Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Silver is not just for Christmas !

We can use it in our homes ..........

In our baking ..........
When we eat ..........

We can wear it .......... don't you think that this jacket is me ? If anyone has got a spare one, email me and I'll send you my address. I'll pay the postage !!!! ..........

Use it in the kitchen ..........

Sit on it ..........

Do ballet in it ..........

Surround ourselves in the bath with it ..........

Sit on it (again !!) ..........

Drive in it ..........

Teeter on it ..........

Do the washing in it !!!! .......... and remember ..........

Go out there and behave a little bit badly !!!!


  1. LOve, love, love that bathroom!!!!

  2. Again, what is there not to love about this post? Does that mean I have your permission to behave badly?? That jacket is so you. I could so see you in it! I wish I had one laying around to send you cause you would make it even more fabulous looking!

  3. get out of here!!!!!
    i want that jacket sooooo badly!!!

    xx beautiful post.

  4. OK...and remember it was your idea ;) xv

  5. Fantastic post..love the laundry shot...gorgeous gown!

  6. Such gorgeus post!!!! Love love love all!!!!
    Have a nice week

  7. That's right! Silver is not only for Christmas.I love all silver Things.
    Very nice pictures.
    Have a nice day
    Die Waldfee

  8. I love this post ;) A bit of shiny sparkly things in the right dose are a must in every home ;)
    Thanks for the Birthday wishes X

  9. Ooooh, that last quote is ever so true!
    Gorgeous .. Jackie!

  10. I adore silver...especially in a beautiful sparkly shoe!

  11. Another amazing post my friend...I adore silver as well!!!!!! I must get a pair of those shoes...maybe that chair...that jacket...those sweetcakes..oh heck send it all to me! xoxo Have a lovely day.

  12. Lovely Jackie - a bit of silver sparkle is a necessity - there's nothing I love more than a beautifully laid table with silver cutlery - nothing I like less than cleaning it though! Hope you are having a fun week x

  13. So Jackie, are you going to be able to bail me out in case I behave a little TOO badly? lol
    As usual I am totally entertained by this Shimmering post, my dear!
    Ah yes, the jacket is sooo you!

  14. Believe me I don't need any encouragement, I have been known to behave a bit badly on many ocassions....haha...fun post, jackie! love all the silver!! xxoo :)

  15. That ring is for MOI!!! YOu can keep the rest ;-) I will just wear the silver ball gown as I shred the laundry ;-) AWESOME POST! May I borrow your last image???

  16. So beautiful put together- GORGEOUS :)

  17. What a delicious combination. Gorgeous silvery things and a touch of naughtiness - love it! Leigh

  18. Do you know what I really dislike? Silver cars. That's except yours, Jacqueline, if you happen to have a silver car. Yours is very special. But that car in the image, that's a wow. I may have to revise my sweeping dismissal of all silver cars. I'll be too busy tying my cutlery in neat little beribboned bundles to make history, but I don't doubt that you will! Please mention me from the podium.

  19. You're so cute Jackie!! I'm not much of a gold girl...I really prefer silver, so this was a perfect post for me!!! Gorgeous as always sweetie!

    :) T

  20. Bonjour Jackie,
    I really like silver too, that mirror over the fireplace and the one over the bathtub are both gorgeous - though I'm not sure of the view from the last one...
    As for that sweet little ring, are you trying to lead all of us astray dear jackie? Well, let's go make some history!
    Happy week to you!

  21. A friend of mine wanted gold fish for a birthday, but knowing that she is mad on greys and whites, I got her white goldfish and put silver and grey stones in the bottom.
    They look cute.
    Lovely post babe. Thanks for all your comments.
    Much love

  22. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. What a superb theme. I do love silver and yes I can imagine you in that jacket. I liked it from the moment I first saw it. Good luck. If I see one, I'll let you know first.

    What inspires you to think up these beautiful ideas?


  23. just came about your adorable blog.... love all the pictures and your amazing taste. happy tuesday!

  24. hi jacqueline

    that is so cool. i love the jacket, shoes, bathroom, chairs.... and that saying is on a t shirt i got for myself in bar harbour, maine USA
    kinda suits me i have to admit.

    sweet post

  25. Dear Jackie,

    I really LOVE your beautifull pictures.....!!


  26. My dearest Jackie,
    what a delightful post - i looooooove silver....thank you so much, for all the shimmering inspiration.........the bathroom is sooo great!!! And the silvershoes & dresses & everything!!!!!

    Have a wonderful week, Hugs Jade

  27. It's all you Jackie...just sparkles!
    Silver sequin top hat to match the jacket??
    Your right...it is you!

  28. Geez Jackie....
    I have to loosen up a bit. I just may have to hop a plane and have you teach me how to misbehave and not feel guilty! Loving the silver and shimmer....really love that kitchen silver! :)

  29. Dear Jackie,
    Nothing like the silver sparkles! LOVE the ballet shoes image! You always make my heart glimmer best! Just like being HOME:)

  30. Hi Jackie
    Certainly a sparkly start to my day... I'd love that first armchair.. perhaps you could send that over my way along with the cutlery to add to my own little bundles of silver love. .. Actually while you're at it, send the mirrors too. Meanwhile I'll dust off my reckless behavior, I'm sure it's around here somewhere .... Lovely images as usual... xx Julie

  31. Jackie - Love the photos, love everything silver - the flatware with the old linen and even though I could wear the killer heels for only about 20 minutes, I'd buy them just to see them in my closet everyday.

    I'm going to find you a jacket like that - get ready.

  32. Silver really has surpassed gold hasn't it and I love it. I feel like I need to get my best silver gown and trapes around in the foggy woods now....oh what will George think of me then??? I'll just blame it on you!!!

    i just remembered I went one Halloween as the ice queen....it was nothing as wonderful as that outfit the lovely model is wearing but it was fun. I think my friends thought I was strange!:))


  33. love silver! Thanks for adding my giveaway!

    Smiles~ Michelle

  34. All that glitters isn't always gold. Loving the silver today. x Suzi

  35. I have been quite a naughty girl, Jackie...that's the only reason I can think why I have so much silver in my hair. Totally worth it!

    I've always quite liked the idea of a silver swizzle stick from Tiffany's that I would keep upon my person at all times. One never knows when the need to stir a drink beguilingly will arise. Also, very handy for picking spinach out of teeth...or so I'm told.

    Lovely post as always Jackie....may all your clouds have silver linings. Meredy xo.

  36. Okay I'll go out and misbehave and then I'll say ... but Jac's told me to!!

    That bath is awesome and totally do the laundry in that dress, how glam!

    Really beautiful post darling,

  37. So much silvery beauty here! Thank you for sharing. ~ Angela

  38. Hi Jackie
    Love the silver jacket! All your photos were fabulous as always...

  39. Oh this post is FANTASTIC Jackie....how gorgeous!!!!

    Love the silver Beetle on the beach....love the silver dress in the laundry....and those silver cupcakes....I know you did those for me didn't you??!!

    I love it all :)

    I don't know HOW I missed your top hat post....you are brilliant! Only a lady of style such as yourself could wear it and it suits you perfectly. I love all the other photos too.....wonderful!!!!

    Have a great week :) xo

  40. Beautifully put together...I want all that stuff!! Keep on keeping on..cynthia

  41. Hello dear Jacky,
    I have just discovered your blog and am totally fascinated. Unfortunately, I do not speak English and have translated my comment only with Google. I nevertheless hope that you can read it.
    Because me your blog so much, I would like to link you so happy and hope you do not mind.
    I wish you a nice weekend.
    Love Greetings

  42. you are brilliant AND clever, far too

    and "yes, ma'am!" to the bit of bad

  43. Ah yes, the jacket is you!
    May I borrow it occasionally?

  44. Hi Jackie: This post is all to perfect; silver perfection and the quote is the cherry on top. I think we should both get that jacket and start a band. We'd be so unique wouldn't we?!! Such gorgeous photos and so much beauty. Hope your week is going well and your not behaving too good? Hugs to you xoxo deb

  45. just found your blog and i have fallen i love! wow..beautiful photos!

  46. Looks very good , love the statement;)

  47. Oh dear sweet one....
    I LOVE your blog!
    you know when something, someone touches you, speaks to you & you just get teary?
    Well yours did that to me.
    I Love it all.
    I get it.
    Your such a creative & caring soul.
    your family must be so proud.
    I hope you get the jacket or find one close.
    & I think people are ready to see you wear some fun hats. (YOU could do it)
    Life needs it right now.
    Have fun & keep doing what you do best!
    Best Wishes ~
    Joelle XOXO

  48. How'd you know how addicted I am to sparkly silver?! :)
    What a beautiful place you have here!!

  49. All of this just puts a smile on my face over and over again! Loving the sparkles and the silver. I so appreciate how you find such beauty in everything your surrounded by. :-))

    xo Noel

  50. I love all this silvery sparkling beauty here today! The ballet flats are adorable and the bathtub and mirror are truly spectacular.
    Have a lovely day
    I you have a chance stop over we are giving away a lovely toile cake stand and will gladly ship worldwide! :)

  51. I really dig silver, esp. silver shoes. Hope you're having a great week, Jackie! xo

  52. Terrific post and has given me the inspiration for the design of my bathroom so thanks for that !!

  53. Darling I'm so happy for you! You are the lucky winner of my Down and Out Chic Giveaway!!
    Christina will contact you soon.

    Wish you a wonderful weekend!

  54. Congrats Jacqueline, you won Federica giveaway.... we all envy you very much dear!!!

    Have a nice weekend

  55. Oh my gosh, I desperately need to misbehave while I do the laundry in that dress. Great post Jackie - and yes, that jacket is very you indeed! xx

  56. Just stumbled upon your blog! Lovely. I just adore that comfy chair. And love the self-portrait with the top hat! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  57. Great pictures on your blog.:-) Stina

  58. Just have to say how much I love that you used that picture of Biba !!!
    Dream clothes of the 60's..and what was that models name?? Ingrid Boulting??? and The Beatles! right up my street..TA Cynthia Wolff

  59. That first chair and car have my name on them. In fact, I have an idea, how about that car WITH those chairs as seats?

    Peace, X

    P.S. adore u

  60. Loving this glittering post about as much as I love the author! You always find the greatest photos ~ my favorite is the quote on the ring ~ L*O*V*E!! Have a wonderful week-end my friend. xo

  61. Fabulous! Loving it all, and yes that jacket would suit you! Have a sweet day!

  62. very nice post, lots of inspiration and beautiful pictures. thanks for sharing!
    have a lovely weekend.

  63. TA very much for your visit...Yes, I am from the same era, the fab 60's !! I was only a teenager dreaming of England and longing for the fashion and the bands. Living in small town USA, I had to make do with sewing my own clothes to get the look. When I saw Hard Days Night, the next day I wore one of my fathers ties and got laughed at ridiciously..we don't wear school uniform ties here..But I loved the "London Look" and still do..You were so lucky to have really lived right where it was happening..Imagine..shopping at Biba as a teen and being able to remember it now.. Thanks for taking me back and actually keeping it alive in the now. Cynthia Wolff

  64. I absolutely adore that ring. I hope you don't mind that I borrowed it for my own blog, http://thesouthernlychallenged.blogspot.com
    What a gorgeous blog you have. =)

  65. what cool stuff you show us, I also like silver, especially jewelry and silverware. Likes to succumb table with a lot of silver, glass, under the plates.
    Have a wonderful weekend and lots of hugs / Ingela.

  66. the magpie in me loves this post!
    Have e lovely Sunday.

  67. Jackie, I just can't seem to help myself! You fill my life with such sunshine I gave you the Sunshine Award again! I forgot about the first one...an age thing.. You do not need to do anything, we can consider it a merged event. Just want you to know I was thinking of you and want to thank you for all your lovely comments.