of the 5 came through. I am always thrilled to hear from you. This post was a sumptuous feast for the eyes. In my dream life, this is how I live. Love that mirror and the panties with the bow (nice and naughty all in one)... Oh, and all the ruffles and lace and flowers and... Take care, Sweetie. Xoxo.

  70. Jackie, you have a beautiful blog. The photographs are stunning! All of the images are fantastic and inspiring. I hope you are having a fabulous weekend:)

    Amy R.

  71. Fabulous photos! I love the cute underwear with the ribbon. So adorable! Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx

  72. Dear Jacqueline, I absolutely share all you selection of these so romantic and inspirational images. Thank you for indulging me too, I really need a bit of fashion in my life!!!
    maria cecilia

  73. hi jackie
    beautiful collection of pics .... *sigh*
    have a great week
    ~laura xx

  74. So, so stunning! I adore all of these, we have the exact same taste! Love the back bows/booty bows! XX!

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  76. Vintage lace with little jackets and (big) boots would be right up my street too. Maybe I could do with a Jacqueline to jazz up my wardrobe a bit before it turns totally pink (imminent danger).

  77. I LOVED these images! Thank you for sharing! Blessings -

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  79. wow!!!!!!!!
    that 2nd pic is just beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    great post!
    hope you are ok and happy!
    happy day Jackie,

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  81. Any idea where you can purchase the white panties with the bow ? Love them <3