Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Our By Invitation subject for April  { APRIL ….. ARGHHHHHH !!!! } is Life's Luxuries.

But, what does luxury mean to you ?

….. would it be a castle ? …..

….. or a cottage ? …..

….. caviar ? …..

….. or cake ? …..

….. hot tub ? …..

….. or herbaceous border ? …..

….. would luxury for you be a Patak Philippe watch ? …..

….. or a week in Provence ? …..

….. a Lambourghini ? …..

….. or laughter ? …..

….. shoes ? …..

….. or sunsets ? …..

….. fashion ? …..

….. or friendship ? …..

A couple of years ago,  the Daily Mail conducted a survey on modern life's little luxuries. Amongst other similar things, top of the list was an after work pint or glass of wine, a weekly take-away and tucking into a box of chocolates ! Researchers found that everyday activities like having a soak in the bath and watching a box set as luxuries.
The survey showed that buying flowers for one's self was also a luxury.
Affordable items like magazines, thick toilet rolls { !! } and new lipsticks and nail varnish were classed as luxuries, showing that it didn't have to be something lavish and expensive and that the things that make you smile can be fairly modest.

What luxury is top of your list ?

For luxury in abundance, Marsha has all of the links.

Wishing you all a luxurious week, whatever it may be.  


image 1: via personality tutor, images 2 & 3: via pinterest, image 4: via respect mag, image 5: via ana-rose, image 6: via the sunday times, image 7: via levenshall, image 8: via parisienne gentleman, image 9: via planetpooks, image 10: via autowp, image 11: via pretty sweet, images 12 & 14: via zsa zsa bellagio, image 13: via yan zhang



  1. Gosh there are so many. How about these 3 for a start; a really comfortable sofa, wine that contains no sulphides, and having my grandsons give me a hug and kiss.

    1. Just perfect Cro and, you don't need millions to have them, do you ? XXXX

  2. Darling Jackie,

    Your luxuriously illustrated post of today serves to remind us that the simple pleasures of life can also be its greatest treasures. And how fortunate we all are to be able to consider what luxury we might afford for ourselves when we do not have to be concerned with the basic necessities of keeping body and soul together.

    But, do these luxuries, whatever they may be, bring happiness, we wonder ? Never before in history have so many people had so much and yet they seem less happy. It is such a cliche to say that to be able to live each day in good health and peace is a great luxury but, today, with the sun shining, the trees clothed in their fresh green spring clothes and we are fit and well, it seems like luxury to us!

    1. I think that the simple pleasures in life are the most luxurious darling Jane and Lance …… material luxuries are fleeting ……. XXXX

  3. Laughter and friendship rank right up there for my kind of luxury . .

  4. Throw in a few harbaceous borders and life would be even sweeter . . .

  5. Hello Jackie! I recently watched a documentary about Asprey - one of the points they were making was how luxury used to mean hand-crafted one-of-a-kind items (made from expensive materials, no doubt!). I tend to agree w/the writer of the documentary regarding luxury items.
    But luxury for me right now is having a full day so I can do whatever I want without being interrupted!

  6. Dear Jackie, at the top of my list now is good health, cherished friends, walking in the warmth of the sun, and yes those little inexpensive treats that add so much to life (mine anyway) a bright lipstick, a bundle of fresh flowers etc!

    The Arts by Karena

  7. Spending time with my loved ones is at the very top of my list!!
    Laughter, time for reflection and freedom to choose... are close on it's heels!

  8. Hello Jackie, well I always thought a luxury was something over and above the normal, something special, but not indispensable, something desirable to enjoy. I like to think that friendship and health are not a luxury and one might dare to take them for granted (although at one's peril I know). A luxury for me was a week in the Gellert Baths In Budapest, with its hot pools, and steam rooms and total relaxation...xxx

    1. What is Luxury exhibition opens at the V & A on 25 April, you can see some very special things!

  9. Health........That is for me the most important in life......and friendship......i can't without both.......love Ria......x !

  10. Hello Jackie,

    I love all of your images.

    I am thankful to be in good health. Travel and being able to spend time with friends, over dinner with fine china, silver and flowers is a luxury. Garden centres and fine art supply stores are also tempting.
    I would not say no to those Jimmy Choo shoes you featured today.

    Helen xx

  11. I love your version of the luxury with the mixture of accessories and feelings.

  12. laughter ......................................

  13. Cottage ~ cake ~ herbaceous border ~ Provence ~ laughter ~ sunsets & friendship.... but you would have already guessed all that from me. I would also choose wine over whisky! When I think of luxury the first thing that pops into my head is travel. Having the time off and funds available to jet off to a new place and explore what the world has to offer. Buying flowers for ones self should not be a luxury but I can see why it would be classified as one. xoxo

  14. I'll take that cottage and that herbaceous border, please.
    With a side of cake and lots of laughter.

  15. I;m so LATE.....I had no internet last night!Now I have that piggy on my lap and HE wants my attention!YOUR PHOTOS ARE STUNNING!THAT GARDEN BORDER.........calls to me!Is that SISSINGHURST by chance?I adore what Pamela said!And I thought immediately of D.A.WOLF with those shoes!I do not know why I am NOT receiving your POSTS!Will sign up again!BEAUTIFULLY DONE I GIVE YOU an A PLUS!!THATS the BEST grade one can get here in the STATES!!!XXX

  16. Hi Jackie
    I have thought long and hard about this haha - and have decided that what my luxury would be is a wing built on to the house where a whole lot of staff could live - housekeeper, gardener (for the heavy stuff), cook, chauffeur, laundress - to do all the jobs I hate - not too much to ask is it. Realistically as I am a woman of simple tastes then physical and mental health, lots of love and laughter, good friends will have to do (for now).

  17. Dear Jackie, the photos you show are a luxurious sight for the eyes, and for the imagination. Husband just finished writing on the topic of luxury - it is a very wide field, open to many interpretations. (The Jimmy Choo's look very alluring to me...)

  18. I'd definitely agree with the "pint after work," especially if it would be time spent with friends. Being able to get together with my women friends is one of my greatest joys and luxuries.

  19. Flowers definitely :-)

    Have a great weekend Jackie!

    Madelief xox

  20. At last i can comment on your wonderful blog, teething problems with tablet gggrrr.....
    Great post, for me luxury is spending time with loved ones, a full table and laughter
    Have a wonderful weekend! Xx

  21. Like Elizabeth I too have been having wacky internet so I am sorry that I am so late, Jackie. You always, always make me smile if not laugh out loud with your perspective (this time around it was the photo that you chose for "fashion"!). But I loved the things that the survey included. We are on a super strict budget right now and nearly everything mentioned (save for the hot soak in the tub) would definitely be major luxuries for me. A new lipstick sounds positively grand!!
    Bon Weekend,

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Luxury to me is mainly the simple things in life - good health, time with loved ones, lots of laughter, traveling, a walk in beautiful gardens, holding and loving on my granddaughter(very soon). Wonderful post, Jackie! xxoo

  24. flowers are definitely a must-have luxuary!!

  25. Lovely post, Jackie...I love flowers in my house, bubble baths, good wine, and most of all laughter, family and friendships...I'm not sure if they're referred to as a luxury but I'd be lost without them! xx

  26. For me luxury is control over your own destiny. It may be by having an income or being well and fit or any other way that helps you to shape your own life.

  27. I'll take all of the above Jackie! I agree with with the survey...it doesn't take much to spoil me.
    sending my love your way!!!!

  28. It's luxury to have real friends these days, in our fast routine we forget the important things in life.

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