Wednesday, 13 October 2010


A study in blue this Wednesday morning, with a special mention to the lovely Laura @ 52 Flea , who adores the colour blue so Laura......this one's for you ...................

Pretty Autumnal blue ........

Vintage books.......

Wouldn't you just love to receive a gift presented like this ? .....

I think that you might just turn blue if you slept here overnight !!!!! ........

image by Bersa

Gorgeous dress.....gorgeous location ........

Here is a little taster of Laura's blog. This is a photograph from one of her posts so that you can see how beautiful it is. Go over and see will go back time and time again.

........ and finally, a sparkly blue cupcake for you all.

Happy Wednesday



  1. ooh nice bleu!!
    love it! thanks for the cupcake!
    love it alsow!
    happy day

  2. i love your blueish photo's the first one is really great... and the one with the hydrangea... the vase is dutch! it says: for household use only 1 litre..
    thanks for sharing

  3. Oooooooooh, i looooove BLUE - thank you so much, for this wonderful post, dear Jackie - sooooo great pictures....i think most of all i love the bed in the trees!!!!!!!! Have a lovely week,

    Hugs Jade

  4. Dear Jackie, blue is a beautiful colour!!! Your post is so great!
    Love the image with venice ;-) !!!!
    Have a happy wednesday, too!

  5. Ahhh thank you for a lovely start to my Wednesday. Beautiful images & the hydrangea is just gorgeous.
    Have a wonderful day xx Claire

  6. Stunning photo images Jackie!
    Now I feel like a cupcake ...
    Have a great day!

  7. Hey Jac's...liking this study in blue. What a totally gorgeous jug and bowl, that shade is beautiful.

    That is indeed a stunning location and!

    Mmmm I'll grab that cupcake thanks very much :)

    hugs Deej

  8. Wow, what beautiful photos! Lpve the bed :o)

  9. Love it, love it, love it. Sigh...would love it all.

  10. Good morning Jackie!
    What a wonderful surprise to have this fabulous blue post dedicated to me!
    I just can't decide which photo is my favorite....I LOVE them all....
    ...and hey! I recognize that rag ball and Dutch enamel
    You're the sweetest...
    Happy, happy Wednesday! :)

  11. How much deliciousness in just one post Jackie! Which one to choose...:)

  12. What a lovely post - but I love the cupcake it looks delicious!

  13. Don't toss and turn to much while sleeping or you may just find yourself in the hospital! Loving the beautiful images you found in your blue story ~ that dress is gorg but I think the wreath is my favorite. xo

  14. Dear Jacqueline, This posting made me realise that I decorate with blue more often than I think. Just loking around, I see shades and touches of blue in much of my upholstery, in glassware and in ceramics. Never, however, in my clothes or paint colours.

    The dried Hydrangea heads that you show look wonderful, and, as they have been so plentiful this year, I am inspired to gather them up and use them indoors.

  15. Beautiful pictures! I love them!
    Thank you for the marveillous cupcake!!

  16. I'm not Laura but I peeked;)...and love it!!!!

    THank you!!! If you find blue boots, let me know ;)


  17. Gorgeous dress is right! A beautiful blue post Jackie and I love the first pic too. Much love XO

  18. I LOVE that stack of books and the bed hanging outside in nature. How I would love to cozy down in that bed with the perfect hot cuppa right now. :)

    Hugs!! xo

  19. Gorgeous!
    I adore that tree house bed.
    But Edward might find it a bit difficult to jump onto.

  20. heart is melting right now...such beauty in these images...Oh the last image simply amazing! May I as where you found it?


  21. Hi,Jackie:-)*
    Wooow...such beyond lovely,sophestecated blue inspirational post!!!
    I stay here by you and look,look,look...just realy very inspirational images:-)))*

    Hugs and Love from Amsterdam,

  22. D I V I N E !
    Happy weekend dear Jackie.

  23. Jackie,
    You grabbed my heart at Rhapsody in Blue...all this frencyblue makes my heart sing out loud~~~~

  24. Oh i adore all these heavenly images. I've been playing mommy so i haven't been doing much blog reading. This rhapsody blue post is such a welcoming ease back into blogland. Love it!

  25. I love blue! Who doesn't! Wonderful photos. I want that blue cupboard with the China. I love the bedroom with the blue-white striped pillows. I love it all!

  26. Wowwww...Jackie...i love your post and you and Laura!!!....and may i ask...the next time......let me say....PINK ?? .....for Ria?????....hahahhhaha!! love .....

  27. Loving all the blue - especially that first photo - so beautiful!!! That is my fave color of all time!!

    I think I will indulge in a cupcake, too - thank you very much!

    Have a gorgeous week! xxoo :)

  28. Oooohhh Jackie... your post is fantastic!!! I adore it!!!! I love your blog!!!!
    Have a nice day.

  29. Sooo pretty since I've got the blues today. The photos cheered me up! :)

  30. Jackie!! You're always the N.1!!! Fantastica xx

  31. Jackie these blues are just breath taking, I love the blue iron was nice of you to do this for Laura. HUGS MARY

  32. Loved every picture ,but specially the one of the faded shabby georgian house, just wonderful, sigh.. Linda x x

  33. I adore the dress that's tied at the neck (or long skirt and blouse, not sure). It's stunning - I'd have to save my cupcake for
    AFTER I wear the dress...lovely blues ~

  34. Blue hydrangeas, blue ribbons, blue dresses . . . I love them all! SO pretty, and a wonderful tribute to the fabulous Laura. Thanks for the cupcake treat, too. I was craving a sweet! xoxo Gigi

  35. SO gorgeous!! Love the crazy bed in the trees and that wonderful cabinet. :-)

  36. hi Jackie I love blue too!! Goes with my eyes. And even now my daughter says she hates pink and loves blue (YAY). I am with you re Jordan. Oh dear. Mind you we were pretty pleased when she took Peter Andre off our hands! xoxo

  37. Hey Jacqueline
    Well Laura must have loved all these sweet blue images.. I know I do.. blue is my favourite colour too.. and of course I loved the Venezia shot!!! great image...

    Have a lovely blue day!! xxx Julie

  38. What a lovely, calming post! That hot of the dress is so gorgeous!

  39. happy wednesday sunshine! i love the jungle bed. great pics
    ~laura x

  40. Lovely pictures! The outdoor bed and table kind of reminds me of A Midsummer Nights Dream. Whimsically romantic! Kellie xx

  41. Wonderful shades of blue, Jackie!!!
    I love it!

    Wishing you a wonderful day!

  42. You got nice and beautiful blue things here! Blue is one of my favorite color, and your photos are so lovely I even can touch them and smell them :) Thank You!

  43. Amazingly gorgeous! You find the absolute best photos, Jacqueline! XX!

  44. Dear Jackie, I bought the candleholder already last year!
    But when I find one, I will get back to you!!!
    Big Hugs,

  45. Breathtaking & beautiful blue!! Every picture is absolutely gorgeous... the hydrangeas and the table setting at the beach are my favourites :-)


  46. Jackie, these are just you! I have been to Laura's blog many times and could not agree more. You both have such beautiful photographs and ideas. Very inspiring, thank you!!

    Jeanne xxx

  47. Overwhelmed me, that swing bed, awesome. The whole post is gorgeous. I use the hydrangeas
    in my fall wreath and the wild rose hips and bettersweet, sooo pretty.


  48. Hi Jackie,

    These are simply great! Where do you find these gorgeous looking photos?! Your really have an eye for it! Love the bed in the air with the colourful pillows.The other bed with the white and blue pillows is very pretty as well. So is the wreath on the top photo!

    Before I forget: thank you for always leaving such kind comments on my blog. I enjoy them very much!

    Happy weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  49. What a great ode to blue and my little blue girl Laura. Now I love that bed but it would have to be closer to earth for me to spend the night there. I may have to steal that tag's simple but elegant and I have a gazillion buttons. Always looking for a new tag idea when I send out those mags... ah know?


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  51. Thank you, Jacqueline, for this fine assembley of delightful blues, but just to clarify, will the cupcake be shared among all 53 (at the time of writing) commentators, or will there be one each?

  52. That dress in the Piazza San Marco is the single most awesome image I've seen in a long long time. Thank you, gorgeous beautiful I can go to my bed & dream.

  53. Let me eat the cupcake and meanwhile drool over the pictures again.. You are so good in this. I really enjoy all the themes you come up with!

    Have a good weekend dear Jacqueline!
    hugs desiree
    ohh and you are always welcome to sit at my table while in Amsterdam

  54. Jackie!
    I have always said, I am not a blue person but I think you might have just changed my mind!
    How are you sweetie pie? I really am among the living... just getting back to some kind of routine but I am off on vacation today, a road trip with my husband, mother and daughter! Black Hills, here we come!
    Blessings to you today,

  55. Hi jacqueline,
    What a lovely response from across the border ... that's the beauty of blogs ... dear people here just give you a warm feeling.
    Thank you for your sweet compassion .. I hope and trust that my mother will be better
    Love Hetty

  56. Happy Friday dear Jackie - you always..always find the best images. I dare say if I sleep amongst the trees just maybe I'd sleep better?!!
    Such romantic, gorgeous images. I love Laura's blog, always a true joy to visit. We all just need 48 hour days! Hope you will have a good weekend? Sending love your way. xo xo debs

  57. Ahh, the beautiful blues! It would be impossible to pick a favorite. The bed in the trees is stunning. Lovely post.

  58. such a gorgeous post as always.... missing my pal jackie... will get back on track... thank you for your kind comment.
    enjoy your weekend! xoxo

  59. Blue..sweet melancholy...Hydrangeas...dreamy...

  60. Beautiful images! I love that first one especially with the wreath!

  61. Hello Dearest Jackie ~
    I'm a big fan of blue (although, white always wins my heart's truest affection!).
    You will be pleased to know that we found a fantastic vintage dollhouse for the crumb's Christmas present. It is tucked away for only our eyes and hands (to renovate and repair). Such a fun project! And most exciting, is we have decided (at this point) to design/decorate in Shabby Chic. I can't wait to share photos with you (hoping sooner than later)!
    Wishing you a wonderful remainder of the weekend and a blissful week ahead!

  62. Jackie - what a fabulous collection of images! Every image is gorgeous and shows just why this fabulous colour is so beautiful and timeless. Love it! Leigh

  63. Jackie great images, and I agree with Marsha at Splenderosa.... that long dress is gorgeous beyond!!

    I have a Luxurious New Giveaway on my site....Come and enter!!

    Art by Karena

  64. Your blog is so enchanting, I think Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis sleep in THAT bed in the forest-trees!


  65. Hello Jackie,

    Very delectable post, all the blues, and that cupcake..:)

    Just discovered your beautiful blog and will be returning to enjoy your gorgeous images..

    a bientôt.


  66. I love all shades of blue, but that dreamy room in white and lavender is gorgeous.
    Thanks, thanks for sharing.

  67. Thank you I will enjoy that cupcake with a cup of tea in my very best china!

  68. Gorgeous post, I think I have already commented
    but just looking in to see what's new. yvonne

  69. I stumbled upon your blog today, and am SO glad I did. I am redoing my bedroom and blue has been my inspiration and I am constantly looking for more! That cupboard is brilliant, I love the antique/bright combination it has :)

  70. Jackie, what a TOTAL JOY it is to visit your blog.
    I so wish I was young and healthy again, so that I could have the energy to create something like this.
    What a treat this is, to see all these "blue" images...the blue and the white doors and handle,lece etc. are just such delicious eye candy.


  71. Your blog is fantastic, wonderful, sensual and full of life!

    My I borrow some pictures from your blog if I boosts you & link back to you? I'll evem add you to my favorites list, ok?

    I'm so happy to have found this 'cyber rolls royce'!

    Agneta, a swedish one ;)


    bonne journée


  73. i want the swinging bed in the woods delivered to me asap-
    with the woods of course!!


  74. Jackie you are making me want ti add a lot more blues to my decor. Oh goodness, that blue cabinet has me sighing. The first image of the wreath on the door is so amazing and simple in it's beauty. Everything you post takes me away and gets my creative juices flowing.
    I haven't been by to see you much this Summer, but that certainly doesn't mean you are far from my mind. I am hoping that your Fall is going as wonderfully as mine has been.
    Love to you from over here...

  75. wow, simply beautiful! You did a lovely job.

  76. Oh I am so lovin' the blues in here...

  77. Dear Jackie, so many beautiful inspiration, my gosh, I would want to change lots of things at home!!!
    maria cecilia

  78. Ohhh Jackie, what a post "SUBLISSIME"
    congratulations for you and Laura


  79. hanks for passing by Jacqueline... I know we are all a bit busy! but that is okay ;)

  80. Hi Jackie!!! wow! wonderful images!!! I'm really impressed by the hrydrangea's ball...very nice...I think I will try to make it next spring!
    Have a great week end!!!

  81. Ooooh this was gorgeous Jac! Grumpy MOTH banned blue in the house years ago & I miss it so. Thank you from the bottom of my blue, blue heart.
    Millie ^_^

  82. Hi Jacqueline!

    Thank you for your pleasant visit! It was a while since last time, the weeks passes quickly and that we are now almost in the winter season is overwhelming to think about. I Hope your fall is kind to you.

    It's so inspiring to look into your magical world, with a wonderful sense of superb blend, you can get anyone to see things in a different way. The pictures always creates so many ideas, I love the contrasts and textures !!

    Thank you for your positive energy!

    Enjoy a wonderful weekend,

  83. Hello dear Jackie!

    how sweet of you to remember my christmas cards...yes i will do you have any special motive in your mind?

    I always find so much inspiration in have such a good taste and eye...
    Please write to me...

    have a nice sunday my friend



  84. Oh, my... how lovely is your blog!

    New follower!


    November Grey
    Stop by for a gorgeous art giveaway!

  85. Hello my dear friend, you always makes me so happy Jackie, just so you know, hihi. What beautiful photos, I must immediately check the website
    Many warm hugs to you my dear / Ingela

  86. i Love your blog and youre pictures!!

  87. Wow I adore this post! The pictures you found are GORGEOUS! I had never thought of myself as a blue fan before but I think I'm a convert now! :D

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