Thursday, 13 February 2014


We've had tidal, fluvial, groundwater and flash flooding ….. the whole gamut, over the past eight weeks.

We've had disruptions with trains , flooded homes, landslips, livelihood's under threat and even deaths.

Everyone has been blamed from the Government to God. The Ministry of Defence is deploying equipment and manpower to help those in affected areas by delivering food, transporting people and distributing sandbags.

Even if it stops raining tomorrow, the effects of the floods will continue to be felt for weeks …. months and years for some.

We have been blown to bits with rain and winds of over 100 mph and, more storms are forecast for the coming days.

These horses had to be rescued from rising flood waters near Christchurch, Dorset. Just one example of animals in distress because of the floods.

I cannot imagine what having a flooded home must be like. Thinking of all those who have been affected by so much devastation.

Here's hoping that the rain will stop sooner rather than later.


image 1: via dianne documents, image 2: via bbc, image 3: via the daily mail, image 4: via western morning news, image 5: via the guardian, image 6: via the independent, image 7: via bayanablogspot, image 8: via night tattoo, image 9: via we heart it



  1. All the people with drought and no rain are completely jealous of all this water . . .

  2. We desperately need a break Jackie. It has been relentless.
    And the weather a problem all over the planet, too wet, dry, hot, cold. Is there anywhere that's actually OK??

  3. It really is horrendous isn't it? I am not sure anyone is to blame and frankly, having been affected by floods before there is very little you can do to stop it; sandbags or no sandbags! I found out the hard way that I am not King Canute! Hah. But I do agree it will be devastating for some and it is almost impossible to imagine that Spring will come and there will be dry days again. Here's to that time. Lou x

  4. Terrible.....i hope it will stop very soon..lovely weekend...happy Valentine....♥♥♥.....!

  5. I heard about the situation in part of the UK Jackie. The photo's you have shown us look awful. The poor people who live in those parts.... We did not have any floods in Holland, but lots of rain and storm as well. The inside of my garden house is completely covered with a green layer of mould....juk!

    With you I am hoping for the storms to pass and the rain to stop. Let spring begin!

    Happy Valentine's day!

    Madelief x

  6. my thoughts and prayers: especially the senior citizens and helpless animals. Peace

  7. Climate change rather evolutionary or environmental is here to stay.. I see a future of changed population areas to avoid disasters.. The ONLY good thing about lala land so far. Unless we finally get an earthquake that we haven't had for eons or are killed by nuclear waste - we are pretty safe here. Oh yeah we ARE running out of water!!!

  8. How awful . . . what is going on with this weather thing . . . So true are your words . . . some will be dealing with this tomorrow, days after that and for some . . . years to come . . . very sad!

  9. Dear Jackie,
    this collection of photos could easily be used in a seminar husband gives on something like "The beauty of evil". The pictures are stunning - and rain as such is good, and in moderate amounts I even love it - but the masses your wonderful island is filled up with: that's horrible. To re-title the poems of Baudelaire: "Les Pluie du Mal".

  10. It's unbelievable isn't it? I can't ever remember seeing so much rain...let's hope it stops soon. xx

  11. It is truly devastating in some parts of the country. Here in London we are only being protected by the Thames Barrier and who knows how long that will stand up to the strain if this continues year after year.

  12. To sing in the rain, it 's the only solution to accept this too grey sky ...

  13. When I lived at home our basement flooded and my bedroom was down there ~ I will never forget how devastated I was over all the things I lost. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the flooding.

  14. I have been so worried for your country dear Jackie! It is such a weather disaster that I pray stops now before more is lost than already has been. I pray that you and your family are safe my dear. I don't even know what to say to let you know how much I hope the damage is over soon. Just know that you and your beautiful country are on my mind all the time.
    much love...

  15. I used to love that poem....;) It perfectly describes how it's been and continues...on and on, will it ever stop? All our thoughts are with those who have been under water since Christmas, phew! Now there are 'sink-holes' suddenly swallowing cars and half of houses because the ground is so wet. Fortunately for us we live on high ground, but how on earth are all those folk going to replace their homes and belongings?
    Still this morning for a short time there was sunshine....and the birds singing. Roll-on Spring!

    Hope your home was not too badly affected Jackie dear!
    Big hugs

  16. Darling Jackie,
    We have read about these awful weather conditions for so long now. It must be all so very tiresome and worrying and, as you say, the effects may well be evident long into the future. How our hearts go out to those whose homes and lives have been affected.

    Here in Budapest there has been no snow to speak of this year and it has been unseasonably warm. It is such a concern that our weather systems seem to be changing irrevocably.

    We trust that you are keeping well and warm and dry. Your welcome back message was so kind. We have missed our special blog mates such as you and it is good to be back. All love, J and L xxxxx

  17. feel so lucky to be on the high really is too awful.