Tuesday, 4 February 2014


What a question ?!!!!

I do believe that I'm either lucky, boring or just plain lazy !!! I seem to skip through life without many challenges coming my way …… maybe I duck and dive my way around them ? I don't set myself challenges either ….. I simply don't feel the need !! 
For me, my life seems full enough .

I have never swum the channel …..

….. never flown solo around the world …..

….. or composed a symphony.

I have avoided marathons,

and climbing mountains !!

….. and, on a more serious note, I have never had to face the challenge of war

or the challenge of living with a disability. Millions face challenges so big everyday and accept and cope with it. They are brave, scared, sometimes in pain { mentally and physically } and just get on with it. 

Of course, you could say that bringing up children is a challenge but, millions do it everyday.
I think that the little challenges that affect us all everyday are just things that we all accept and get on with. 
Therefore, I really don't think that I can quantify anything that I do as a challenge.
But, here are a few challenges that might make you smile !!!

HANG ON !!!!  
 I've just thought of one major challenge in my life at the moment …..

Playing trains with our grandson for eight hours is a pretty big challenge !!!!!
There are only so many scrapes that Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends can get into !!!!
….. although, crashing is his favourite ….. we have a lot of crashes !!

To hear what challenges other members of the By Invitation group, please pop over to Marsha's  where she has all of the links.

OH ….. and thanks so much for all of your birthday wishes. It's means a lot, even more so when you get to my age !!!!!


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  1. Hi Jackie, Your grandson Thomas looks just like my Thomas looked 18 years ago, and he also had the same striped top, same straight blond hair and same trains.
    Your post is gorgeous and very honest, maybe you have so much good karma from past lives that your free of challenges in this life now. I know we create our reality, so, if we see doom and gloom in our mind, we are sure to be surrounded with it, you said, "I seem to skip through life without many challenges coming my way... well there it is, you belief that life is good, I need to learn more from you Jackie... positive thinking.
    Sending love, Coty

  2. Your grandson is so sweet and beautiful looking. I admire your life philosophy of skipping through. i followed a very different course of constantly challenging myself, in fact your photos depict very well my self imposed challenges. Well, I am getting mellow and tired and a aspire to a simple life...

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Jackie! I love you in your rocker boots being fabulous at any age! And this post was so lovely, so honest and very refreshing. Admittedly, I haven't had the easiest last couple of months but I do see that attitude is everything. I always look forward to your take on the BIO themes because they are so uniquely yours.

  4. I agree that in light of some of the very difficult challenges some people face every day my dilemmas are not a challenge at all. Thanks for your post. Mona

  5. J, so refreshing, always. Your take on each subject is thrilling to read. The photos are always a source of joy to me. And, I know why you say you don't have any real challenges...you just take hold of your life and head it in the direction you desire, without ever realizing it. My little grandson loves Thomas too. Our monthly meet-up makes me so happy. Each of so different, so elegant and so beautiful. Thank you so much for being with us! Onward & Upward, Jacqueline, my friend.

  6. Hi Jackie,
    you're a poet - in your thoughts, your pictures and - for sure - in your heart.
    Good for me to found your blog.
    Best wishes from Austria

  7. Owww...i love your grandson...what a sweet boy.......lovely week darling....love Ria...x !

  8. always sailing smoothly through your beautiful life....

  9. Nice set of c.... in the top photo.

  10. I love your appreciation of life! (Even if it does involve 8 hours of train games per session..that's dedication!) xx Virginia

  11. Hello Jackie
    I love your "deal with it and move on" attitude, which takes courage and stamina and definitely more stamina when playing trains with your darling grandson, I can image how you make him laugh and giggle.


  12. Love your 'challenge' photos . . . nothing like the challenge of playing train with a grandson for hours though, is there!

  13. Thank you for your visit. I'm glad to know you around!
    Best wishes

  14. I love your honesty Jackie and the way you write is always so entertaining and then you end with the cutest picture of your train loving grandson...perfect :)
    Sorry to have missed the monthly post...see you in March! xx

  15. Love it!! The cute challenges make me smile:)

  16. Gorgeous Jackie... you always find the best images of all... :)
    Now there is a little challenge... ;) xv

  17. Dear Jackie,
    aren't we lucky that we had not so many challenges? (I rember three major, and don't want to think about them any more). As to your lovely, lovely grandson: I remember playing with our son 'train' ad infinitum, he loved Thomas, the Tank Engine - and making up stories - the most beloved was "Tsch, tsch, tsch -- did you hear that we shall be scrapped?" Me - the other tank engine - had to discuss that endlessly on long walks... of course, 'they' never got us.
    As the challenges, I hope.

  18. OMG Jackie ~ he is so frigging cute how can you stand it! I too look at my challenges compared to others and they are nothing but ripples in the water. Hope you are having a great week ~ choo choo!!

  19. sometimes getting out od bed in the morning is a challenge.......!!

  20. This is indeed a huge challenge Jackie :-)! What a handsome grandson you have!

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

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  22. Happy belated birthday my friend....and your grandson is so so adorable. BIG news to tell you...I am going to be a Grandma/Grammie/Nana in JULY and this will be my first and he is a BOY! I am soooooo excited...I hope I am up to the challange! xoxoxo

  23. You have a lovely lovely attitude and I suspect by virtue of having had children you have indeed been challenged. xo, olive

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