Thursday, 20 August 2009

MORE TEA VICAR ?.................

Ahhhhh..........that age old English tradition of afternoon tea...........
.......isn't it awkward, when you've just moved in and your furniture hasn't arrived, but you made sure that you packed the tea things in the car so that you could have a cuppa as soon as you moved in?...........trouble is, the table hasn't arrived so, what better place to keep the teapot but on your head !!!!!!!!! and , of course, the tea drinking professional doesn't have just one cup ( photograph, courtesy of Rodney Smith)................No self-respecting, gentile Englishwomen would have just one teapot........'s the quintessential afternoon tea....the cream tea.......a .freshly brewed pot of tea, just baked, warm scones, strawberry jam, thick, thick, clotted cream and a skirt with an elasticated waist !!!!!!!........

............ not many of you out there will know about the finer points of making a pot of tea......above is the tower infusing method.....this tradition has been passed down from mother to daughter for centuries !!!!!!!! Oh, at last, the furniture's arrived....... have great big mugs for their tea but, the ladies would have these lovely pink cups and saucers for their Darjeeling........

..............a big comfy sofa, cucumber and smoked salmon sandwiches with the crusts cut off, french fancies,walnut cake, scones and tea.......twenty minutes to let it go down and then a glass of champagne........ I'll meet you there in an hour......... does anyone know how to play the harp ? you have a pair of kid leather gloves ? It is a pre requisite of the tea procedure....

.......... this is tea at The Connaught in London...or you could go to The Ritz, The Dorchester and many , many more..........

..........take care not to sit on the antique Royal Worcester china.......the maid must have left it there.......she will be getting her cards at the end of the week !!!!!!!...........

.....I quite often have my tea break sitting on mattresses, in a fairy queen outfit, in the middle of a forest with the teacup on my head, don't you ??!!! ( another great photo from Rodney Smith ) Anyone got a ciggie. I think that would finsh this photograph...I'm on the phone to Rodney as we speak !!!!! !!!!!

.........the posh tea drinkers choice...Earl Grey.....not my favourite, actually, although, I have been known to partake from time to time........

......... handmade teabags !!!!!!! I wonder what they bring to the you think that the tea will taste better.......perhaps they are like Cuban cigars........rolled on the thighs of dusky maidens !!!!!!!

....cakes and sandwiches in an English garden.......and, tea poured out of a retro teapot.........

.....well, there you are vicar......take your pick out of that little lot !!!!!!


  1. OMG, I was SO thinking Dick Emery!!!!! Hilarious! When I saw the heading, I was going to say to you, "I bet I am the only one who mentions Dick Emery in their response!!!" And I now I have said it twice!!! That is him isn't it, if it isn't, it looks just like him!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this post - that first image is fabulous and I love the one with the mattresses - that's what I need in my garden for sure!

    That Earl Grey is mine - my favourite....thank you!

    Afternoon tea - perfect :)

  2. je file me faire un thé!!Glacé!!!!



  3. Well us Aussies also used to get the Dick Emery show.. keeping the convicts from getting restless.

    Who better than an English[wo]man to do a High Tea Post.. Lovely stuff!! Make mine Earl Grey too. xx Julie

  4. Nothing quiet like the English High Tea. My sister treated my mother and I to high tea at the Ritz last time I was in London...very posh! Ax

  5. Yes I can relate to number one, going quietly nuts with a teapot on my head! Love it.

    I tell you, this has some gorgeous pictures in it, the red sofa is divine!

    Well thanks for afternoon tea, I'll just have a lay down on all those mattresses now, wake me for supper please!

  6. Afternoon tea...I take the one with old chair in Royal Worcester china...
    Thank you!
    Have a great evning
    magdalena/Color Sepia

  7. I really love the English concept of a proper tea. Some of my best memories of visiting London are the times I had "high tea". Lovely post, Jackie!

  8. at 3:00 on wed, I would have the kids sit down for tea, and I'm only part English - we loved coming upt with things to eat for that time -
    it was an etiquette class so to speak -
    but your pictures are hilarious with the cups on their heads and such - and that picture with the biscuits and jam and clotted cream -

  9. I´m in LOVE!
    WOW...such a beautiful blog!
    I´m so inspired! Haven´t felt this in a long long time. I´ts amazing!
    Thank you so much for sharing all this beauty with us.
    I´ll be back!

    Huge hugs from Sweden...

  10. Ton blog découvert chez Manon 21 est un bonheur !
    A Bientôt.

  11. Ah, this post made me realize that I need to get myself a teapot. I've never experienced a proper English high tea, but your take on it was certainly a lot of fun!

  12. Oh what a great post. I love that first picture! Too cute!!!
    xxx kim

  13. I love the image, where she is sitting at the mattresses in the forest...
    Another great post by you.
    Did you ever have Swedish tea, called, "Söderte" ? It´s wonderful.
    I´ve never been to England, but I would love too some day...

    And you made me happy adding a nice comment, once again.
    Thank you.
    Have a nice evening!

  14. all these photos are fabulous..., I must admit, I like the ones with a bit of cake in them!


    I also admit, that I have no class/style whatsoever..., I have soda or lemonade at tea time. yikes! silly american!!!

    take care,

  15. My very favorite post! I am an Earl Grey lover and of course I love every single image and word your wrote. Always being with you is like being Home!

  16. Oh what fun! I think I can make it there, but it will take me a bit longer than an hour! I bet after a couple of cocktails we could both play the harp! Happy Friday! :o)

  17. OH MY GOSH!!! You TOTALLY made my nite with this post. Rock on, girl! :D Seriously! LOVE the first picture the most by far. But, still love all of the diff tea sets/settings...especially the creme/golden chair that appears to be outside with a stack of tea cups and plates on it.

    LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)~

  18. Your Blog and pictures are beautiful!!!

    If you get a chance stop by and say hi! I just put up a NEW POST!
    Have a great night,

  19. Can I still join in Jac even though I hate tea! Am a coffee girl through & through, sorry. My dear Dad loved Dick Emery, what a great blast from the past.
    Millie ^_^

  20. Very nice, I like how you wrote funny things to match the images. Lovely post.

  21. re mine, I so love that pic of you, the hat is so cool, so are the wrist gloves and the whole outfit. I thought that when I first saw it :)xoxo

  22. This photo journey Jackie was such fun! Even for me (the non-English Woman) the ritual of tea time is so incredible. Something so proper & magical about it. Just viewing the photos is exciting. I don't play the harp, but I would learn for you! Even had one @ our wedding :D
    Fabulous post dear Jackie ~ next time I get the op to visit London I'm taking you to tea @ the Ritz!! ♥

  23. My MIL is from England and I love Cream teas.....There is something so posh and indulgent about it!

  24. Love it all !...and i must admit Earl Grey is my favorite

  25. Stop you're making me hungry. Gorgeous post - almost good enough to eat! Leigh

  26. Thanks for your visiting and the lovely words =)
    I love Blackcurrant tea with a lot of sugar and honey.


  27. Can I have coffee instead of tea? Love the photography! Absolutely beautiful! I love houses where the children look like they would be well dressed with impeccable manners and the furnishings are gorgeous. So quite the opposite of my house.

  28. I'll take some long as it's served just like this.

  29. Oh, you have such a wonderful blog - love all the pictures!!!!! And i love son lives there since one month.
    Thank you so much, for your nice comment - have a great weekend full of sunshine,

    many greetings from bavaria, Jade

  30. Wonderful, wonderful pics! Have a great weekend! x

  31. How funny and different from this Southern US girl who drinks sweet iced tea. :) I do love a good cup of tea though.

  32. What spectacular photos! Thanks Jackie for coming by my blog...what a treat it is to come over to your lovely blog!!! Hope your weekend is going great :)


  33. You have a lovely blog! love the post on tea! GREAT! Have a sunny sunday,

  34. Divine!!!!!! as a tea drinker & someone who loves high tea this is the perfect post!!!one lump or two...:)Cate

  35. Jackie, I have just pulled my old fairy dress out of the old trunk and I am on my way for a bit of tea with you. I am so looking forward to our tea party.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    xo, Michelle

  36. What a lovely blog you got!

    Just beautiful!

    Hugs from Flisan, Sweden

  37. That's hilarious and I'm now jonesing for some for an afternoon tea party!

  38. How did you know I needed some tea? I'll be right over to fill our cups and heat our scones!

    Such a lovely post!

  39. i could use some tea right now, with some nice warm scones!

  40. Oh Jackie what a lovely post. I drink atleast three cups of tea in a day but none in such fancy settings. Had to laugh at the elasticized skirt comment, so true!

  41. I think I must be becoming sensible - afternoon tea invitations have me donning my pearls like a shot, whereas if someone mentions a bar my first thought is WILL IT BE TOO NOISY?

  42. I love this post! It makes me wish i was English, these pictures are too fun.

  43. I swear I must have been English in a prior life because I LOVE afternoon tea more than anything! I'll take cream tea over a meal any day. Lovely, lovely post!

  44. I just love all the pictures! So beautiful.. Thank you..

  45. What a gorgeous post! The photos, the stories...I'm getting hungry and going to make some tea right now and pretend I'm at the Ritz!


  46. That red couch is so pretty and inviting!

  47. J-
    you do find the absolute best pics.
    love this post.
    thanks for your sweet comments....hugs to you.

  48. What a gorgeous collection of images. I think I might just make myself a tea now :)

  49. At first I was drawn to the beautiful images on this blog, then I started to read......and giggle. Thank you. You have really brightened up my day. Time for tea I think.