Monday, 24 August 2009


I've been tagged by Lori at Wildflowers to do the following:
1. Open the 4th file where I store my pictures.
2. Pick out the 4th photo and publish it to my blog.
3. Explain a bit about it.
4. Pass challenge on to 4 other blogs. it is in all it's glory..... and isn't it a coincidence that it's happens to be a photograph of a flower and it was Lori from Wildflowers who tagged me ?
A photograph that I took of my Oak leafed Hydrangea.......' hydrangea quereifola 'flemygea' SNOWQUEEN !!!!!! How about that then......even the Latin name, although there are probably some experts out there that will tell me I'm wrong but, I think that's it's name !!!!! Apologies if it's wrong, but I know that the oak leafed part is right.
We put this in our garden about 10years ago. We found this wonderful Hosta Nursery (long gone now, unfortunately) when we were taking our son to his University. We stopped on the way back and bought loads of Hostas, which are still prolific and MASSIVE in our garden. We did buy so many, that I gave my friends some, and they are all thriving and look magnificent. What a shame that Nursery isn't there anymore, as I certainly think that they knew a lot about Hostas (and Hydrangeas). Looking around, I came across this little Hydrangea and bought it. Well, I think that it is my favourite plant in the garden. It is covered in these beautiful white flowers that (at this moment) turn to palest pink and then green. Every year, I think that I will cut some and dry them off, but I can't bring myself to do it , so magnificent are they, in the garden. Also, my son got married last October and my daughter-in-law had hydrangeas in her bouquet so this hydrangea always reminds me of that special day.
Right, well my next job is to pass the baton onto 4 other blogs so here goes:

1. Green and Pretty

2. Life with Lia

3. Being Ruby

4. Dumbwit tellher job is done, mission accomplished. Thanks to Lori, for tagging me and because of which, brought back a few old memories.



  1. My hydrangeas are asleep at the moment! Cannot wait for them to awake from winter!!! x

  2. Hey Jacqueline
    What a surprise! A Tag! Thanks but here's hoping I have something interesting in the 4th folder etc.

    Now.. I have just learnt quite a bit about Hydrangea so when I do get my own home I will know what to buy. Actually I love Hydrangeas, something very old world about them. Nice pics!


  3. Ooo what a pretty picture. I just love hydrangeas, I'm going to plant lots (or better yet get someone else to do it .. he he) when we are in the new place. I like Lilac too.

  4. Such a beautiful photo! White hydrangeas are my favorite. There's something so special about them. Thanks so much for tagging me. Like Julie, I'm just hoping I have something interesting to share!

  5. Your hydrangea is so gorgeous, Jackie!

  6. Some things will always remind us about special moments, sad or happy moments, but the memories will always be there...

    I hope you had a nice day and continue to have a nice evening.
    Lots of hugs /

  7. What a special treasure you shared with us tucked inside the forth file! What a creative tag! Love it!

  8. I'm so jealous. I would love to have that in my garden. Oh and I would love to have a garden. Ah ha ha

  9. You Jackie are my first "tag"; I feel so privileged! I hope the photo I pull has some significance & not something
    I love hydrangeas too & use to have large really old bushes in a home that I use to have long ago. I had hostas there too. I so miss those lovely plants that we can't have in this hot climate. So sweet that your daughter in law had hydrangeas in her bouquet. Sweet link to having bought your lovely plant while on a trip taking your son to Univ. I hope you had a terrific weekend & a great week ahead to you my friend. Thanks for the tag & I'll get my game on to post a #4 for tomorrow! Xx deb

  10. Beauty, memories,moments...
    Magdalena/Color Sepia

  11. Made me laugh just a little that your tagged photo was also white! Beautiful story and gorgeous photo!

    Happy week to you!

  12. Oh Jackie ~ what a wonderful shot! I too have a hydrangea which is planted out front. I received it as a shower gift when we got married. The poor thing had been planted in 3 different places, but is thriving. Makes me sad that I will have to leave it when we do sell the house. Thanks for playing along with the tag ~ I think it is fun!

  13. Hydrangeas are some of the most beautiful flowers around. Love your photo! :)

    Happy Monday!

  14. Hi Jackie!
    We have big old white hydrangeas in the back yard and I just love them....I do dry them though and so enjoy them year round....I love that your daughter in law had them in her wedding bouquet!

  15. Gorgeous picture! I love hydrangeas and this one is a beauty!!

    :) T

  16. Isn't the size of that blossom enormous!!! Snow Queen is one of the best oakleafs available. They are one of my favorites but they don't sell as well for us.....though this year I had a ton of requests for them. They need to be shaded almost all the time or they develope spots.
    You've got me curious to check out my 4 pic on my 4th file....I'm sure it won't be anything as beautiful as yours.

  17. Oh Jackie... or Jackie Oh... that's lovely. I adore that photograph you took and am glad memory lane came-a-calling.

  18. Love hydrangeas and have been planning to plant them down the side of my house. Yours is stunning! Ax

  19. re comment: I'll let you into a secret, K irritates me, and I don't like her pouty mouth ... shhh do not tell anyone. I remain impartial when I see a photograph I like though :o

  20. Hydrangeas are such beautiful old fashioned plants - they always remind me of my grandmother's house. Hers were just the ordinary blue not wonderfully exotic like your beautiful white one. Lovely photo. Leigh

  21. My mission has been accepted and completed.
    I hope it's ok and I did pass it on as well.
    Thanks for that babes.
    Much love,
    Lia xx